Guiding Light Update Thursday 6/16/05


By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Edmund wants to dance with his wife, with no interruptions.

As she’s headed to the bathroom she runs into Jeffery. He tells her that there is something he needs to tell her. “If you look into my eyes I’m sure that you will know what it is.” He says. She doesn’t want to hear it and he lets her know that he’s waited long enough to tell her.

Dinah grabs the microphone. Edmund comes over to her wondering what she is doing and she warns him. She tells him that she finally wants to clear the air and tell everyone at the party what she knows. She lets him know that the truth is going to come out about his manipulation immediately. She pulls away from him, microphone in hand. Ross watches as his daughter pulls away from Edmund, microphone in hand and heads to the other side of the room. Edmund begins to follow her, until Jonathan steps in front of him. Pretending to be drunk, he tells his uncle that he truly knows how to throw a party. Dinah tests the microphone as Edmund sends her a deadly look.

Frank interviews a young man for the police force at Outskirts. As the interview concludes Buzz brings his son a drink. Frank wonders if his father has seen or heard from Marina lately, he asks his son not to worry too much about everything. Buzz encourages his son to have another drink as he talks about how alike Marina & Harley are. He looks concerned wondering why his dad is bringing up his sister who has bounty hunters after her when he asked about his daughter. “Well, Frank, your sister and Marina are like two peas in a pod.” Buzz informs a worried looking son.

Marina and Danny play pool in a bar together and mention going on another trip as Gus & Harley together. He smiles telling her that the next time he’s in a hotel room with her, he might not be such a gentleman.

Olivia comes up behind Bill and places her hands over his eyes, challenging him to ‘guess who.’ He laughs and the two head into his office.

She tells him that she wants to take him away and he turns the tables on her. She admits that her Spaulding job is admittedly weird, but that it is also challenging. He hugs her, reminding her that he can offer her a loving family. She laments that she’s never had a loving family before. “What about with Marissa?” Bill asks. When she shakes her head no, he wonders when she last heard from her sister. Olivia looks concerned as she informs him that neither she nor Sam has heard from their sister in a long time. She admits to being worried, but that she’s hoping that Marissa is only in hiding from her jerk of a husband.

Nate continues to make Reva laugh. She wonders why she is spending time outside with him instead of inside celebrating with her family. He agrees that it is odd and wonders what she is doing with him.

Cassie agrees with Jeffery, telling him that he shouldn’t be at the party. Telling him that it is her night with Edmund she begins to walk away, he grabs her and lets her know that it is the first night of the rest of her life. He reminds her that it is her life, and wonders how she wants to spend it. Once again he stresses that it is solely her life and no one else’s.

Edmund wonders what Jonathan is doing at the party. Then he looks past Jonathan to Dinah, begging her to stop. She begins speaking while everyone watches on telling them all that there is no better time than the present to share something with everyone.

Olivia reminds Bill that at the very least they should make an appearance at Cassie’s party. She informs him that since they want him to adopt Emma that they will need all the support from the town that they can get. He doesn’t fully understand how going to one party will help him adopt, Emma but goes with her anyway. On their way out he wonders if she has given any more thought to quitting Spaulding. She smiles and tells him that she’s still thinking about it.

Reva tells Nate that she’s afraid for him and that’s why she hasn’t left yet. Reminding him that he’s 20 stories up and drunk, she lets him know that she’s not sure it’s a good combination. He doesn’t buy it and thinks that she’s afraid of spending time alone with him. “I’m not afraid. What I am is married.” She tells him look stubborn. He doesn’t want to hear it and she hears her son’s voice. Rushing inside, Reva wonders what the hell her son is thinking. She asks him to please leave, telling him that tonight he doesn’t belong with the family.

Dinah interrupts the fight and calls out to Cassie, telling everyone that she can’t continue with her announcement until Cassie is standing beside her.

Cassie agrees to let Jeffery continue, he tell her that they all have choices to make. He lets her know that he’s thought a lot about it and that he wants to choose her. She thanks him for telling her and he agrees to not hold back. “I feel like you’ve changed so much for me.” He tells her. She mentions all the negative things and he reminds her that she has done more than that. “You’ve made me feel again.” He tells her. As she begins to tell him how she feels, Dinah’s voice carried from the next room. She calls out to Cassie who comes into the main room. Wondering if everything is ok, Cassie looks at Dinah. Edmund assures his wife that things are fine and that unfortunately Dinah wants to talk and make the evening about her. Cassie looks between the two of them and doesn’t see the harm in letting Dinah speak. As Dinah continues on with her announcement, Edmund knocks over a tray of food. As he heads to the bar to get napkins to help clean up he makes sure to knock the power off from the microphone. Dinah asks someone to please turn the volume back on.

Nate commends his son on making a scene while Jonathan wonders what his father is doing. He reminds his father that Olivia is married to a Lewis, and likely to show up at the party. He makes fun of his father’s accent before leaving.

