Guiding Light Update Wednesday 6/15/05


By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Inside the barn, Cassie is all dressed up & ready to go when Blake arrives to check on her. Cassie looks around commenting on how many memories that the barn holds and thinks of her wedding. Blake is quick to remind her of the fire as well and she doesn’t want to hear it. “We’re starting over.” She tells Blake determinedly. Mentioning the baby she is convinced that she and Edmund will make their marriage work because it has to. Blake notices that despite everything Cassie is telling her, she doesn’t seem that happy about her decision and wonders why.

Edmund gives the waiters at Towers specific instructions about making his party a great one. He tells them that the whole point of the shin dig is to make Cassie happy. Dinah stands at the entrance listening in as Edmund makes sure that all the details will be taken care of.

Blake reminds Cassie that she doesn’t have to do anything, including going back to Edmund. She turns around claiming that she has to because Edmund can give her everything she wants. She reminds Blake that she won’t be able to be taken care of by anyone else. At one point she looks like she might mention someone else’s name, but holds back. Blake wonders who she is talking about.

Jeffery continues to sing the song he has written about Cassie.

Reva sits next to Nate shocked that he is still passed out. She’s unaware that he has his eyes open as his back is to her. She comments on how much he is going to be hurting once his hangover sets in. She makes it clear that she won’t ever forget the things he said to her, even though he might. She kisses him goodbye before getting ready to leave. When he realizes she is leaving, he pretends to wake up. Hugging her, he thanks her for being there.

Tammy wonders what Jonathan is doing and he lets her know that he’s working late. She’s suspicious of him as she doesn’t remember Josh asking him to put in extra time. Mad, he tells her that he broke into the office to steal key codes so that he could rip Lewis off. Believing him, she chases him around the room trying to grab a piece of paper out of his hand. Eventually she ends up almost on top of him against the desk. “Now that you’ve got me what are you going to do?” He asks her.

She assures Blake that she is fine as Edmund walks in, wondering if everything is ok. She assures her husband that everything is great and Blake decides to leave, promising them that she will see them at the party. Cassie smiles at Edmund reminding him that it is almost their 6 month wedding anniversary. He is so happy that they are dedicating themselves to one another again.

In another corner of the barn, Dinah whispers to herself that no one will ever forget tonight’s party. As the happy couple is leaving Dinah emerges, wondering if they’re heading out. Edmund reminds her that if she’s uncomfortable with the party that she doesn’t have to go. He makes it clear, in front of Cassie, that it’s not a forced event for Dinah. Cassie butts in and makes it clear that she really wants her there in the spirit of new beginnings.

She walks over to Dinah and gives her a present, claiming that it is because of the new start. Dinah opens it, excited that Cassie has given her a beautiful necklace. She thanks her as Edmund puts it on Dinah.

Dinah begs Jeffery to come and crash the party with her reminding him that tonight is the night that they will be able to break up the happy couple for good. Once again, he reminds her that he doesn’t want to go where he’s not wanted. He doesn’t understand why Dinah loves Edmund and claims not to care. “I’m not going to wait for her to come back to her senses.” He proclaims as the blonde comes over, wondering what is keeping Jeffery. Dinah lets the blonde know that she’s talking to Jeffery at the moment. The blonde leaves as Dinah reminds him that he will soon be taken.

Grabbing the paper out of Jonathan’s hand she doesn’t answer his question. She looks over the paper and wonder why he lied to her. Reminding him that in his hand was a list of women’s telephone numbers, she doesn’t get why he would lie to her. She decides that she wants to make sure the security codes are still where Josh left them and heads over to the file cabinet. Jonathan looks nervous, but before she has a chance to open the cabinet Sandy and Josh walk in. They remind her that she has to drop everything so that she can head to a party for her mother and Edmund. Jonathan wonders about the party and realizes that by their silence he wasn’t invited. Tammy tries to stick up for him and begins to say that she thinks he should come. Jonathan interrupts before she has a chance to finish and lets them all know that he’s fine with not going. “I wouldn’t want to drink champagne with a guy who tried to off me as a baby.” He tells them. They all look upset that he wasn’t invited. Jonathan makes sure that it is ok that he stays behind to get some work done. Josh informs Jonathan that if he didn’t trust him he wouldn’t be working there in the first place. Sandy, Tammy and Josh take off for the party leaving Jonathan alone in the office.

