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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Harley doesn’t want to leave and explains to Gus what Lena was doing on the bus. She doesn’t understand why she has the chance to leave, and Lena is dead. Gus convinces her that they need to get going, reminding her that it is what Lena would have wanted. Harley nods, takes one last look at Lena and kisses her goodbye. Gus covers her with his coat. Together they leave the accident scene.

As they are running towards his car, they run into Mallet.

Reva pulls away from the kiss and lets Nate know it wasn’t appreciated. She’s mad as he claims that she leaned into him. He doesn’t deny his part in what happened, but clearly doesn’t think she is innocent. An annoyed Reva explains to him that the real problem is that the kiss happened in the first place.

At the masquerade ball, Cassie is next to Edmund when she sees Count Viscard. She begins to run over to him until her husband stops her. He urges her to take a break for a moment and she doesn’t want to hear it. While they are discussing what she should do, someone approaches Dinah thinking she is Cassie. The officer of the palace turns to see Cassie & Edmund behind him and he smiles. He notifies them that Alonzo will be attending the ball to see Cassie. She looks ecstatic that she’s finally being heard. Edmund, on the other hand looks unsure of the whole situation.

Coop walks into Elizabeth & Company surprised to see that Lizzie is already at work. She smiles when she sees him and rushes over to the coffee counter telling him she has a surprise for him. He seems exasperated as she pulls out a gift. Before opening, or even taking the present he tells her that perhaps they should take things slower. She’s mad and walks off, to a back table. She informs him that she will just have to settle for seeing him when she returns from Europe in six months. Coop looks shocked.

Outside the restaurant, Buzz is trying to get a radio to work when Alan approaches him. Buzz mentions that he’s trying to get his mind off what is happening to Harley and gets angry. He smashes the radio as Alan mentions that each day is a chance for a fresh start. “I plan to make tomorrow different.” He announces, proud of himself. Buzz wonders what all the lip service is for until Alan pulls out an invitation. He invites him and the family to attend Phillip’s birthday memorial. Buzz looks like he thinks Alan has gone wacko.

Mallet grabs Harley, checking on her to make sure she is ok. Her immediate reaction is that he shouldn’t be near her. “I knocked you out for your own good.” She tells him. He smiles reminding her that it’s too late for him not to be involved. Gus pipes in telling Mallet that he will no longer be needed to help save Harley.

Nate jokes around with Reva about them practicing more. She makes it crystal clear that it won’t be happening again and he shrugs it off. Reva seems even more infuriated with his ambivalence towards the situation. Nate explains to her that there is no reason to get stressed out about something of little importance.

Edmund demands to know where Alonzo is and the officer refuses to reveal any information to him. “I was only instructed to talk to the Princess.” He reports. Cassie assures her husband that it’s ok and he leaves her alone to discuss his brother with the palace official.

Near Dinah, Edmund is irate at the way his brother is handling everything. He explains what is going on to Dinah and she looks concerned. She asks him what would happen if Cassie finds out that he’s been promising to turn Will over for weeks. Edmund informs her that it simply won’t happen. Dinah doesn’t seem sure and in an attempt to change the subject asks him to dance one last waltz with her. As they are about to get on the dance floor Cassie interrupts them. She hugs Edmund, giddy as she reports that Alonzo has invited them all to stay at the palace. He seems worried for himself as he hugs Cassie, reminding her that he did promise to take care of everything.

Coop doesn’t seem to understand why she’s leaving. She explains that she needs a fresh start and that she will finally get that after a deserved vacation. Once more she motions to the present and urges him to open it. He opens it to find keys and looks perplexed. Lizzie lets him know that she wants him & Buzz to look after the restaurant while she’s gone. They can even keep all the profits she informs him. He can’t believe what he is hearing and wonders why she would so easily give up her life. As she listens to him she realizes that he doesn’t want to see her leave town.

Alan realizes that his way of remembering his son is unconventional, but assures Buzz that he finally wants to bury the past. Once more he asks Buzz to join him. Buzz looks stunned at his outpouring of emotion and declines the invite. “I wish I could believe you were sincere, but all I think is that you’re celebrating getting revenge on Harley.”