Buzz explains that Marina is with Danny in Chicago. This causes Frank to get mad, however he gets even more upset when Buzz tells him that they’re impersonating Gus & Harley. Frank reminds his father how dumb the plan is and his father reminds him that she is a grown woman. He mentions that Danny has been checking in and that Marina is something to see when she’s trying to protect her family. He blames himself, wondering why he couldn’t raise the women in his life to be more normal. Buzz reminds his son that he did nothing wrong and that it is because he raised them to be smart and independent that both Harley and Marina turned out as they did.

Danny comments on what a good job Marina did being ‘undercover.’ She lets him know that she knows how to wiggle her way out of many problems. He laughs wondering if once again she is trying to change the subject. Getting serious she lets him know that her family knows all about falling in love with an uncover partner. As she gets closer to him she tells him that she realizes everything she has ever wanted is staring her in the face. Picking up a piece of paper from behind Danny, she drags him out of the pool hall.

Jeffery walks into the party while Cassie and Edmund talk. He apologizes for the spill as Cassie looks confused. She doesn’t understand why he was so upset over the speech she was going to make. He reminds her that it is their night and that Dinah won’t bother them again before walking off.

From the entry, Dinah comments that the party is just getting started. She makes it clear that she is not finished. Suddenly someone in black leather gloves grabs her from behind.

Reva greets both Bill and Olivia at the door. When they ask what they have missed, she tells them that she can sum it up in one word – ‘Dinah.’ The three laugh and Olivia goes to get drinks. Bill asks where his uncle is and Reva tells him that Josh got called away on business. She adds in that she is not alone, either and mentions Nate. Bill has heard about him and wonders where he is. As Olivia comes back the three toast Reva’s new boss, Bill & Olivia have grins on their faces as they have obviously heard about him from Josh.

Danny and Marina walk into Outskirts and immediately see Buzz who is ecstatic to see them. She still has a flyer in her hand and tells them that she has to see her father. Danny turns to Buzz commenting on how well Marina did with there undercover word, He wonders if Danny kept his granddaughter as safe emotionally as he did physically. He warns Danny not to hurt her.

Frank is finishing up with another interview as Marina sits down. She gives him three minutes to lecture her. She reminds him that she helped her aunt and that she’s safe. Cutting him off she tells him that she has more important things to discuss with him. He’s curious about what she means and she shows him a Springfield Police Department Flyer advertising that they need help. “I want to be a cop.” She tells him.

Cassie walks over to Edmund wondering what he meant when he told her that Dinah would no longer be a bother and she wonders where Dinah is. He lets her know that perhaps Dinah left when people stopped paying attention to her and brushes off his comment about Dinah. Jeffery overhears this and thinks back to his earlier conversation with her. He’ convinced something is wrong and approaches the two of them. He reminds them both that it is unlikely Dinah left if she still had something to say. Cassie seems to think something is wrong and leaves to check the bathroom while Jeffery and Edmund talk. He makes it clear that he didn’t invite Jeffery and claims that Dinah is nothing to worry about. This seems to pique Jeffery’s interest even more. He decides to stick around and Ross comes to check on them. Wondering if everything is ok, Edmund assures him that it is while Jeffery walks away. He stops Cassie wondering if everything is ok. He wonders where Dinah is and she reports that no one has seen her. She confesses to him that every time she looks at him she can’t think of anything else. As she heads back out she sees Dinah’s necklace on the floor and picks it up. Jeffery looks at it telling both Edmund and Cassie that it looks like it was ripped off of Dinah’s neck and hard. Both Edmund and Cassie look at one another seemingly worried.

Someone throws Dinah into a barn stall and she looks utterly frightened. Begging to be left alone she crouches to the floor.

Edmund doesn’t want to jump to conclusions, claiming that Dinah is more than capable of tearing off her necklace in an attempt to gain attention.

Bill wonders where Reva’s boss is when he gets a phone call. She barely has enough time to report that the last time she saw him that he was on the balcony. He takes the phone call and heads off. Reva mentions that she thinks Olivia will like Nate and the two head out onto the balcony. They find an empty balcony and Reva wonders where he has gone.

Inside, Bill is on the phone discussing business when he runs into Nate. They introduce themselves and Nate comments on how beautiful Olivia is. They make conversation until the elevator opens and Nate mentions that it is time for him to go. He hops in, taking off.

Frank tells his daughter that she of all people should know better. She begs him to give her a chance and treat her like everyone else. He brings up going back to school and her dream of being a theater major. She dismisses it, telling him that she wished he could have seen her in Chicago. She mentions the cops that visit schools and how she could do well if he gave her a shot. Reminding her that he has the final say on all recruits, he lets her know that it won’t be happening. “Have a little bit more respect for yourself.” He tells her. She tells him that it has to go both ways and looks sad that he won’t give her a shot. Begging him once more that it feels right, he wonders what he should do.

