Guiding Light Update Thursday 6/30/05


By Suzanne

Lizzie and Coop work at the pizza place (Elizabeth & Company). He kisses her, but she worries about Alan finding out. Coop thinks he can handle Alan, but she knows better. Ross comes in and almost catches them. They pretend they don't like each other, which surprises him because he thought they were dating.

Alexandra phones Alan, looking for him. Ross says hi to her on his way out. He chats about the kids liking each other, comparing them to Romeo and Juliet. Both he and Alex know that they have a thing, even though Alan doesn't approve. She admits that she's been looking for Alan. Ross thinks Alan has been unstable lately.

Alan drinks in a hotel room and has flashbacks back to the shootings. The room service water brings him food. Alan is very paranoid about whether anyone knows he is there. Ross sees Alan there because he works in the same place. Alan says he just needed to get away from his family. He tips the room service waiter generously but snaps at Ross when he asks if Alexandra knows he's there.

Alan invites Ross to dinner, but Ross already has his take-out. Alan smells something and thinks it might be almonds. He notes that cyanide smells like almonds. Ross is not sure he agrees, but he can tell that Alan is acting weird. Alan asks Ross to taste his dinner, but Ross objects, knowing that Alan thinks it might be poisoned. Ross wonders who might be trying to kill Alan. Alan tries to cover. Ross invites him to dinner, but Alan declines. Alan mentions that he is grieving for his "sons" but then corrects himself to say "son". Ross worries about Alan and tells him to let him know if he needs anything.

Coop is tired of sneaking around and barely getting to see Lizzie, so he asks her to go away with him as Alexandra watches, fearing for them.

Lizzie has a chat with Alex about Coop where she lets her think that she is breaking up with Coop.  Instead, Coop tells her that there is a music festival up in Cleveland and suggests that they camp there overnight. She thinks it's a good idea. They work out some lies for her to tell, so she can sneak away. They are going to meet at a fishing shack on the beach (Crescent Cove).  He hugs her, happy to be going away, but he's not happy about the lying.  They kiss, not realizing that Alan is watching them.

Gus, limping from his injury, questions the nurse at the hospital about whether Wallace left any messages or clues for him. She mentions that his brother was also there, asking the same thing.

Sebastian is in Wallace's room looking around. He finds a piece of paper but hides it when Gus opens the door. Gus sees Sebastian and is suspicious of why he's there. Sebastian claims that Alan sent him to track him down. Gus grills Sebastian about how he found them but is suspicious about Sebastian's story. Sebastian offers to let Gus come home and says he won't serve any jail time. Gus rejects the offer. Sebastian tells him that Alan loves him, but Gus is not interested. Sebastian's phone rings--it's Alan. Alan is relieved when Sebastian tells him that Gus alive and well. He lies that he lost Gus, since Gus is listening in. After hanging up the phone, Sebastian tells Gus that they are on the same side. He wants Gus to disappear so that he can become the only son Alan has. Gus doesn't believe him. Sebastian promises not to follow Gus when he leaves, but he does anyway. Gus knows what a liar Sebastian is, so he waits for him and then gives him an injection to make him sleep.  He then puts Sebastian in the supply closet.  Sebastian drops the piece of paper he found on the floor, but Gus doesn't see it.

Later, Alan is at Lizzie's restaurant. Alex sees him and wonders where he's been. She tells him she's been worried about him. She gives him the news that Lizzie is no longer interested in Coop. Alan pretends that he believes it and insists on getting a hug from Lizzie.  He orders a burger but then excuses himself.  Outside, he phones Sebastian to leave him a message. After his current job, he wants him to to teach Coop a serious lesson. Alex interrupts him by grabbing his phone. She tells him about the videotape where she confesses that Alan killed Phillip. She warns him that if anything happens to her, or Coop, or anyone she loves, that tape will go to the police. They argue, and Alan threatens her back, but she holds all the cards.  Coop serves Alan his burger; Alan is not in a good mood.

Harley awakens in bed in the hotel room. Mallet is asleep in the chair, so she tires to sneak out. Mallet has the key, much to her annoyance. She wants to go find Gus, but he tells her that they are sticking to the plan. She tackles him and tries to get the key away. They roll around until finally she gives up and yells at him that he's more interested in replacing Gus than helping him. They argue a bit. She is still annoyed that he let her think Gus was dead. They get into a short argument about their marriage and why it failed, too. He apologizes for that but reminds her that he helped her break out of jail and is helping her escape now. She is suspicious of his motives, so he assures her that he is no longer interested in her and has moved on. She is surprised to hear he's over her and thinks he is lying. He is shocked when she says she wishes that he would be suffering and miserable while she moved on and was happy with Gus. She thanks him for helping her and they share a close moment, but then Gus shows up. Harley is very happy to see him, hugging him tightly, and tells him that she thought she'd lost him. Gus thanks Mallet for his help. Mallet explains to Harley how he and Gus came up with their plan. We see a flashback to that. Harley can't figure out why Alan is so obsessed with her going to jail and what he's afraid of. Gus just thinks it is about Alan wanting him back in the family, and that he snapped, but she thinks it's more than that. She points out that Alan never gets his hands dirty. They talk about Sebastian. Gus tells them that Sebastian told him that Wallace was on duty the night Phillip killed, so they know Sebastian knows something. Gus and Mallet are ready to go question Sebastian, but Gus realizes his ankle is badly sprained.  Harley insists on helping Gus recover, although he objects.  They argue until Mallet yells at them.

Sebastian calls for help and the nurse helps him out.  Groggy, he still pretends to be Wallace's brother. He frantically questions the nurses about where Gus is.  Sebastian realizes he can't find the paper, then he collapses on the floor.  The nurse runs to get help.   Later, we see that she has put Sebastian in a nearby bed so he can sleep.  She finds the piece of paper he dropped and puts it in her pocket.

Mallet goes to find Sebastian where Gus left him, while Harley stays with Gus.  They are both in bed.  Gus goes to sleep, so she sneaks off to help Mallet.

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