Guiding Light Update Wednesday 6/22/05


By Elizabeth
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Alex attempts to drag Lizzie into Farley’s Bar for a game of pool. Lizzie instead wants to spend time with Coop, but her aunt doesn’t think that is such a good idea. Just then, Coop arrives out of nowhere and hugs Lizzie. They are both glad to see one another, so they tease each other. Alex tries to keep the two of them apart, but they beg to be left alone for one hour. She doesn’t think this is a good idea.  After some prodding by Lizzie, she finally relents but reminds them that they only have one hour. Lizzie is ecstatic as she and Coop take off. After the two head inside, Alan appears, telling his sister that he didn’t agree with her decision.

Lizzie and Coop seem to be having a good time together inside the bar. He considers himself lucky to have run into her again. She mentions how guilty Alex feels and how worried she is about what her grandfather will do to keep them apart. Wondering if she’s worried about what Alan will do, Coop begins a game of pool. Lizzie tells him that she doesn’t think her grandfather would purposely do anything to hurt her.  Lizzie and Coop flirt with one another. As he’s headed back to get a drink, he notices the ‘Springfield Journal’ lying on the bar. He looks at the headline about his sister.

Alan looks at his sister and tells her that it is a sad day for him. She thinks he is over-exaggerating, while he doesn’t think he can trust her. She accuses him of stalking her.  He claims that he can’t trust anyone in his family. He begins yelling at her about Lizzie and Coop. She tries to reason with him and tells him that the kids are only friends. She assures him that there is nothing to worry about in regards to Lizzie. He begins to head inside, but she stops him. Reminding him that Gus and Harley are still on the run, she tells him that he has more important things to worry about.  Alan grabs her purse out of her hands, convinced that the gloves are inside. He looks desperate and she wonders what is happening to him. Alex tells him that he is seeing people betray him everywhere, whether it’s there or not. He warns her to learn from what happened to Phillip.  She warns him to leave the kids alone and lets him know that she wants the family to survive. She urges him to go inside and make peace with his granddaughter and Coop. He’s enraged and refuses to do so. “If you can’t do that, I don’t think I can protect you any longer,” She tells him.

He slowly backs away from her, wondering if his own sister is threatening him. She admits that she is and that she won’t stand by idly while he ruins any more lives. Claiming that she isn’t strong enough to destroy him, she begs to differ. She repeats that she has the gloves if he wants them to ensure his freedom. She orders him to go inside and be nice to Lizzie and Coop, so he heads inside, staring his sister down the entire time.

Lizzie interrupts Coop, who is staring off into space. She shows him the cell phone picture she has of Harley, hoping that it will cheer him up. He smiles, thanking her for all she has done for his family. They both remark about how they hope that Harley is safe.

Alan approaches them, wondering if what he has just overheard is true. He wants to know if his granddaughter helped Harley.

Grabbing the cell phone out of Coop’s hand, Alan demands to know the specifics of when she took the photo. He’s erratic and getting more angry by the minute. Coop tries to stand up for Lizzie, but Alan shoves him aside.

Lizzie looks scared of her grandfather and lets him know that she didn’t have time to call the police when the photo was taken. He can’t believe the audacity, while she tells him that Harley could have escaped while she was phoning 911. He asks why she kept the photo a secret;  Coop wonders how it feels to know that at least one of his family members has a conscience.

Turning on Coop, Alan blames her betrayal on him. He mentions Lizzie’s "schoolyard crush" on him and she becomes defensive. She lets Alan know that it is more than a crush, so he asks her what her father would say about everything. Becoming defensive, she asks him why he’s suddenly become so concerned with how her father would react to everything. She’s angry and throws it in his face that he’s not even her dad’s biological father. “I’m his own flesh and blood, and I know he would hate you for what you’re doing,” she tells him. He looks crushed and requests a moment alone with her. Coop leaves after she assures him that she will be fine.

Outside, an angry Coop kicks things over until Alex tells him she needs to talk with him.   She demands to know if Coop is playing a game with Lizzie’s feelings. He doesn’t know what she’s talking about.  She compares him and Lizzie to Gus and Harley. She reminds him that the result of putting a Spaulding and a Cooper together is usually disastrous. Alex simply wants to know if he’s willing to put the effort into the relationship to make it work. She pleads with him to tell her the truth, so he lets her know that he is willing to make sacrifices to be with Lizzie.   Alex agrees to help the two be together; Coop hugs her. She tells him that she will help them ‘by any means necessary.’

Back inside, Alan warns Lizzie that she will be sorry for talking to him in such a way. She laughs at his threats; he tells her that she will simply regret trusting Coop over her own family.   He reminds Lizzie that sometimes it is better if people stay off his radar. She urges him to forget about Coop, but he lets her know that he will do so only if she does, as well. He leaves as she looks devastated.

