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Lena apologizes to Harley once more about her involvement with Alan. She begins to tell Harley that there is something she needs to confess about Philip’s murder before they get to Hellis. Before she has a chance to say anything else there is the sound of screeching tires and a horn honking. The bus rolls down and embankment as the driver, Lena and Harley are thrown about the van. The bus stops moving and none of the people aboard are moving.

Gus answers his cell phone while looking down the road towards where the bus was. Alan is on the other end of the line wondering is everything is alright. He tells his father that Harley has just passed by in a transport bus and Alan is shocked. Gus lashes out at him, accusing his father of wanting Harley to be sent away. He quickly becomes sad and blames himself for the way things have turned out.

Reva and Josh hold one another and look out at the night air from the patio of Elizabeth & Company. She assures him of how much he means to her and then tells him she is willing to quit her job at the bar to go back to WSPR. She heads inside, Josh following after her. Once inside he turns her around and tells her that she can’t quit her job at Outskirts. “I didn’t marry a quitter.” He tells her.

At the site of the bus crash a fire begins. Lena, Harley and the driver remain motionless.

Reva sits in a corner booth eating ice cream with Josh and wonders why he wants her to forget about TV. He lets her know that he only wants her to be happy and the bartending job seems to do that for her. She can’t believe how understanding he has been about the whole thing and comments on it leaving him wondering what she expected. She’s even more baffled as he tells her that he doesn’t think that it makes sense for her to walk away from something that she seems to enjoy sop much. She thinks back to earlier in the night when Nate landed on top of her and her daydream is interrupted by her cell phone. She answers it and finds that Nate is on the other end. He demands she get back to the bar, claiming that there is a large party of customers who have requested her. Reva seems annoyed and doesn’t immediately head out after the call has ended. Josh, on the other hand, urges her to go to work if they need her there.

Bill and Olivia walk up to Elizabeth & Company, the moods definitely having changed since leaving the Spaulding Mansion. He is serious and tells her that they need to have a talk. She’s still somewhat shook up and doesn’t want to discuss anything; she even suggests that they head home. “We are not going anywhere until you answer the question: Did you shoot Phillip or not?” He asks her.

In the study, Alan is still on the phone with Gus. He tries to convince his son to come home and even tells him about a get together they are going to have at the house in honor of Phillip’s birthday. He makes it clear that the whole family, including the children will be there. Gus walks around his car, listening to his father but still looking annoyed at the situation. Before hanging up, he agrees to attend the memorial for the sake of Zach. Back in the study, Alan tells himself that tonight those who hurt Phillip will pay for their actions.

Harley slowly wakes up, coughing and makes her way over to Lena. She calls out her name and shakes her, trying to wake her up. Gradually Lena wakes up and informs Harley that she can’t move. It is apparent she is in a lot of pain. She urges Harley to escape without her. Harley continues talking to Lena, trying to keep her away and heads over to the emergency door. She bangs on it, trying to open it, but it won’t budge. They are trapped inside. Lena mutters to herself how she won’t make it while Harley continues to try and open the door.

Gus looks around the woods as if he hears something. He suddenly takes off in a run towards the site of the bus crash.

Olivia becomes mad with Bill, not wanting to answer all his questions. She admits that she locked Gus up, but only because he was going after her. Bill doesn’t stop with the questions and Olivia gets angry. She wonders why it matters what the truth is if he is going to leave her anyway. He looks puzzled and informs her that he isn’t going to leave her, “even if you shot Phillip.” He tells her. Bill continues to tell her how he saw the desperation on her face when she realized Emma was missing from Cross Creek. She begins to cry as he goes on to tell her that he would understand if she killed Phillip to protect her child. With venom in her voice, Olivia reminds Bill of how much she hated Phillip. He nods, letting her know that he wouldn’t be able to blame her if Phillip was shot accidentally. Olivia walks toward him and kisses him.

Josh admits that he can’t keep up with his wife. He also tells her that he knows people continually change. He adds in that her ever changing personality is one of the reasons he fell in love with her. Reva apparently likes what she is hearing and smiles as he continues to convince her that he has no need to try and change her into something else. She begins to cry and he stops her. “Go. Your boss needs you.” He reminds her. Reva kisses him once more and waves goodbye as she’s heading out the door.

Harley is still coughing and can’t get out of the bus. She refuses to get up, despite Lena being convinced that they are doomed. She is at the door, trying to escape when Gus appears. He grabs a log and jams it against the door repeatedly. The door pops open and he pulls her out to safety. She lays unconscious as he tells her that he finally has her.

