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Sitting alone in Company, Buzz begins writing a letter to Harley. He tells her about all the things going on in their lives. He mentions the children and laments that he is always worried about being good enough for them. “I’m glad Gus is with you, he loves you.” He writes.

In the ice cream truck, Harley fidgets with a radio that keeps playing the same song over repeatedly while Gus drives. He drinks pepto bismal while she mentions how many people are looking for them. Gus reminds her that they won’t be found and comments that someone must be helping to hide their trail.

Buzz continues his letter, mentioning how everyone is helping looks out for her safety.

Danny checks into a Chicago hotel, and pays off a hotel clerk. He makes the clerk promise to let him know immediately if anyone asks about him or his traveling companion. He double checks on the status of a flight to Los Angeles.

Outside his room, Marina wanders down the hall wondering where Danny is.

Buzz continues his letter updating Harley on the recent news of Coop & Lizzie.

In the restaurant, Coop finishes tying up a tie.

On the patio, Lizzie is in beachwear and puts her bag down on the table.

Back inside, Coop check to make sure he looks ok before heading out to see Lizzie. They both looked shocked at what one another is wearing when they see one another.

Alan sits on a bench alone in the park. He is on his cell phone with Sebastian and urges him to hurry in his quest to catch Harley.

Buzz mentions in his letter how Alex is one of the few bright spots left in his life. She stands in the doorway of the restaurant watching as he heads into another room. Once he’s gone she wanders over to the table where he was. His cell phone begins to ring and she simply stares at it.

Back on the road, Gus grabs the phone out of Harley’s hand. He doesn’t understand what she’s doing or thinking and reminds her that Buzz’s cell is most likely bugged. Claiming she wasn’t going to sty on the phone long she mentions how much she misses her family. They argue about how little information that they have to go on and Gus gives in. He throws the phone back at her, reminding her that she only has 30 seconds.

Alex stares at the phone as it rings once more. Suddenly, she picks it up and answers. She promises to keep the phone call to herself and begs Harley for some reassurance that they are ok. Back in the truck, Harley looks stunned and still hasn’t said a word into the phone. Alex wants to know if she can tell Buss & the boys that Harley is ok. “Yes.” Harley tells her, instantly grimacing in regret. She goes on to tell Alex that she doesn’t have much time and that she only wanted her family to know she was safe. Alex agrees to relay the message and offers to help them in any way possible. Harley hangs up. Buzz comes back to see Alex with his phone. He wonders what is going on and she tells him about the phone call. The phone rings once more and it is Danny. He tells Buzz that Harley is safe and that he’s doing everything to protect her. Buzz pretends that it is Gus on the other line. Danny hangs up and looks through some cards in his pocket. He pulls out a social security card with Gus’s name on it before heading out the door.

In the hotel lobby, Marina approaches the hotel clerk. She describes Danny and asks if he’s seen him. When asked she lies and tells the clerk that she is the woman traveling with him. After bribing him, he lets her into Danny’s room. She walks in and sees a table set for two, complete with champagne. Thinking the worst, Marina mutter “Welcome back, Michelle.”

Lizzie immediately thinks that Coop is trying to get out of their date and even asks if he has a job interview. Confused, he lets her know that he got dressed up for her. Smiling, she realizes that her initial assumption was wrong. She looks overjoyed that he would go to the trouble of dressing up for her. Pulling him by the tie, she drags him off telling him that where she is taking him will be a surprise.

Gus is confused as to why his aunt answered the phone, but doesn’t seem worried about it. Instead, he is excited about their ‘adventure of a lifetime’ and assures Harley that Alex will most likely stay quiet to protect them.

Buzz seems hurt that Harley didn’t have a chance to say more over the phone. He makes sure that she sounded ok, just as Zach comes running in from school. He is upset and tells them both that someone made a rude comment about his mother. Buzz tries to take care of the problem as best as he can, reminding Zach that the important thing is the stuff that no one else knows about Harley. As he is talking to his grandson, Alex watches on. It looks like she has just realized what it is costing the Coopers to keep her brother’s secret.

Looking around the room, Marina is saddened by the fact that Michelle is back in Danny’s life. She begins to daydream that perhaps Danny planned this all for her. When she realizes that it’s not going to happen, she lays on the bed, sad about how things have unfolded.

In the lobby, Danny leaves Marina a message telling her that he wished he could be with her.

Coop picks on Lizzie about how much she has packed for the beach. She laughs it off until Coop removes his shirt. She is stunned and apparently happy with what she sees. She too changes out of her clothes and into a bikini. He likes what he sees and is also taken back.