Coop goes back inside and wonders why Lizzie looks so upset. She pulls away from him and refuses to tell him what happened with Alan. He confesses that he talked to Alex about taking risks for them to be together. She looks like she’s about to cry and warns him that it could be dangerous. He lets her know that she’d better be worth all the danger. She kisses him.

At Outskirts, Alan receives a phone call from Sebastian, who is in New York. Sebastian confesses that he bumped into Gus and Harley as well and demands to know what is going on. He tells Alan that someone isn’t being honest with him, as he looks at the check Alan wrote to Steve Wallace.

Alex confesses on a videotape that it was her brother who killed Phillip, and she shows the bloody gloves. She says that should anything happen to her, she wants the video to be made public. She looks scared as she says that she thinks Alan would do anything to keep his identity as the killer a secret as long as he thought he could get away with it. Claiming that she thinks she might be the next victim, she says that she wants to make sure the truth is on the record.

Sandy and Tammy arrive at Outskirts, looking very much in love. They both tell each other how lucky they are to have one another. Jonathan looks on, looking anything but happy. He thinks back to what Tammy said about how Sandy makes her feel.

Later, Sandy approaches Tammy, who is sitting, and tells her that he has to leave for a work emergency. As soon as he’s gone, Jonathan comes out from the entryway, wondering where her wonderful boyfriend is. She tells him where he’s gone, and Jonathan laughs at how things have turned out. Wondering why he has to bring up their last conversation, he tells her not to sweat it. Letting her know that he’s heard in the past how great Sandy is, he says that if she wants to tell him once more how pathetic he is, he is all ears. Her cell phone suddenly rings, so she answers it.

Josh is on the phone, looking for Sandy. She tells her uncle that he’s gone to take care of the "Walsh file problem" and it seems as though he didn’t know about it. After hanging up, she comments on how things can sometimes get crazy over at Lewis. It’s clear, though, that she’s not entirely convinced about what she's saying.. Jonathan leaves, telling her that he will see her later, and she sighs with relief.

Jonathan and the girl from the night before, Zoe, are in the hallway of Sandy’s apartment building. She calls him Sandy and thanks him for calling her right away. Assuring her that he’s not most guys, he bends down and gets a key from beneath the door mat. As he smiles at how predictable Sandy is, the two head inside.

Jonathan tells Zoe about his relationship with Tammy. He pretends to be apprehensive about talking to her and mentions that his girlfriend is just so frigid. Mentioning all the things that he does to keep her (Tammy) off his mind, he just doesn’t understand why their relationship can’t go forward. He mentions the liver transplant, and the new girl begins to get closer to him. He tells her that he can’t do anything with her because of Tammy, and she assures him that she can keep their fling to herself. She leans up and kisses him.

Jonathan and Zoe begin to get dressed as he tells her that she’s amazing. Smiling, she tells him that now he knows what he is missing with Tammy. Seeing her earrings on the counter, he picks them up as he tells the new girl that he and Tammy are in an "about to be broken up, but not yet" stage. He goes on and lets her know that he can’t help but worry about her. They kiss once more.

Cassie looks at Jeffrey and can’t believe how long they’ve been in bed together. She repeatedly comments on the time, so he wonders if she has to run off. She lets him know that she has a lot going on and lists off the many things that she should be doing. He kisses her and once more the two begin to make love.

Cassie pulls away from Jeffrey, wondering if he thinks she’s only with him to get back at Edmund. She kisses him, urging him to judge for himself. They continue to kiss one another and then Jeffrey tells her that he wouldn’t mind any reason that she has for being with him. She sits up, confessing that she was trying to hold it all together for the sake of the baby. Reminding him that he’s the one who urged her to make decisions based on her feelings for Edmund and not a need to make everything right, she thanks him. “I’m feeling better than I have in a long time,” she admits to him before kissing him once more.

Edmund is sanding baby furniture when Dinah approaches. He calmly wonders what she wants, considering she has an envelope in her hand. With a smile on her face, she tells him that she has a piece of paper in her hand that says the baby she is carrying belongs to him. She is quick to remind him that Cassie’s signature is nowhere to be found on the document.

Edmund looks at the document that he had Dinah sign and tells her that it says that the baby belongs to both of them. She reminds him that it says the baby belongs to the ‘undersigned’ and that Cassie never signed it. Claiming that it is technicality, she reminds him that it is also a loophole that means he could leave the marriage with something tangible. He gets mad; reminding her that he’s not convinced his marriage is completely over. He also lets her know that he’s not going to keep the child from Cassie, either. Telling him that no matter what he has done lately has brought her back to him, she wonders what else he thinks will change her mind. She challenges him, wondering what he is going to do if they get divorced. She wonders why he would take the chance of a custody battle when he could raise the child on his own without any interference.

Edmund makes it clear that he sees through her scheme and tells her that he’s not leaving any room for her to have rights to the child. He gets up to leave and grabs the contract, telling Dinah that he’s going to find Cassie and have her sign it. “I’ll give you three guesses of where she slept last night,” she calls out to him, and he stops, mid-step.

