Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/14/05


By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Reva walks into Josh’s office at Lewis with a couple of cups of coffee in her hand. Barely getting a word out, she looks around, wondering if Jonathan is around. Josh lets her know that he isn’t and is surprised to hear that she is relieved that he isn’t in the office. Looking worried, she wonders if perhaps she made a mistake with Jonathan. ‘Perhaps he can’t change.” She muses. The more she talks, the more upset she gets wondering if there is anything left for her in her relationship with Jonathan. Josh looks confused as to where this train of thought is coming from.

Nate follows Jonathan onto the balcony at Towers, apologizing for setting his son up to look bad. He goes on to explain that he only did it to prove that he can be trusted and relied upon. “I’m the only one that loves you, son.” He tells Jonathan. He goes on to remind his son that Reva doesn’t want a son, but a lap dog. Appearing to believe his dad, Jonathan wonders what the next step is. With a smile Nate promises to continue to work his magic with Reva, while Jonathan tries to destroy the lives of everyone in Reva’s family.

Edmund is standing alone at the entrance of Towers. He tells the maitre’d that he wants things to go perfectly for the celebration dinner with his wife. He looks around mentioning that he wants everyone to know how happy Cassie has made him.

Tammy looks around the inside of the barn, surprised at a lavish layout of blankets, champagne, and flowers. She takes it as a sign that her mother is back with Edmund, and wonders what her mother is thinking. Cassie explains how being with her husband is the right thing to do, especially with a baby on the way. She mentions how she wasn’t able to give her other children a stable home for the entirety of their childhood. She clearly wants things to be different with this baby. Tammy looks uneasy and reminds her mother of all the hurt that has been caused since the wedding. Listening to her mother explain how right things seem, she asks if there are any doubts in her mind. Cassie stops short and thinks of her kiss with Jeffery. Pushing it out of her mind she claims that being with Edmund is what the family needs. Jeffery arrives unbeknownst to everyone else, and almost walks into the barn. As he hears Cassie tell her daughter that she needs to be with Edmund at the moment, he turns around ready to walk out with papers in his hand. He leaves a manila envelope for Cassie by the door before leaving. Tammy reminds her mother that although being with Edmund is something she thinks is right she still hasn’t said that it is what she needs.

Dinah walks into Towers just in time to see Edmund pouring over details for the party. She waves to Jonathan through the window and he comes in to greet her leaving Nate alone on the balcony. He lets her know that he’s said no to whatever her latest scheme to hurt Cassie is. She confesses to him that a recording she made to incriminate Edmund was erased. Claiming that she needs someone who is hated even more than her, she asks him to help her drive Edmund crazy. Smiling, he shakes his head, wondering what idea she has come up with now. He laughs and jokes that his uncle is already crazy, so there’s no reason to send him further along. Dinah plays along and confesses that she’s more interested in making him angry. Jonathan doesn’t understand why and she shows him the recorder, reminding him that angry people talk and say things they shouldn’t. He declines, not wanting to get involved. He begins to walk away and she stops him, turning him around she kisses him. Edmund flies over to her from across the room to pull her off of Jonathan. He demands to know what is going on. Laughing, she tells him that Jonathan did nothing wrong.

Jonathan laughs as Edmund drags her away, wondering what is going on. She reminds him of the passage she read to him in the book about sex and adds on that he told her he couldn’t help her out. She’s being very nonchalant about the whole thing, despite Edmund’s anger. Jonathan waves goodbye to Dinah, with a smile on his face as Nate watches on.

While helping her mother pick things up in the barn, Cassie reminds her daughter that she wouldn’t have married Edmund if she didn’t love him. Sarcastically, she repeats once more that many things have changed since the wedding. Cassie cuts her daughter off before she has a chance to list the many indiscretions of Edmund. She reminds her that no matter what he has done; Edmund loves both her and the children. Shaking her head, clearly not understand, Tammy agrees to stand by her mother if Edmund is who she really wants. The two women leave the barn and as they pass through the door see the envelope that Jeffery has left. Tammy opens it and they’re both shocked to see a dollar bill attached to a paper. Tammy reads the letter to her mother, which says that Cassie gave him an idea for a song. He attached the money as royalties, and writes that he thought she might someday want to sing the song to her child. Cassie’s jaw drops as Tammy seems excited by it. She can’t believe that Jeffery of all people wrote a song about her mother.