Danny tells Buzz that he would never intentionally hurt Marina. He makes it clear that it’s Danny’s baggage that he’s more worried about. Smiling he reminds Buzz that everyone has a past. Buzz agrees and mentions loving two women at one time, and then mentions the 4th of July and Bauer BBQ. He wonders what will happen when Michelle comes back.

Edmund tells Ross, Jeffery, and Cassie that he’s sure Dinah ripped the necklace off herself. Ross doesn’t understand how he can be so sure of it if he didn’t see it with his own eyes. He mentions that earlier in the evening he overheard Edmund threatening Dinah. Cassie looks shocked and Ross makes it known that he is going to look for his daughter. He thinks that they should end the party so that everyone can help out. “Keep your cell phone on.” He tells Jeffery before rushing out the door. Edmund looks annoyed and plays it off as though as it’s not a big deal. Cassie worries that perhaps something is wrong despite Edmund reminding her that he thinks Dinah was simply trying to ruin the party. She doesn’t know what to believe and turns to Jeffery, wondering if he can do anything. He offers to put out a missing persons report and Edmund laughs. He makes it clear that he thinks everyone is overreacting. Everyone watches as he tells Cassie that Dinah is predictable and that they would be stupid to fall into her hands.

Dinah runs away from her attacker, telling him that she is pregnant. She looks scared as she begs to be left alone. Suddenly Jonathan tells her to ‘cut.’ He has a video recorder in his hand and reminds her that she has to make it believable.

He laughs as he tells her that if she’s going to hire him to ‘kidnap’ her and make it look legit that it has to be real. She kisses him and he smiles.

Marina pleads with her father to accept her application. She tells him that as a child she always looked up to him for being a police officer. Telling him that she knows it is right in her heart, she calls him her hero. Mentioning that it’s in her blood, she pleads with him to give her a chance. Reminding him that being a cop consumes people, he tells her that it can also take away from people. He tells her to fill out the paperwork and offers to give her a chance. Telling her how proud he is of her, they smile at one another.

Buzz urges Danny to think about what till happen when Michelle & Robbie come back. Marian walks over to the two men, wondering what is going on.

Dinah pretends to be scared and Jonathan warns her that that she needs to sound more scared. Warning him that she’s not going for any acting awards, she stands up telling him that everyone will believe her. Ripping some of her clothes, he tells her that she has the chance for one more rehearsal before the real thing. He tells her that she needs to be more afraid and they flirt with one another.

Edmund once again tells Cassie that he’s sure Dinah is toying with them. Jeffery interrupts, wondering if he should work on the missing persons report and Cassie sides with Edmund. She thinks that perhaps there is the chance that Dinah is playing a joke on them. He sighs and lets her know he’ll be waiting outside. Reva watches Jeffery and then follows him.

Bill tells his wife that although he hopes Dinah is playing a game that he is a bit worried. Olivia offers to help him look for her, reminding him that family is important to the both of them. He brings up Nate, wondering if she met him. When she tells him she didn’t Bill tells her that he was a bit odd.

Jeffery is out on the balcony calling Edmund names when Reva comes out. She demands to know what is going on. He tells her that with Edmund it seems like it is always one crisis after another with him. He’s clearly mad as she demands to know what’s happening between him and Cassie. He tells her that he’s in love with her.

Reva tells him that she only wants what will make her sister happy. He reminds her that the best thing for Cassie is anyone but Edmund. She flashes back to her kiss with Nate at the bar and tells him that Edmund is Cassie’s husband. She reminds him that Cassie’s feelings are something she needs to figure out on her own.

Cassie wonders what else they can do, besides stand around waiting to hear back from Ross. He reminds her that Dinah is most certainly perfectly safe. Cassie’s cell phone rings and its Dinah. On the phone she begs Cassie to help her. She cries into the phone, claiming she is at the farm and that men are after her. Cassie tells her to stay at the farm and that they will get help there soon. Edmund overhears the conversation and wonders what is going on. Jonathan grabs the phone out of Dinah’s hand and hangs it up. They kiss one another as Cassie & Edmund head to the farm.

Danny shrugs off his conversation with Buzz and only mentions the Bauer BBQ. Marina comments that she’s had the 4th of July marked on her calendar for a long time. Telling him that she’s excited for Michelle’s return, she also says that she thinks that day will be a good indicator of what they will be together. Telling her that he already knows the answer she hugs him.

Jeffery is confused and wonders who Reva wants to see her sister with. Reminding him that it isn’t up to her she tells him about how marriages go in phases and that no one takes wedding vows more seriously than her sister. He doesn’t say a word as she warns him about getting involved into her life. “Without her, there is no reason for me to be here.” He tells her. She reminds him that it is something he has to think about, not Cassie.

At the barn, Cassie urges her husband to look for Dinah as she checks the barn. She’s worried as she enters the barn and calls out to her.

Dinah is crying in a corner when Cassie finds her. Cassie comforts her as Dinah cries and tells her tale. Cassie wonders who would attack Dinah like this. Dinah replies, “Edmund.”

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