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Jeffrey’s place:

Jeffrey rushes around trying to get ready for a meeting with a judge when Cassie comes in. She tells him that she was not able to find Edmund, but she did get to spend the afternoon with R.J. Jeffrey doesn’t want to go to this meeting, but Cassie assures him that she will be okay hanging out there by herself and pushes him out the door. He knocks on the door, kissing Cassie again when she answers. He tells her that he can be a little late, but Cassie pushes him off to his appointment again and shuts the door. She starts to pick up the place a little when there is another knock on the door. She thinks it is Jeffrey again and answers the door telling him that she will not jump back into bed with him again. She is shocked to see Edmund standing there. Edmund is happy to hear that she isn’t going to jump into bed with Jeffrey again. He tells her that he knows she has been looking for him. She heard him tell Jeffrey that. Cassie is upset to find out that he has been following her. She tells him that she was looking for him so that they could talk about the baby. She tells him that she knows he is going to get angry, but after everything that he has done … She stops when Edmund gives her a look, like he hates that she believes Dinah. She knows what she saw. Edmund tries to tell her that it was all orchestrated. He is upset that she always believes the worse in him. She tells him that he has given her plenty of reason to do that. He reminds her that she came to him wanting to put their family back together again. She gets upset when he says that she sabotaged their relationship. She can’t believe that he thinks she sabotaged it because she is afraid of commitment. He tells her that is only party of the problem. The other part is that she can now even rationalize that it is okay to be sleeping with Jeffrey when she is still married to him. Cassie tells him not to make this all about Jeffrey. He plucks at the strings of Jeffrey’s guitar and tells Cassie that she has had an itch for him ever since he came to town. Cassie thinks that is ridiculous as she hated Jeffrey when he first came to town.

Edmund tells her that he sees that she has found every reason to cross paths with Jeffrey from the very beginning. He thinks it is because Jeffrey is a dead ringer for Richard. Cassie denies this, but Edmund won’t let her off that easily. He was threatened by Jeffrey ever since he first came to town. He knows that Jeffrey is nothing like Richard, on the inside. But he is exactly like Richard on the outside. His face is what Cassie couldn’t resist. Not just the way Jeffrey looks, but the fact that Jeffrey’s face reminded her of a much happier and simpler life that she had with Richard. Edmund tried his best to fill Richard’s shoes, but he just couldn’t because Cassie wanted an exact replica. He tells her that Jeffrey will never be able to fill Richard’s shoes either, because he is nothing like Richard on the inside. Jeffrey isn’t even worthy enough to shine Richard’s shoes. Cassie has heard enough by now and slaps Edmund across the face. She tells him to get out and shows him to the door. Edmund tells her that the truth hurts. She tells him that the truth is that he ruined things between them. He is going to have to deal with it. She is mad at him also for telling her that there was something wrong with the baby when there wasn’t. Edmund tells her that there is something wrong with the baby. The baby will need both parents, but it seems she is determined not to let that happen. She sees it the other way around. She tells him that her and R.J. are moving back to the farm, and she wants him gone by the time they do. Jeffrey returns home at this time, and Edmund tells the two of them that he gives them three weeks before walking off. Back inside, Cassie goes on and on about how she was a fool again and should have listened to her friends and family. Jeffrey tries to calm her, but she is on a role beating herself up. Jeffrey tells her that since she won’t stop, she leaves him no choice. He grabs her and kisses her to get her to pipe down. This calms Cassie down and the two start to banter back and forth playfully. Jeffrey pours them a drink as Cassie tells him that she loves how well he takes care of her. She messes up big time though when she calls him Richard. Jeffrey slowly turns and asks ‘What did you just call me?”

New York hospital:

Harley and Gus try to enter Dr. Wallace’s room, but the nurse stops them. She tells them that the police were looking for them to get the rest of their statement. She starts to call the police to let them know that Gus and Harley have returned. Gus and Harley try to stall her calling the police.

In Dr. Wallace’s room, Sebastian has gotten in and puts a pillow over Dr. Wallace’s face, trying to smother him. Dr. Wallace manages to push a panic button that is on the side of the bed, alerting the nurse outside. Sebastian quickly removes the pillow and hides. A note still lays on the floor under Dr. Wallace’s bed. The nurse rushes in with Harley and Gus following closely. The nurse checks things out and tells Gus and Harley that he must have had some kind of seizure with his hand accidentally hitting the panic button. She reports that the doctor is resting again now. Gus and Harley try to stay in the room when the nurse leaves, but she won’t let them. She herds them out of the room as she goes. A little later, Gus and Harley manage to get past the nurse and come back in the room. They still don’t notice the note on the floor. Harley tries to get the doctor to wake up, but they discover that he is dead. Harley immediately wants to run for help, but Gus won’t let her.

It isn’t worth the risk of the police finding Harley. Harley pushes the panic button and the two get out of the room before the nurse has time to get there. Sebastian lurks in the hall as the nurse runs in to check on the doctor. When she finds that he has died, she calls for an intern to help her clean up the body. Sebastian calls Alan, and then listens to the nurse and the intern talk about the doctor. The nurse tells the intern that the doctor was a victim of a hit and run. He survived the surgery, but not the recovery. Sebastian leaves, certain that his job was well done. As the intern wheels Dr. Wallace’s body out, the nurse finds the note on the floor. It is meant for Gus and reads ‘Alan is the shooter’.