Gus walks between the two of them and tells Mallet that he has to leave. He thinks that with the crash & fire that the officials will believe Harley is dead. He sounds desperate as he asks Mallet to walk away. Mallet refuses and tries to convince Harley to come with him. He reminds her that they are both fugitives whereas Gus is a free man. He reasons that by her running with Gus will only succeed in making him a wanted man as well. She sees the logic in his reasoning as Mallet further suggests that Gus could work on case as a free man, while they ran. Sirens blare and the three crouch down, hiding from rescue workers who arrive on the scene.

Cassie & Edmund share a glass of champagne and it is apparent how happy she is. She explains that for the first time she thinks she may get to keep her son. Edmund laughs at her giddiness and pulls her onto the dance floor. Dinah watches and assures herself that someday she will get what she wants. A man comes by, mistaking Dinah for Cassie. She explains that she’s not the Princess and he compliments her, calling her more beautiful than Princess Cassie. She’s flattered and smiles at him.

Reva works on the sign for the specials at the bar when Nate explains he needs help. She’s still mad at him and he picks up on it. He lets her know that he doesn’t understand. He explains that since he’s not married a kiss meaning nothing isn’t a big deal. He does comment that for someone who is married that it could change everything. This infuriates her even more and she storms out, announcing that she will be taking her break.

Alan reminds Buzz that in life there are no winners. He comments that lately there only seems to be parent & children missing one another. He continues on mentioning once more that he wants a new beginning and asks him again to come to the party. Buzz accepts the invitation, but makes it clear that he will only be dropping Zach off. Alan thanks him as Buzz mentions that Zach may be the best chance the Spaulding’s have at moving forward.

Lizzie doesn’t understand, reminding him that when she first took over the restaurant that he wanted her out. He continues to tell her about missed opportunities and time passing by. She doesn’t buy it, and he reminds her that when she gets back things could be completely different. It is apparent that he’s referring to more than just the business. He smiles at her, letting her know that if she wants to change her life that she doesn’t need to leave Springfield. Coop leans in to kiss her just as Alan walks in. He notifies her that they need to go home and she doesn’t want to hear it. Lizzie tells him that she has work to do and he reminds her of the party and her father’s upcoming birthday. Coop interrupts them and challenges Alan not to make Lizzie do something she doesn’t want to. Alan looks irate.

Buzz is opening his mail and listening to the radio when he hears the broadcast announcing the bus accident. It mentions Harley by name and that there are no survivors. He runs off clearly upset.

Harley agrees with Mallet and tries to convince Gus that he should save himself. She reminds him that she has to do the safest thing for herself until the real killer is exposed. He pleads with her, begging her to trust him to do the right thing. He promises that he won’t let her down. “I love you.” She tells him before turning to Mallet and apologizing. She and Gus head in the direction of a ravine.

Mallet pulls a gun out and aims it at Gus’s head. He apologizes to Harley and explains that he didn’t give his life up for her only to watch her waste it. Harley goes to Mallet, thanking him for all he has done and informs him that her life is with Gus. She urges him to let them leave before it is too late. He turns the gun on himself and then looks at her. He hands the gun to her. “You’re going to need this, sunshine.” He tells her, his heart breaking. Gus grabs the gun from her.

Alan hands Lizzie an invitation and reminds Coop that it is a family matter. She comments on how it will be weird for her to celebrate her father’s birthday without him there. She hands the invite back to Alan, letting him know that she no longer wants to live her life in the past. “I need to start a life of my own.” She tells him. “You’ve got to let me go.”

Dinah comments to her new admirer about how fake everyone seems and he agrees. He kisses her hand and asks her to wait for him while he tends to something. She watches, smiling as he walks away.

Cassie wonders why things can’t always be so simple between her and her husband. He reminds her that they can and leans in to kiss her. She pulls away, telling him that she has too much on her plate as is. She informs him that she has to head back to the hotel to get ready to see Alonzo. As she’s leaving she runs into Dinah who is excited to share the news of the new man she has met. While she’s telling Cassie how great he is, they see him with a tray and realize he’s a waiter.

