Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/28/05


By  Suzanne

At outskirts, Reva phones Jonathan and leaves a message on his answering machine to call her, even though she knows he probably doesn't want to talk to her. She also phones Olivia's machine and warns her that her ex-brother-in-law is still alive (although she still doesn't know it's Nate). She tells Olivia that she can't find Jonathan to warn him. Nate lurks nearby, listening; he comes up behind her, surprising her, as she hangs up the phone. He asks if everything is all right. She tries to explain away what happened before, but he interrupts her and says he understands that she loves her husband. She is relieved. He points out that there was quite a scene there with her son. She tells him that she is quitting. He tells her that she doesn't have to do that. She says it's only partly that--she doesn't want to be tempted. She explains that Jonathan needs someone to love him and undone the damage done to him by "that miserable piece of garbage". Nate works hard to keep his anger in check as Reva blasts Jonathan's adoptive father for ruining Jonathan. Reva tells him that it seems that Jonathan's adoptive father is alive, so she wants to confront him about what he did. Nate doesn't understand why she has to quit to do this. When Reva says that she has to find the man, Nate tells her to look no further (making us believe that he is fessing up to who he is, but of course he's not). Nate just offers to help Reva find him. She refuses, but he works on her. They argue about it. Reva only wants help from her family, not him, that she's been so involved with. Giving up, he tells her that this place is always there for her if she changes her mind. She leaves. He downs a drink and then smashes it on the bar. Then he grinds his hand into the glass. Reva returns and sees the blood. She helps him with his hand, apologizing for upsetting him and blaming herself. He laughs and jokes around with her about his hand. She agrees to stay on until he finds a replacement, but he says there is no replacement for her. He makes a deal with her. She will stay on for a few shifts, and he'll help her find her son's dad. She agrees but says she first has to find Jonathan. She doesn't think he will ever want to speak to her again.

Jonathan and Dinah have sex. He says they both lost something; she lost her baby and he lost his mother. He sits up. She asks him what happened. He doesn't tell her, but they talk about mothers for a minute. She admits that she wishes she had been able to keep the baby. He wonders how long she will keep her charade up. She thinks maybe she will keep it up until she's pregnant with Edmund's baby for real. He says he doesn't want a baby, just mindless sex. They go back to it but are interrupted by Cassie knocking on the door. Dinah puts her hand over his mouth. Cassie threatens to come in as Dinah warns Jonathan to keep his mouth shut about the baby. Dinah calls out to Cassie that she has morning sickness, to explain why she's not answering the door. Jonathan grins and has a difficult time keeping from laughing as he teases Dinah. Finally, he helps her put on the fake baby bag. Cassie insists on coming in, but Dinah is already dressed, while Jonathan is hiding. Dinah claims she was dizzy and had to go to the bathroom. Cassie worries, but Dinah swears she is fine. Cassie looks for Edmund because Dinah is acting nervous. Dinah covers by claiming that Cassie just makes her nervous since she is carrying her baby. Cassie worries still that Edmund is there and threatening her. Jonathan comes out, half-dressed, saying that no one is going to lay a hand on his "Dinah-mite". Cassie's jaw drops open and her brow furrows. Cassie demands to know what's going on and threatens to call security on Jonathan, asking if he forced himself in there. Jonathan says he's never had to force himself on any woman. Dinah says that Jonathan has been very sweet and she was hanging out with him because he is no fan of Edmund's. Cassie advises her to get a guide dog instead, so Jonathan barks at her. Jonathan and Cassie argue. He hints that Cassie's baby is gone. He just explains that now that she's no longer with Edmund, that Dinah's is the only baby she will ever have with him. He pledges to do everything he can to keep Dinah and her womb safe. Cassie is not interested in what he offers. She warns him to stay away from her baby and reminds him that she's been spending time with the DA lately. Jonathan is not intimidated, but Dinah tells him that he should leave now. Jonathan lets Cassie know that he and Dinah are seeing each other now, so he will be around. Cassie is not happy to hear that. Jonathan gives Dinah a sloppy kiss and then leaves. Cassie argues with Dinah about seeing Jonathan. Dinah says he's good for her and orders Cassie to stop spying on her. Cassie denies it. There is a knock on the door. Cassie opens it and introduces a young woman named Twyla, explaining that she is a nurse/midwife. Twyla offers her hand, but Dinah backs off, shaking her hand, saying that she is not getting her hands on her. Cassie tries to talk Dinah into using Twyla because she is good with making sure that babies come into the world healthy. Dinah doesn't want to be rushed into anything, so Twyla says she will take it slow. Dinah agrees, as long as there is no touching. Twyla and Cassie sit down with Dinah on the floor to do some breathing exercises. Twyla tells Cassie to put her hands on Dinah's temples as Dinah sits on the floor, leaning against Cassie with a pillow. Cassie is hesitant, saying this whole baby thing is so real now. Twyla assures her that's what they want. Cassie thanks Dinah for helping to bring her baby into the world. Dinah looks sad as they proceed. Dinah says cryptically, "When there's life, there's hope...for both of us".