Reva tries to get Nate to take another drink of coffee, but he wants nothing to do with it. He thinks it might make him sicker. She sits down with him and the two laugh with one another. He promises to stay off the alcohol for the night as long as she’s around. He then becomes serious telling her that he’s sorry if he crossed the line in any way while he was drunk. Not telling him the truth she jokes around with him. She lets him know that it seems there are reasons other than financial for drinking. She obviously doesn’t buy his story but they are interrupted when her cell phone rings. Cassie is on the other end and tells Reva that Edmund is throwing her a party and she wants her there. Reva promises to show up and then has to break the news to Nate. He urges her to go be with her family. She thanks him before leaving. Once she’s gone he looks mad and gets down to work. He picks up his phone and calls Jonathan. Nate wonders why his son isn’t at the party and laughs reminding Jonathan that he will never be a part of the Lewis family. Wondering if Josh is the jealous type, he decides to find out on his own. Jonathan looks worried as he hangs up the phone. He grabs the paper he and Tammy were fighting over and leaves the office.

Jeffery tries to walk away from Dinah but she won’t let up. She confesses to him that Edmund never once worked to keep Will in Springfield as a desperate attempt to make Cassie cling to him for help. Jeffery turns around telling her that it would have been crazy for Edmund to have done such a thing. She agrees and reminds him that Edmund always wanted to play the hero. Sadly he tells her that they have nothing and urges her to stay away from the party. Reminding him that Edmund will never change, she wonders if he will be there to help pick up Cassie when things come crumbling down. He lets her know that he’s going to make her pay if she hurts Cassie. Dinah lets him know that with or without his help she is planning on letting the truth out of the bag at the party.

Ross and Blake greet the winners of the latest Amazing Race glad that they’ve stopped in Springfield. She introduces them to Josh as Ross mentions that they will be given a key to the city in the morning. The winners leave promising to see the Marler’s in the morning. Ross notices that Reva isn’t with Josh and wonders where she is. He doesn’t know and then comment on how much she likes her new job at Outskirts. He speculates that part of the job allure is that it gets her away from him. Ross laughs while Blake reassures Josh that it’s not true at all. She tells him that whenever Reva sees Josh that her face lights up.

Sandy and Tammy walk into the party and kiss one another. He tells her that after the toast he wants to leave with her. She agrees and the two kiss one another.

From the balcony, Jonathan watches the happy couple. He sits down ignoring everyone inside and looks up at the stars.

Reva rushes into the party, and hugs her husband. She’s worried that she’s late and he lets her know that he needs to thank Nate for letting her off of work.

At the bar, Nate orders a beer while he watches Reva & Josh kiss one another. He looks extremely mad.

Edmund and Cassie are getting ready to leave when she stops him. Wanting a moment alone, he agrees to wait outside and tells her how much he loves her.

Jeffery continues to play the song that he wrote for her at the bar.

The scene flashes between Jeffery and Cassie throughout the song.

Dinah watches Jeffery sing from the doorway of the bar.

Edmund and Cassie arrive at the party and are greeted by everyone. From the balcony, Jonathan watches as everyone arrives. Dinah interrupts him, telling him that she guessed he would be on the balcony. He reminds her that he wasn’t invited inside and wonders why she is with him. Telling him that she’s as much of an outsider as he is, she comments on how things will soon change. He laughs and reminds her that she’s been saying that she will be with Edmund for a long time. He clearly doesn’t think that tonight she will succeed. She stares in at Cassie & Edmund and mentions how close they are to disaster. Turning to Jonathan she lets him know that she needs his help. Wanting her to give him a good reason for him to help her, she tells him that he should because his family is inside while he’s outside. Claiming that the lives of Cassie & Edmund are a sham she wants to make people know the truth. Agreeing to help him out if he helps her, she whispers what she wants from him in his ear.

Edmund announces to the party goers that the gathering is “reaffirmation of the commitment they made when they got married.” He goes on and mentions that they have faith to bind them together for life.

Josh comments to Reva that her sister looks anything but happy.

Edmund mentions that he wants to spend the rest of his life making her happy. He toasts love and they all have a drink.

Dinah comes inside and her father immediately stops her. “Don’t even think about it. “He tells her.

Jonathan gets a phone call from Nate and instantly tells him that he doesn’t want to talk to him. Before he has a chance to hang up he hears his father mention what Tammy is wearing. Sounding worried, he tells his son that he’s out of sight. The two comment on how feeling left out hurts and Nate wonders what Jonathan’s status report is. He lets his dad know that he transferred money into his account from Lewis and that he’s working on finding a person in the family to hurt. Letting his son know that he has that area covered Nate hangs up. Jonathan watches inside, wondering what is going to happen.

Inside, Dinah lets her father know that she was invited. Telling him that she is finally part of a family, she mentions that she only wants him to be happy for her. He reminds her that after the baby is born that she won’t be a part of anything. He is quick to jog her memory, telling her that Edmund and Cassie are anything but her friends. She listens to what he has to say and he ends the conversation urging her to get a life of her own.

