Guiding Light Update Monday 6/20/05


By Suzanne

Meanwhile, Cassie and Jeffrey kiss. He stops and asks what's going on. She tells him that she wants him and asks if he wants her, too. While he thinks about it, she notices that he has been packing. He had hoped to put as much distance between them as possible. She wants to be close to him, not distant, she insists. She is hurt that he was going to leave without saying goodbye. He tells her that they can't keep doing this. She tells him that she has left Edmund and that her marriage is over, but he thinks that she will go back to him. She argues that she's not and that she knows now that Edmund will never change. She asks if he doesn't want her, and he admits he does. He tells her that she always goes back to Edmund, so he doesn't want to go through all this again. She insists again that she is not going back. He doesn't want to be her rebound guy, either. She gets angry that he is refusing her, when he's wanted her for so long. She demands to know what's changed and why he's pushing her away. She keeps asking him and demanding until he admits that he wants her too much. He is afraid that they will go so far that he will never want to leave her or let her go. She says maybe she was too selfish and would just screw up his life up. He agrees but kisses her. They kiss passionately and then make love. Afterwards, he asks her if she has any regrets. She doesn't, but he says he does. He regrets that they didn't do it sooner. They are lying down next to each other, naked, and chat about how long they have wanted to make love. She remembers when he wrote her the song. He says he never thought he could have her. She remembers that he was going to leave town without saying goodbye. She sits up, a little put out, and asks if he would have missed her. He jokes that he would have missed her for a day or two. She says that she is his inspiration, his Mona Lisa, his muse, but then she laughs. She thinks that he has written songs for other women, too. He says she was the first, then corrects himself, saying he did write love songs before, but they were for her and he just didn't know it at the time (awww....). She looks at him doubtfully, but she is pleased. She grows quiet, so he wonders if she's upset. He knows that she is aware that her life has changed now. He wishes he could have protected her better. She says that she had to figure it out on her own but she's not least, she's only sad because she wishes it hadn't take her so long to get to this point. He asks her to stay, so she agrees. They laugh and kiss some more.

Tammy buys a soda in a restaurant (the Beacon? not sure...). Before she can pay, Jonathan comes up and pays for the soda, then takes it. She objects, saying she got it for Sandy, who is waiting the car. He jokes that she needs two straws. She still wants to know what he was doing at Lewis the other day, but he avoids answering. Instead, he flirts with her. She tells him that she's not scared of him. Jonathan says that Sandy is the one she should be afraid of because he's got so many skeletons in his closet. She looks surprised. She suggests that he get over his grudge against Sandy. Jonathan reminds her of all the lying that Sandy has done. He asks her to tell him what it is about Sandy that she likes. She says that Sandy is a great guy and that he tries to make her days better. Jonathan doesn't think Sandy really is a great guy and he thinks he makes her days better, too. She says that Sandy is working hard to redeem himself and make up for his past mistakes. Jonathan thinks that Sandy is setting her up just like he did and says that Sandy Foster isn't his real name. Sandy comes up and wonders what Jonathan means. Jonathan makes some weird comments, as usual, then asks what they are up to. Tammy says they are going to a movie. Jonathan suggests that they go this party he knows about afterwards, which has kind of a rough crowd. Sandy turns him down. Jonathan tells Sandy that he should surprise Tammy by showing what he's really made of, since he knows Sandy used to be more wild back in school with him. Tammy looks surprised. Sandy insists smugly that Tammy knows who he really is. Sandy suggests that Jonathan join them at the movies instead, but Jonathan says he has better things to do. He thanks them but tells them to have a good time. As they're walking out, Tammy says they should all hang out after work sometime, so Jonathan agrees. Outside, Tammy turns to Sandy and says that she thinks Jonathan really did want to come and wants to be friends. Sandy just thinks Jonathan wants to torture them and show how much cooler he is. Tammy feels bad for Jonathan, saying he's lonesome. Sandy points out that he brought it on himself, but she still feels pity. Sandy urges her not to give in to Jonathan because it will lead to trouble. They leave, but Tammy looks doubtful.

In the barn, Dinah has just told Edmund that she's in love with him. He tells her to get away. She reminds him that his marriage to Cassie is now over. He blames her for that, but she tells him that she is not the one who manipulated her and Alonzo so that he could look like a hero. He yells at her that Cassie wouldn't have found out if Dinah hadn't told her. Dinah points out that all that matters is that Cassie will never get the image of him raising the shovel to Dinah's head out of her mind. She knows that he is capable of harming the woman that is carrying his child. He says threateningly that is probably is capable of that. She argues that he needs to think clearly now. She wonders if he is a bit relieved, now that he has lost Cassie, to be able to stop pretending he's someone that he's not. She says that he is finally free. He looks shocked. Dinah keeps trying to get Edmund to face that his marriage is over and that he's better off being himself, but Emund still thinks that he can get Cassie back and blames Dinah for trying to make them up. She tells him that he deserves a woman who will support his hopes and dreams. She suggests he just reach out and grab his future with her and their baby, but he tells her how much he hates her instead. She insists that his passion proves that he loves her, not hates her. He laughs at her, saying she's crazy. Dinah keeps working on him, telling him how alike they are and reminding him about their baby. Edmund seems drawn to her, despite his anger. She moves closer to him, saying she knows that she turns him on. She puts his hand on her neck so that he can feel her pulse racing as she keeps talking to him about their passion. She speaks to him, almost hypnotically, as if she can will him to love her and give in to her. He seems dazzled. Suddenly, he picks her up and moves her against the wall (as if they are going to have rough sex). He has his hand on her throat as if he wants to strangle her. Dinah gets him to back off but claims that Edmund deliberately sabotaged his relationship with Cassie because he didn't want a picket-fence relationship with her. He asks if that is true, how come he went to so much trouble to have a child with her? She says he's having the baby with her, not Cassie. He gets angry and grabs her again. He yells in her face about how she ruined his life. If she knows him so well, she knows that he will not let this go unpunished. He is about to strangle her again when Jonathan comes up and tells Edmund to get away from her. Jonathan and Edmund struggle physically. Dinah doesn't want Jonathan to interrupt what she has been trying to do with Edmund, so she tells him to leave. Jonathan taunts Edmund for being violent as they struggle. Edmund pushes Jonathan away and is suspicious that Dinah and Jonathan are closer than they seemed, perhaps working together. Edmund and Jonathan fight each other some more until Dinah gets between them. Dinah tries to get Edmund back to her; Jonathan is disgusted that Dinah is begging Edmund to love her. He says that Edmund is still hung up on perfect little blonde Cassie and taunts him that she dumped him for Jeffrey. Edmund picks up a pitch fork and is about to go after Jonathan, but Dinah yells at him to put it down, so he stops himself and puts it down. Edmund orders them both out. He tells Dinah that could never love her because there is nothing in her worth loving. She refuses to believe it. He says he hates her as much as she loves him. Jonathan pulls Dinah out. Edmund puts his hands to his head, upset. He looks around, lost, and has a flashback to Cassie telling him how much she loves him.

