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With lights sill flashing outside the prison, Mallet tries to convince Harley to trust him. He wants her to run away with him and extends his hand. She grabs it and the two take off together.

Olivia and Bill barge into the Spaulding study surprising Gus. She demands to know where her daughter is and when Gus doesn’t immediately give her what she wants, she pulls a gun on him. She has tears in her eyes and looks like she’s about to have a breakdown.

Nate is on top of Reva on the floor. She’s clearly uncomfortable with the situation even though he doesn’t seem to mind.

Josh is leaving Elizabeth & Company when he runs into Sebastian. He doesn’t seem to have the time for him, but stops anyway. He goes on to ask Josh how the TV station is going and mentions how he helped him acquire it. He then mentions that soon he will need Josh to repay him for that favor. Sebastian walks off, and a mad Josh follows.

Bill gets in between his wife and Gus, wondering what she’s hoping to accomplish. He begs her to put the gun down and she warns him to stay out of it. She threatens to kill Gus if need be to get Emma back. While Bill continues to try and reason with her Gus torments her, taunting her that Emma is a Spaulding. “I want my daughter back now.” She yells at Gus with the gun still pointed at him.

Mallet pulls out his gun and the two leave the safety of his office. They make their way to a stairwell and head down them. She has some second thoughts, but continues on anyhow. He promises her that the stair will lead them to freedom and they stop momentarily when they hear someone below them. They look over the railing to see a guard. The two huddle together in a corner, trying to keep quiet as the guard climbs the stairs closer to them.

At the bar, Reva stands up and accuses Nate of wanting to kiss her. He laughs it off and turns the tables on her, letting her know that he thinks she wanted him. She looks like she can’t believe what she is hearing and once more the two begin to joke around with one another. They have a drink and he makes the mistake of referring to her as a “woman like you.” She’s annoyed and wonders what he meant by it. He tells her to never mind and walks off.

Josh follows Sebastian into the restaurant and wonders what he owes for his help. Sebastian assures Josh that it’s nothing specific and simply warns him that in the near future Spaulding will come to a cross roads. “When that happens, you’re up.” He tells Josh. Blake walks in and immediately goes to her brother. Josh walks away, leaving the two alone. Blake and her brother sit down, and he wonders if she is serious about taking down Spaulding Enterprises. She assures him that she can get down & dirty if that is what needs to be done.

Bill begs with Olivia to give him the gun, and she shuts the door ignoring him. He tries to convince her that Emma is alright and she doesn’t want to hear it. “Do you want to die, Gus?” she asks. He eggs her on, pretending to be Phillip and getting her more and more mad. While he continues to push her buttons reminiscent of Phillip he slyly backs himself up to the desk where he turns a voice recorder on. Bill continues to try and convince his wife that Gus isn’t going to keep her daughter from her, but she doesn’t listen to him. She begins to cry and yell at Gus that his family needs to leave her and Emma alone.

A prison guard walks past Mallet and Harley without noticing them. He comments on how lucky they were and the two continues down the stairs.

Reva continues to pressure Nate into explaining what he meant. He refuses to answer and reminds her that he barely knows her. She doesn’t let the conversation die and he questions what it is that she is looking for. When she tells him that she’s unsure he tells her that she needs to figure it out soon. This gets her even angrier and she maintains that her only reason for being at the bar is because of work. He obviously doesn’t believe her, but refuses to argue. His acceptance of her story seems to infuriate her as well and she follows him, wonders why he’s not saying what he truly thinks. She begins to gather her things up to leave as she tells him that she has pegged him as a man who likes to play games. “Go home to your perfect life.” He urges her which makes her even madder. “I never said I had a perfect life.” She replies. He agrees telling her “If it were perfect you wouldn’t be here in the first place.” Realizing he has a point she leaves without saying a word.

Olivia pleads with Gus to give her Emma back. She doesn’t want to shoot him, but informs him that she will if need be. He continues to goad her, this time showing her a photo of Phillip and saying that since he & Emma are both Spaulding’s that she belongs to him. This gets her even more upset and she begins to lose it. She even refers to him as Phillip. She approaches him and punches him, while Bill tells Gus to stop antagonizing her. She raises her gun to him again warning him that he has no idea what she is capable of.

