Guiding Light Update Friday 7/8/05


By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Coop and Lizzie joke around in a closed restaurant. He hugs her and they both seem happy. They talk about how they can’t wait to go away with one another. Lizzie mentions that she had to bribe one of her friends to cover for her so that the Spaulding’s wouldn’t become suspicious. She kisses him and lets him know that she wouldn’t miss their first night alone together for anything.

Gus arrives at the courthouse for his bail hearing. Mel is acting as his lawyer and he thanks her for taking on his case. She warns him that getting bail might be tough as everyone is going to want to know where Harley is. She jokes that with him being as stubborn as Harley that she doubts they will be awarded bail. Warning Gus that it’s dangerous outside for Harley she lets him know that things would go easier on him if he would give her up.

In the hallway, Buzz runs into Alan. They share some words about the fight at the Bauer BBQ, and Buzz makes it clear that he’d be willing to do it again. As he’s walking into the courtroom, Alan warns him to stay away from Gus. He doesn’t want to lose another son to the Coopers.

Harley and Mallet are in the Bauer backyard. He’s worried that it’s not safe for them out in the open. Harley on the other hand is sure that Mel has to be Gus’ lawyer. She wants to get a message to Gus through her. Mallet isn’t so sure that they can trust Mel, while Harley wants to see her kids. Rick comes out on the patio and the two scramble to hide.

On the phone Mel tells Rick that the bail hearing has yet to start because the judge is running late. He also asks if there is any word on Harley. Unfortunately, Mel has bad news for her husband. Gus isn’t saying anything as far as Harley is concerned. He wishes his wife good luck and heads back inside.

Coming out from underneath the table, Harley tells Mallet that they have to get word to Gus. She wants to tell him that Alan is a murderer and seems worried. “He’s already killed one son.” She reminds Mallet.

Coop and Lizzie hug one another in the restaurant. He lets her know that he’s more than willing to give her space if that’s what she needs. With a smile on her face she lets him know that he’s the best thing in her life right now. He seems pleased to hear this and confesses that she’s been good for him too. He reminds her that if their relationship were boring that things wouldn’t be as much fun. He grabs her things and the two are ready to leave when Ross comes in. He looks confused as to why they are there. She lies to her uncle and tells him that she needed a ride for “girl’s night out” and that Coop was going to take her. It’s pretty obvious that Ross doesn’t believe it from the beginning. She then tells him that the exterminator needs them all to leave. He calls her out on her lies and lets her know that he’s aware of her relationship with Coop. Lizzie looks uneasy as he tells her that he wants to talk to her. He mentions the word ‘love’ and both kids freak out. They are adamant that they are not in love and claim only to be friends. Coop leaves to get Ross some water and he takes the opportunity to sit and talk with Lizzie. They mention how Phillip and Lizzie are a lot alike when it comes to their feelings about Alan. She mentions that it seems like her grandfather is beginning to spin out of control.

At the courthouse Alan watches as Buzz says hello to Gus. The two men seem excited to see one another and even hug. Gus immediately asks about the kids and Buzz asks about his daughter. He confesses to Gus that she’s in capable hands. It seems that Buzz knows who he’s talking about without even having to mention Mallet’s name.

As they’re talking Alan comes in wondering why his son is turning to the Cooper’s for help instead of his own family. Gus looks at his father asking why he should come to him only to be stabbed in the back. He continues to yell at his dad despite the uncaring look on Alan’s face. Alan walks out and tells his son that if he needs help protecting Harley that he should ask Buzz. Yelling for Alan’s men to leave Harley alone he gets angry. He tries to follow his father when the bailiff and Mel stop him. He’s warned to stop overreacting so that he can still make bail. Calming down a bit, Gus confides to buzz & Mel that Alan sent Sebastian after him and Harley. They seem confused as to why he would do this as Gus reminds them both that Alan needs to be stopped. Claiming that Sebastian is Alan’s personal hit man Gus reminds a freaked out Mel that he doesn’t have any proof. Meanwhile. Buzz looks more and more worried. Pleading, Gus reminds Mel once more what is at stake.

