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By Eva
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At Company, The shot that was fired turns out to be a warning shot from Mallet to Alan. Mallet warns Alan that if he doesn’t put the gun down he will drop him with the next shot.

At Outskirts, Tammy sees Sandy having a drink with another girl and walks over to him and wonders if their fight was serious enough for him to want to seek revenge on her by trying to get some from another girl. Sandy explains that he isn’t trying to hurt her he thinks its best that they remain friends. Sandy blames himself for pushing Tammy into a relationship when she wasn’t ready. to have one.

Tammy begs Sandy for a chance to prove to him that he is more important to her than Jonathan. Sandy doesn’t think Tammy has put aside her feelings for Jonathan and he advises Tammy to resolve her feelings for Jonathan or she will never be able to have a relationship with anyone.

At Josh and Riva’s house, Cassie asks Jonathan for his help because she believes that he is the only one who can keep Edmund away from her baby.

At the Beacon, An extremely angry Edmund cries tears of rage and keeps asking Dinah what she did to his baby. Edmund pins Dinah to the hotel door and keeps and pounds his hands against the door to release his anger. Edmund throws Dinah on the bed putting his hands on her throat and almost strangles her but then he stops himself and asks her why she lied to him about the baby. Dinah is crying and trying to breathe at the same time and she blurts out she laid because she loves him. Dinah continues to cry as she explains to Edmund she lost his little girl a few weeks ago when she woke up with terrible cramps and bleeding. Edmund cries and yells you killed me Dinah you ruined my life. Dinah explains to Edmund losing his little girl killed her too because she loves him and it breaks her heart to see him in so much pain.

At Company, Alan refuses to put the gun down telling Mallet that it is Gus and Harley’s word against his and when Alan finishes saying this all the murder suspects come out of the kitchen and Harley tells Alan everyone heard him and this time he can’t escape.

Lizzie is stunned and can only say Granddad as if begging him to tell her what she heard isn’t true.

At Josh and Riva’s house, Cassie explains to Jonathan that she must prove Edmund is an unfit parent in order to gain custody of her baby. Cassie thinks Edmund was the person who beat Jonathan up since he did it once before. Jonathan tells Cassie he hates to burst her bubble but Edmund isn’t the person responsible for his bruises this time. Cassie’s plan to get Jonathan to testify that Edmund is violent and beat him up goes up in smoke. Jonathan is hurt that the Lewis family only goes looking for him when they need something from him. Jonathan knows Cassie only cares about her baby he almost slips and tells Cassie there is no baby but recovers and tells Cassie he thinks that of the three of them Dinah is the only fit parent so he is going to help her protect her baby. Cassie gets angry and throws Jonathan out of the house. Jonathan is glad to eave because he can’t stand to be in the same room with Cassie.

At Company, Mallet calls Frank on the phone and asks Gus to keep an eye on Alan. Alan wonders why everyone is looking at him so strangely because everyone knows he would never hurt Philip because he loved him more then his own life. Alan tells Harley that the charges will never hold up in court because she set him up. Olivia shouts that Alan has set up half the people in this town and this time he will pay. Lizzie continues to cry and shouts for everyone to shut up so she can talk to her granddad. Lizzie asks Alan to look her in the eye and tell her if he shot her daddy. Alan tells Lizzie that she knows he loved Philip and would never shoot him. Lizzie knows when Alan is lying so she pounds him in the chests and shouts you are a murderer you shot daddy and I can’t wait to see you pay.

At the Beacon, Dinah cries and tells Edmund if he agrees they can make another baby tonight because she is young, fertile and she loves him. Dinah begs Edmund to give her another chance to have a baby and a family with him. Edmund makes it clear to Dinah he is still in love with Cassie. Dinah assures Edmund that doesn’t matter because their friendship could grow into love. Edmund tells Dinah he has to go.

At Josh and Reva’s house, Edmund arrives to tell Cassie something very important to her.

