Guiding Light Update Monday 6/6/05



By Nikki
Pictures by Boo

Jonathon is outside of Company with Josh. Nate shows up and tells him that he can't handle Reva. Jonathon tells Nate not to let anyone know he is there. Reva shows up.

Olivia and Bill are talking about their "one for all, all for one" plan.

Lizzie is talking to Harley about calling the police and turning her in. Harley tells Lizzie if that's what she wants to do she can't stop her.

Gus is at Spaulding Mansion trying to look in the briefcase of Alan's. Meanwhile Alan has his gun ready.

Reva questions Nate of who he was talking to. They go off to have a meeting with an Ambassador.

Tammy and Coop are at Company talking about Harley. Tammy asks Coop if he will miss Lizzie when she leaves, Coop says he will not miss her breathing down his neck all the time. Tammy meets up with Jonathon and Josh about a proposal at Lewis Construction.

Harley tells Lizzie to call 911 if she wants to. A police officer comes out of Harley's Angels and asks if Ms. Spaulding is okay, Lizzie answers yes, but the officer replies I meant her (pointing to Harley) then says to Lizzie are you a Spaulding too? Lizzie replies yes and says Harley is her aunt.

Gus opens the briefcase discovering family photos. He wonders why Alan is so freaked out by family photos.

Alan learns someone knows about what he did and stole the bloody gloves.

Josh senses tension between Jonathon and Tammy and asks what is going on. Tammy replies that she was a jerk to Jonathon and that she hopes he will accept her apology.

Nate brings Reva to meet an Ambassador who doesn't show up.

Gus gets back to the ice-cream truck to find that Harley disobeyed his wishes and took off.

Lizzie tells Harley that she is tired of everything that is going on and that she is going to Switzerland, and that is why she didn't turn Harley in. Harley hugs Lizzie and kisses her on the cheek and leaves.

Reva is still with Nate, she trips and falls into Nate's arms. Reva questions if there was even an Ambassador coming or if this was just another scheme to get her alone. He tells Reva that there is no meeting. Reva starts to talk about Jonathon and how she is having problems with him. He tells her not to worry about it.

Tammy tells Jonathon she knows how he is. Jonathon denies it and tells her to listen to Sandy and leave him alone. Tammy says he is stuck with her. Josh tells Jonathon he doesn't want to lose him.

Harley finally shows back up at the ice-cream truck. Gus shows Harley the newspaper and tells her it is to dangerous to stay there. Harley tells Gus she has been seen by Lizzie.

Lizzie is outside Company looking at a picture she took of Harley on her cell. An officer asks if she is alright and she says yes, and anything he wants is on the house at Company. Coop comes up and Lizzie shows him the picture of Harley. Coop thinks Lizzie is going to turn her in.

Alan finds Olivia at Spaulding. They are talking about Phillip's murder. He asks her what she can use against him, and grabs her purse to search for the gloves. Olivia tells Alan she has Emma against him and leaves. Alan wonders who has the gloves and opens the desk drawer to find them laying on top.

Gus and Harley are inside the Ice-cream truck watching security tapes. Gus sees a guy with a goatee and says he is the murder and they have to find him.

Lizzie and Coop are discussing Harley and Lizzie tells Coop that she doesn't believe Harley killed her dad. Coop tells Lizzie that she doesn't want her to go to Switzerland.

Josh tells Jonathon that he needs him and doesn't want to lose him because he helped Billy and other various reasons. Jonathon says he needs to go outside and think about this.

Reva and Nate are still discussing Jonathon. Nate asks Reva if she believes in fate. He told Reva that when he messes up she messes up.

Lizzie calls her mom and tells her she is not going to Switzerland and that she has a good reason to stay.

Bill and Olivia are arguing about Alan and her blackmailing him.

Josh asks Tammy if she is sure she wants to work with Jonathon.

Nate leaves Reva alone and Jonathon walks by. She asks him if he is okay. Nate walks back to ask Reva if she has seen his keys. Reva introduces Nate to Jonathon.

Gus tells Harley that he is gonna keep his promise to her about being free.

Alexandra shows up at Spaulding and sees the bloody gloves in Alan's hands. Alexandra discovers that he shot his own son.

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