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By Elizabeth
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Cassie looks around the barn and thinks about Jeffery and one of the times she kissed him. She looks lost in thought until Edmund comes by.

With furniture in hand, he interrupts her train of though. He informs her that they need to get started on finishing some furniture for the baby’s nursery. Then he pulls out and unfinished bureau, letting her know that he thinks it will be a good project for them to work on together. She doesn’t say much as he mentions how excited he is that they will be raising their child together.

Together the two begin working on the bureau and she comments on how nice it will look in the baby’s room. He notices that she never refers to their child as ‘our baby’ and points it out. “It’s as if you still can’t believe our baby is on its way.” He tells her, letting her know that the baby is indeed coming. Not wanting to deal with everything that Edmund is chatting about, including naming the child she throws her hands up in the air. As he tells her that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to be with her she cuts him off. She looks upset as she tells him that if they are going to have a relationship that she needs to have her whole heart in it.

She agrees with him, admitting that it is all real and happening very fast. He looks excited that she’s finally coming around and before he has a chance to say much more she confesses to him that she wants this child of her to grow up loved in a complete family unit. Citing mistakes made in the past with the rest of her children, she admits that she wants the baby to have a safe & loving home with the both of them. With a smile on his face he promises her that he can give her all that and more. Suddenly, Cassie realizes that she’s running late for lunch with Dinah. She promises him that they will continue to discuss things when she gets back and kisses him before rushing out the door.

Dinah interrupts Jeffery who is hard at work inside Towers. He is sitting at the bar when she arrives. Barely getting a chance to look up, he warns her to leave. It is clear that he wants nothing to do with her. She mentions the information she has about Edmund once more and he still doesn’t bite. Instead, he reminds her that Cassie & Edmund are together. “And there’s nothing you can do to change it.” He tells her. Not giving her the chance to respond, he motions to the bartender and moves to a table as not to be disturbed any more.

Ross is standing by and approaches his daughter. They hug as she checks in on how is health is. He assures her that he is fine and wonders how her trip to San Cristobel was. Dinah lets him know that she thinks he was right. “Edmund is going to try and use this baby to get back with Cassie.” She confides in him. “I saw it in San Cristobel when he used Will.” Her father instantly looks concerned.

Not knowing what to believe he warns his daughter to be careful about throwing harsh accusations around. He wonders how she knows that Edmund used the situation with Will to his advantage and she tells him that neither Cassie nor Edmund truly ‘see’ her. She claims that most of the time they treat her as if she were invisible, therefore she has a chance to witness secrets. You can tell that he wants to believe her, but at he points out the only person in town with a worse track record than Edmund is her. Dinah tells her father that she has proof of what Edmund did and that he doesn’t know about it. “If he did ever find out, baby or no baby, I would be in real danger.” She confesses to her father. Reminding her that an accusation such as hers is going to be hard to prove, she reminds him she has evidence. Pulling out a tape recorder she lets him listen as Edmund confesses to her that he is willing to do what he thinks is right when it comes to Will & Cassie.

Before her father has a chance to react to the tape she tells him that she doesn’t want to hurt Cassie. Ross makes a sarcastic comment, clearly not believing her. He points to the recorder as he tells her that he only wants what is best for her. As he grabs it he tells her flat out that he doesn’t think that coming between a married couple is the right way. She’s upset, wondering how he of all people could think that keeping a secret this large is good.

Mad, she decides to leaves and runs into Jeffery on the way out. As the elevator door opens she sees Cassie inside. Calling out to her, she informs Cassie that she’s already eaten. Then Dinah pushes Jeffery into the elevator just as the doors are closing. As she’s headed to take the stairs she spots a maintenance man. It’s clear that the wheels are turning in her head and she offers him the opportunity to make some money.

The maintenance man plays with some wires on a circuit board.

Inside a stopped elevator, Cassie wonders why the alarm isn’t sounding. Jeffery isn’t glad to see her and points out that without an alarm there will be no rescuers. He then goes on to mention the fact that he’s been avoiding her. She doesn’t say much as he mentions fate.

Though Jeffery claims not to take much stock in it, he does mention how others might wonder how they constantly get thrown into situations together. It is clear by the look on her face that she wants to say more to him than she is. However she remains quiet.

Jeffery changes the subject to food and it still doesn’t seem to help. Cassie lashes out, angry at him for reminding her once more of something she can’t have. He lets her know that part of him is glad that she too knows the feeling. It is clear at this point that neither of them are talking about food anymore. They begin to argue as Cassie reminds him that she has responsibilities and he becomes mad. He forces the doors of the elevator open and the two step out.

Back in the barn, Dinah comments on how nice the furniture is looking. He sees her without his wife and immediately wonders where Cassie is. She tells him that she had lunch with her dad and that Cassie should be home soon.

Her tone changes and she informs him that the current situation is no longer working for her. He looks confused ash she confesses to him that it is hard for her to take a backseat to his crusade to win Cassie back. She lets him know that she needs to feel more appreciated and reminds him of all the dirt she has on him. Angry that she would think of blackmailing him, Edmund wonders what it is that she wants. Dinah pulls out a brochure from her purse and we can see that once again she has the tape recorder running. She reads the following to him. "During the first and second trimester you may note that your sex drive has increased. Don't be afraid to act on it to make yourself feel better physically and mentally. This is the time when the expression 'go for it' should be taken to heart." Smiling, she lets him know that by making her happy that he would also be doing something good for the baby.

