Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/6/05


By Elizabeth
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At the Bauer house, Cassie sits alone and thinks about the ultimatum Edmund gave her. Jeffery appears, wondering why she's been avoiding him. Asking what is going on, she admits that she has been ignoring him.

Turning to him, she tells Jeffery that she needed some time to process something that Edmund told her the other day. Looking worried; Jeffery asks what it was that Edmund said to her. She confesses that Edmund gave her an ultimatum - either she chooses him & the baby or Jeffery.

He lets her know that Edmund won't be able to keep her from the baby. He reminds of the contract between them and Dinah. She tearfully tells him that she never signed it. Not losing hope, he tells her that as a lawyer it doesn't automatically mean that she won't be able to see her child. He tells her that she is the biological mother and that mother's have rights. She asks him if he can guarantee her the right to raise her child and he is quick to remind her that there are no guarantees.

Jeffery does go on to remind her that Edmund implanted her eggs in Dinah without her consent. He thinks this would help the judge side with her. Not seeing things his way, she looks at him and informs him that all that it proves is that Edmund is willing to do anything to get what he wants.

Moving closer to her he tells her that no threat is going to keep him from her. Sitting down with her, he tells her that they have to prove that Edmund is an unfit parent. He goes on to mention to her that there is no way any judge in their right mind would give custody to him if he were under investigation for criminal charges.

She looks ups wondering if they could press charges for the barn fire. He shakes his head, reminding her that he had diplomatic immunity as he was an ambassador. Jeffery goes on to remind her that he is no longer working for San Cristobel and she immediately realizes that Dinah will have to help them. Jeffery agrees and tells her that since Edmund kidnapped Dinah after losing his ambassador job that if she were to press charges that there would be no custody battle.

Standing up, she's unsure whether or not she would be able to count on Dinah. He tells her that she will have to be persuasive.

Edmund knocks on Dinah's door while she's busy getting dressed. After quickly throwing her pregnancy pad on she opens the door to him. She seems surprised to see him and he reminds her that she shouldn't be so shocked. He recalls her telling him that it was Jonathan or him and passionately kisses her.

The two continue to kiss as Edmund moves them closer to the bed. Pulling away from him, Dinah wiggles out of his embrace.

Confused he reminds her that this is what she wanted. Not knowing what to do she tells him that she simply thinks things are going a bit too fast.

Throwing Jonathan and Jeffery in her face, she tells him to close the curtains and that she wants to slip into something sexier. She tells him how she's feeling a bit self conscious about her body and asks him to turn off the lights. Assuring her that she is extremely sexy as a pregnant woman, he tries to pull her close again. She backs off which causes him to wonder why suddenly, after months of throwing herself at him, that she no longer wants to be with him.

Wondering what kind of game she is playing with him, he warns her of how much he has to lose. She convinces him that nothing is wrong and that she simply has to take some time to realize that this is all happening for real.

He's ready to walk out on her when she assures him that all she needs is a few moments alone in the bathroom. Before either of them have a chance to say anything else Cassie comes knocking on Dinah's door. She yells in to Dinah that she has something she needs to talk to her about.

Inside, Edmund urges Dinah not to say anything. He reasons that Cassie will eventually leave, thinking no one is home. Not listening to him, she calls out and answers the door. Cassie looks shocked to see Edmund who maintains he only stopped by to check on Dinah.

Dinah seems glad to see Cassie and urges her to stay. She tells Edmund that she's fine and the two women make it clear that Edmund can leave. He walks out the door looking upset.

Once alone with Dinah, Cassie demands to know what Edmund really wanted. Claiming to have sensed a 'vibe' Cassie wonders if Dinah's crush on Edmund is over. She tells him that she felt nothing but slight fear while being alone with him. Pleased with what she is hearing Cassie tells Dinah about the ultimatum that Edmund gave her regarding the baby. Dinah doesn't say anything at first and then wonders what it has to do with her.

Cassie explains that she wants Dinah to go to the police and press charges against Edmund. She informs her that she will need to tell them all about how Edmund kidnapped & terrorized her. Cassie then explains that with criminal charges pending that no one in their right mind would grant custody of their baby to him.

"Do you want him to go to prison?" Dinah asks Cassie. She replies that she only wants her child. Reminding Dinah that the sole reason for becoming pregnant in the first place was for forgiveness, Cassie tearfully asks her to do this one last thing for her. "This is your way that you can show everyone that you're a better person." She challenges Dinah.

Dinah wonders what will happen if the charges don't stick and he gets out of jail. She's pretending to be worried about the welfare of the baby. Claiming that Edmund won't hurt her as long as she's pregnant, Dinah's unsure about what she should do. Cassie realizes that Dinah is still not over whatever it is that she is feeling for Edmund. She goes off on Dinah yelling that she hasn't changed one bit. Dinah reminds Cassie that perhaps she should think before she starts throwing insults around. Dinah tells Cassie that she understands fully that she's nothing more than a baby machine to her. Defending herself, Cassie yells that her first priority is the baby. She further explains that she's not going to let anyone, including Edmund keep her from her child. She goes on about how much she understands what it's like to not have a mother.

