Guiding Light Update Monday 5/23/05



By Ashley
Pictures by Boo

At Nate’s bar, a very scantily clad Tammy shares a cocktail with a handsome stranger who might be married. Reva walks in while the man propositions Tammy. She immediately pulls Tammy away and asks what Tammy is doing. Reva wants to know why she is talking to a strange man when she has Sandy. But Tammy confesses that the closer she gets, the more she wants to run away. When she goes to the bar and meets met, the guy goes home all the time. It doesn’t hurt to talk to them. Tammy feels like she’s out of control with Sandy because of what happened with Jonathan. When she is at the bar, she has the control.

Nate comes over and reveals that Reva works there. Tammy is confused. Reva confesses that she’s not the only one running from something.

Reva gets to work while Tammy asks her about Josh’s reaction to her new job. Reva tells her that she just needed something that was all hers. She warns her to be careful; there might be better ways to deal with what’s going on with her and Sandy. Tammy says she’s trying to learn how to protect herself, and that is why she’s here. She’s sick of Sandy trying to protect her all the time. Reva identifies with her. Tammy leaves to go home, and Reva goes back to the bar, seeing Nate. Reva asks him if she’s crazy for working there. He replies no and gets questionably close to her. They start to flirt.

At Company, Sandy wants to know exactly why Jonathan is really working there. Jonathan gets angry that he thinks he has another agenda. Sandy tells him that he knows he’s in it for himself. He wants to know his plan. Jonathan yells at him, claiming that he is always going to expect the worse from him and walks off. Sandy tells him to wait. He realizes that Jonathan has developed feelings and actually likes his family now. Jonathan gets even angrier and walks away. He feels like he shouldn’t want this. Jonathan comes back in and sees an anonymous note on his table that says “Stop talking to him.” He gets spooked and leaves.

Bill and Olivia have made up, and he tells her that all he wants to do is protect their family. Olivia remembers Emma and runs outside to check on her. They are both shocked to find that she isn’t there. Olivia becomes hysterical, and Bill is frantic. Bill says to himself that he knew Gus would do this. Olivia freaks out and blames him for not telling her about Gus. He tries to calm her. She accuses him of setting her up and wanting to have something to hold over her head. He explains that Gus was standing outside when he got there, but she won’t hear it. Emma is gone, and it is his fault. Gus calls in the middle of their fight. Olivia grabs the phone and demands that he bring Emma home. Gus informs her that this is a game. She needs to go back to Springfield and answer some questions. They hang up, and Olivia prepares to go back to Springfield proclaiming “it’s happening again.” Bill assures her that he’s not going to let Alan or Gus hurt her. He loves her and Emma, and he won’t let her down.

Emma is now in the car with Gus, Alan, and Alex. He is using her to get to Olivia. Alex is worried about kidnapping Emma, but Gus assures her this is one big game, and it will end in Springfield. She doesn’t believe him, however. She accuses him of acting exactly like Phillip. They finally make it home, and Alan is all smiles. Emma asks when her mother is coming. Alan says that they can watch TV until she gets there. He turns on the TV, and Harley’s face is plastered on the TV.

Harley calls Gus, crying to him. He tells her to sit tight; she will be there soon. She just wanted to call and hear his voice in case something happened. She apologizes and tells him she loves him. Mallet listens, when the line goes dead.

Mallet and Harley share a passionate kiss. He tells her that she wanted a reason for why she should stay. This is it. Harley pushes him away and proclaims that this can’t happen.

She says it’s not real, and she has to walk out of that door. Mallet says he will die before he watches her go down. Harley notices herself on the news and is shocked. She tries to run out and surrender, but Mallet won’t let her. He blurts out that he can’t because she is the reason he came back. He has been waiting eight years to see her again, and now he needs to make up for what happened. He will keep her safe.

Harley thanks him for everything he has tried to do, but tells him it’s over. She tries to go out again, but Mallet tells her he has a new plan, and this time, he won’t let her down. He wants to protect her by giving himself up and possibly being shot. Harley begs him not to. She stares at the TV again and realizes that her family might be watching. She can’t bear to think about her kids and Buzz watching this. Harley calls her sons and tells them she loves them and that she is okay. She tears up when Jude asks when she is coming home. She doesn’t know.

The police try to break in my using a chain saw to cut through the wall. Both her and Mallet fall to the ground. He tells her to run.

Tammy walks into Company and hugs Sandy. She tells him that she knows she hasn’t been acting normal lately, but she is working on it.

Outside Company, Jonathan paces the ground, crying.

Reva fiddles around with the beer fountain and ends up spraying it all over the place. She screams to Nate, and they both fall on the ground on top of one another.

Gus prepares to leave until Olivia walks in and wags a gun in his face. She demands to know where Emma is, pointing the gun next to his head.

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