Jeffery thinks back to the kiss he shared with Cassie and tries to bring himself back to reality and reminds himself that he has to let her go. He looks up and sees a blonde woman walk into Farley’s Bar and the two exchange smiles.

Cassie continues to stare at the sheet music for the song with a look of disbelief plastered across her face. Tammy has to check and make sure she’s ok. Reassuring her that she’s fine, Cassie sounds uneasy as she asks her daughter to dinner. She can’t go because of previous plans and her mother offers to drive her anyway. Cassie sounds choked up as she talks, obviously affected by the words Jeffery has written and the two leave.

Nate approaches his son inside the restaurant, commending him on a job well done with Dinah. He mentions his son’s penchant for more innocent looking women and Jonathan warns his father to drop the subject. Nate immediately turns the subject to his son’s job and wonders when he is expected back in the Lewis offices. Sounding mad, he reminds Nate that he will be lucky if he has a job when Josh hears about the drugs. ‘Have a little faith Johnny,” Nate tells his son “Like the faith I have in your so called Mommy.” He goes on to explain that he has faith that Reva will play right into his hands. He urges his son to prove that he doesn’t want to be pushed around any longer. He goes on explaining that now is the time for action, the time that Jonathan needs to take what is rightfully his from both Josh & Reva. Looking unsure, he reminds his father that he already agreed to help out. Nate tells Jonathan that he needs some money and he wants his son to get it from the Lewis’s. He adds in that while he’s busy with Reva that he wants Jonathan to hurt someone else in the family, he doesn’t particularly care who it is and only wants his son to make them look bad. He brings up the names of Josh, Tammy and Sandy and leaves, reminding Jonathan that he needs to make them rich as well. Jonathan doesn’t look up as his father leaves, it is apparent that he’s not happy with his new assignment.

Josh stands up, wondering why his wife is so willing to give up on Jonathan so quickly. Not understanding what has happened, he reminds her that they knew from the beginning that dealing with Jonathan wouldn’t be easy. He hugs her, reminding her that he is there for her. He also offers to deal with Jonathan for her if she wants. She laughs telling him that she’s not going to take him up on that offer after what happened last time. They laugh and she gets serious once more. She mentions how she at least thought she understood him and what he was capable of. Reva wonders if perhaps it would be best if she let him go. Josh doesn’t want to listen to it and tells his wife that he will see if perhaps he can help Jonathan. Still sad, she wonders if perhaps Jonathan will never fit into their family. He looks at her and smiles letting her know that she has to fight for him and never give up. She smiles, realizing that he’s not only talking about Jonathan, but her as well. She doesn’t understand how he doesn’t wear out and he explains that if you truly love a person you will never give up. She looks at him confessing that there was a time when she knew what to do in order to make things better. He reminds her that they are ‘in it’ together and she thanks him. She goes on to admit that there are times where she feels she will spin out of control if it weren’t for him. Jonathan walks in, hoping that he’s not interrupting and Reva immediately stands up. She claims that it is her cue to leave and heads to Outskirts. She kisses Josh goodbye and doesn’t say a word to her son as she exits the office. He notices and makes a smart aleck comment to his mother before turning to Josh. He wonders when he gets his severance pay, clearly thinking that he’s been fired. Josh makes it clear that he wants to protect Reva, and that he also can’t fire Jonathan. Looking mad, Jonathan raises his voice to Josh, claiming that he doesn’t know what his wife is getting her into. “Why don’t you tell me then?” asks Josh. Jonathan shrugs it off and begins to leave. Josh stops him, informing his step son that it is not an option. He demands to know what is going on.

Tammy walks into Towers, happy to see Sandy. He mentions that he’s excited to see her and even happier that she didn’t forget. They talk about their prior night and how they spent it with her mother and family. She kisses him, telling him how sorry she is that last night didn’t turn out the way they had hoped. “Let’s make tonight different.” She tells him.