Jonathan shows up at Outskirts because Reva phoned. Reva apologizes. He asks where her boss is, so she tells him that he's in the back. He sees the glass and asks if Nate hurt her, but she tells him no. She grabs onto Jonathan and tells him carefully that his father is alive. He says no, there was a boating accident. She assures him that he staged the accident to get away from his creditors. Jonathan acts unconcerned, not caring as long as he stays away from him. Reva thinks they should find him. Jonathan urgently tells her to stay out of it. She thinks Jonathan should confront Nate in order to have a normal life. She urges him to take his rage and throw it in his face. Jonathan sees Nate lurking nearby. Reva keeps telling him why he should stand up to his adopted father. Reva apologizes for hitting Jonathan. He clearly wants to tell her about Nate, but he can't. Frustrated, he finally yells at her to go ahead and find him if that's what she wants. He only wants them all to stay away from him. Nate comes out and asks if everything is alright. He asks Jonathan to stay for a beer, but Jonathan refuses. Reva begs him to come home with her and talk. Jonathan says he's all talked out but will stay for the free beer if she is leaving. Reva leaves, saying she'll call Nate. Jonathan asks Nate what he offered to Reva. Nate replies that he merely offered to help her find his father. Jonathan suggests that Nate move on and sell this stuff. Nate is happy to have Jonathan on his side, he says, pointing out that he could have told Reva who he was but chose not to. Jonathan says it doesn't mean he won't tell. Nate prefers to think that Jonathan is on his side; he says that Reva won't know what hit her.

We see part of what happened yesterday with Gus, Harley, Alan, and Mallet (Gus getting shot). Harley tearfully asks Mallet, who's holding a gun, what he did, as she leans over Gus' body. Sebastian comes up behind Alan and stops him from shooting anyone else. He orders Alan to come with him. Mallet urges Harley to leave Gus and go with him. He has to drag her, literally kicking and whimpering. Harley slugs Mallet as Sebastian drags a protesting Jonathan away. Mallet claims that Gus was reaching for his gun, so he didn't know what he was going to do. Harley calls him a liar, but when she runs back to Gus, she sees the gun on the floor next to Gus' body. Mallet tries pulling her away again, but a cop comes up and points his gun at them, ordering them to put their hands up. Mallet carefully shows the patrolman his ID and suggests that he call in for backup and for an ambulance. The cop does what Mallet says. Mallet and Harley leave while his back is turned. They go somewhere (a hotel room). Harley is very upset, bent over, saying she can't breathe. Mallet tries to get her to snap out of it, but she backs off at his touch. He asks her to trust him. She says Gus was keeping her safe and accuses him of wanting to hurt Gus. She yells that she hates him and then attacks him, knocking them both on the bed. She hits him and then rolls off the bed as he yells at her to calm down. She grabs his gun and points it at him. She says that if Gus has to die, why shouldn't he? Mallet tells Harley that there are things going on that she doesn't know about. He says Alan's lawyers got him out of prison. She is shocked that he is working with Alan to nail his own son. They argue. Harley thinks that Mallet shot Gus because he couldn't stand that she picked Gus instead of him. Mallet just wants her to be happy. She taunts him, saying he will never hold her or love her because she loves Gus. She wishes she were still in prison because then at least Gus would still be alive. Mallet tells her to go ahead and shoot him. As he walks toward her, she pulls the trigger, but it is empty. He grabs the gun and she cries. He tells her that she has a chance at freedom now, but she tells him to go to Hell. Mallet grabs Harley and tells her Gus is alive and that she has to trust him because he is going along with Gus' plan. Harley looks at him, stunned. Meanwhile, the cop tells someone on the radio to forget the ambulance because this guy (Gus) needs a hearse. Gus stares up with his eyes open. The cop turns and Gus is gone. Then Gus hits him on the head and runs.

Harley doesn't know whether to believe what Mallet is saying. Mallet points out that there are no bullets in the gun. Harley attacks him again, this time less fervently, for letting her go through that. Mallet asks her to stop so he can explain. Harley rejoices that Gus is alive, but she is still annoyed at Mallet for letting her think Gus was still alive. Mallet explains that he and Gus ran into each other at the TV studio and came up with the plan quickly so that Harley would run away with him. Mallet explains that Gus knew that her best chance for survival is if they split up. He tells her that Gus is keeping the cops busy so that she can escape. She wants to run back and help Gus, but he says it's too late and now she has to go through with their plan because it's the only way she can be safe.

At the hospital, Alan is upset about Gus being shot. He keeps murmuring, "It should have been Harley" as Sebastian tries to get through to him in his shock. Sebastian gets a doctor to look after Alan, saying he is an important man and asking for discretion. She asks what's wrong with him, so Sebastian explains that he's just had a shock from some bad news and that he has a heart condition. He asks for something to calm him down and a private room, so she agrees to get a top cardiologist to look at him. Alan, confused, talks about his son Phillip and all the blood. Sebastian thinks he is just confusing Gus with Phillip. Alan says that once you've pulled the trigger, it's easy to do again. Alan is checked into the hospital and given a mild sedative. Sebastian is at Alan's bedside. Alan mumbles about his sons. Sebastian tells him that it wasn't his fault and that he's a good father. He reminds Alan that he sent Mallet after Harley to protect Gus. Alan says, "I did it", so Sebastian wonders what he means. Alan drops off into unconsciousness, but Sebastian realizes that Alan killed Phillip. He chats to Alan, wondering what he will pay to keep him quiet. Alan suddenly reaches up and grabs Sebastian's throat, choking him. Alan knows that Sebastian figured it out and forces Sebastian to say it. Sebastian, choking, says that Alan murdered his own son. Sebastian assures him that his secret is safe with him. Still choking him, Alan wants to know what it will cost him, but Sebastian says desperately that they will work something out. He begs Alan to let go. Alan keeps choking him. Sebastian tells Alan he knows that he's in pain. He reminds him that his father died in his arms, so he knows what it's like to lose somebody. He offers to help Alan. Alan finally releases him and Sebastian gasps for breath. Sebastian tells Alan that his sons are gone, but he is here and can be his son. Alan looks at him like he's crazy.

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