Turning around, she tells him that odds are against Cassie having spent the night on Reva’s couch. Realizing that Dinah might be right, Edmund looks full of rage. “She is not with him. She is not with him,” he says, more to himself than to anyone else. He leaves in a hurry as Dinah shakes her head.

Tammy walks into the barn and sees Dinah there alone. She wonders where her mother is and is told that Dinah has no idea. She sees that Tammy is upset and wonders if she needs some advice. Claiming that Dinah knows nothing about relationships, Tammy refuses her help. Dinah urges Tammy to sit down with her and mentions that her mother doesn’t have a clue about relationships, either.

Tammy looks shocked as Dinah wonders if the story she has just shared shocked her. She doesn’t want to believe it, as Dinah goes on about being kidnapped and later threatened by Edmund. She also informs Tammy that the truth came out about Edmund using Will to get Cassie back. Dinah agrees that Cassie was floored about everything and then mentions that she knows Tammy has her own issues. Reminding her that she’s a good listener, Dinah offers to help.   Tammy storms out of the barn and picks up her cell phone.

Back at Sandy’s apartment, Jonathan looks at the caller ID as the phone rings. Telling his new girl that he’s worried it might be work, he asks her to pick up the phone.

She answers and tells Tammy, who is on the other end, that Sandy is there and simply putting his clothes back on. Tammy hangs up immediately. Zoe looks worried and tells Jonathan that it could have been his girlfriend on the other line.

Pretending to be worried, he lets her know that if it was, it could be really bad.

Jonathan worries that Tammy could be there any second to ream him out. Zoe advises that he doesn’t need to worry. He tells her that she should leave because he doesn’t want to put her in the middle. She kisses him, telling him how great she is. He gets her to leave and promises that he wants to see her again. Shutting the door, he remembers that Tammy said that Sandy made her feel "clean".

He rustles the sheets up again and then leaves the earrings out on the counter. Leaving, he lets the door remain open a bit.

Tammy sits in the barn, upset; Dinah approaches her, wondering what is wrong. Dinah laments that giving your heart to another person is a very scary thing and begins talking about her own experiences in the love department. Tammy looks like she’s about to break down and wonders if Dinah is supposed to be making her feel better. She gets mad and tells Dinah that she’s not willing to be anyone’s leftovers. She leaves in a huff.

Tammy knocks on the door to Sandy’s apartment and finds it open. Walking in, she notices that the bed is a mess and that there is women’s clothing on the table.

From the doorway, Jonathan watches with a smile before walking off.

Cassie and Jeffrey continue to cuddle with one another. She wonders what she is doing and mentions how complicated her life is. He guesses that perhaps she is with him because things are uncomplicated with him. He kisses her and she lets him know that he’s not helping things. Smiling, she gets up to take a shower. Soon after she’s gone, someone knocks at the door.

Jeffrey gets up and throws some clothes on before seeing Edmund at the door. He tells Edmund immediately that Cassie isn’t there. Edmund walks in without saying a word and tells Jeffrey that he’s come to see him and not Cassie.

Edmund tells Jeffrey that Cassie didn’t come home last night and that he needs to speak with her. He goes on to warn Jeffrey to keep his distance from his wife; he urges him to send her home if she should show up at his doorstep. “This is not just about my wishes, Mr. O’Neill, it’s about our child. So please stay out of it", h,e tells Jeffrey before warning him that they are still legally married. As he’s saying this Cassie comes out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a t-shirt.

Edmund looks shocked and glares at Jeffrey. Cassie walks over to Jeffrey, looking mad as well, and stares her husband down. Jeffrey lets her know that Edmund came about the baby. Edmund looks at her and can’t believe what he is seeing. She warns him that he had better not be using the baby to get to her. He promises he isn’t and pulls out the contract. She yells at him, wanting to know why he would use her own children against her. She mentions Will, Dinah and the baby.

Crushing the contract in his hand, he wonders if she thinks he is the same monster he has always been. Walking out, he tells her that he doesn’t know her at all.   Once he’s gone, she turns to Jeffrey and tells him not to worry. She tells him that she won’t run after Edmund, no matter what. He looks at her and tells her that perhaps she should.

Getting dressed, Cassie wonders what Jeffrey means. He tells her that he knows her well enough that he doesn’t want her to kick herself later if there was something really wrong with the baby. Sighing, she gets mad, wondering why he even had to show up at all. She takes his hand, ready to face Edmund with him.

Jeffrey tells her that she has to go alone. At first she looks hurt, and then he explains that he thinks the situation would be much harder to deal with if he were there. She agrees. He tells her that she should give things time to happen naturally. She agrees to see him later before getting ready to leave.

Edmund storms back into the barn where Dinah is waiting. She asks if she was right about where Cassie was and if he told her about the contract. “Cassie is with Jeffrey O’Neill and the baby will be with me,” he tells her with a quiet anger.

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