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By Eva
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At the Beacon, Dinah checks her body temperature to make sure she is ready to ovulate so she can seduce Edmund. Dinah is happy that she is at the right body temperature for ovulation. Dinah puts the ovulation test kit in a drawer and locks it. Dinah is about to start planning her seduction of Edmund when someone knocks on the door. Dinah answers the door and discovers that Edmund has perfect timing. Edmund demands to know why she hasn’t told Cassie he didn’t kidnap her. Edmund reminds Dinah he won’t sleep with her unless she fulfills her part of the deal. Dinah gives Edmund a quick kiss and leaves promising to return so that they can have a romantic evening together.

At the Bauer house, Cassie and Jeffrey personally deliver an invitation to R.J.’s party for Zach and Jude. Jeffrey thinks he and Cassie should borrow the Bauer hot tub so the two get undressed and jump in the hot tub.

At Outskirts, Marina studies for her police academy exam but she worries she won’t remember any of the answers to the test questions. Danny assures marina she will do fine because he is a Cooper and being a cop is in her blood. Danny wants Marina to practice handcuffing by handcuffing him. Marina doesn’t want to practice because she tells him she is terrible at handcuffing people. Marina handcuffs Danny and he gets out of the handcuffs easily. Danny smiles and tells Marina she is terrible at handcuffing people. Danny shows Marina how to handcuff someone correctly. Danny gives Marina a kiss for good luck and drives her to the college to take the test.

At the court house, Mallet whispers to Harley that Gus was processed and left the building a half hour ago, Harley is angry at Gus for leaving but at the same time she fears that Alan might try to kill him again. Mallet cuts in as Harley begins to mention the many things that could happen to Gus with Alan walking free. Mallet whispers there is a cop outside and she can’t leave the courthouse yet. Mallet tells Harley to trust him again that he will get her out so she can go look for Gus. Mallet leads the cop on a wild goose chase so Harley can sneak out of the courthouse to look for Gus.

At Company, Alan arrives early to the recreation of events Harley has set up to try and coax a confession out of Alan. Gus also arrives and tells Alan that he just got out of jail but he left a nice comfortable cell ready for him. Alan thinks Gus set up the recreation of events and compliments him on being smart but assures him he isn’t going to jail again. Alan knocks Gus’s cell phone and car keys to the floor. Gus tells Alan that if he doesn’t want to go to jail he has to stop threatening people like he threatened Buzz. Gus explains to Alan that Buzz told him everything. Alan is hurt that once again Gus has chosen the Coopers over the Spauldings. Alan demands that Gus tell him now who else knows the truth.

At the site of Harley’s old house, Frank arrives and begs Harley to come home soon. Rick arrives and the two friends talk about how much Frank misses Harley. Frank explains to Rick that when Harley was little he used to crawl inside her crib when she cried just to make sure she was okay. Frank feels frustrated that he can’t protect Harley now and he wonders if she will ever come back home. Rick thinks Harley will come home soon and admits to Frank that he is envious of the close relationship he and Harley share and he wishes he and Michelle could be that close. Rick feels that he and Michelle lost their connection to each other when Maureen died and Ed left for Africa the first time. Rick wonders if Michelle will ever come home so they can rebuild their relationship. Rick and Frank both feel that they are both the reliable guys in Springfield everyone always knows where to find them and they are always available when people need them. Rick asks frank about Marina’s police academy exam. Frank explains Marina is taking the exam now and he wishes he could do something to help her but his hands are tied. Frank wonders why Rick is there and Rick explains he is trying to decide if he should go some place he doesn’t want to go. Rick just wants to go home, get in the hot tub, and then have a beer by the fire.

At the Bauer house, Cassie and Jeffrey are relaxing in the hot tub and they are about to kiss when Dinah interrupts and spoils a romantic moment. Dinah tells Cassie she is ashamed of herself for lying to them and promises to tell them the truth. Cassie and Jeffrey put on their robes and get out of the hot tub. Dinah tells Cassie and Jeffrey that she lied about Edmund kidnapping her. Cassie is upset that her only chance of getting custody of her baby has just gone up in smoke.

Dinah offers to lie but Cassie refuses to gain custody of the baby based on a lie. Dinah tells Cassie that she would be willing to lie because Edmund is a dangerous man. Dinah tells Cassie to call her if she changes her mind.