Zach doesn’t understand why his grandfather can’t simply track down his mother and find her. Buzz assures him that like in the comic books he reads that good always beats evil. Reminding him that his mother is good, he gives his grandson hope that she will come back. Buss turns to Alex who is watching the whole thing and admits to her that he feels lost without Harley. He doesn’t think he’s doing a great job with the kids. Not knowing what she should do, it looks like she might tell him who killed Phillip. “Look Buzz, there’s something that I need to tell you.” She says. Before she has a chance to say anything Alan walks in, interrupting his sister.

Harley can’t believe where they’ve ended up compared to how they began. She wonders if he would do it all over again, knowing how things would turn out and he lets her know he would. She comments on how much of a romantic he is and lets him know that he is everything to her, despite her occasional pessimistic attitude. Sirens suddenly begin to blare from behind them and they both look at one another, worried.

Coop puts lotion on Lizzie’s back and as the two of them begin talking, they also begin to argue. He wonders what the point of dating is if they can’t even talk with one another. Agreeing that work is a safe subject to discuss, he mentions some of the changes he has made around the restaurant. She seems to like them, but when he mentions moving the portraits of Roxie, she goes ballistic. They begin arguing and Coop yells out "This is the worst date... ever!" She reminds him that the only reason she gave him the keys to her restaurant was because she was leaving town.

Danny stands at the door to his room and begins to walk inside. Hearing his key in the door, Marina runs and hides in the bathroom. She listens as Danny gets on the phone and arranges a spa treatment for his ‘female companion.’ He leaves the room and Marina follows shortly after.

As soon as she’s left the room she runs into Zane, a man who frequents Company in Springfield. He offers to buy her a cup of coffee and accepts.

As sirens blare, Gus and Harley begin yelling at one another. He wants to take the blame for fleeing with her and she doesn’t want him to. When a fire truck passes, they both breathe a sigh of relief. After a moment, Harley wonders what her life has been reduced to. She begins freaking out and Gus yells at her. He slams on the brakes, wondering why she hasn’t learned anything.

Alan feigns concern over a sister who looks upset. She yells at her brother, letting him know that she is concerned for Harley. Not showing any compassion whatsoever, he reminds her that Harley was convicted of murder. Repulsed by Alan and his attitude, Buzz leaves the two of them alone. It is apparent that Alan wants to talk to his sister, and just before he drags her aside to talk his cell phone rings. It is the man from New York threatening to let Gus find him.

Mad, Coop doesn’t know how he is supposed to deal with Lizzie. She tells him that part of their problem is that they both want to be right 100% of the time. She comes up with the idea of running the restaurant together as it would be something neither of their families would ever believe. They also agree to stop themselves every time they find themselves getting into another fight.

Zane and Marina are having coffee with one another. He claims to be worried about her and the family, but it becomes obvious very quickly that he’s only interested in information on Harley or Gus. She won’t offer any.

In his room, Danny thinks that his work is done. The hotel clerk from earlier comes in to clear away some plates and mentions that his female companion is in the lobby. He points Danny on the right direction and describes her as ‘the pretty redhead.’

The man from New York warns Alan that he wants double the money. He also seems to want to be delivered in person. Alex comes outside where she yells at her brother. She warns that he needs to call off the bounty hunters and blames him for ruining the life of the Coopers. When he doesn’t want to do as she asks, she cautions him, reminding him that she is the one who is in possession of the bloody gloves now. “All it’s going to take is one word from me, Alan, and the mother of that child is going to come home safely.” She reminds him.

Gus and Harley have a talk about trust in the back of the ice cream truck. He reminds her that if she had trust in him on their wedding day, that things would have turned out differently. She reminds him that they can’t go back and he lets her know that things can still turn out wonderfully for them.

Not convinced of the plan, Coop is unsure that it will work. He jokes that they need a dress code, wherein she wears a bikini all the time. They seem to be having a good time with one another and even shake on their new business venture. He pulls her to him and kisses her.

Marina begins to leave when Danny shows up. He looks perplexed as to why she is there, and she lets him know that it is none of his business by slapping him across the face.

Playing at Company with Zach, Buzz comments on how Harley is like a superhero. He mentions that she is strong, brave, fights for what is right and never gives up.

Outside, Alex lets him know that she doesn’t want to turn on him, but is having a hard time seeing so many people pay for his mistake. He tells her that he is being blackmailed by a man named Wallace in New York City. He begs her to let him deal with Wallace before making things right. “I can’t do a thing with this threat hanging ouver my head. Now, my life is in your hands.” He tells her. He leaves just as Zach comes out. He mentions to Alex what his grandfather has said about Harley being like a superhero. He wonders if she too, is a superhero.

Inside, Buzz finishes up his letter to Harley. He mentions not wanting to lose faith in her and praying that things will work out. Zach runs back inside to him as Alex watches on from the window on the patio.

Harley and Gus can seek the NYC skyline and realize this is one of their last chances to find Phillip’s true killer.

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