Edmund and Cassie dance with one another and he lets her know how much he loves her. Dinah walks over to them, wanting to cut in and Cassie is fine with it. Edmund, on the other hand looks unsure. When Cassie steps away, Dinah lets them both know that she wants to dance with Cassie and not Edmund. Edmund doesn’t seem to think that it’s funny and she tells Edmund not to be uptight. Cassie takes her hand, offering to lead. Dinah thanks her for the necklace and thanks her for making her a part of everything. Edmund watches on, looking concerned. Edmund walks over, cutting in and pulling Dinah away from Cassie. He is obviously not pleased with her actions.

Tammy comments to Sandy how weird it was that her mother danced with Dinah. She lets him know that she hopes things are the way he wants them to be.

Josh comments on how glad he is that she’s there and how great she looks. As they hug, Reva notices someone and asks Josh to go get her a drink. She sees Jonathan making himself at home with the party food and walks over, wondering what he is doing. She warns him that there are people at the party who don’t want him there. He lets her know that he’s only getting a drink before leaving. She sees someone walk out onto the balcony she rushes out there.

Cassie stares off into space, thinking about dancing with Jeffery. She tells him how good it feels and how she never thought it would happen. He lets her know that the important thing is how together they are. Blake comes over and interrupts her thoughts. She checks to make sure she is ok and Cassie assures her that everything is fine. She looks like she is close to tears.

Jeffery is staring off into space when the blonde comes up and taps him on the shoulder. He pulls her close to him, kissing her. She tells him how glad she is that he’s not interested in anything serious and only in having fun. “So, take me home.” She tells him. “It’s fun time.” He stares back at the bar, apparently still thinking about Cassie.

Blake comments on how ‘cozy’ Dinah & Edmund look.

Dinah mentions the scheme with Will & Alonzo and he warns her not to utter a word of it. He lets her know that the baby will remain safe, while she will not.

Reva wonders what Nate is doing on the balcony and he confesses that he came to the party looking for her. She looks exasperated as she realizes that he’s had more to drink. Telling her that she is everything he could ever ask for she smiles.

Jonathan watches his mother and father out on the balcony and looks worried. As he’s walking away Josh stops him. After letting him know that he’s not welcome, Josh wonders if he has seen Reva. Jonathan claims to have not seen his mother all night, while Josh wonders if perhaps she’s out on the balcony.

Nate inches closer to Reva getting ready to kiss her.

Inside Josh heads to the balcony, drinks in hand looking for his wife. Jonathan decides to stop Josh at the last minute. Before he has a chance to explain his phone rings, and he answers it.

Back outside, Reva hears her husband’s voice and stops Nate at the last second. She tells him that she has to go and heads inside. She sees Josh and wonders what is wrong. He tells her that there is something wrong at a construction site and that he has to go. She’s fine with it, and they say goodbye to one another.

Dinah lets Edmund know that as much as she enjoys dancing with him that he’s holding her a bit too tight. He grips her even tighter, hoping that she is understanding him completely. He reminds her of the deal they have on paper while she remind shim of the life inside of her. Cassie comes along, and cuts in on their dance together.

Ross and Blake comment on how glad they are to finally see Dinah & Edmund apart. Ross wonders if they’ve truly seen the last of them together.

Jonathan watches as Dinah looks hurt that her time with Edmund is over. From behind, Nate grabs his son and drags him out on the balcony. He looks impressed that he hasn’t been thrown out of the party yet. Nate demands the security codes from Jonathan who hands them over. He tells his son that he will let him know what he is going to do with them when the time is right. “In the meantime there is more than one way to penetrate Lewis.” He tells his son, laughing as he leaves. Jonathan walks back inside.

Edmund wants to dance with his wife, with no interruptions. As she’s headed to the bathroom she runs into Jeffery. He tells her that there is something he needs to tell her. “If you look into my eyes I’m sure that you will know what it is.” He says.

Reva is back out on the balcony with Nate.

Sandy and Tammy kiss one another and are excited to leave together. Josh interrupts them, telling Sandy that he needs his help ASAP. He tells Tammy that he could use her help as well and the three begin to leave.

Jonathan watches on and laughs at the bad luck Sandy is having. He approaches Jonathan, warning him that he can’t ruin the party so he might as well leave. Taking it as a challenge, Jonathan motions to Dinah. She gets up and grabs the microphone. Edmund comes over to her wondering what she is doing and she warns him. She tells him that she finally wants to clear the air and tell everyone at the party what she knows. She lets him know that the truth is going to come out about his manipulation immediately. She pulls away from him, microphone in hand.

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