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By Ashley
Pictures by Amanda

Someone has made a shrine to Phillip in the secret room of the Spaulding mansion. The person sits at the desk with black leather gloves on and has a flashback of the night they killed Phillip. No one can identify this person because all we see are their gloves.

Next, they pick up the birthday invitation just as the clock strikes twelve. It is time to go. The person slides off the gloves, revealing dried blood on the inside.

Downstairs in the mansion, Alex is the first to arrive for the celebration. Lizzie walks in soon after and, they both talk about not wanting to celebrate Phillip’s birthday. Alex becomes startled by the thunder and lightning coming on. She thinks she sees someone in the garden. Lizzie tries to calm her.

Beth stands out in the garden watching the thundering sky. Lillian runs out to ask her why she’s out in the storm. Beth says she needed to get some air. Lillian tries to convince her to go inside, but they both realize they don’t want to be there. Beth confesses that she thinks something is going to wrong tonight. The two begin to talk about Beth’s plan for Lizzie. Apparently, they are both going away and do not want to tell Alan. They agree to go inside and face what tonight brings. After they leave, Alan emerges into the garden.

Olivia walks into the hallway and knocks over a candlestick. Alex rushes out and realizes she is drunk. Olivia says she needed something to calm her. The women engage in a fight until Lizzie runs outside and tells them to come in the room. The news of Harley is on TV. Alex is shocked to learn that Harley might be dead.

Buzz makes it back to Company and is hysterical with sadness. He believes Harley is dead. He pours himself a big drink and begins to sob. He turns on the TV and watches the news. Suddenly, he grabs his chest and says aloud that he has to know for sure if Harley is dead.

Gus, who has investigated the scene, comes back and tells Harley what’s going on at the crash site. He assures her she will get her life back. Harley asks about Mallet and his safety. Next, she warns Gus to be careful when he goes to the Spaulding mansion. Harley grabs her stomach, and Gus realizes she has blood on her fingers. She’s hurt. Gus wants to know why she didn’t tell him she was hurt. The answer is she didn’t want to slow him down, and she didn’t want him to worry about her. Harley convinces Gus to go and make Olivia confess. She’ll be okay without him.

Outside Company, Mel answers her cell phone and learns of Harley’s accident. Someone comes up behind her and puts their hand over her mouth. The person turns out to be Gus, and he tells her that Harley is alive.

He quickly tells Mel what happened and then says that Harley needs medical attention. He begs her to go and treat Harley. Mel agrees to go see Harley. Gus thanks her and heads off the Spaulding mansion.

Buzz walks into the morgue and finds a doctor. He wants to know for sure if Harley is dead. The doctor informs him that the body in the morgue has been badly burned. Buzz still demands to see it, and the doctor complies. Buzz walks into the room, and the doctor lifts the sheet. Buzz looks down, shaking, and confirms that it is his daughter. He runs out of the room and thanks God secretly. He knows it’s not Harley and that she is alive. Frank shows up.

Beth, Alan, and Lillian have now come into the room and are watching the TV. Alan immediately turns it off and says the night is about Phillip, not Harley. A drunken Olivia goes off on him. Alan is angry that Olivia showed up drunk so he takes her out in the hall and scolds her. Olivia bursts back inside and pours herself another drink. She makes a toast to Phillip telling him to rot in hell.

Mel makes it to see Harley, and she is overjoyed to see her. She immediately begins treating her, but tells her that if it gets worse, she needs to go to the hospital. Harley asks Mel if she knows why Gus was going over to the Spaulding mansion. She informs her that what Gus is doing could be dangerous. He needs a backup. Suddenly, a man shouts “who’s in here!” Mel and Harley immediately quiet. Mel decides to reveal herself to the cop who has coming inside to search the area. She tells him that she’s simply checking on something for the owner. Once he realizes she is a Bauer, he backs off. Mel says that she should be getting back to the hospital, and the cop waits for her to gather her things. She leaves her medical bag for Harley to use.

Zack and James have now arrived, and the Spauldings are singing the itsy bitsy spider. Alan says he wants to say something about Phillip. He tells them that Phillip is in heaven watching down on them and that each one of the children is like Phillip in a different way. He tells Lizzie not to fight this similarity. She should love Phillip until her dying day. Alex leaves to go check on the birthday cake and sees Gus in the hall. She immediately tries to comfort him about Harley. He acts nonchalant. She is confused about why he is at the Spaulding house anyway. She notices that he is muddy and has blood on him. Alex is confused about how odd Gus is acting. She realizes that Harley is alive. Olivia walks out into the hall.

Alex immediately tries to cover their conversation up. She moves closer to Gus and pretends to hug him, spilling her red wine on his shirt in the exact place where he had a blood stain. Olivia is suspicious. Alan barges out and sees Gus. Olivia and Alex walk back inside as Alan tries to apologize to Gus about Harley. He tells him that he needs to go into the party. Zack needs him.

Lillian begins to read a book that Zack wrote about Phillip. While she reads about angels, we realize that the room upstairs is empty. Everyone walks inside as Alan begins handing out presents. Everyone has their own and begins to open them. Gus finds a note inside of his that says it’s “urgent.” No one notices him opening it.

Buzz tells Frank that Harley is alive, but he needs to keep it quiet. Buzz tells him that he doesn’t know how she got away, and he does not care. He demands that Frank keep his mouth shut, but Frank says he doesn’t have a choice. He needs to find Harley before someone else does. Buzz grows angry that Frank won’t keep quiet. They begin to fight, and Frank gets a call from Rick. Rick tells him that Mel was apparently with Harley. He prepares to leave, and Buzz realizes that he knows where Harley is.

The children have gone to bed, and Alan tries to keep the party alive with cake.

Everyone wants to leave, however. Lizzie stands up to Alan and says that she really resents him for pulling them all in on his drama. Beth is proud of her for standing up and saying something. Alan apologizes and says again that this was just for Phillip’s memory. Alan pours himself a glass of wine and toasts Phillip. Gus remains quiet, but keeps an eye on Olivia. The lights go out in the Spaulding house.

Buzz makes it back to Company and prays to God, thanking him for Harley being alive. He then prays that Frank doesn’t find Harley. In his eyes, she’s better off out there alone. She did not kill Phillip. Buzz asks God to be just. Mel shows up and apologizes to Buzz about Harley.

They both try to feel each other out about what they know. Mel tells him that she saw her. Buzz is more than relieved, bur worried that she is alone.

Frank makes it to Harley’s house site and searches for her. Harley is nowhere to be found.

Alan disappears from the room, and the rest of the Spaudlings are worried. Gus becomes curious and opens his note.

Outside, Olivia takes an envelope and prepares to bury it by digging a hole with a shovel. Harley emerges from the shadows and watches her.

Frank arrives back at Company and tells Buzz that he couldn’t find her. Buzz thanks God, and Frank is mad that he is being irrational. He is angry and accuses Buzz of not playing by the rules. He wants to be the one to find Harley first so he can protect her.

The Spaulding gang lights candles. Gus realizes that Olivia has disappeared.

Harley watches Olivia as she prepares to bury the envelope. She grabs it from her and opens it up to find letters. Olivia is burying Phillip’s letters to her. Olivia is startled that Harley is alive, and Harley tells her that she’s keeping her prison cell warm for her. Olivia tells her that she’s simply burying letters of “sweet nothings” and that they prove nothing about her involvement in Phillip’s murder.

Upstairs in the secret room, someone is lighting candles. The gloves are still lying on the desk, and the person puts them back on. It is Alan.

He stares at a photo of Phillip and asks aloud “why Phillip? Why did you force me to shoot you?”

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