Outside, Dinah wants to go back in to see Jeffrey, but Jonathan stops her. He tries to get it through her head that Edmund doesn't want her. She turns on him and blasts him for interfering. She says he is poison and he screws up everything he touches. He tells her to go ahead and go back inside to get beat up; maybe that will make Edmund love her.

Sandy and Tammy return because she left her wallet on the bar. It is there and no money was stolen, so she is grateful. She apologizes for spoiling their movie, but he doesn't mind. He wonders if she wants to go to the party that Jonathan mentions, but she says she doesn't even know where it is. He suggests that she can phone Jonathan to find out. She jokes that maybe she is holding him back and calls him "Mr. Fast Lane". He replies that she's not and said he would only go to show off his beautiful girlfriend, anyway. He kisses her. She is glad she is with him and not Jonathan, who she figures is probably getting into trouble right now.

Harley and Gus kiss passionately. They are not paying attention to the surveillance monitor, where their guy is coming into view. They talk about how they should be paying attention, but they are too busy having fun. Suddenly Harley notices that Wallace is on the monitor, so Gus starts to leave, but Harley lags behind.

Meanwhile, Sebastian is downstairs in his car, watching Wallace. He gets a phone call from Alan and tells him that he's going to take care of both Wallace and Harley. He assumes that "dead or alive" is still fine with Alan.

Before Gus and Harley go to see Wallace, she gets a spooky feeling that things may be wrong. She asks Gus to tell her family that she loves them, should anything happen to her. Gus dismisses her feelings but promises when she forces him to promise. She asks him to tell her family that she didn't kill Phillip, and he promises. They both say, "I love you". He insists that she will tell them herself, but not unless she leaves right now. They rush out.

Sebastian waits for Wallace to finish his cigarette and cross the street, so he can run him down with his car. Sebastian puts on a ballcap low on his so no one can recognize him.

Just as Wallace is about to cross the street, Gus comes up and grabs him. Wallace recognizes Gus, who wants to know what information Wallace has about Phillip's murder. Gus asks how much they will pay but says he knows who shot Phillip. Gus, pulling out his gun, is annoyed that the guy wants money, but Harley insists that they will pay. They start to walk across the street, to go somewhere so they can talk, but Sebastian comes up and hits them with his car.

Gus and Harley are all right, but Wallace is in bad shape. Gus thinks it was just a bad cab driver that hit them. They rush to help Wallace, who has a pulse, but it's weak. He's unconscious, with blood on his face. A nearby observer has called 911. Harley and Gus tell Wallace that he will be ok, but Gus demands to know who the killer is. Wallace tries to write a name in his blood. He writes an "A". The cops and ambulance can be heard. Sebastian curses. Gus wants to leave because people are recognizing Harley. He pulls her away, even though she wants to stay with the poor guy.

The ambulance takes Wallace into the ER. Gus and Harley follow and ask a nurse how he is doing. She tells them that they just went into surgery, but it doesn't look good. Harley is upset that Wallace might die and not be able to help them. Gus and Harley both think the car was awfully convenient. She figures that the car's driver was the same person who murdered Phillip. She is worried that the shooter knows where they are, but Gus thinks it's good for the bad guy to chase them so they can catch him. They go to try to find more information. Meanwhile, Sebastian lurks in the hallways. Later, Sebastian is not happy to learn that Mr. Wallace made it through surgery. He asks why he didn't just die. Gus notices that Harley has a pulled muscle in her neck from the accident, but she's fine. She wonders to Gus how many more people will get hurt. She lists all of the people who have gotten hurt. Gus tells her that it's not her fault, it's the fault of whomever killed Phillip. She feels guilty, but he knows that's because she's such a good person. He finds out that Wallace just came out of surgery, so they go in to see him. Harley is upset when she looks at Wallace lying there, all banged up because of her, and that he's her last hope.

Meanwhile, the nurse is trying to find out about Mr. Wallace's next of kin, so she opens his wallet. She finds a check for 100,000, signed by Alan Spaulding, which makes her exclaim, "Good lord!" Harley comes out just then and asks to see Mr. Wallace's chart.

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