Guiding Light Update Thursday 5/19/05



By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At the Lewis office, Reva throws a paper airplane at Jonathan as she walks in. They joke around about her being bored with life until she gets a phone call. Once she’s off the phone she informs her son that Alan sold the TV station. She goes on to explain that the new owners want to meet with her to possibly offer her a job.

She doesn’t seem too thrilled about it and Jonathan is the one who urges her to take the meeting. As she’s leaving he finds a message on his computer from an unknown person that warns him that they will meet up. Jonathan looks worried.

Dinah, Cassie & Edmund are all going through San Cristobel’s immigration. Both Dinah and Edmund make it through fine, but Cassie has some problems. The immigration agent informs her that she is not permitted to enter the country until everything gets straightened out. She looks worried and demands to see Alonzo, but the agent won’t let her. She looks over to Edmund, wondering what is going on.

Billy is about to walk into Elizabeth & Company when he realizes he’s being followed. He turns around to find himself face to face with the man he hired to frightened Phillip. He demands more money and Billy hands him some cash. He takes off letting his hired ‘enforcer’ know that he will be back soon.

Inside, Sandy and Tammy are finishing up some work when they notice Coop on the floor. They can only see his legs and begin to get worried. Coop sits up perfectly fine and shows them a piece of plywood with knobs on it. He explains that he’s helping Zach & Jude turn their tree house into a spaceship and he looks like he’s regretting the decision. Lizzie walks in just as Sandy and Tammy are leaving. Coop sits up explaining what is going on with him and lets her know that he understands if she wants to dock his pay as he should be working. She smiles at him and offers to help instead.

Back outside, Beth and Ross are talking on the patio. She explains to him how she hasn’t had anyone to turn to for advice in raising Lizzie since Phillip died. She looks distraught and he tries to calm her. He tells her of the conversation he had with Lizzie the day before and it seems that Beth doesn’t buy the fact that her daughter wants to be a good person. Ross nods, telling her that he has the same problem with Dinah – she has good intentions, but no follow through.

Dinah is enjoying watching Cassie squirm. Cassie continues to argue with the immigration agent, but it isn’t getting her anywhere. She approaches Dinah & Edmund and lets them know she needs their help. Turning to Dinah she tells her “I need you to do me a favor and play Princess Cassie one last time.”

Coop and Lizzie have completed a majority of the space ship module and are now painting it. He mentions how much he appreciated her help and she explains that most of her artistic talent came from her mother. Coop begins to mention the conversation he had with Beth and then decides against. Lizzie, who won’t take no for an answer wonders what her mother said to him exactly. She looks baffled as he confesses that Beth told him not to get involved with her daughter because she didn’t want him to get hurt. Lizzie can’t believe what she’s hearing and looks betrayed more than anything else.

Outside, Beth explains that she doesn’t think Lizzie is ready for a relationship with anyone. Ross advises her to take a stand if that’s truly what she believes is best for everyone.

Dinah looks confused as Cassie tries to convince the two of them that it’s the only way. She reasons that the party is the only way that they can see Alonzo as well as put pressure on him. If they don’t make it to the party their chances of saving Will are gone. Edmund is unsure that it will work and doesn’t want to do it. He gives in after Cassie explains that Dinah won’t go anywhere near Alonzo. She will have to act like a woman who’s had their child ripped away she explains to them. Both Dinah and Edmund reluctantly agree as Cassie walks back over to the immigration agent. Dinah and Edmund leave for the masquerade ball.

At the office, Billy opens the safe and removes an envelope of money. He calls Harris on the phone and lets him know he will be there soon to drop off the money. Jonathan walks in, shocking Billy.

In a darkened TV station, Reva calls out wondering where everyone is. Suddenly a TV pops on with images of her & Josh. An announcer yells out “this is your life Reva Shayne-Lewis.”

