Guiding Light Update Thursday 6/23/05


By Suzanne

Zoe and Jonathan are at the bar, Farley's, joking around. She realizes that her earrings are missing. She goes to look in the ladies' room for them. Nate comes up to remind Jonathan that he's got a job to do and points out that the girl he's with has nothing to do with the Lewises. Jonathan knows he is supposed to hurt someone in Reva's family; he explains that she is the sword that will cut through Tammy's heart. Nate tells him, "good work", but Jonathan assures him that Sandy did all the work. He gloats that Sandy has had this coming for a long time, so Nate reminds him that it's Tammy he wants to hurt. Jonathan tells Nate that Tammy will get hurt, too, and she deserves it for always looking down at him and reminding him that he's a piece of dirt. Nate warns him not to let these people walk all over him; he accentuates his speech by poking Jonathan roughly with his finger. Jonathan assures him he isn't going soft and he will prove it to him. Nate reaches up to pat Jonathan on the shoulder, but Jonathan flinches. Nate says he is proud of his step-son. Zoe returns and wonders who Nate is, but Jonathan quickly covers by telling her that Nate was just asking him for the time. Nate offers to buy them a drink, but Jonathan turns him down. Nate flirts with Zoe until Jonathan warns him to back off. Zoe is flattered that they are arguing over her. Jonathan is grumpy about the situation, even after Nate walks away. She suggests that they go back to his place to look for her earrings, but he doesn't want to. He says he will call her if he finds them. She sits on his lap, saying that she was just looking for a reason to get him alone again. They kiss.

Tammy is upset to find women's earrings at Sandy's place, which Jonathan has made to look like Sandy has been sleeping with another woman. Tammy phones Josh and asks him again if Sandy was doing some work for him tonight. JOsh assures her that he's not but is concerned about her. She claims that she is just having trouble finding Sandy. Sandy walks in and is surprised to see her there. With the earrings behind her back, Tammy asks him questions sarcastically about the files he was supposedly delivering. He looks taken aback by her attitude. Sandy wonders if he forgot some important date or anniversary because of the look Tammy is giving him. She claims that she's not giving him any special look. He steps outside and comes back inside, this time very glad to see her. He kisses her. She apologizes for how she acted. Sandy swears that he is glad to have her there waiting for him. She asks him where he went, but he changes the subject and suggests they go to Farley's. She agrees and puts the earrings back on the table.

Outside of Farley's, Tammy looks at the earrings and tells Sandy that she found something, but then she thinks better about explaining it to him and suggests they go inside. Sandy gets an important phone call, so Tammy goes in alone. Jonathan sees Tammy and tells Zoe that he needs to break up with his girlfriend, but he doesn't want to do it right now. He wants to leave and offers Zoe a ride home, but she wants to stay. He makes her promise not to speak to Tammy, and she agrees. Zoe goes over to chat with Tammy anyway; she strikes up a conversation about boyfriends and how you can't trust them. Zoe says she's looking for this guy who might soon be her boyfriend, but she thinks he might be cheating on her. Zoe recognizes the earrings that Tammy has in her hands and claims them as hers. Tammy is stunned but figures they can't be Zoe's. Zoe tells her about how one of the clasps is bent. Sandy walks in after Zoe leaves, saying that something has come up. He tells Tammy that he has to go to Cross Creek with Alan right away and doesn't know how long he'll be gone. She asks if it can't wait, but he says it can't. He asks if she's ok because she's acting weird, like she doesn't believe him. She asks if there's any reason why she shouldn't. He wonders why she keeps asking so many questions but tells her to save them because he'll be back before she knows it. He kisses her warmly on the cheek. She tells him to leave, saying he wouldn't want to be late. He leaves; Zoe's words about catching up with her cheating guy echo in her head.

