Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/7/05


By Elizabeth
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Cassie and Jeffery sit together at the corner booth inside Elizabeth & Company. She mentions how much their relationship has changed since they first met. Jeffery smiles and brings up Edmund and how he needs to be put behind bars. She assures him that Dinah will help them and that everything will work out for the best.

Dinah gets closer to Edmund and reminds him that he needs to get into bed with her or else she will press charges against him. He gets angry and gets a drink while reminding her that it will be his word against hers. She laughs and mentions that she is pregnant liar. He enumerates all her mistakes and runs out of the room. He tells her that he has to leave to keep from strangling her. Once he’s gone, she taps her pregnancy pad and comments that soon she won’t need it anymore. “Soon I will be pregnant with Edmund’s baby for real.” She tells herself.

Jonathan takes a drink and toasts Marissa at Outskirts. Tammy walks in, gets ready to order a drink and stops when she sees Jonathan. He wanders over to her wondering what is wrong. He guesses that she and Sandy had a fight. In her mind, Tammy thinks back to Sandy yelling at her that she still has a connection to Jonathan. She yells at him telling him that what happened between Sandy was her fault and not Sandy’s. She walks off telling him that it doesn’t matter what she did that the important thing is that you shouldn’t hurt those that you love. He watches after her as she walks away, clearly thinking about his past transgressions.

Nate and Reva arrive at Company. He warns her that they don’t have to have lunch with one another if she doesn’t think its right. She assures him that things are fine, and reminds him of their boundaries. She tells him that she has to make a call. He heads inside to get a table. As soon as he’s gone, Reva calls out telling Olivia (who was hiding behind the arbor) that he’s inside.

Olivia approaches Reva and tells her that she was right. “That was him. That was Alfred.” She tells Reva. Reva can’t believe it and tells Olivia that he’s been in town for a long time. She doesn’t know what he’s been around so long for. Olivia can’t believe it either. They both look furious as Reva realizes it’s Alfred that has been hurting Jonathan. Olivia reminds her that he could also be responsible for her sister’s death. “I want him to suffer.” She tells Olivia.

Jonathan approaches Tammy letting her know that if she was as mean to Sandy as she was to him that she has nothing to worry about. He takes another drink and tells her that losing Sandy is no big loss. She’s furious and stands up, demanding to know why he’s so mean. She looks upset making it clear that she doesn’t want to deal with him anymore. As she’s talking with him, Zoe comes up to Jonathan and refers to him as Sandy. Tammy looks confused and Zoe makes it clear that ‘Sandy’ is with her. Tammy yells Zoe that Jonathan isn’t Sandy as she realizes that Jonathan used her to get to Tammy. Zoe turns to Jonathan who asks her to leave. Angry, she throws a drink at Jonathan while Tammy yells at him. She is understandably angry for using another woman to make her mad. Jonathan grabs her and lets her know that he didn’t make her think anything. She came to her conclusions on her own. Tammy wonders why it is so hard for him to see her happy. She wonders if he doesn’t want to see her with anyone else.

Cassie’s phone rings and she checks the caller id before picking up. Seeing that it’s Edmund she leaves it, claiming that he can leave a message. Cassie becomes excited and shows him an invitation to a kid’s party. He doesn’t look thrilled and she becomes worried. Thinking that he doesn’t want to go, she takes it back. He smiles and tells her that RJ liked him before she did. He lets her know that he would be honored to go and then hands her an invitation of his own. He invites her to a black tie event where he will be getting an award. She tells him that she would love to go, but that it is the same night as RJ’s party.

Edmund storms back into Dinah’s room where she is laying on the bed. She tells him that she never thought making the decision between having sex and going to jail would be so hard. He begins to get undressed and tells her that he can’t turn it down.

Warning her not have any illusions, he lets her know that every moment he is with her he’s thinking about Cassie. Assuring him that he won’t be thinking of anyone but her, she kisses him. Someone knocks on the door, and she yells for them to come in. Bill walks in looking surprised and offers to leave. Edmund assures him that his timing is perfect and leaves the siblings together.

Olivia looks in at Nate sitting in the restaurant and turns to Reva. She wonders how she figured it out. Shaking her head, she tells Olivia that she simply put it together. Pulling out her phone, Olivia wants to call the cops. Reva, on the other hand reminds her that they have no proof of his crimes. She thinks that he will run and that they will lose their most valuable asset – the element of surprise. Not wanting to hear her plan, Olivia wonders what it is that Reva hopes to accomplish. She mentions how dangerous it could be and how she feels badly that she didn’t help Marissa or Jonathan. She doesn’t want to make the same mistake again and get Reva hurt. She tries to talk to Olivia and tells her that they need to find out why he’s come to town. Olivia doesn’t want to hear it and begins yelling. Looking over Reva’s shoulder she sees something and runs off before finishing her sentence.