Reva walks into Elizabeth & Company and looks around. Not seeing anyone she makes herself at home, and pours a drink. Jonathan watches her from the window as she flips a bottle into the air.

He comes in admiring her style, wondering where she learned her bartending skills. She smiles and tells him that she learned it from a friend.

Mallet apologizes for not being able to give her the life he wanted to. He then hands Harley his jacket and explains that there is an untraceable cell phone in the pocket. As Gus & Harley take off he yells to Gus to protect her and promises to stall the cops as long as he can. Mallet is suddenly cornered by cops shining lights in his face. He throws his arms up and yells that everyone is dead.

Jonathan smiles at his mother, commenting that she is full of surprises. Reva lets him know that she’d like to be alone, and he reminds her of what a good son he’s been. He’s worried about her but she doesn’t see it. “I just can’t talk to you right now.” She tells him annoyed. He lashes out at her, yelling at her for not appreciating all he has done for her. Before leaving he tells her that he no longer cares what’s bothering her today and that she’s crazy.

Dinah’s new friend comes by and asks her to meet him by the service entrance. Cassie comments on how nice he seems, but clearly has a smirk on her face. This angers Dinah and sends her into a tirade. She wonders why, despite all she has done, no one cares if she is happy. Cassie tries to get her to calm down until a palace guard comes by. He grabs Cassie, notifying her that she is now under arrest. She yells out to Dinah urging her to get Edmund to help her while being hauled off.

Lizzie tells her grandfather that she doesn’t want to be like her father or him. “I want to be happy and normal.” She confesses to him. He reminds her that she will never be that because she is a Spaulding. Alan then offers to wait for her while she finishes things up at the restaurant. Coop who has watched the whole situation unravel approaches her, wondering why she’s going back to the mansion. “I’m going to go, unless you give me a reason not to.” She tells him.

The cops warn Mallet to keep his hands in the air. He yells out, informing them that everyone is dead. He sees Buzz wandering onto the scene and yells out how sorry he is that he couldn’t protect Harley.

Buzz shouts out as they try and pull Mallet away from the vehicle.

Gus & Harley arrive at her house that is being built and he reminds her that the best place to hide is in plain sight. She smiles as he talks about the house & their future together. Looking at her, he promises to find Phillip’s true killer. The two kiss one another.

Reva arrives back at Outskirts and finishes up where she left off. Nate stares at her and she simply rolls her eyes.

Edmund sees Dinah and before she has a chance to say anything to her, he asks her if she’s see his wife. She looks at him and informs him that he just missed her.

Coop doesn’t say anything at first and she prepares to leave. “They need me.” She tells him. Grabbing his arm she admits that she doesn’t want to lose her grandfather.

Once more she asks him to give her a reason to stay. He thinks for a moment and then agrees that she should go home to her family. He brushes her hair out of her eyes and it looks like he might kiss her. Instead, he walks away. She has tears in her eyes.

On the patio, the radio announces the bus crash, with no survivors. Silently, Alan turns the radio off.

Mallet continues to fight with the cops. He and Buzz are yelling at one another. He apologizes for not being able to do more, while Buzz wants to know where Harley is. Buzz wanders around the site in a daze, unable to grasp what is happening.

Gus & Harley hug one another. She hears sirens and looks frightened even though he assures her that it’s not for them. Gus leaves to make certain that the place is secure. While he’s gone she lifts her shirt up to reveal a large injury on her stomach. It is bleeding badly and she hides it before he returns and has a chance to see it. He tells her that there is no way he can lose her again and informs her that he has to go back to the mansion. He thinks he can find the killer there. She nods, understanding and warns him to be careful.

In the Spaulding mansion, someone walks down a hallway and looks at a photo of Phillip. Apparently it is the killer. They walk into a room and behind a photo is a button. The person presses it to reveal a moving bookcase. In the secret room there are many photos of Phillip along with a chair and desk. The killer opens the desk to reveal it filled with photos of Phillip with everyone he knew. There is also a pair of gloves on the desk which the killer puts on. He picks up a letter opener and points it at a photo of Phillip & Alan. The killer then opens an invitation to the memorial for Philip.

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