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In the park, Reva continues to introduce Jonathan and Nate to one another. They go along with it and pretend that they have never met. However, it is hard for Jonathan to his contempt for his father as he questions how long Reva has been working for him. Reva’s phone rings and she takes it, leaving the two men alone. An angry Jonathan wonders what his father is doing.

Inside Elizabeth & Company, Marina and Tammy briefly talk about their relationships. Neither is going well and Marina comments that it is hard to move forward if the past hasn’t been dealt with yet.

Buzz is packing up the Harley’s Angels’ office when Danny comes strolling in. It is apparent that he requested Danny, and informs him that he needs some help. There is a catch though. Buzz’s request may help Harley, but it might also strain his relationship with Marina further.

Alex confronts Alan about killing Phillip. He denies it at first, wondering how she could think so little of him. Claiming to know when he is lying, she assures him that it will always be the two of them against the world. He begins to break down and confesses, “I shot him. I shot my boy.”

Tammy and Marian continue to talk about Danny & Sandy. They mention how the past is never just the past. Tammy makes a comment about how all she is really doing is guarding herself and it seems that Marina has had a revelation. She leaves the restaurant, claiming that once and for all the past is going to go away.

Back in the Angels’ office Danny is unsure what it is exactly that Buzz wants him to do. He’s unsure about hurting Marina and offers to listen to the plan before agreeing to anything. Buzz reminds him of the bounty that Alan is offering, and wonders if they can offer a ‘counter-bounty’ to bring Harley back alive. He doesn’t want Marina in on it only because if she knows about it, he will have to be worried about her. “There are only so many family members I can worry about at one time.” He tells Danny. Neither of them have that kind of money so Danny mentions that they will have to get ‘creative’ as he agrees to help out the Cooper’s. He promises to see what he can do as well as keep Marina out of it. As they’re shaking on their new arrangement Marina comes in. The two men look at one another nervously.

Alex tries comforting her brother as he explains what happened on the night Phillip was shot. He claims to have gone to the restaurant to reason with his son and instead got laughed at. Alan also mentions that Phillip pulled a gun on him while taunting his father, claiming that Alan abandoned him. Alan left after being ordered to at gun point by his own son. He goes on to explain that after leaving he though of everyone that was affected by Phillip’s mess and went back in. He saw the gun on the counter and shot him. Alan’s a mess, breaking down and Alex can’t believe what she is hearing. She reminds him that Phillip wasn’t in his right mind and that it was all an accident.

Nate continues to be mean to his son, slapping him on the head many times as well as trying to get him to go along with his plan. Jonathan begs his father to let him finish what he started, but Nate won’t hear of it maintaining that his son always screws up. He grabs his son, warning him not to worry about Reva. The two then hug and break away just as Reva comes back. She notices the tension between the two of them and wonders what is going on. She looks worried until Nate lies, telling her that he had to kick Jonathan out of his bar for getting into a fight not too long ago. She laughs and jokes about it, wondering why her son did it without her. The two men shake hands agreeing on ‘no hard feelings.’ Nate then mentions that he has lost faith in his investor ever showing up and offer to get food for a picnic. Reva agrees that this is a good idea so Nate leaves to get the food. Alone with his mother, Jonathan wonders what his mother is doing spending time outside of work with Nate.

He tells her numerous times that he has a bad feeling about Nate. He becomes even angrier when she shrugs his worries off, claiming that he is simply someone to hang out with. She looks stunned as he warns her that in the end Nate will hurt her horribly.

Tammy is on the patio of the restaurant, trying to get enough cell reception to call Sandy. She keeps getting disconnected and looks frustrated. Nate comes along and offers up his cell phone for use.

Marina wonders what the men are doing together in Harley’s old office. The two come up with excuses, and wonder why she decided to pop in. With a smile she makes it known that she dropped by to see them. She mentions a new restaurant that she wants to try with Danny, and Buzz interrupts them reminding Danny that he has some work to do. Confused, Marian wonders when she and Danny can get together. He promises her that he will call her and leaves. Stunned & confused, Marina turns to her grandfather wondering what happened before she got there. “Nothing. He had business. He’s busy.” He lies to Marina.