Sirens continue to blare in the prison yard as Harley wonders where they are headed. He leads her into a side yard and informs her that they have to get past a gate. They pass a bus and Harley looks inside and sees Lena. She stops Mallet, wondering what is going on. He tells her that Lena offered to go to Hellis in her place. He switched their prison ID numbers and lets her know that it just may work. She clearly doesn’t agree with his plan and wonders why someone else has to pay for her mistakes. “She will survive Hellis, you won’t.” He reminds her. Harley is still mad not wanting to send her friend away. Despite all of Mallet’s best efforts to convince her that it is the right thing to do, Harley refuses to accept it. She pulls away wondering why he is so willing to lose everything, including his freedom, for her. He doesn’t want to talk to her about important matters while they’re squatted in a prison yard trying to hide. She refuses to move until they talk, so he gives in. They talk about the past and agree that once and for all that they are even. They even shake hands on it. They lean in towards each other to kiss and Harley picks up a rock from the ground and slams it into his head. He falls to the ground and she apologizes as she heads toward the transport bus.

Bill stands between his wife and Gus, begging her to put the gun down. She refuses, claiming that it’s the only way she will be able to protect Emma. Gus continues talking mentioning how Phillip wanted his daughter with the Spaulding’s. Bill grabs the gun, asking his wife to listen to him. He assures her that they will get her daughter back. She begins crying as he reminds her of all the things that could happen to her if she shot Gus. She hands over the gun to her husband as Gus continues to challenge her. Mid sentence, Emma comes running into the room and jumps into her mother’s arms. She turns to Gus. “I’ll never forget what you did to me, never.” She warns him before leaving. Gus turns to Bill, wondering why he would stand by a killer. Bill doesn’t seem to see things the same way and maintains that his wife didn’t admit to anything. He warns Gus to stay away from his family before heading out in the hallway to join his wife.

Sebastian warns his sister that the Spaulding fight is going to get very dirty and she reminds him that she is the daughter of Roger Thorpe. Together they toast their efforts to take over Spaulding Enterprises.

Josh walks out the restaurant and immediately runs into Reva. She immediately kisses him.

Harley hops on the bus and orders Lena to get off. Len look shocked and reminds Harley that the only reason she’s in such a mess is because of her. “You have to at least let me try and pay you back.” She tells Harley. She goes on to admit that she’s done making rotten decisions with her life and that for once she wants to do something right. Harley maintains firm in her decision and tells Lena that despite what she wants it won’t be happening. She pulls her up telling her that she wants to save her. The driver boards the bus and Harley hits the floor. He comments on not having Lena chained down and the three take off.

Bill refuses to believe that his wife is guilty of murder and defends her to Gus. He walks out of the room to see Olivia in the hallway playing with Emma.

Josh wonders what he did to deserve such a kiss from his wife and immediately wonders if something is up. She assures him that everything is fine as she pulls out a bottle of wine and two glasses. “I owe you an apology.” She tells him and proceeds to apologize for not being more appreciative of him buying the TV station for her. He looks happy, but surprised and reminds her that he only bought it for her to help make her feel better. The two hug one another as Reva promises never to take him for granted again. Josh looks confused, as if he’s wondering where this is all coming from.

Bill apologizes to his wife for what has happened and she wonders if he finally realizes what she’s had to deal with. He lets her know that he’s going to be there for her as she admits how badly Alan, like Phillip, wants to take Emma away from her. Just as she begins talking about the night of Phillip’s murder she shuts down and doesn’t say anything more. He wants to talk more about it and she refuses. Instead, she hugs him telling him that she needs to think about something else for a while.

In his car, Gus tells himself that he’s going to protect Harley.

Harley whispers to Lena how they have to stay strong once they get to Hellis. “We have to look out for one another.” She tells Lena, who compares them to Thelma & Louise. Harley begins staring out the window while thinking of Mallet promising to protect her.

Gus gets out of his car on the side of the rode and opens his hood. The car isn’t working and he looks up just in time to see Harley looking out the window of the transport bus. The two yell for one another.

The rest is a montage of images while Hoobastank’s “Escape” plays. Josh and Reva kissing one another outside of Elizabeth & Company. Reva working at the bar with Nate. Olivia and Emma playing with one another. Bill looking at a photo of Phillip, wondering who killed him. Lena and Harley hugging one another. Mallet and Harley kissing one another in his office. Gus racing to help Harley. Olivia pointing a gun at Gus. Bill taking the gun away from his distraught wife. Harley’s face illuminated by the lights & flares at the prison. Mallet helping Harley into the prison yard. Gus pounding on his car hood as the transport bus speeds away from him.

Lena apologizes to Harley once more about her involvement with Alan. She begins to tell Harley that there is something she needs to confess about Philip’s murder before they get to Hellis. Before she has a chance to say anything else there is the sound of screeching tires and a horn honking. The bus rolls down and embankment as the driver, Lena and Harley are thrown about the van. The bus stops moving and none of the people aboard are moving.

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