Nate comes outside and urges Reva to have lunch with him. She tells him that she’s gotten called away and asks for a rain check. He tells her that he has to get back to bar. He leaves after kissing her on the cheek. As soon as he’s gone, Olivia comes out. She realizes what is going on and why Reva is taking everything so personal. “Either you turn your boyfriend in, or I will.” She challenges Reva.

Wondering what his sister is doing with Edmund, he demands to know why she would let someone in who kidnapped her. She brushes off his questions, reminding him that Edmund is the father of her child. She then goes on to ask if the adoption went through ok. Looking ecstatic, he nods and together they laugh in excitement with one another. He’s happy and she’s happy for him. Telling her that things are good for him he becomes more serious. Telling her to sit, he asks her for a favor. He goes on about he wants to have a family photo taken for Olivia and that he wants her to be in. She can’t believe what he is saying, and tells him that she might be bad luck. Letting her know that he’s proud of his sister, she turns to him looking sad. “Don’t be proud. I’m a liar and a fraud.” She informs Bill.

Cassie promises Jeffery that she would love to go to the dinner with him, but that many parents got together to agree upon the date for RJ’s party. Shrugging off the importance of it, he tells her that it’s not a big deal because he doesn’t like getting dressed up anyhow. Looking confused, she tells him that he still has to go to his dinner. He doesn’t want to and lets her know that an assistant can claim that he had a family obligation. They are both surprised at what he has just said. Jeffery reminds Cassie that RJ needs a male there with him and is fairly adamant about being at the party. It’s clear that she doesn’t want him to miss a dinner that he’s getting an award at and compromises with him. She tells him that he can come over after his dinner and have cake and ice cream with her and RJ. Looking unsure, he asks for assurance that she’s ok with that plan. Smiling, she tells him that she is. Edmund comes walking toward them, and wonders if there is anything he can do to help.

Looking into her eyes, Jonathan tells her that he wants to be with her as much as she wants to be with him. She looks confused and he makes it clear that neither of them want to spend time with the other. Grabbing her close, she yells wondering why he’s doing everything in his power to break her and Sandy up. Sandy comes by, wondering if everything is ok. She runs over to him and hugs him, apologizing. Telling him that she didn’t mean to accuse him of cheating on her she begins to ramble. She explains that Jonathan set them up and Sandy can’t believe it. He looks up at Jonathan who’s only explanation is that since Sandy impersonated him that he wanted to do the same. Jonathan walks off and Sandy starts to follow him. Tammy stops Sandy and hugs him. She begs him to forget everything. He backs away, telling her that it did happen.

As Jonathan is leaving he runs into his father. He almost runs into him and backs away quickly in fear.

Reva explains to Olivia that Nate was her boss at Outskirts. Thinking that something more is going on between the two of them, Olivia can’t understand it. Reva doesn’t want to hear Olivia’s judgment and tells her that Nate came along at a time when she was feeling vulnerable. She admits that it was stupid and that she adored the attention he lavished on her. Olivia nods, mentioning that this is how he was with Marissa when they first got together. She asks if Jonathan knows he is in town. Reva admits that he does and that he has keep quiet about it for a long time. “Jonathan has been covering for Alfred for a very, very long time. Jonathan could know that Alfred killed Marissa.” She tells Reva, looking concerned.

Reva doesn’t believe it and reminds Olivia that Jonathan was working on making himself a better person until Nate came into town. Sadly, she mentions that he has been down sliding and hurting people once more. “I can’t let him near my son, until I do what has to be done.” She tells Olivia. “What is that?” She asks Reva.

Looking determined Reva lets Olivia know that she is going to get both Jonathan and Marissa some much needed justice. Reva explains that she has a plan that calls for keeping Jonathan away from Nate. She reminds Olivia that she’s his aunt and that he likes her. Begging her to bond with Jonathan, Olivia reminds Reva that she knows more than anyone what he’s capable of.

Reva begins to cry, begging Olivia to help her keep Jonathan away from him. Olivia wants to tell Bill, but Reva refuses, reminding Olivia that both Bill and Josh will kill Alfred. She thanks Olivia for helping her and keeping her secret.

Bill tries to remind her sister that although she has made some mistakes in the past that she has changed. Not wanting to hear it, she tells him that unfortunately people don’t change. He doesn’t want to believe it and lets her know that anyone can if they want to. She reminds him that she still doesn’t have the one thing she wants – love. He stops her and sits down with her on the bed. Wondering what is going on with her, he lets her know that he can tell she has changed. He mentions how much children make adults better people. She smiles; looking close to tears and agrees that babies do help people connect. He looks at her and reminds her that one day she will be the mom she has always dreamed of. Reminding her that she has a photo session to get to, she refuses. She reminds him that he should have the photo taken with Olivia. Thanking him for wanting to include her, she ushers him out. She stands at the door after he’s gone and sighs.

In the hallway, he picks up his phone and calls Olivia. He tells her to meet him at Josh & Reva’s for a surprise.