In the barn, Edmund can hardly believe that Dinah would choose Jonathan of all people. She shrugs it off, claiming that she wasn’t aware that she had to ok her dates with him. He is very angry, reminding her that ‘people like Jonathan don’t date, they lay siege.’ Dinah pretends to not care that Edmund seems so concerned and informs him that she is simply looking for a companion, someone who is right for her at the moment. Turning her tape recorder on, he yells at her mentioning how irresponsible she is being. Reminding him that he can’t control her, she warns him about his rant on being responsible. Not following what she is talking about, she goes on to mention the information she has on him. She reminds him of how much she is doing for him. Claiming that she has a hard time keeping her mouth shut when Cassie is around he yells out that he no longer wants to talk about the Alonzo/Will situation. He looks at her in the eyes, telling her how much he cares about her and the situation. Understandably, she doesn’t believe him. He moves closer to her and wonders if perhaps he was too quick to turn down her offer. He lets her know that he can take care of any need she has. He hugs her, and grabs the tape recorder out of her purse, wondering what she is doing with it.

Cassie walks into the back entrance of Farley’s Bar just in time to hear Jeffery announce that he’s going to play a new song. He mentions that it was inspired by a very special person in his life that he used to know. She watches as he begins to sing his song.

Sandy and Tammy sit down with one another to have dinner. They’re both glad to be with one another as they flirt back and forth. They both mention spending the night together until Sandy’s phone rings. He has to leave the table to take the call. In the hallway, he tells the person on the other end of the line that he misses them too. “I love you, too.” He says and promises to return their call some other time. Back at the table, he tells Tammy that it was Josh on the phone. He lies to her, explaining that he has to head back to the office. She looks crushed as he explains that it could take a while.

He kisses her goodbye, promising her a rain check. He leaves and looks sad as he glances at her one last time before departing the restaurant.

Cassie walks directly into Jeffery’s line of sight while he’s playing. His music skips a beat when he realizes she is there. He stops playing, claiming to need a break before beginning. She approaches him, wondering what happened. He is evasive, letting her know that Edmund can play the song for her on the piano before walking away from her. She follows him informing him that she wants to hear him play it. Then she asks what he thinks would have happened if they had come into one another’s lives at a different time. “It would have been good. It would have been better than good.” He tells her knowingly. She looks sad as he tells her that he’s no interested in what might have been.

Dinah tries to lie to Edmund, explaining that things aren’t what they seem. She confesses that it’s a tape recorder, but that she wanted to record his voice so that she could play it later for the baby. Citing studies showing that a child should be familiar with his father’s voice, she informs him that she wanted it for her own personal use. He doesn’t seem to be buying her story, and mentions the time she barged in the barn to play a tape for Cassie. He smirks at her, wondering if she wants to try another story. She wonders if he realizes how hard it is for her to have to hear him and his wife down the hall from him each night. He scrunches his face, and it looks like it might be dawning on him how hard it is for Dinah. She goes on admitting that she thinks she could make him happy. Suddenly she grabs and kisses him.

Josh demands to know what is going on. Jonathan looks nervous as he reminds him that Reva is getting into trouble all the time. Josh suddenly changes his tone, telling him that Jonathan doesn’t work for Reva. He doesn’t want to be the go between any longer and refuses to fire him. He smiles as he admits that Jonathan is doing a good job at work. He nods, pleased with the compliment from his step father. Josh warns him that Jonathan will have to give him a good reason to get fired. He blows it off as though it’s not a big deal that he still has his job. Josh gives Jonathan a job to do and then leaves to go into Billy’s office. Jonathan sits down to the computer and hears his father’s words in his head asking him to find a way to get money from the Lewis’s.