At Company, Alan admits he did everything he had to do in order to protect his family. Alan reminds Harley that the police don’t have any physical evidence he committed a crime and the note from Dr. Wallace could easily be discredited in court. Alexandra steps forward and tells everyone she has the evidence to prove Alan shot Philip. Alexandra explains she has the gloves Alan used to shoot Philip they have gunpowder burns as well as some of Philip’s blood. Alexandra gives Alan a hug and tells him she loves him but he went too far and she must do this for his own good.

At the Beacon, Dinah sobs on her bed when Jonathan arrives to visit her. Dinah explains to Jonathan that Edmund knows everything and she has lost him forever. Jonathan sit son the bed as Dinah continues to cry. And he tries his best to cheer her up. Jonathan thinks Edmund isn’t good enough for Dinah and maybe it’s for the best she lost the baby because Edmund would have been a lousy father. Jonathan can’t understand why lousy people have all the luck and good people end up sad. Jonathan thinks Dinah would have been a great mother.

At Josh and Reva's house, Edmund thinks he and Cassie should start over from this moment on and forget everything that has happened in the past. Edmund explains to Cassie he needs her now more then he has ever needed her in his life. Edmund begs Cassie to say yes so they can start over.

At Company, Alan feels so angry and betrayed that he lunges toward Alexandra but Gus and Mallet stop him. Frank arrives with the police and Gus Harley and Mallet give Frank the details of Alan’s confession and the evidence against him. Frank gets angry that Alan allowed Harley to take the blame for his crime. Frank handcuffs Alan and reads him his rights.

At the Beacon, Jonathan tells Dinah that Edmund doesn’t know what a great woman he is missing. Dinah smiles a little and explains to Jonathan that she has a big hole in her heart that she always wanted to fill with love but nobody wants to fill the hole. Jonathan advises Dinah to fill the hole with things that keep her busy. Jonathan advises Dinah that in order to protect herself she should hurt people before they hurt her. Dinah thanks Jonathan for sitting with her but now she wants to be alone.

At Josh and Reva’s house, Cassie tells Edmund it’s to late for them to start over because they have hurt each other too much. Cassie tells Edmund they must find a way to be around each other for the sake of the baby. Cassie thinks Edmund will be a great father if he can find a way to control his anger. Edmund tells Cassie he can’t hear her say anymore because she has no idea what she is saying. Cassie gets a phone call and leaves to take it in the other room. Dinah arrives with her pregnancy pad on so nobody asks questions. Dinah explains to Edmund she is willing to tell Cassie the truth if that would make him happy. Dinah takes the pregnancy pad off but Edmund tells her to put it back on when he hears Cassie come back in the room. Cassie wonders why Dinah came and if there is anything wrong with the baby. Edmund tells Cassie the baby is just fine.

At Company, Gus makes it clear that he will never forgive him for making Harley suffer. Gus is happy that karma has finally taken care of Alan. Alan repeats that he loved Philip more then his own life and they don’t know everything.

At Outskirts, Jonathan sits beside Tammy at the bar as she watches Sandy with his date. Tammy explains to Jonathan that she and Sandy are taking a break but she vows they will be together again. Sandy thanks his date for the drink but explains he must go now. Sandy whispers to Jonathan that if he does anything to hurt Tammy he will make sure he feels more pain than he has ever felt in his entire life.

At Company, Lizzie can’t believe her grandfather told her to stay away from Coop because the Cooper family was evil when Alan was the enemy of the Spaulding family the whole time. Beth thinks Lizzie should go home but Lizzie doesn’t want to go back there ever again.

Olivia blasts Alexandra for keeping the truth a secret for so long. Alexandra apologizes and tells Olivia she only wanted to protect Alan. Harley thanks Mallet for everything he did to help her. Frank takes Harley down to the station and orders one of his men to take Alan to the station. Sebastian who is dressed in a police uniform arrives to take Alan to the police station.

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