Guiding Light Update Monday 6/13/05


By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Opening scene is at the Lewis house. Olivia is playing in a bathing suit, and Bill has dozed off on the couch. His cell phone wakes him. Olivia is on the other end wondering where they are since they were supposed to meet her at Towers for a meal.

Alex and Alan discuss his paying off the blackmailer. Alan tells Alex to make sure that she keeps the secret to protect the family since that's what Phillip would want. She tells him that he lost the right to speak for him when he killed him.

At dinner, Emma calls Bill "Daddy" and Olivia is ecstatic. Olivia tells Bill that she wants him to adopt Emma. They are talking about how great it's going to be when Alan comes over demanding that Phillip will be the only father that Emma will know.

Sandy shows up at the office, and Josh is there. Sandy tells Josh about Reva having a confrontation with Jonathan and that Tammy was with Reva now.

An actor on the soap set assumes that Gus & Harley are actors new to the soap. The actor tries to take Harley to hair & makeup. Gus tells him that he's one of the writers and that Harley is a technical consultant. The actor tries to pitch ideas to Gus and asks Harley about his technique and motivation. Harley and Gus try to dodge the Feds that are looking all over the set for them.

Ross and Frank are going out for a drink.

Olivia, Bill & Alan continue to argue about Bill adopting Emma. Alex tries to convince them to do this in private later, but they keep at it.

Back at Lewis, Sandy and Josh discuss Reva. Sandy is worried about her, and Josh is too. Josh explains that he gave her some space, and now they just have to see what she does with it. Ross & Frank show up. They discuss the goings-on in their lives. Frank and Ross tell Sandy and Josh that they were going out for a drink but didn't know where to go. Josh tells them they came to the right place.

Olivia wants to know what Alan has done (since he said, "after all I've done"). Alex covers for him saying that he meant all that he's done to keep Emma close. Alex says that Alan loves Emma. Bill tells him that Alan loves power and revenge and that Emma is just a bargaining chip to keep Olivia in line. Alex pulls Alan away. Bill & Olivia agree to work on Alan together.

Frank, Ross, Josh and Sandy are playing cards talking about the women. Frank is worried about Harley and still can't find Darci. Josh and Ross talk about Blake and Reva being independent and strong-willed. They all think that Tammy is following in their footsteps.

Harley and Gus are still on the set of the soap (which is going live tonight for a primetime special). They end up being seen on TV at Towers where Alex and Alan are talking. Alexandra admits to getting hooked on the soap while in prison. Alan thinks it's aweful, and they end up NOT spotting Gus & Harley on the soap.

Alex tells Alan she's worried about him and that the stress of the situation is starting to show. He insists he's fine and has everything under control.

Harley and Gus discuss the soap. Gus admits to watching it a time or two. They are almost found by the actor that thinks Harley is a consultant, but they manage to stay hidden.

Bill and Olivia discuss how they want Olivia to grow up in a stable home. Alex calls and wants to talk to Olivia for 5 minutes.

Back at the card game, the boys are still talking about their lives. Frank talks about Harley and how he'd just like to know she's ok.

Gus decides they should use the TV cameras to watch the exit of the motel to see when their "guy" leaves since the Feds are guarding the building. They decide to stay on the set for now.

*****News Break-Michael Jackson Verdict*****

Ross is on the phone assuring Blake that he's fine. The men toast to the women that keep them on their toes and to Harley's safe return.

Harley and Gus are still on the set. They have eaten, and now Gus wants Harley to dance with him.

Sandy suggests they make their card night a regular thing. They all agree that it's a good idea. Frank laments on how everything has changed in the last year and it's all because of Phillip and Alan. Josh tells Frank that Alan has decided to come after the Lewis family now, so the Coopers should have a break. Frank tells him not to let Alan do it.

Alan tells Bill to forget the adoption. Alex tries to give Olivia advice about dealing with Alan. Olivia tells Alex to go to he**. Alex tells Alan they should be going after Olivia instead of Harley. Alan asks why he should limit himself.

Gus and Harley hear something on the set. Gus tells her that he'll check it out, and then he'll set up surveillance of the motel.

At the motel, Wallace (the blackmailer) calls the front desk and tells them that he's decided he'll be staying for a while.

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