Reva walks into Outskirts and finds Nate drinking alone at the bar. He appears to have had too much to drink as he slurs his words. She approaches him, letting him know that the customers won’t be appreciative of his drunkenness. He mentions that there won’t be any customers as he owes a loan payment by the end of business day. To top it off, he has to pass a health inspection. She goes to get him some coffee, claiming that it might help things a bit if he were sober. He grabs her close and whispers into her ear that it’s been a long time since he held a woman that felt as good as she does. She tries to sit him down and once more he pulls her to him telling her that she has no idea how much he wants her. Reva has a huge grin across her face. She begins to walk off as he tells her how he’s finally speaking from his heart. He goes on about how beautiful & exciting she is. He claims to spend the majority of his day dreaming of her. She laughs, claiming he is drunk. As she brings shim some coffee, he leans in to kiss her and she tells him that she can’t. He lies down and she covers him with a blanket. She looks at him as she tells herself that the smart thing for her to do would be to walk out the door and never come back. She rubs his back, not moving a muscle.

Jonathan sits on the computer and tries to hack Josh’s password. He tries numerous times and looks up to see his mother standing there. She is obviously a figment of his imagination, but she tells him that he doesn’t have to do as Nate says. She tells him that no matter what she is still his mother who never wanted to give him up. Nate then appears claiming that everything Reva tells him is trash. He yells at Reva, calling her someone who wants to be superior. They both move near Jonathan as Reva is forced to decide who is closer to her heart, Jonathan or Sandy. Jonathan stands up, pushing the images out of his head. As he walks by a cabinet he notices it is locked.

Tammy runs into Josh in the hallway and jokes about him being the ‘big bad boss.’ He laughs, wondering if he’s really that bad.

Back in the office, Jonathan closes the door as he grabs a letter opener to pick the lock on the file cabinet.

Tammy mentions the phone call that interrupted her lunch with Sandy and he knows nothing of it. He informs her that he gave Sandy the day off. Confused, Tammy brushes it off claiming to have misinterpreted something.

Edmund kisses Dinah back passionately and looks surprised at himself. He tells her that he needs to talk to her. She tells him that she doesn’t want to hear him remind her of how much he loves Cassie. He looks perturbed by everything, and affected by their kiss. She warns him that he will regret walking away from her and he takes it as a threat. He erupts in anger and throws a pail across the barn, letting her know that he has tried as much as he could to make things right for her. She stands listening without saying a word as he informs her that she can’t try and trap him any longer. He threatens to have her ran out of town as soon as the baby is born if she brings up what she knows again. Dinah looks like she is close to tears, but looks into his eyes nonetheless. He urges her to drop the subject of Alonzo and lets her know that her only job is to deliver a happy, healthy baby. Before leaving he turns around, and comes back inside. He lets her know that he’s throwing a party for himself and Cassie. He demands that she be present and be happy for them.

Cassie continues to pester Jeffery, claiming that she has a right to hear a song for which she was the inspiration. He calls her persistent and agrees to play the song. She looks down and finally agrees that she shouldn’t be there with him. He grabs her arm and she walks away anyway. Jeffery gets on stage and plays the song he wrote for Cassie. While he’s playing she walks back inside, out of his sight as she listens to him sing. She makes her way to the back of the bar.

Tammy walks in and sees Jonathan copying something down near the file cabinet. She wonders what he is doing and he has the look of guilt plastered all over his face.

Reva sits with a passed out Nate, confessing that he makes her feel as though she’s still young. She agrees to stay and feel, wanting to see where the road takes her. Nate’s eyes flutter open, though Reva can’t see it and he smiles.

Jeffery continues to sing as Edmund walks in the bar. Cassie has a huge smile on her face as she listens to him sing.

Edmund stands behind her. The blonde from earlier gets up as Jeffery finishes his song. She approaches him as he tells her that she was the inspiration behind his song. Together they head to the bar and get a drink, while he ignores Cassie and Edmund. Cassie cannot stop staring at him and he finally turns to them and says hello. He grabs a table with the blonde as Cassie checks to make sure that everything is ok with her husband. He smiles telling her that he is throwing her a party to celebrate their love. She smiles and kisses him as he explains that he doesn’t want anything to stand in his way. Jeffery looks up just in time to see the two locked in an embrace.

Alone in the barn, Dinah can’t believe that Edmund is throwing a party for Cassie. She mentions her options and decides to make the party a night that Cassie will never forget.

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