Reva walks into a mostly empty bar, wondering what is going on. Nate points to Stephanie who is downing shot after shot of tequila. He tells Reva that Stephanie won’t leave until she talks to her as she was also fired. Reva laughs, and moves towards her old boss as Nate warns her to be nice. She pours her another drink as an upset Stephanie tells her how sorry she is for having fore her. Reva sits down and urges her to spill her guts. “I just might understand.” She confesses.

Billy joins his brother inside the restaurant, upset at having just seen Bill & Olivia kissing outside. Josh smiles and compares their problems with Bill & Reva. He goes on to tell his brother that you can’t change someone just because you think you know what’s best for them. He mentions some advice HB once gave them and informs Billy that if you give people what they want that eventually they will tire of it. They smile at one another, thinking that they have it all figured out.

Kissing her husband, Olivia comments that she never thought she would have someone that would truly love her unconditionally. He smiles, reminding her that it is the definition of true love. She wants to head home and he stops her, still wanting her to tell him the truth about Phillip’s murder. He promises to stick by her and she readies herself to confess the truth to him.

Alan hands his sister the guest list for the impending party. It is clear that she thinks it is a bit over the top, but doesn’t fight him on it. He picks up an invitation addressed to Olivia & Emma, and head out, wanting to hand deliver it.

Gus pleads with Harley to open her eyes and kisses her. She slowly wakes up, coughing. He picks her back up, ready to run away with her when she stops him. She hops out of his arms, determined to save Lena. He follows her and together they try and get her out of the bus. They get her to safety and she lies still on the ground. Gus wonders about the driver, and Harley informs him that he’s long gone.

He runs back towards the bus, takes one look and jumps back toward safety just as the bus explodes.

Reva hands Stephanie some coffee, in an effort to try and sober her up. She makes light of being fired and informs her that she will soon find another job. She appreciates the kind words and they smile at one another. They even toast each other as Nate watches on with a smile on his face.

Josh convinces his brother that he’s working on making things better with his wife by letting her make her own decisions. Billy jokingly mentions the buy out of WSPR and Josh informs him that it also helped that they took it from Alan.

Reva offers to talk with the new television station owners and suggests that she might be able to get Stephanie her job back. She becomes excited at the news and even hugs Reva. Nate comes over to tell Stephanie that he’s called her a cab. She stumbles out and Reva thanks him. He looks puzzled and she lets him know that she appreciated his input. She explains that she could have been mean, but that being the better person made her feel good. She leans in to kiss him on the cheek and he turns his head, trying to kiss her fully on the mouth. She pulls away slightly.

Josh confesses to his brother that he has made a deal to help Sebastian with the take over of Spaulding Enterprises. Billy wonders if his brother trusts Roger’s son and he seems unsure.

In tears, Olivia confesses that she was at the end of her rope when it came to Phillip. Just as she is about to confess to her husband what happened, Alan interrupts them. Bill is annoyed while Olivia looks shocked. He clearly hasn’t heard anything and tells her that he wanted to invite her to the house for a Spaulding Family gathering.

Gus wants to leave and Harley refuses. She leans over Lena, making sure she is ok. Lena’s eyes open and she refers to Harley as ‘Emily.’ Playing along, to ease her mind Harley wonders if her ‘mother’ is ok. Harley pleads with Lena to stay awake and it is apparent that it is a struggle.

She informs ‘Emily’ that it will be her job to tell her friend, Harley about the murder. Harley looks at Gus confused, but doesn’t press the issue. She kisses Lena’s hand. Before closing her eyes one last time Lena hands her something. She dies with Harley lying next to her in tears.

Nate challenges Reva to make the next move. They are still inches away from each other. She tells him that she should get home and as she tells him goodnight he leans in and kisses her.

Billy & josh toast to new beginning. In the middle of their toast Josh twitches noticeably enough so that Billy sees. He attributes it to having something to do with apprehension about trusting Sebastian.

It is clear that Bill doesn’t want his wife anywhere near the Spaulding house. Alan informs them both that it is family only and that he wasn’t invited in the first place. Bill becomes madder, as Alan reminds her that this will help remind her of the connection she will always have to the Spaulding’s. Bill looks uneasy as she agrees to attend. This pleases Alan and he leaves. Olivia turns to her husband and assures him that she will be fine. She reasons that if she doesn’t show that people will become more and more suspicious. Bill leaves to get the car, leaving her alone on the patio. She pulls out a large envelop, and promises herself to make sure that Phillip ‘stays buried.’

Alex is looking at a photo of Phillip as she informs a servant that everything is set for the party.

Harley doesn’t want to leave and explains to Gus what Lena was doing on the bus. She doesn’t understand why she has the chance to leave, and Lena is dead. Gus convinces her that they need to get going, reminding her that it is what Lena would have wanted. Harley nods, takes one last look at Lena and kisses her goodbye. Gus covers her with his coat. Together they leave the accident scene. As they are running towards his car, they run into Mallet.

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