Harley is convinced that she has to see Gus, while Mallet tries to talk some sense into her. They’re talking when she accidentally kicks a small ball that rolls straight to Rick. Picking it up, he calls out. Rick wonders who is in the backyard. Popping up from behind a toy chest, Mallet reminds Harley that she has to be more careful. Rick takes off to presumably play with the kids as he yells to someone that he has found the ball. Mallet continues to remind her how dangerous it is for her to see Gus and lets her know that in no uncertain terms can she put herself in that much danger. After some coaxing, she admits that he is right and that it might not be the best idea. He takes the time to mention that it might be best for them to find a place to sleep. She’s not too excited about his plan and informs him that she will meet him at the Beacon later on. Harley mentions that her friend owns it and that she’ll be able to get inside without much trouble. Mallet wants to check in together and she doesn’t. She begs him to trust her and promises to meet him at the hotel later. “Cooper, be careful.” He warns her before the two go their separate ways.

Alan arrives at the Bauer backyard looking worried about something. He sits down at the table and thinks to a trial with Ross as the judge. Harley is there claiming that he’s guilty as well as Mallet. In his vision Lizzie turns against him as well. Frank, Coop, and Rick all claim that he is guilty as well. Harley calls Gus as a witness against his father. All the while Alan is pleading telling everyone that it’s not his fault. Ross bangs his gavel and pronounces Alan with a guilty verdict. Alan is startled from his daydream as he yells out. Rick is standing over him, wondering if everything is alright.

Ross mentions how much he would like to erase all the hurt from her life and she seems appreciative. She seems focused on her future which seems to happily surprise her uncle. She tells him that she needs his help with something. He looks worried but wonders what it is she needs him to do. She asks him to talk to her mom. She’d like to be given the benefit of the doubt and promises not to let anyone down. Ross looks sad and tells her that she should confess this to her mother. He also mentions to her that he thinks that leaving with Coop might not be the best way to show her mom that she’s working on being a better person.

Lizzie seems to understand what he’s saying and tells him that she only wants to spend some time alone with Coop. He nods and reminds her that being up front about it is the adult thing to do. Suddenly his cell phone rings. He asks her to read the caller id for him and she lets him know its Rick.

Ross answers the phone and Rick sounds serious. “Alan’s here and he’s really losing it.” Rick confides to an unsurprised Ross. Claiming that he couldn’t get a hold of Alex, he tells him that he thought Ross was the only other person that could help. Ross nods and promises to be right over. After hanging up he assures Lizzie that things are fine and makes her promise to think about leaving town once more before she does it. Coop comes out just in time to hear this and promises Ross that they will. He mentions how he doesn’t want to keep things from their families and that perhaps the best thing to do would be for them to be open about it. Ross seems pleased with this and reminds them both that honesty is usually the best policy. Ross kisses Lizzie goodbye and leaves. She looks entirely unpleased with Coop. He reasons with her that they can still be together. She smiles and tells him that just because they’re not leaving town doesn’t mean they can’t hide out. She kisses him.

Gus turns to Buzz wondering if he could do him a favor. “Could you fake a heart attack?” He asks Buzz. He refuses not wanting to jinx himself and Gus decides that he’s going to take matters into his own hands. Buzz can’t seem to believe what he is hearing as Gus mentions that he’d be willing to do anything to protect Harley. He thinks she is in danger and promises to risk whatever it takes. Buzz tries to reason with him that the one thing that matters most to Harley is that he is safe. He reminds Gus that when he said he’d be willing to help out that he meant he would post bail. Gus looks confused as to where Buzz would get the money. He explains that the kids have trust fund money that can be used from Alan. “How poetic is that?” Gus says with a smile on his face.

Mallet walks into his room at the Beacon and wonders where Harley is. He hears her calling to him from the balcony and helps her onto his patio. He almost seems surprised to see her and confesses that part of him didn’t think she was going to meet him at the hotel. He notices that she’s in a good mood and wonders why. “Because I just set a trap for a giant rat.” She tells him smiling.

Rick brings a still freaked out Alan a drink. He thanks him for the hospitality and mentions how much he misses Phillip. He mentions old times when the two young men (Phillip & Rick) used to bring their girlfriends around and the time they spent together. Rick reminds Alan that Phillip wasn’t only his best friend, but that he was a part of his family as well. Confused, Rick wonders why Alan showed up in the first place. He claims to have wanted to see Zach. Rick tells Alan that he just put the kids to bed for the night but that he can see him in the morning. The doorbell rings just as a bike messenger comes out back. He has an envelope for Alan and comments on what a hard man Alan is to track down. He opens the card that reads: “The truth will come out. And so will the murderer. Nine pm. Tonight. Where it all began.” Alan looks petrified.