Dinah flat out confesses to Edmund that she wants to sleep with him. He looks intrigued, but the two are interrupted by Cassie. Claiming that Dinah shouldn’t be in the barn due to paint fumes Cassie gets her to leave. Dinah promises Edmund that they will continue their conversation at a later date.

Turning to her husband Cassie tells him that she is determined to make a life with him. She tells him that she only needs to be able to trust him. He promises her that she can and they hug one another.

Outside, Dinah listens to what she has just got on tape from Edmund. She tells herself that soon the two of them will come to an agreement.

Zane and Marina are having coffee with one another. He claims to be worried about her and the family, but it becomes obvious very quickly that he’s only interested in information on Harley or Gus. She won’t offer any. Marina begins to leave when Danny shows up. He looks perplexed as to why she is there, and she lets him know that it is none of his business by slapping him across the face.

Turning to Zane, she warns him about staying away from Danny. Angry, she rambles on telling him that Danny would like her to believe that he’s a bounty hunter and claims not to believe him.

Danny plays along with her. To throw Zane off track he mentions Los Angeles and how he suspects that Marina is headed there to see her aunt. Upset, Marina yells at him in front of Zane telling him that she can no longer allow him to hurt her. Zane quickly leaves, not wanting to get involved, especially since Danny is a Santos.

In the hallway, Zane immediately books a plane ticket to L.A.

Marina turns to Danny, thanking him for helping her to get rid of Zane. He agrees that they did a good job and mentions the slap across the face. It is obvious that he knows her act wasn’t entirely contrived. Worried, he wonders what is going on and asks her to explain. “You can go back to her now.” She tells him. Danny has a blank look on her face as she continues to explain that she saw the romantic hotel room for two. Smiling he realizes that she thinks Michelle is with him. He quickly explains to her that he is trying to help her family protect Harley.

Feeling like a complete moron, Marina heads into the hotel room with Danny. Inside he explains to her why he had to keep what he was doing a secret, and how he was only pretending to travel with another woman. He’s understanding about how she was confused, and lets her know that he’s not mad. She’s flattered that he is so willing to help her family and doesn’t think he should have to do it on his own. She is convinced that he needs someone to pretend to be Harley. He is adamant that she can’t do this with him, while she is convinced that she will. In the end, the Cooper stubborn streak wins out and he agrees to let her stay with him.

Gus attempts to park the ice cream truck in NYC as Harley warns him to be careful. When they find a spot on their first try they joke about how their luck must be changing.

Once out of the truck, Harley looks up at the skyscrapers, hoping that they will find what they are looking for. Gus promises her that they will find the elusive ‘goatee guy.’

Harley and Gus head back to the truck, having already been to some of the hotels on the list with no luck. She admits to missing her life at home, but remains upbeat. He’s convinced that they will find evidence to clear her so, she remains optimistic as well.

They step back out onto the street, ready to tackle another location. She asks where they are headed and Gus replies “Hotel Excelsior, 46th Street.”

Alan is in New York and hails a cab to take him to Wallace. Once in the Hotel Excelsior, he calls Alex. He leaves her a message telling her that he is going to pay Wallace off and then send him out of the country. Wallace however is late which worries Alan.

When he finally arrives, Alan gives Wallace a hard time for being so late, and he doesn’t want to hear excuses. He clearly wants to pay him off as soon as possible.

Gus and Harley arrive at the hotel and only a luggage cart separates them from Alan & Wallace.

Wallace suggests that he and Alan head into a coffee shop for more privacy and the two leave the hotel lobby.

Gus & Harley lament about how they wished that finding the man with the goatee would be easy. They come up with a story to tell the concierge so that it won’t see suspicious that they’re looking for someone whose name they don’t know.

Unfortunately, the front desk has never seen that man that they describe and they turn away. As they’re leaving Harley almost faints which worries Gus. They both realize that they’ve had nothing but ice cream to eat in the last few days. He thinks it might be a good idea if they get some coffee. She agrees and they begin to head in the same direction that Alan & Wallace did. At the last moment Harley changes her mind. Instead of taking a break she wants to continue tracking down the unnamed man with the goatee. They leave the hotel just as Alan and Wallace walk back into the lobby.

Wallace thanks Alan for the money, but he doesn’t want to hear it. He is warned that he will need to leave the country as Alan informs him that there is a one way ticket to Croatia waiting for him. Alan demands to know where he is staying, claiming that he has more information for him about the flight. Reluctantly, Wallace gives it up as Alan warns him to stay away from him, Gus and Harley. He agrees and then leaves.

Harley and Gus continue to try and find the goatee guy throughout New York while a song plays in the background. They methodically cross hotels off their master list as clerk after clerk cannot help them.

Alan gets on the phone with his sister and assures her that they have nothing to worry about as far as Wallace is concerned. He then calls Sebastian and notifies him that he’s heard Gus & Harley might be in Chicago. He promises to arrive home soon.

Gus & Harley are back in the truck after a long day. They talk about their day and decide to step outside for some air. She looks over the water and they smile at one another, looking truly happy. As Gus kisses her, he looks up and sees the hotel that they’ve been looking for. They kiss one another in happiness.

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