Suddenly Josh comes out from no where and Reva smiles at the surprise. She looks confused as he tells her that he’s the new owner of WSPR. He goes on to let her know that his first act as owner is to bring back his wife to work at the station. Reva looks at him, overwhelmed by everything.

Cassie calls Ross trying to get some help in dealing with immigration. She lets him know that she’s ok and he wonders where his daughter is.

At the masquerade ball, Dinah is doing a great job impersonating Cassie. Edmund wonders what is in it for her to help them out once more. “I get to spend one wonderful evening getting to know what it would be like if you loved me the way I love you.” She confesses.

Coop looks at a depressed Lizzie and urges her to say something, anything. She looks like she’s near tears and wonders why he didn’t leave as soon as she walked in. He smiles at her and lets her know that he’s not afraid of her.

Ross hangs up the phone and turns his attention back to Beth just as Blake walks up. They all say hello to one another as Blake mentions being tired from taking care of Will & RJ. Beth mentions that she and Ross were discussing daughters as she looks through the window into the restaurant.

Lizzie sees her mother peering through the glass and ducks down on the floor, dragging Coop with her. He reasons with her and convinces her to get up and face her mother. Lizzie stands up sees Ross, Blake and Beth all walk in together. She immediately slams into her mother, demanding to know why she wants to ruin her life. Beth looks shocked at her daughter’s screaming.

Jonathan jokes with Billy about the money he’s taking out. He doesn’t want to hear it and Billy lays into him, making it clear that he doesn’t trust his nephew at all. He even laughs as Jonathan compares himself to Billy and offers to drop the money off. Tammy walks in overhearing only part of the conversation and wonders why Billy won’t give Jonathan a second chance to prove himself.

Josh urges his wife to look around and reminds her that the whole thing is theirs. She looks like she doesn’t know what to say and thanks him. It’s obvious that she’s overwhelmed by the gift and blurts out that she doesn’t want the gift. He looks like he doesn’t understand and asks her to explain. She goes on to tell him that she thinks it was completely wonderful for him to buy it for her, but that she doesn’t want it. She seems annoyed that he bought her a job. Josh is understanding and urges her to take her time before making any major decisions. Reva is firm with how she feels and tell him that she’s no longer sure of what she wants. “That’s why I went looking for it somewhere else.” She confesses to a nervous looking Josh.

Cassie stands at immigration praying to herself that she needs Edmund to come through for her one more time.

Edmund reminds Dinah that the sole reason they’re at the ball is to help Cassie. Dinah nods, completely aware of the circumstances. Suddenly the two are announced into the room. They dance together as well as have their picture taken together and it is evident that Dinah is enjoying every moment of it. She compliments him for doing everything to help Cassie keep Will and he reminds her that he would do anything to keep his family together.

Cassie turns to an immigration agent and tries to explain to him how badly she needs to speak to the prince. He makes it clear that he didn’t understand everything and begins to drag her away. She doesn’t understand what is going on.

Blake, Coop and Ross walk into the corner of the restaurant, giving Beth & Lizzie some space. Beth tries to explain to her daughter that she has decided that they’re going to leave town for a little while because she thinks its best.

Coop sits down with Ross & Blake and explains to them how he was only looking out for her. He mentions that many Spaulding’s hurt one another when they attempt to look out for the best interests of others. Blake agrees with Coop and tells him that he should fight for her if he wants to be with her. She’s very enthusiastically in support of them which clearly annoys Ross.

Lizzie doesn’t understand why her mother wants to send her away. She takes it as a sign that once again her mom thinks she is crazy. Beth lists off the many amenities of the resort she was looking into and even shows her a brochure. Lizzie looks it over briefly before ripping it up.

Josh can’t believe that his wife is now a bartender. He doesn’t understand why she didn’t come clean with him originally. She explains to him that she was a bit embarrassed and tells him that while she is there that she feels happy. Josh smiles, glad that something is making his wife smile again. They kiss one another and Reva decides to leave. They agree to meet up with one another later.