Beginning to cry she explains that no matter what, motherless daughters have an ache inside them that won't go away. Dinah realizes that she finally understands something about Cassie. The two begin to talk about how they used to dream about having a mother.

Cassie asks Dinah one last time to help her out. She agrees to and Cassie thanks her. Noticing that her 'pregnant belly' is slipping Dinah grabs her stomach. She heads into the bathroom which worries Cassie.

Inside the bathroom, Dinah assures Cassie that everything is fine. She comes out, telling Cassie that she's glad they can finally talk. She goes on to explain that she finally feels close to her. Dinah then explains that the baby has been kicking up a storm and that she would like to take a nap. Cassie agrees that it's fine, and informs Dinah that she can give Jeffery the complaint if she doesn't want to go to the police station. Agreeing to call after her nap, Cassie also reminds her that they need to schedule an appointment with the doula. Dinah is amenable to all of it and tells Cassie that they can do whatever it is that is needed.

Cassie tries to play with Dinah's stomach before leaving and she backs up. Claiming that the baby is making everything uncomfortable, she tells Cassie that she will call her when she wakes up. Cassie hopes that everything is ok, and Dinah assures her that it is. Cassie leaves and Dinah looks like she doesn't know what she's going to do.

Inside Elizabeth & Company, Tammy plays with a napkin while wondering if she should trust Sandy or not. Sandy bounces in the door looking happy and as he sits down she gets up to leave. Looking confused he wonders what is going on with her. She reminds him that he was supposed to be back for the 4th of July. He lets her know that he had business to take care of at Cross Creek and she doesn't believe him. She throws it in his face that everyone else who went to Oklahoma on business came back days ago.

Maintaining that he was working at Cross Creek, Sandy begs her to believe him. Shaking her head she makes it clear that she doesn't believe him. She demands to know where he was. He pulls out a gift box and tells her that he was off having something made for her and motions to the box.

Sitting down with Tammy, Sandy explains that inside the box is a promise ring. He goes on to tell her that in Oklahoma her found the perfect stone - one that matched her eyes. She hands it back to him and tells him that she can't accept it from him as he's only giving it to her out of guilt.

He looks shocked and wonders what she is talking about. Jonathan interrupts them before she has a chance to explain. She is immediately worried about Jonathan and urges him to go to a doctor. He doesn't want to hear her concern and tells her that he needs to speak to heart about work. He hands her his keys and office identification.

She looks confused and wonders how he's going to get around at the office. Letting her know that he's quit, he begins to walk off. Sandy doesn't seem at all bothered by this, while Tammy grabs Jonathan's arm to stop him. He raises his voice to her and warns her never to touch him again. Wondering if he's still upset about his mother, Sandy butts in wondering if Reva has wisened up.

Tammy tells him that Marissa, his adopted mother was found dead. She tells him that the drowning might not have been an accident. Sandy doesn't seem concerned and acts almost like he thinks Jonathan might be responsible.

Jonathan erupts in anger and tells him that he needs to let the people that care about him take help him. He throws what she said to him in the barn back in her face. He demands to know if she cares about him or if he makes her feel dirty. She turns to Sandy before answering and looks at him.

Jonathan wonders if he screwed up by mentioning their conversation in the barn. Tammy reminds Jonathan that it isn't about her. Jonathan reminds her that it is very much about her. She storms off after yelling at him that she doesn't give a care in the world about him or what will happen to him. Jonathan walks off and Sandy walks over to Tammy. He drags her out of the restaurant and tells her that they have to go somewhere to talk.

Once outside, she pulls away from him and explains to him that she knows he's cheating on her. He doesn't say anything and pulls her away from the restaurant.

Jeffery is sitting on the patio outside of the restaurant when Edmund approaches him. He mentions needing someone with an insight into the 'deviant mind' and immediately thinking of Edmund. Not finding the DA funny, Edmund wonders why Jeffery is so smug. He informs him that soon Cassie will tire of him once she realizes that he is nothing like Richard. Jeffery stands up and leaves, telling Edmund that he will take his chances.

Reva is fumbling around in her purse outside the restaurant when she sees Jonathan walking by. He looks roughed up and she wonders what happened. Immediately she demands to know who hurt him while simultaneously worrying about Alfred being out there. Before answering he thinks back to the fight with his father in the Lewis house. "I got drunk and took a header down the stairs." He tells her and jokes that Josh wasn't around.

She doesn't believe him and he agrees that he got into a fight. She begs him to stop making people want to hurt him. Mad at her assumption that he may have caused the fight, he heads inside. She begins crying as he walks off and it is clear that she doesn't know what she should do.

