Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/21/05


By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Reva pours a drink at Outskirts when Sandy comes up and surprises her at the bar. He lets her know that he wants to have a drink with her because he hasn’t seen her in a long time. She laughs telling him that he’s the one who’s been busy with work. He smiles at her and mentions that he’s working with Jonathan. Reva smiles, wondering how it is all working out and he lets her know things are fine. He jokes that Jonathan still makes immature photocopies of his body parts, but that as a whole everything is fine. He mentions that the whole family is really working well together, with the exception of him. He looks down, reminding her that he’s not part of the Lewis Clan. Reva gets a stern look on her face and reminds him that he’s part of the family whether he wants to be or not. “Then you won’t mind me asking what the hell is going on with you?” He says.

Jonathan walks into Farley’s Bar and approaches his father who is sitting at the bar. Nate thanks his son for the sudden infusion of cash in his account. He also warns his son to keep stuffing his personal account with Lewis cash and laughs that he will bring the Lewis Family crashing to their knees. Jonathan looks over his father’s shoulder and sees Tammy walk in. He pushes his father out of the line of sight and mentions that he thinks his cousin is following him. “You’ve handled it before.” Nate tells his son, making it clear that Jonathan needs to handle his ‘problem’ with Tammy. Listening to his father’s advice Jonathan heads out the back door. While Nate watches on, Tammy waits for Jonathan to leave before following him.

The nurse looks in awe at the check from Alan Spaulding for 100,000. Harley comes out of Wallace’s room, and wonders if she can get some information on him. The nurse warns her that his medical chart won’t give any additional information on the patient. Harley rushes inside and she and Gus look over his chart. They shake their heads as they realize there isn’t any information on the chart that they don’t already know.

In the hallway, Sebastian tells the nurse that he is Steve’s brother and has just heard the news that he was hit by a car. He mentions his “brother’s” personal belongings, wondering if it’s ok if he takes them.

Gus is bleeding and Harley wants to get a doctor but he won’t let her. He pushes her back towards the bed, telling her that he will handle it. He doesn’t want anyone to recognize her. Through the open door you can see Sebastian talking to the nurse; however both Harley & Gus have their backs turned.

Gus wanders out to the nurse’s station and finds Phillip’s obituary. From another room, Sebastian watches on with Alan’s check in his hand.

Harley talks to Wallace, telling him who she is and that she needs his help. She goes on and on about how she wants to go home and that she can’t unless she goes home. She begs him to help her go home and he opens his eyes.

Reva lets Sandy know that she’s the one that is supposed to be lecturing him. He comments that he’s concerned for her and Josh because he’s noticed some tension lately. Not wanting to talk about herself she brings up Sandy’s biological family. Telling her that he lives in the present and that all he needs he has found in the family he has chosen. “I don’t feel the need to go outside that for anything. Do you?” He asks once more turning the conversation back on her. Assuring him that she, Josh and their relationship are fine she deals with other patrons. Nate walks into the bar, and stands at the door looking at her angrily.

Tammy looks around the barn, clearly searching for someone or something. Jonathan steps out of the dark, scaring her, and wonders what she is doing following him. He cracks a whip repeatedly near her, scaring her. Wondering what he is taking from Lewis Construction she begs him to stop what he is doing. He wonders why she simply doesn’t turn him in, considering that everyone hates him. “Wouldn’t it make you feel better to watch me burn?” He yells at her. She reminds him of when he saved her from the fire. Turning to her he tells her that he thinks she could save him. She looks at him and lets him know that she isn’t running away. He looks up at her, wondering why she protects him repeatedly. He then lets her know that he thinks he is ready to stop running. She tells him that she needs to get over what happened between them before she can move forward with Sandy. He doesn’t buy her excuse and he tells her that her inability to move forward with Sandy has nothing to do with what happened. He reasons that it is about what is between them and how she feels when she is around him. She begs him to stop and he continues to nudge her, letting her know that he feels it too. She begins to cry and admits that she feels something between them. She doesn’t want to feel it and doesn’t understand it. Shaking her head, she tells him that she hates herself for feeling the way she does.

Nate comes up behind Reva and starts kissing her neck. She takes it as a joke and begins giggling. He tells her that he got a good report from the health inspector as well as an investor that paid his loan for the next few months. Reminding her that he gets what he wants because he’s persistent he looks directly at her, clearly not talking only about business. She pulls away from him and comes up with the idea of throwing a promotional party for the bar. She offers to bring his entire family to Springfield to toast him. He doesn’t look happy about the idea.

Wallace’s eyes are open as Harley begins talking to him. He doesn’t appear to be hearing her as she wonder what she should do.

Gus gets a phone call and looks at the caller id before answering. He doesn’t understand who could be calling Mallet’s phone, but answers anyway. Mallet is on the other line and is still in prison. He’s glad that Gus & Harley are still safe and on the run. Mallet tells him that he can’t be too busy to talk to him.

Harley tries to get Wallace’s attention while Sebastian watches on through the window.

Outside, Sebastian fills a vial with a clear liquid, commenting on how easy things are going to be.

Back in the room, Wallace closes his eyes as Harley begs him not to. She rushes outside to find a doctor just as Sebastian comes inside. He sits with Steve and it is obvious that he was planning on sneaking in behind Harley to poke her with the needle.

