Guiding Light Update Wednesday 6/29/05


By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

At home, Reva is still determined to find Alfred, Jonathan's abusive step-father. She is on the phone to Jeffrey, telling him about the situation. Josh returns from his trip, so she gives him a big hug and desperately clings to him. Before she can explain what's been going on, he brings in Olivia and Bill. He explains that they are trying to stay hidden from Alan's radar while they get Emma adopted. Bill explains that a roof fell on him. Reva, upset, goes outside, so Josh follows her. They briefly return and Olivia tells them that she feels guilty about how Jonathan was treated by her sister and her husband and that's why she cuts him so much slack. Reva and Josh go back outside. She tells him about Alfred still being alive. He wonders if Jonathan knew, but Reva doesn't think he did. Reva wants Jonathan to deal with Alfred once and for all. Josh offers to go to San Cristobal to ask questions. Reva says adamantly that he can't leave her alone right now, making him wonder what's going on. They argue about who should chase after Alfred. Josh says he has business in San Cristobal after all, so he doesn't mind looking around. Reva is grateful and thanks him. They hug. She decides to tell him about Nate.

Josh knows something terrible is up. Reva relates about how the "change" has affected them both. She admits that she didn't feel that she belonged anywhere until she got the job at the bar. She tells Josh that Nate's crush on her was not all one-sided. Josh is stunned. Reva says that it is not Josh's fault. She blames herself for how she reacted to the menopause. She calls Josh the love of her life but says that she needed to feel that someone else desired her. She says it was just an innocent flirtation but admits that they kissed a few times. Josh knows it was more than that because Reva also confided in Nate, that she poured out her heart so someone that she could trust. Josh is very upset and his voice cracks. Reva explains that she quit her job and told Nate to take a hike. She realizes her marriage is the most important thing to her.

She begs Josh to forgive her. They both cry as she desperately hopes he will forgive her, and he is trying to take everything in. He wants to know why she is telling him now. She says it just feels right to tell him. He gets mad when she calls him her "anchor" and "rock". He thinks that she is so concerned about being left alone because she's not so sure that she can be trusted there with Nate. She replies that she just thinks they need time to reconnect and was hoping he would invite her to San Cristobal so they can go together. He says that's not what he needs right now. He needs to think about things. He says that if they don't have trust, they don't have much.

Inside, Olivia dotes on Bill, who is still feeling weak. She thinks they should postpone their adoption while he recovers. While she is checking on Emma, he makes a phone call. Olivia returns and tells him that she talked to Emma, and he is already her father, no matter when they do the legal formality of adoption. Bill brings in Judge Logan, who agreed to stop by so they can do the adoption. Olivia is thrilled. The judge has Bill and Olivia sign some papers. Olivia says Bill will be Emma's father forever, no matter what, even if they should break up. They sign the papers and the judge declares that it's official.

There are kisses and hugs with Emma. Later, Olivia watches Bill and Emma together. He is thrilled to be called "Daddy", especially by Emma. He thinks they should have more kids. She agrees, but not right now. She wants Emma to get used to her new daddy first. Bill pledges that he will never hurt them. There is more hugging and kissing.

Jonathan arrives at Dinah's place. She looks like she has just gotten up. She is still in her underwear and robe and is irritable. He came there for sex because he's had a crummy week. He declares that he now knows the truth. His mother is a bitch, families suck and you can only count on yourself. He kisses her but she tells him that she is very busy today. He takes a shower. When he comes out, he picks her up and carries her to the bed. She has a comb and scissors, so she works on his hair.

She cuts it while they chat about her fake pregnancy and Edmund. She wants a normal family life, but he thinks that families are all miserable and not the happy picture they seem from the outside. When she mentions Hart, he points out that was the guy she whacked. While holding the scissors in one hand, and pulling back Jonathan's head in the other, she says carefully that it was an accident. He looks at the scissors and says that those happen a lot. She continues that she wants a second chance, and she believes Edmund is that. They argue and she ends up ordering Jonathan out because he is being too negative. She even throws his clothes at him. He tries kissing her, but she's still angry. She warns him that he doesn't know what's in her heart. He thinks it's sad that she only wants Edmund because Cassie has him. She counters that he's sad because he thinks he doesn't want love. He declares that there will be no more talking. They have sex. He spouts off some more about family life as he drinks some beer. She asks him to get her some ice, so he does. Meanwhile, she phones Edmund and leaves a message on his machine to call her back. She leaves the phone on (I think) while Jonathan returns with the ice. he rubs it on her and they start kissing again on the bed.

At Elizabeth & Company, the pizza place, Danny walks in and tells Marina that she is done serving lunch and that he will now make it for her. He has several bell peppers of multiple colors that he is chopping up as he tells her that he's going to make Cuban pizza. However, Danny burns the pizza. They kiss and touch each other. He suggests they go back to his place but are interrupted by his phone. It is Michelle on the other end. Immediately there is tension in the air. Danny asks her if she and Robbie will be back for the Bauer Barbecue on 4th of July. She puts Robbie on the phone. Danny talks to him for a minute, saying he misses him and that Marina misses him, too. The connection is then lost. Marina makes some food and they share some wine, but she's very distant. As they have lunch, she tells Danny that his face lit up when he talked to Michelle on the phone.

He denies it, but she thinks that Michelle's voice made him feel something. He shows her his wallet, which only has a picture of her and Robbie in it. This doesn't convince her. He says that of course he has affection for Michelle, who has been a major part of his life for many years. He swears that she is his past, not his present or his future. He has moved on and wants Marina everywhere in his life. He asks her to give them a chance and trust him. They kiss and hug.

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