Back at home, Reva fiddles with the lock on her front door when she hears a man's voice from behind her. Dropping her bags in surprise, she turns around and laughs when she realizes it is only Nate. He tells her that he's been waiting for her and he bends down to help her pick up her belongings. The two look at one another and come close to having a 'moment.' Wondering what he's doing at her house, he lets her know that he can't take no for an answer.

She apologizes to him for her behavior with him and he wonders how sorry she truly is. Confessing that she was tempted she goes on to explain that she loves her husband. He tells her that he simply came to the house in an attempt to get her to come back to work for him.

She declines and he agrees that he needs to find another bar maid. Asking for a drink of water, she lets him come in for a drink. Inside, she apologizes for being out of it lately. She admits that she ran into her son who got into a fight and that she came down hard on him. Wondering why, she tells him that she's worried that Jonathan is going to hurt himself. Nate slips and mentions Jonathan's 'shiner' before Reva has a chance to mention any of the details herself. She picks up on it and wonders how he knew about it.

He takes a drink before telling Reva that he didn't want to tell her what he knew. He confesses that Jonathan showed up at Outskirts drunk and started a fight with a big guy. He tells Reva that Jonathan wanted to get hit and that when he offered to take him to an ER that Jonathan refused.

She thanks him for being a good friend, but it is apparent that that she doesn't fully believe him.

Reva comes back inside the living room and apologizes for having to take a phone call. He mentions Josh; he tells her that he thinks any man who would leave her alone is a fool. He then asks how Josh's search for Jonathan's father is going. She tells him that they're having no luck in finding Alfred and confesses to him that she told Josh about their kiss.

Nate looks uncomfortable as Reva continues to explain what happened and that she doesn't think Josh would feel comfortable with him in his house. He agrees to leave and tells her that he was hoping to have lunch with her. At the last minute she agrees to have lunch with him at Company.

Back outside Elizabeth & Company, Jonathan walks out and sees Edmund sitting alone. Noticing Jonathan's black eye, Edmund comments on it and that someone helped the world out. Not wanting to be made fun of Edmund throws his relationship in Edmund's face. He comments that perhaps he should convince her to run away with him and teach the baby to despise his father. Edmund warns Jonathan to stay away from Dinah.

Edmund grabs Jonathan and throws him up against a wall, he warns him to stay away from Dinah before leaving.

In the Bauer backyard, Sandy tells Tammy that he's barely looked at another girl since he's been with her. She tells him to stop, not wanting to hear his explanations. She accuses him of sleeping with another girl on all the nights that he told her he was working late. She doesn't believe him and he challenges her to give him one reason that he would cheat on her.

She begins to cry and tells him that she knows why he is cheating on and that it hurts almost as much as his infidelity. Turning to him she mentions that he once told her that they didn't have to sleep together right away. Reminding him that all he had to do was tell her that he wasn't ok with waiting she begins to walk off. She blames herself and he agrees.

Claiming that she does have something to feel bad about, he reminds her that as much as she tells herself she loves him that deep down she still wants Jonathan. She looks appalled.

Tammy hits Sandy and can't believe he would say such a thing to her. She denies everything and he tells her that no matter what she says that he knows Jonathan is the reason she keep pushing him away. Claiming that she feels sorry for Jonathan and nothing more, she yells at him.

She begins to cry as he tells her that he's right. She wonders if perhaps she pushed him into the arms of another woman and gave up the best thing that ever happened to her. He approaches her to comfort her.

The girl that Jonathan slept with as Sandy, Zoe approaches Jonathan outside the restaurant. He tells her that he's been busy with a car accident (hence the bruises) as well as trying to break up with his girlfriend. She tries to convince him to just ditch Tammy and reminds him that she won't wait around forever. He gets up and takes off.

Inside Company, Cassie joins Jeffery and tells him the good news that Dinah will help them. Unsure of how much they can trust her, he promises her that she will have both him and her child.

Edmund arrives back at Dinah's doorstep. She lets him in and he demands to know what happened between her and Cassie. She tells him that the two women have begun to bond. She tells Edmund the truth and that Cassie wants Dinah to bring up charges against Edmund.

She explains that she's ready to help him out by telling Jeffery that everything was a lie, if he's willing to help her out. She approaches him, and lets him know that she's ready to be close to him.

Jonathan arrives back at an empty Lewis House. He looks at the photos on the mantle and hears the voices talking to him. He hears Sandy making fun of him, and Tammy telling him to stay away from her. He also hears his father's voice as well as Nate's and his mother's. He grabs the photo of Reva and steps on the glass, smashing it repeatedly.

Bending down to the floor, he holds her photo in his hand and stares at her photo. He is clearly upset.

Nate and Reva arrive back at Company. He warns her that they don’t have to have lunch with one another if she doesn’t think its right. She assures him that things are fine, and reminds him of their boundaries. She tells him that she has to make a call. He heads inside to get a table. As soon as he’s gone, Reva calls out telling Olivia (who was hiding behind the arbor) that he’s inside.

Olivia approaches Reva and tells her that she was right. “That was him. That was Alfred.” She tells Reva.

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