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Reva, Nate and Jonathan were still at Outskirts bar. Jonathan was yelling at Reva about how worthless he was, how he'd never been good enough for her, etc. Reva tried to tell him that wasn't true, for the umpteenth time, but he wouldn't listen. He told her she should stay away from Nate. She said her friendship with Nate was none of his business. Jonathan told her she was out of her mind if she was going to cheat on Josh with Nate. He told her she had everything - the husband, the kids, the life - why would she throw it all away on Nate? He asked her if it was to make herself feel younger, and reminded her that her youth was gone - the doctor even said so. Reva slapped him for saying that, then started crying and saying she was sorry. Jonathan said she was just like his abusive father. Then he started asking why she couldn't love him, why he wasn't good enough, why he'd never be good enough. Reva tried to tell him that wasn't true, but he cut her off.

He asked if it would help if he looked more like her son Shane. Then he grabbed a knife and started hacking off his hair, asking her if it would help if the haircut made him look like Shane. Reva was crying her makeup off, asking what Alfred had done to him to make him this way. Jonathan replied that it was the same thing she was trying to do to him, trying to change him. He said now she was trying to fix him and she couldn't do that. Reva said she was sorry and she only ever wanted to love him, to have him in her life, and she hugged him. They were both crying, but Jonathan pushed her away after a few seconds. He said she couldn't fix him and shouldn't try. Nate told Jonathan to leave. Then Jonathan looked at her and Nate and said "You two deserve each other." He stormed out, leaving Reva with Nate (who had watched the whole thing without saying anything until he told Jon to get out).

Reva started whining to Nate that she had tried so hard with Jonathan, and just when she thought she was getting through to him, he took a step backwards. Nate told her they couldn't do this anymore, he couldn't help her or be her friend now. He said she'd made it clear she didn't want the same thing he did, and so they couldn't be friends anymore. Reva said she'd better go see about her son and left.

Cassie was telling Jeffrey that she didn't think she called him Richard. Jeffrey insisted she had. Cassie told him it must be Edmund's fault because he had been insinuating that she only liked Jeffrey because he looked like Richard earlier. Just then Dinah knocked on the door. Cassie let her in and Dinah said she wanted to warn Cassie that Edmund would try to keep her away from the baby. Cassie pointed out that Eddie wanted to raise the baby with her. Dinah said since Eddie could see that Cassie was with Jeffrey now, his backup plan was to keep the baby himself. Then she exclaimed that she could feel the baby kicking. Cassie asked if she could feel it but Dinah backed away, saying she had obviously interrupted them and she had to go, but she'd call Cassie. Then she hurried out the door. Cassie told Jeffrey she was concerned about the baby, but their conversation quickly got back to Edmund and her calling Jeffrey Richard. Jeffrey said it would make sense if she only liked him because he reminded her of Richard. Cassie said that wasn't true and insisted he blindfold her, apparently thinking this would help make it clear that she really wasn't just interested in the face. She said maybe at first the face had interested her, but now it was so much more than that. She told Jeffrey she cared about him - Jeffrey, not Richard - and wanted to be with him. They started kissing and making up, but then Cassie said she needed to go find out what was going on with Dinah and left.

After Cassie left, Reva showed up at Jeffrey's place looking for her. Jeffrey told her Cassie wasn't there. Reva said she really needed to talk to her sister, although she understood Cassie had her own problems to deal with, meaning Dinah and the baby. But she continued to tell Jeffrey that she was concerned about Jonathan. She said she wanted to help him but was afraid that she couldn't undo the damage Alfred did. Jeffrey said he'd been meaning to contact her about that, he had looked into Alfred's boat accident/disappearance like she'd asked him to. He said he'd found out that the accident may have been staged - and Alfred might still be alive!

Jonathan arrived at Dinah's hotel room as she was getting home. She noticed his new do and asked what happened. He told her he'd had a rough day and had a lot of pent up energy he wanted to work off with her. Dinah said she'd needed him earlier, but now she just wanted to be alone. She assured him she'd call him later and went into her room, apparently not closing the door completely. Jonathan noticed the door was ajar and snuck in. Dinah was in the shower and didn't hear him. Jonathan looked under the bed and was surprised. Dinah came out of the shower and found him sitting in her room. She told him he should have listened to her earlier when she told him to leave. Jonathan yanked off her towel, exposing her. "Look, no baby!" he exclaimed, pointing at her not-so-pregnant-looking belly. Then he lay on her bed and said how SOFT the pillows were, as soft "as a baby's bottom". He picked up a little pillow and said he'd figured out how Dinah stuffed the pillow under her clothes so she'd look pregnant. Dinah said she could explain. Jonathan asked if she was ever pregnant at all. Dinah sadly said yes, she was pregnant until a few weeks ago, when she lost the baby. Jonathan asked why she was lying to Cadmund. Dinah tearfully said when Eddie thought she was pregnant, he listened to her, he was nice to her, and she wanted to give him that baby. She couldn't lose him - and therefore couldn't tell him she'd lost the baby. She told Jonathan she'd do anything to keep Eddie from finding out - ANYTHING.

They started kissing and wound up on the bed, making love.

In NYC, Harley and Gus were also getting it on - in the soap studio's sandbox from their beach set. Gush had a beautiful love scene in the sand. They were so preoccupied with this that they weren't watching the TV monitor - and failed to see Alan entering the building. Afterward, they both said how great it had been. Harley told Gus it was like their wedding night - or how their wedding night should have gone, had they gotten married. They discussed running away together. Harley told Gus she didn't want to be on the run, but he pointed out that they would have a new life together - the two of them and her boys. They heard a noise and Gus went to check it out.

Harley was putting her clothes back on when her celly rang. It was Mallet, who had just been released from prison (after Alan bailed him out). He said he knew she was in New York and warned her that they weren't safe there, that Alan knew where they were. He tried to convince her that Gus couldn't keep her safe. Harley heard a noise and said she had to go, hanging up on Mallet. She started looking around the set. Meanwhile, Gus was creeping around looking for her and Alan was creeping around looking for them. Gus bumped into Harley, startling her. She told him about Mallet's call and that Alan was after them. Gus hugged her and said everything would be all right. Alan was watching and trained a gun on them. Harley and Gus heard another noise and looked around, startled. Gus said maybe Alan was already in the building. Harley said maybe they should split up and meet back outside. Gus said they should stick together. Harley said they could find each other later but they had a better chance to escape now separately. Gus kissed her and they both fled in separate directions. Gus grabbed a bag and climbed up a ladder. Harley ran around a corner and was almost to an exit when she heard a shot fired. She ran back around the corner and saw Gus, lying on the floor of one of the sets. She ran to him and saw that he had been shot. Blood was oozing out of a wound in his shirt.

She knelt beside him and asked frantically if he was okay, leaning over to kiss him. She asked if he was okay again in a panicky voice. When she looked up, she saw Mallet standing there holding a gun. She looked up at him and yelled "What have you done???"

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