Olivia hangs up looking sad that she’s lied to him.

Dinah assures herself that one day she will have a baby.

Edmund comments that they seem to have a scheduling conflict, and mentions what he has overheard. He sits down without being invited. Offering to supervise RJ’s party so that she can go to the awards dinner he turns to them for approval. She warns him that he’s not invited. He stands up and leaves. She follows him, despite Jeffery warning her not to. Yelling at him for being smug, she tells him that there is no chance he will keep the baby from her. Smiling he reminds her that he never even mentioned their child. Making it clear that he wasn’t insulting Jeffery, he mentions that he doesn’t think Jeffery is the type of man she needs in her life. “I think while you’re counting my past against me, maybe you should give a long hard look at Jeffery O’Neil’s too.” He warns her. She glances over at Jeffery and then back at Edmund.

Tammy sits down with Sandy reminding him that it was Jonathan who purposefully tried to break them up. She lets him know that they can’t let Jonathan win. Sandy tells her that her comment about keeping Jonathan from winning is exactly the problem. Everything is about Jonathan; he reminds her making it clear that it is the issue. She reassures him that she doesn’t care about her cousin and he tells her flat out that he doesn’t believe her. She asks if he’s leaving her. He looks up without saying a word and she realizes that she’s close to losing him.

Nate comments on his son’s black eye and reminds him that he didn’t like being accused of being a murderer. Laughing he extends his hand, offering to be ‘pals’ with his son again.

Sandy gets up to leave and Tammy follows him. She begs him not to let Sandy come between them. He turns, letting her know that they’re not breaking up. He simply thinks that they need a break and doesn’t know what else to tell her. He makes it clear that he still cares but doesn’t know what kind of future they have when she jumps to conclusions so easily. She reminds him that it was all at the hand of Jonathan, and he repeats that in the end each of them has had doubts about the other. He walks off.

Nate demands that his son shake his hand out of respect. Jonathan looks down conflicted and then takes his father’s hand.

Sandy walks past the two men and grabs Jonathan from behind. Punching him, he warns him that it’s because of Tammy. Reva walks in just in time to see the boys fighting. Both she and Tammy yell at them to stop. Nate looks on with a smile on his face.

Outside the restaurant Jeffery questions Edmund. He wants to know what was said to Cassie. Edmund remains evasive and tells Jeffery that perhaps she is thinking about the offer he gave her. Jeffery decides to leave and heads back inside. Inside, Cassie makes sure that everything is ok with Jeffery. He kisses her after assuring that everything is ok.

Olivia rushes into the Lewis House, excited to see her husband. She sees a photographer snapping away and he lets her know that they have a scheduled family photo session. Bill is excited and tells her that Emma is on her way over. She hugs him with tears in her eyes.

Edmund arrives at Dinah’s to remind her that she has to make it clear to Cassie & the authorities that he never kidnapped her. She agrees as long as he sleeps with her. They agree that this is the best arrangement and kiss one another.

Nate helps break up the Sandy/Jonathan fight now that Reva is around. The two boys both accuse one another of ‘starting it.’ Reva urges Jonathan to walk away while telling Tammy to remove Sandy from the situation.

Jonathan realizes that his mother probably won’t believe him when he tells her that Sandy was the instigator. She doesn’t want to hear the details and is only worried about his bruises. He leaves in a huff warning his mother to stay away from him. Nate turns to Reva commenting on how much Jonathan likes to get into trouble. He hugs her close and you can tell that she is fighting back the urge to hurt him.

Jeffery tries to create an excuse to head back into the restaurant and it backfires. When she checks to make sure that they’re on the same page. He tells her that he’s not sure he wants it all getting in the way. He makes it clear that he wants an uncomplicated life with her. He kisses her, letting her know that he has faith in her.

She kisses him and he leaves, promising to come back. Dinah takes her temperature and realizes that now is the perfect time of the month for her. She smiles as she realizes that Edmund won’t know what hit him.

Bill wonders what is wrong and she tells him that she simply loves him. He asks her to smile for the photo and they kiss one another.

Reva turns around, claiming that she doesn’t know what to do with Jonathan. She gets behind the bar to get a drink and he comments on how at home she seems. Telling him that she feels like she belongs at Outskirts, he warns her not to tease him. “I’m not teasing. I want my job back.” She tells him. He smiles in agreement.

Tammy tries to help Sandy with his bruises and he lets her know that although he still cares about her that he can’t be with her. “Not like this.” He mutters to her. After kissing her on the forehead he leaves. Jonathan comes back just in time to see it all. He also sees his mother at the bar talking to his dad.

Nate can’t believe that she’s serious about wanting to return to work. He wonders what Josh will say. She assures him that her husband only wants her to be happy and that he will understand. He nods letting her know that the job is all hers and that he’s happy about it. Jonathan watches on as his mother begins to work for Nate once more.

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