Bill and some construction workers are working on the Cross Creek house. When Olivia greets him, he almost gets hit in the face by a large board that someone is carrying. He jokes around that his life flashed before his eyes, so she'd better kiss him. He tells her that's why he didn't want Emma there, since it's not too safe. She is still worried that Alan will get Emma. Bill assures her that will change in a few days because he will be Emma's legal father. They kiss. He whispers something naughty in her ear, and they head upstairs. Someone is watching them, unbeknownst to them. Downstairs again later, Bill wonders as she brings him coffee if he should go back outside and check on the hardware in the closets. They joke around but she says he is "paternal". He's not sure that's such a good compliment, but she assures him that it is and that he will be a great father. She surprises him with a present: a wallet with a picture of Emma, so he can use it to brag about his new daughter. There are also binoculars, so he can watch his daughter on the playground when she's with boys. He says that won't be until Emma is 30, and he will pick out the man she'll marry. He is touched by the last gift, a coffe mug that says "World's Greatest Dad", which Olivia says Emma picked out for him. Olivia says she can see the love in his eyes for Emma. He asks if she can see the love he has for her, too. She says she can, and they kiss. The person is still watching them. Still later, Olivia chats on the phone to Emma. When she returns, she sees Bill lying on the floor with some construction stuff around him. She yells for help. Bill is groggy but is able to let her know that he can move. He jokes to the other guys, but she is still worried and thinks he needs a doctor. They help him inside to the couch. Olivia yells at the workers to find out what happened. One of them swears that he stacked the things 3 feet around the edge. The two workers tell each other that someone had to have moved them but it doesn't make sense. Oliva hears them and realizes it does make sense.

Alan and Sebastian are still on the phone. Sebastian tells Alan that there is a connection between Harley and Wallace; he holds the check for $100,000 that Alan wrote to Wallace. Sebastian asks suspiciously what Gus and Harley hope to learn from Dr. Wallace. Alan suggests that he answer his questions later, but Sebastian doesn't like being kept in the dark when he's doing a job. He advises Alan that the job could end in a way he hadn't planned on if he makes a mistake because he doesn't have all the facts.

Josh visits Alan, insisting they talk. Josh grabs the phone and hangs up in the middle of Alan's call with Sebastian. JOsh wants to discuss Bill's pending adoption of Emma with him. JOsh says that he knows Alan is not too happy with Bill adopting Olivia's daughter Emma, but Alan corrects him, calling her, "Phillip's daughter Emma". Alan doesn't want to talk about it, but Josh insists. Josh warns Alan that nothing bad had better happen to them because he knows what Alan is capable of. Josh will hold Alan responsible. Alan is not intimidated. Josh warns him again that he'd better not mess with Bill, or he'll show him a side of Lewis that he's never seen before. Josh walks away. Alan looks thoughtful and then tells himself that he will handle this personally. Josh gets a phone call from Olivia. She tells him what happened and that she doesn't think it's an accident. Josh is not surprised.

Olivia asks Bill how he's feeling as he lays on the couch, still groggy. He jokes around with her as he kisses her hand. The workers return to see if she needs anything. She tells them to leave and not to come back until they've heard from her. They are annoyed but leave anyway after she mentions the police. Olivia tells Bill how scared she was when he had his accident. He assures her that he's fine. She asks him if he remembers what happened, but he doesn't recall any helpful details. He thinks it was just an accident, but she doesn't. She thinks this was a warning from Alan. Bill says he will interrogate the workers, but she says that Josh will do that. He is not happy to hear that. Olivia doesn't want to lose him to an "unfortunate accident" paid for by Alan. Bill is dizzy when he gets up. She pleads with him to get a doctor, but he refuses. She says Josh will decide. He tells her that he's not pleased that she phoned JOsh. He thinks they could have figured out whether Alan is behind this on their own. She asks rhetorically who else would try to kill him.