Lizzie and Coop are kissing when he stops her. She’s not sure what to make of it as he begins to mentions that the problem is Company. He reminds her that not only is it where they work and where they’ve fought, but that her father died her. She doesn’t want to talk about this and he seems to understand. He mentions all the things he likes about her and she seems happy. She reminds him that he told Ross they were merely friends. “I like you so incredibly much.” He tells her and begins talking more about how much he cares for her. Suddenly his phone rings. Immediately, she thinks it’s her mom. Coop looks at the caller id and looks confused. He’s never even seen the number before. He picks up his cell surprised to hear Harley’s voice. He’s excited and wonders where she is. Not answering she asks him to do her a favor. She wants him to make sure Company stays closed and tells him that her life depends on it. She hangs up and he seems just as confused as ever.

Lizzie wonders who was on the line and he tells her the truth. Looking serious he lets her know that they have to get out of the restaurant as soon as possible. The two kids gather their things and leave.

Harley seems ready to leave immediately while Mallet seems less than sure. He’s worried that her plan won’t work. She mentions how Phillip snapped and that she’s now the one in charge. This doesn’t seem to make him feel any better about her plan.

Ross appears in the backyard and Alan seems surprised and confused to see him. Wondering why he’s there. Ross informs Alan that Rick called him out of worry. Alan seems shocked by this and doesn’t understand why anyone is worried about him. Rick butts in telling Alan that something is obviously bothering him that he doesn’t want to talk about. He says that perhaps he’d more amenable to talking to Ross.

Alan mentions how much he misses his son and Ross talks about his feelings of loss as well. Suddenly Alan changes the subject and mentions how worried he is about Zach. Ross seems surprised by this and wonders what the cause for worry is. “Because he’s in that house, Ross. With those people.” He says sounding more and more unstable by the minute. Trying to reason with him, he reminds Ross what good people Rick & Mel are. He doesn’t want to hear it and mentions the Coopers. He claims that his grandson deserves better. Trying to stick up for them he mentions that for once Phillip is at peace and urges Alan to begin the healing process. Alan gets up and leaves suddenly. Rick and Ross look at one another knowing that they’ve done everything they can.

Mel hugs Gus and it appears that they’ve finished with the bail hearing. He seems to have gotten off and seems thankful. Buzz mentions that instead of a thank you that he wants Gus to finally marry Harley. He smiles, thinking that it’s a good bargain. As they’re about to leave Gus mentions needing to find Alan. Mel warns him to be careful and he agrees to it. He does however; make her promise to tell anyone who asks that he’s being processed. Buzz offer to go with Gus and he refuses, wanting to do this on his own. He takes off as Buzz looks worried.

Mallet and Harley are sneaking in the courthouse when he tells her to hold back. He wants to be the one to find Gus. Suddenly a guard stops him and recognizes him from being present when Mallet and Harley got married. The two talk and the guard tells Mallet that Gus’s hearing is over. Mel comes out and tells him that Gus is being processed and that he met his bail. Mallet decides to leave and says goodbye to both the guard and Mel. He returns to Harley and they mention that the last time they were in the courthouse together was to get married. She reminds him that they have to stay focused on finding Gus.

Gus walks into Outskirts and sees both Coop and Lizzie together. She seems shocked that he’s free and he immediately wants to know where Alan is. He tells her that he’s tried everywhere and really presses her to answer his questions. She doesn’t know where he is and she doesn’t believe him. Before leaving he tells the two that he wants to be notified if they hear anything. Coop gets up and tells him that he got a phone call from Harley. He mentions that she wanted to make sure Company was closing early and tells him that she didn’t give much of an explanation. He doesn’t know anything about it until Lizzie mentions that the night her father was shot that the restaurant also closed early. Gus seems to realize something and thanks her.

Alan arrives at Company and sees the closed sign. He breaks a window and goes inside. He looks around and hears the gunshot that killed Phillip.

He sits down at a booth and pulls out a gun.

Back at the bar someone hands a note to both Lizzie and Coop. They both say the same thing that Alan’s did. Coop doesn’t want to get involved. Lizzie wonders if perhaps this has something to do with the real killer.

Ross mentions to Rick that perhaps he wasn’t the best person to talk to Alan when Mel arrives. She tells them all about the bail hearing and that Gus is free. Ross decides to leave as Mel realizes that there was a note for them at the front door. He opens it mentioning how the day can’t seem to get any worse.

Buzz looks up and talks to himself. He talks about almost feeling bad Alan and how the men might not be so different.
Harley apologizes to mallet for hurting his feeling and he brushes her apology off. He seems upset and she looks sorry.

Buzz is about to leave the courthouse when he gets his note. Ripping it up he mutters “Nice try, Alan.”

Gus snoops around Company. He breaks in the same way his father did. Alan sits at the table and picks up the gun.

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