Tammy doesn’t understand what’s going on and looks concerned as Jonathan explains that someone is trying to blackmail Billy. Not wanting to get her involved Billy urges Sandy to take the day off to spend with Tammy. They leave together. Billy shakes his head, not understand why Tammy still rushes to defend Jonathan. “Maybe she sees something you don’t.” He replies. Billy hands over the envelope of money and informs Jonathan that the drop is at company. He also warns him not to mess things up. Jonathan thanks him for the chance and casually mentions that perhaps one day Billy will get his back as well.

Dinah is out on the terrace and comments on how beautiful the island is. She’s gushing as Edmund reminds her that his childhood wasn’t a paradise. She turns to him, wondering if he too felt something while they were spending time together tonight. He reminds her that he loves Cassie and not her. She looks crushed as he heads back inside to figure out where Alonzo is.

At the immigration counter Edmund arrives just in time to see an agent trying to arrest Cassie. He demands it to stop and then reasons with the officer, reminding him that Cassie only wants what is best for her children. It seems to work as the agent tells Cassie that she should hurry and find the prince. She and Edmund leave together.

On the phone Ross tells someone that he needs to hear back as soon as possible. Blake continues gushing on and on about how in love Coop & Lizzie are. He denies that they’re in love and reminds them that he only likes spending time with her. Together Ross & Blake continue to talk about how Coop & Lizzie belong together. Coop looks confused at all the advice he is hearing.

Lizzie is mad and doesn’t understand why leaving is so important to her mother. She reminds her daughter that if they’re just friends that they can still spend time with one another after the trip. Lizzie thinks about what her mother has said and looks over at Coop.

Tammy & Sandy are in the TV station wondering where Josh & Reva are. They play around and he puts her on TV. She becomes self conscious and he walks over to her. They kiss one another. Tammy pulls away from him and tells him that she has to finish some reading for a class she has later. He’s fine with it and makes her promise to call him later. They kiss one another goodbye and she leaves a hurt looking Sandy behind.

Reva walks into the Lewis offices and seems to be surprised to see Billy. She mentions how that at one point she and him used to go out and cause trouble. She becomes serious and then thanks him for giving Jonathan a chance.

Jonathan pushes Harris against a wall and makes it clear that if he has any trouble with the Lewis Family that he also has trouble with Jonathan. He shoves the money at him and when Jonathan turns around he sees Josh standing there watching him.

Blake watches as Coop and Lizzie share looks with one another. She turns to her husband reminding him that it was her idea to push them together in order to keep them apart. He smiles, and tells her how brilliant her plan was. She looks happy and informs him that she has a new project. “My brother Sebastian and I, we’ve teamed up. We’re going to take over Spaulding.” She tells him. He laughs at first thinking that she is joking. When he realizes she is serious he looks nervous.

Beth continues to try and sell the idea of the trip to Lizzie. She takes one last look at Coop and tells her mother that perhaps a vacation wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Jonathan is about to defend himself when Josh cuts in. He thanks him for sticking up for the family and for being willing to get his hands dirty. Jonathan smiles at the approval of his step father. His phone rings and Jonathan looks down to see a text message that someone is watching him.

Reva runs into Sandy at the station and is surprised but happy to see him. She wonders where Tammy is and it is apparent from looking at him that something is wrong. He goes on to admit to her that Tammy keeps pulling away from him. Reva looks concerned and tells him that she knows what is happening.

Cassie thanks Edmund for helping her out and they begin to get ready to search for Alonzo. Dinah shows up with bad news for them. She tells them that Alonzo decided not to show up at the ball. Cassie is understandably upset. Edmund promises her that he will find a way to get her to see the prince. She thanks him and they hug one another. Cassie is reminded of when they were happier together and tells him that. Edmund takes it as an invitation and kisses his wife passionately while Dinah watches on.

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