Alex begins to get angry, wondering why her brother would never come clean with the truth. The accident she can understand, his inability to stand up for innocent people is something she can’t. Alan mentions loosing his son, and claims that both Harley & Olivia are responsible for Phillip’s mental issues. He wonders how his sister can stand by and watch Harley justify her actions. Alex turns the tables on him, wondering how he can do the same. She remembers back to when she, Lizzie & Beth were all being accused of being the killer and brings that up. “I would never have allowed you to be arrested.” He tells her. Alex doesn’t take comfort in any of his words as he begs her to help him. She agrees to help him as long as he reinstates her powers at Spaulding Enterprises. He agrees and she takes the gloves, swearing to take care of them. A thankful Alan leaves, promising to never forget his sister’s faithfulness.

Marina overhears Danny on the phone at Company. He is making arrangements for a flight and when she approaches him, questioning where he is going.

Reva doesn’t understand why her son is so hell-bent on keeping her away from her boss. He’s mad and maintains that as a guy he knows what type of man Nate is. When she wonders if there is something more than meets the eye with this whole thing, he denies it. He tells her before storming off that when she predictably gets hurt in time, that she had already been warned by him.

Tammy looks confused at why a complete stranger is offering her help. He introduces himself and makes small talk with her. He mentions the bar, Reva and then slips in the subject of Jonathan. Before leaving he tells her to say ‘hello’ to her cousin for him when she sees him again.

Alan enters the darkened attic alone. He holds a photo of Phillip and stares at it. Sebastian is in the hallway right outside the room leading to the secret bookcase.

As Buzz is carrying out a box of Harley’s belongings, he runs into Alex in the alley. He looks shocked to see her, and her immediate reaction is to glance down at the envelope containing the bloody gloves.

Danny is vague about where he is headed. He only tells her that he will explain once he knows for sure that things will work out. She lets him know that she is ready to get rid of the whole ‘distance’ policy and that she is ready to be with him.

Alex claims to have been in the neighborhood at a local church praying. He sees the envelope, wondering if she’s been shopping as well. She becomes defensive, telling him that there’s nothing inside. She changes the subject to him, wondering what he is doing. Buzz explains that he’s cleaning out the office so that there is less for the bounty hunters to find. He smiles at her and invites her in for a beer. She doesn’t seem sure about it, but goes inside anyway. They discuss how they both think & hope that Gus & Harley are with one another and safe. Alex tells him how much she wants to help him and his family.

Danny comes out of the room leading to the attic and is shocked to see Sebastian. He tells his boss that they need to discuss something in private. He mentions the reward on Harley’s head and wonders how far he is supposed to go in bringing her back to Springfield.

Jonathan runs into Tammy, who mentions her conversation with Nate. He looks concerned and demands details.

Nate arrives back at the park, wondering where Jonathan is. She tells him that he left, mad at her fro something. She doesn’t appear to be too worried about it. He then tells her that there was more to his previous meeting with Jonathan than a fight at a bar. She looks concerned and wants all the particulars.

Jonathan becomes protective of his cousin immediately. He makes her promise to come to him instantly if Nate ever approaches her again. She thinks that he is defending his mother and mentions how sweet it is. Jonathan looks at her and lets her know that it is her he’s worried about.

Nate tells Reva that he heard someone was selling drugs at the bar. He continues to lie to her, making up a story that Jonathan is not only involved in drugs, but that he’s been slipping them into the drinks of women. To make it worse, he mentions that he caught Jonathan trying to shake Tammy up. He goes on to speculate that he thinks Jonathan was going to slip drugs into his cousin’s drink as well. Reva looks sickened as he tells her that he felt he needed to tell her, so that she could check it out for herself.

Marina goes on to tell him how she no longer wants to wait around. It hurts too much, she tells him. Danny apologizes and lets her know that he still needs to get something done for work. He leaves and she follows after him, telling herself that she’s sick of waiting.

Sebastian asks Alan point blank if he wants Harley brought back into town dead or alive. Before he has a chance to answer Alan’s cell phone rings. It is the anonymous informant from New York (complete with a goatee) telling him that Alan needs to continue to pay for his silence. Alan agrees and hangs up. He turns to Sebastian who mentions that if Gus is with Harley that things could get complicated. “Do what you have to do, with both of them.” Alan says.

Alex mentions how she doesn’t think that what is happening to Harley or the rest of the family is fair. Buzz looks like he truly appreciates what she is telling him. He mentions how glad he is to have her back in his life. As he calls her ‘one of the good guys’ she becomes besieged with guilt and has to leave. He looks puzzled as she leaves.

In the alley, Alexandra looks at the envelope containing the gloves. It is apparent that she’s wondering what she should do with them.

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