At Springfield University, Marina waits nervously with Danny for her test to begin; Remy arrives and tells them both that he is also taking the police academy exam. Marina gets more nervous as they announce there are only two minutes left until the start of the exam. Marina asks Danny for a good luck kiss the policeman comes and tells Marina its time for her to get inside. The policeman gives Danny a stern look.

At the site of Harley’s old house, Rick and Frank wish Harley, Marina and Mel were women who liked to stay home to cook, clean and watch soap operas but they understand it isn’t the 1950’s and d being surrounded by independent women means they spend half their time alone or worrying about them. Frank thanks Rick for his hospitality and tells him that the Coopers will be out of his house soon because its time the cooper family stood on its own two feet. Frank and Rick both think Philip must be laughing about their current situation.

At Company, Alan points a gun at Gus and explains to him that he doesn’t know everything that happened with Philip. Gus dares Alan to shoot him because he doesn’t think Alan has the guts to shoot him. Harley arrives and tells Alan not to shoot Gus because the recreation of events was her idea and Gus doesn’t know anything about it. Harley tells Alan that she knows that he killed Philip because Dr. Wallace told her everything before he died. Harley shows Alan the note from Dr. Wallace, which reads Alan the shooter. Gus stands in stunned silence behind Harley. Alan screams that Harley doesn’t know everything because he didn’t kill his son. Alan tells Harley and Gus he doesn’t know whom Dr. Wallace is but whomever he is he is lying because he didn’t kill Philip.

At the site of Harley’s old house, Rick asks frank not to eat all the cheesecake Mel made when he gets home because he needs to watch his cholesterol.

At the Beacon, Edmund decides to search Dinah’s room while he waits for her to return. Edmund discovers a lost desk drawer where Dinah keeps her ovulation kit and the receipts for her pregnancy pads. Edmund is curious as to why the drawer is locked so he begins to working to open it.

At the Bauer house, Cassie tells Jeffrey she must make a big sacrifice to gain custody of the baby. Jeffrey thinks she is considering going back to Edmund to keep the baby. Cassie makes it clear she will never go ask to Edmund. Cassie gives Jeffrey a kiss and tells him its time to use her ace in the hole but refuses to give Jeffrey more information about her plan.

At the Beacon, Edmund hears the doorknob turn and closes the drawer just before Dinah walks in the door. Dinah and Edmund begin to kiss and Dinah stops and tells Edmund to put himself in her hands and she promises they will have an unforgettable night.

At Springfield University, Marina and Remy are nervous and wondering if they passed the exam. Marina is unnerved that the policeman who administered the exam keeps giving her these stern looks. Remy thinks marina’s relationship with Danny may cost her a spot at the academy. Marina is detrained not to let the academy dictate her private life and is more then willing to give up the academy if it came to a choice between the academy and Danny.

At Company, Alan yells at Gus and Harley that he didn’t kill Philip. Harley continues to badger Alan telling him that he won’t be able to keep this news a secret for long because soon a copy of Dr. Wallace’s note will be all over the internet and his entire family and the whole world will know he killed the son he claimed to love so much. Alan continues to get angrier with Harley as she continues to push for a confession from him. Gus tries his best to get Alan to calm down but it doesn’t work. Alan’s hand, which is still holding ague, pointed at Gus and Harley begins to shake a bit. Alan yells at Harley to stop saying he killed Philip because she doesn’t know the whole truth.

At the Beacon, Dinah turns off all the lights so Edmund won’t novice she is wearing a pregnancy pad under her nightgown. Dinah and Edmund kiss a few minutes while she looks for music on the radio to set the mood. Dinah gets out of bed and goes to get a blindfold for Edmund. Dinah is getting the blindfold ready with her back turned away fro Edmund. Edmund gets out of bed turns on the light and quickly pulls the pregnancy pad out from under Dinah’s nightgown.

At Company, Alan tries to hold back tears as he explains to Gus and Harley he loved Philip more then anyone but he lost his way. Alan goes on to explain that Philip was planning to take away the children which he considers to be the future of Spaulding away forever and he couldn’t allow Philip to destroy what he spent a life time building. Alan didn’t want to be left alone without family because family is everything. Alan admits he pulled the trigger and shot Philip. Alan stares at the floor and explains to Gus and Harley that Philip looked so helpless lying there just like when he was a child. Alan cries a bit and tells Gus and Harley they won’t tell anyone the truth. Alan aims the gun at Gus and Harley and a shot once again rings out at Company.

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