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By Ashley
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Mallet checks the area surrounding his office for any guards who may know of Harley’s whereabouts. Harley is in his office with him, when he turns on the radio. They hear a radio report explaining that the two of them are on lockdown in the prison. Mallet makes a phone call about Harley’s safety, Meanwhile, Harley imagines Gus by her side. For a moment, he helps her, but she can’t help but realize that she is definitely going to “hellhouse.” Mallet stops her and asks if they can face the real facts about their relationship. He reminds her that she saw the letters, and she knows how he feels about her. She tells him that she has gotten over him, and she does not love him anymore. Mallet is disappointed that this is her answer and asks what she is afraid of.

Harley tells him that when you love someone as deeply as she loved him, the fact that it ends changes you. She is a different woman now, and she is in love with Gus. Mallet explains that when he looks at her, he sees the old Harley. There is a knock at the door. Mallet has invited Lena to come in and sit with Harley.

Over at Company, Ross tries to comfort Marina. He tells her that it’s okay if she wants to talk about something else – perhaps Danny. Danny arrives and looks into the window. Danny walks inside and greets Marina after Ross has sit down at a table. Marina tries desperately to keep herself busy, while Danny asks if he can help. He thinks that she should close up early, considering the news with Harley. Marina runs away to the kitchen while Danny and Ross sympathize with one another about not being able to help her.

She comes back out and walks outside, making a call to her dad to ask if anything with Harley has changed. She sits for a moment and daydreams of Danny holding her and making everything okay. They start to kiss, and Danny continues to tell her that he will take care of her. He will take away all of her worries and doubts. She wakes up and realizes she was dreaming.

In Oklahoma, Gus daydreams of Harley while riding in a car with Alexandra and Alan. They are on their way to Olivia’s. The car arrives at Olivia’s hideout, and they try to formulate a plan. Gus gets out of the car to confront her. Olivia is taking Emma outside, and she does not see him.

Bill has found Olivia’s hiding place. He waits outside and remembers when Gus told him that she was most likely the real killer. Bill runs into Gus, who is gearing up to confront Olivia. He asks him what he thinks he is doing. Gus replies that he is saving the woman he loves by burying Olivia.

Lena walks in and asks her about her feelings for Mallet. Harley reminds her that she is in love with Gus and has no feelings for Mallet. But Lena won’t stand down. Harley becomes angry and yells at her to stop forcing her to answer. Lena reminds her that she once told her that Mallet was the love of her life. Harley shouts that this is so hard, and she misses her mother. She compares Lena to her late mother and tells her that this is why she loves being with her. Lena assures her that everything will be just fine. Harley thanks her, but Lena shouts at her not to, thinking back to her betrayal. Lena leaves, and Mallet walks back in to tell her that he just got word from the Governor. Mallet tells her that this may be their ticket out of this mess and asks her to believe in him.

Ross asks Danny about Michelle and is happy to hear that she is doing well. Marina walks in and grabs Danny’s hand, leading him to the other side of the restaurant. She tells him she’s tired of waiting for him to prove himself. She doesn’t care anymore; she knows that he loves her and wants to be with her. But this is a daydream. As he is walking away, he looks at Marina outside longingly.

Olivia walks back inside and tells herself that she should not have gone there.

Outside, Bill asks Gus to let him go in first. He walks in, and Olivia nearly hits him with a baseball bat.

Back in the car, Alexandra scolds Alan for holding such a grudge over Harley. He affirms that even if Harley is innocent, he will still try to ruin her life. Alan gets a call from Lena, who tells him that their deal is off. She doesn’t want to hurt Harley anymore. Alan threatens her life along with her daughters. She replies that her life is already hell and hangs up.

Lena turns around to see Harley behind her. Harley confronts her about talking to Alan. She tells Lena not to deny it. Lena says she did it for her daughter. Alan said he would get her daughter to come visit her if she kept tabs on Harley. Harley feels betrayed. Lena tells her she would give anything to go back in time and not make the phone call to Alan. Harley doesn’t want to listen to it. Mallet comes back in and tells her that the Governor cancelled the meeting. Harley informs him that it was all Lena’s doing since she was working with Alan. Harley is furious while Mallet tries to search for other options. He promises her that he won’t let her down again. Outside, the guards call for Harley to come out. They begin to fight again. Harley tells him that she’s going out there and turning herself in before she gets them both killed. She leaves with Mallet following.

Mallet throws her back inside and Harley asks him to give her one good reason not to turn herself in. He kisses her.

Ross goes outside to see Marina and tell her about Danny. He informs her that Danny just wants to help her and make her feel better, if she would just let him in. Marina says she has to have distance. She can’t do anything about it. She wonders why things can’t be like the way they were before. She begins to cry, and Ross walks away. Someone else puts their hand on her shoulder. It is Danny. He tells her that she’s a mess, and that he can help her. He reminds her that the more she needs him, the more she pulls away. She needs to let him in. He asks her to lean on him, just for that night, and it will make her feel better. Marina rests her head on Danny’s shoulder.

Alan leaves a threatening message on Lena’s phone while Alexandra gets back into the car. Alan goes ahead and tells her that he arranged the transfer for Harley. She is disgusted and flees from the car.

Gus waits outside of the house while Olivia and Bill argue. Olivia tells Bill that he wouldn’t understand why she had to leave. She asks him what if she did shoot Phillip. Would he leave with her and Emma? Would he run away with them? Bill assures her that he loves her, but she needs to tell him what is going on. Why would she lock Gus away? He demands to know the truth. She says that the truth is, she can’t lose him. They begin to kiss.

Outside, Alexandra runs up to Gus and wants to tell him something about Alan. Before she says anything, Alex reminds him how much Alan loves him. She stalls and waits too long. Gus walks away. Alex changes her mind. Alex goes back to the car, and Gus spies Emma. He walks toward her.

When Alex gets back to the car, she tells Alan that she didn’t tell Gus, but he has a very warped perception of what the term “family” means. He needs to let Phillip rest in peace, and he’s not doing it now. Gus knocks on the window and says they are leaving. Olivia will definitely be in Springfield soon. He has taken Emma.

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