Harley is wearing a floppy hat; she and Gus both wear sunglasses as they sneak around the hospital. Gus is worried about the risks they are taking. Harley has discovered that Wallace is an ER doc at Cedars, which is right across the street froM Company. She figures that he saw something the night of the murder. Gus wonders why he didn't just come forward, but Harley thinks that he may be afraid of the killer. A nurse tells them that Dr. Wallace is awake and wants to speak to them. They are surprised. They visit Dr. Wallace and plead with him to help Harley get back her freedom and her family. Meanwhile, the nurse points Gus and Harley out to some police. As the police try to phone someone, Harley worries that they will arrest her again. Fortunately, they just want to question Gus and Harley because they were witnesses to the accident. She and Gus discuss the situation. The TV is on behind the police, with Harley's picture on it, so Gus makes sure the policemen's attention is on him and not the TV. Gus knocks something over clumsily while Harley switches the station on the TV. It's funny because Harley covers by saying she wanted to see her favorite soap, "Love of Light". Gus gives the police their statement, pretending that they are a married couple that are just horrified by the accident they saw. Gus gives them the description of the cab, but they didn't see the driver very well. After the police are done with them, Harley wants to go back in to see Dr. Wallace, but Gus wants to flee because he thinks one of the cops might recognize Harley. Harley insists on going back, so they do. Meanwhile, Dr. Wallace tries to tell the nurse something, but he is not able to speak and she tells him to rest. She leaves him alone and he gets a paper and pencil out of the drawer of the end table. He writes, "To Gus Aitoro". Outside, Gus and Harley keep arguing about whether to go in and see him or not. Inside, Dr. Wallace keeps trying to write, but he falls unconscious before writing anything more. Gus and Harley hide until the police and nurse leave.

Sebastian and Alan get back on the phone again. Alan apologizes for being interrupted before, but Sebastian is still a little perturbed. Alan comes up behind Sebastian, still on the phone. He hangs up and theng rabs Sebastian and throws him into an empty room. Sebastian looks a little thrown but says they should get into the details now in person. Alan wonders if Sebastian has the nerve to threaten him to his face. Sebastian says he's sorry that Alan took it as a threat. Alan threatens to claim to the police that he only wanted Sebastian to talk to Wallace, not run him over. He knows the police will believe Alan and not Sebastian. To call Alan's bluff, Sebastian phones 911 and tells them that he has a very serious crime to report. He says he has inside information. Alan grabs Sebastian's phone away from him (uh, duh, 911 can trace calls...) Sebastian demands that Alan tell him about "the Wallace connection". Alan wants to know what he wants. Sebastian hands him a piece of paper and asks Alan to consider these upgrades to his current position at Spaulding. Alan looks at the paper and says sarcasticlaly that he might as well become a member of the family. Sebastian likes that idea. Alan warns him to just finish the job. Sebastian agrees but then turns on his way out and asks if Alan would like him to deliver their heads in a gift box. Alan phones someone about going to New York. He has paid Mallet's bail, but Alan wants to surprise him with the news.

As Gus and Harley head toward Wallace's room, Sebastian prepares to smother him with a pillow, saying that this is what Alan wants.

Nate sees Josh at the bar and offers to buy him a drink. Josh, a bit exasperated, tells Nate that he's looking for his wife so he doesn't have time. Nate tells him that Reva hasn't been in yet today but he'll give her a message. Josh says he needs to speak to her personally. He admits he's tried phoning her but her cell is out of range or something. Josh asks Nate to give Reva the message that he needs to talk to her but he's going to Cross Creek to deal with some trouble. Nate agrees to give her the message and keep an eye on Reva while Josh is gone. JOsh looks at him suspiciously, but with a smile. When Nate says that he will make sure Reva is safe and sound, Josh assures him that Reva can take of herself. He thanks Nate for the drink and leaves. Jonathan comes in. Nate fills him in that Josh is running off to Oklahoma because of the accident that Nate arranged on the job site. Jonathan looks unsure, but Nate tells him that this is good news because they can make their big move now that Josh is out of the way. Jonathan wants to know what Nate has planned for Reva. Jonathan wonders why he cares, since she treats him like he's dirt, the same way Tammy does. Jonathan still wants to know, so Nate informs him that romance is in the air for her. He adds, "She won't know what hit her". Jonathan says that Nate doesn't have to do that; they can get the money from Lewis and then get out. Nate gets angry and grabs Jonathan's face. He yells at him, bends his lip roughly, and tells him that he doesn't care what he thinks. Jonathan looks scared. Nate tells him to get ouf of his site or he'll break his arm again. Jonathan tries again to defend Reva, but Nate grabs his throat and chokes him, laughing that he doesn't know when to shut up. He asks if Jonathan needs him to remind him who's in charge. He throws Jonathan out, adding "Bye, son. You make me proud" as Jonathan leaves. Nate makes a phone call to Reva, asking her to come down to help out because they're really crowded.

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