A guard leads Mallet into a visiting room to wait for someone that is coming to see him. He has been told that he is getting out and assumes that some one paid the piper for him. He is surprised to see Alan show up. Alan explains that he had the Spaulding attorneys go over his case and they found a loop hole. He is a free man. Mallet is no fool and knows that Alan will want something in return. Alan explains that he wants Mallet to find Harley and get her away from Gus. He is afraid that Gus will be hurt also when the police or the bounty hunters find Harley. Mallet doesn’t think the idea of being sloppy seconds to Harley and spending the rest of his life as a fugitive sounds very appealing. Alan threatens that his lawyers could find another reason to put him back in jail. Mallet tells him that he doesn’t take orders very well and calls for the guard. He wants nothing to do with Alan’s offer.

Alan reminds him that he went so far as to be a prison warden to protect Harley. Mallet tells him that after the bus crash, he could have ran off with Harley, but he chose to step out and let her and Gus be together. Alan asks him if he really wants to give up the chance to fix all that he did wrong in his marriage to Harley. He tells Mallet that he knows where Harley is. Mallet doesn’t believe him, he thinks that if Alan did really know where Harley is, he would send the bounty hunters there. Alan reminds him that he doesn’t want Gus hurt. Alan’s cell phone rings and he tells Mallet that the offer will be on the table until his phone call is finished. He answers the phone to Sebastian. Sebastian tells him that the deed has been done. Alan tells him to wait where he is, and he will meet him there. After he gets off the phone, he tells Mallet that Harley is in New York. Mallet tells him that he hasn’t changed his mind. He wants nothing to do with Alan’s plan. Alan thinks it will be the worst mistake that Mallet has ever made. Mallet calls for the guard and leaves Alan alone. Alan calls New York and asks for the number for Light of Love. After Alan has left, Mallet is ready to leave the prison when the guard asks him where he will go. Mallet tells him that he thought he would go back to his home town of New York City and look up an old friend.

Nate’s bar:

Reva has arrived looking for Nate. She goes into a severe hot flash and curses the heavens as she grabs a cold bottle of beer and rubs it across her face and chest. Nate comes in behind her and startles her by talking very close to her ear. She is upset with him. He told her that the place was packed and he needed her help. She gets there and there isn’t a person in the place. She tells him that she needs to call Josh and find out what his plans are for the evening. Nate tells her that Josh went out of town and asked him to tell her that. Reva wants to know what is going on. Nate tells her that he knows that she wants him as bad as he wants her. Reva reminds him that she is married to Josh and she loves her husband very much. Nate is not in the mood to be turned down and won’t let up. He kisses her and comes on very strong to her. She tries to resist and continues to talk about Josh. He does get to her quite a bit though and she starts to give in to him. He almost gets her laid down on one of the couches when Reva comes to her senses and tells him that she can’t do this. Josh is everything to her. She grabs her purse and runs out of the bar. Nate is frustrated and hits the couch. Jonathan comes in and sees that Nate is very upset. Nate calls Reva a bitch and tells Jonathan that she is going to get everything she deserves. He is mad that Josh is everything to her and he is nothing. Jonathan asks if he is going to do to Reva what he always did to his foster mother. Nate tells him that his foster mother deserved everything she got. Jonathan tells him that he will not allow Nate to hurt Reva. Nate starts slapping Jonathan around a bit, daring him to do anything to stop him.

After about five slaps, Jonathan finally blows up and punches Nate just as Reva comes back into the bar. She is appalled to see what is happening and immediately jumps down Jonathan’s throat. Jonathan can’t believe that she is turning on him. He tries to tell her that she does need his help. Reva tells him that she doesn’t. Nate watches with an amused smile from the floor where he fell from the punch as Jonathan and Reva argue. Jonathan finally gets fed up with all of it and tells Reva that she is on her own. He can’t believe that no matter what he does, all she does is tell him what a piece of shit he is. He tells her that if he is a piece of garbage, that makes her even lower than him. He ends up pulling a knife out and offering to prove that they have the same blood running through their veins. He will start with Reva’s blood, as he points the knife at her.

New York Light of Love set:

Gus and Harley return to their hiding place with Harley very upset that Dr. Wallace is dead. He was her last hope at clearing her name. She tells Gus that she wants to sneak back to town and steal her kids and take off, like he suggested before.

Gus talks her out of this explaining that life on the run is not what they need to do. Harley finally gives in and believes him again when he promises to fix all of this for her. Gus thinks that they should find some place else to hide. He is afraid someone will come in and find them. Harley doesn’t want to leave just yet. Gus tells her that he knows a perfect beach to take her too. He leads her to a beach set on the same stage and the two pretend they are on a lovely beach with a beautiful moon in the sky and nice cool breeze blowing over them. They lay down on the picnic blanket they used before and start to undress each other slowly. Outside, we see Alan walking down the streets of New York, not far from the Light of Love studio.

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