Mallet demands that Gus put her on the phone when Gus refuses. Harley comes out of the room and sees him talking to someone. She looks around and hears Gus tell Mallet that they are working on another plan. When she approaches Gus and asks who he is talking to, he hands the phone to Harley. He lets her know that he’s in jail, but fine. She apologizes as he lets her know that he’s fine with being where he is. He informs her that the cell phone is pre-paid so that they don’t have to worry about it shutting down. He mentions that perhaps when it is all over that they can meet for a cup of coffee. Telling her to take care of himself, she hangs up looking extremely sad. She turns and looks at Gus telling him that they need to get a doctor for Wallace. She begins walking back to the room.

Nate lets her know how much he appreciates her idea, but that he doesn’t get along with the family he has. She presses him and he lets her know that he wouldn’t know where to begin looking for them. She goes off on a tangent about how he can just call information until he demands that she stop. Pulling the hand out of her hand he confesses that he has what he wants in his life and that his family would look down on him. She accepts what he says and apologizes.

Tammy confesses to Jonathan that she tries to avoid feeling for him. She can’t believe what he did for her and reminds him of what it did to her. He sits and listens as she goes on telling him that she thought she saw real feeling in his eyes. Claiming that she is needy she demands to know why her feelings won’t go away. He mentions his mother and trying to make him a different person. He confesses that when he is around her he wants to be a better person, someone else. “Even when I’m at my angriest I feel like that someone like you could save me.” He tells her. She runs off telling him that regardless of what has happened she would still choose Sandy.

Gus and Harley ask the nurse some questions regarding Wallace. Standing in the hallway, Harley freezes when she hears a baby crying. She immediately thinks of Zach.

The nurse checks in on Steve and is surprised to see Sebastian there. He feigns concern and asks how his ‘brother’ is doing. He lets her know that he wants to sit with his brother and that it will give him some peace of mind. She leaves and smiles at him.

Harley finds a little kid and talks to him. He tells her that he wanted to get a cookie for his sick mother. The nurse walks out letting them know that there is no chance that Steve will come out of the coma anytime soon. Smiling she turns to Gus and thinks that they should help someone. Together they take the kid to buy a cookie for his mother. As they’re headed to a vending machine, Gus confesses that he has an idea that he wants to share with her once they get home.

Jonathan catches Tammy and yells that she can’t save him. She yells at him that she would never want to help him because of who he is as a person and not what he has done. She confesses that although he has some moments of decency that they are surrounded by too much ugliness for her. He looks hurts, and she confesses that she loves Sandy because he makes her feel valued. Telling her that he can make her feel, she interrupts him telling him that she doesn’t like who she is when she’s with him. He grabs her and squeezes her tightly; full of rage he tells her that he’s heard enough. Letting go of her he walks out, leaving her crying alone.

Nate flirts with Reva, telling her that he’s never met anyone like her. She begins to mention the menopause and when he wonders what she is talking about. She shrugs it off and then mentions a word of advice she got from someone regarding the fact that she needs to be thankful for what she has. He agrees that family is important and offers to let her go if his presence is worth jeopardizing her ‘other’ life. He invites her up to his room and touches her. She looks like she is going to say yes as she stares into his eyes.

Sandy finds Tammy in a complete mess. He wonders what is wrong and she lets him know that it doesn’t matter.

Jonathan walks in Farley’s Bar and begins talking to a girl. He mentions a study about pickup lines and begins picking up the girl.

Sebastian wonders what Alan wants with Wallace. He decides not to kill him until he finds out why Alan would cut a 100 thousand dollar check for someone he wants deal. He reminds himself that Gus & Harley want to talk to him as well. Claiming that Wallace must be the missing piece of the puzzle he asks Wallace to talk to him.

Gus and Harley arrive back at the TV set. He tells her that he saw her with a kid and thought that their life could be real. He mentions their family and reminds her that they can’t stay in New York because the feds know where they are. He brings up the idea of running back to Springfield to get the kids and go on the run with them. She doesn’t seem thrilled by the idea as he tells her that they could go to a small town where they could have their family. He tells her that he can’t risk losing her again.

Sandy begs her to tell him what happened and she assures him that she is fine. She looks broken as he holds her.

Jonathan plays pool with the new girl in his life. He continues with the pick up lines and introduces himself as Sandy.

Reva pulls away and he approaches her again propositioning her. She tells him that he should leave and work on making the bar look good for the new investor. He walks away and she picks up the phone. She calls to have a gift sent to Nate’s room and has some trouble with the front desk. Apparently, they don’t have a “Nate Hoffer” listed. She realizes that Nate is lying about who he is.

Mallet agrees to go back to his cell when he learns that someone has posted his bail. Smiling, he mentions that his being free will be good for some and bad for others.

Harley argues that she can’t live a life of fear. He reminds her that they could do it smart, similar to the Witness Protection Program. He tells her that Frank could keep the case open and that hopefully after some time has passed that they would get lucky with some new evidence. She begins to cry. He reminds her that they need to be happy with one another and asks for her answer.

Sebastian sits with Wallace and ‘plays poker’ with him. He tells Steve that as soon as Harley comes back that he will have a ‘killer hand’ that will cause Harley to lose big time.

The nurse calls Harley telling her that she agreed to call if there was any change in the condition of Wallace. She reveals that he is a doctor at Cedars in the ER.

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