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By Elizabeth
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Edmund and Dinah continue to kiss passionately while Cassie looks on unamused. He pulls apart from Dinah, pointing out that Cassie is right. “Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss.” He tells her.

Marina and Danny are in the air flying around, having left Gus & Bill on the ground to deal with Olivia. They both look down and mention how much simpler things look from afar. While talking to her Danny realizes that part of Marina’s problem with him may be because she feels like she has no control over her life. He lets go of the airplane control and tells her that she has to fly the plane. Marin begins to freak out.

At the cottage, Bill decides to knock on the door. He prays to himself that he’s wrong about his wife. She doesn’t answer the knocks which causes Gus to become worried. They barge in and see no one around. Gus runs around the place looking for her while Bill remains standing in the entry. He looks confused and looks over at a nearby table. It has a note on it for him and he picks it up, apparently trying to shield it from Gus.

Harley looks out the window as Mallet yells orders over the phone. He makes it clear that there is a lockdown to the person on the other end of the phone. He looks up to see Harley who seems apathetic about the whole thing. She reminds him that he will lose his career over her, and wonders what else he would be willing to do for her. Not answering her he goes on to tell her that together they’re going to open some eyes at the governor’s office. Harley realizes how much her ex husband would truly do for her when he tells her that he would take a bullet for her.

Cassie looks angry as she defends herself to Edmund. She reminds him that her kiss with Edmund was nothing more than a goodbye kiss. He doesn’t buy it, claiming that the kiss he walked in on was more that a goodbye gesture. She turns the tables on him, asking about his kiss with Dinah. He assures her that it meant nothing and that unlike her; he doesn’t have feelings for the person he kissed. She becomes angrier, reminding him of all she is giving up to go along with his plan to protect Will. She storms around, continuing to pack while Edmund wonders why she’s not more excited to save her son. Cassie makes it clear that running away isn’t her idea for a lifetime of happiness. She begins crying and then tries to pull herself together quickly. “I need to go see Tammy now.” She tells them and doesn’t accept when Edmund offers to drive her. She lets him know that she needs to be alone and leaves. Dinah and Edmund look at one another and he apologizes for the kiss. She slaps him hard across the face.

Marina continues to freak out over being given control of the airplane. She finally takes the controls and eases into flying it. You can tell that she becomes comfortable with them right away. As soon as she’s more at ease with it she begins to make the airplane do a turn and Danny has to stop her. He tells her that they can cover flips in the next lesson. They smile at one another, having a good time with each other again.

Gus yells out that the boat is gone, which means they could be anywhere. When he returns to the front room he sees Bill reading a letter and pulls it out of his hands. He reads it aloud. The note is from Olivia and tells him that she wanted to believe him, but that she couldn’t. She goes on to accuse her husband of setting her up. Bill looks hurt while the letter is read and comments that he never set her up. Gus thinks this is definitive proof that Olivia is guilty.

The two wander outside and continue again to argue about whether or not Olivia is innocent or guilty. Together they agree to find Olivia to help both her as well as Harley.

Harley tries to face the reality that things aren’t going to end well, especially when she sees helicopters flying overhead and lights flashing. Mallet tries to calm her down and reminds her that all the attention is good. He informs her that if they’re getting enough attention that it will work in her favor when it comes to the media. She doesn’t know what to think when his phone rings. He answers it agreeing to whatever the person on the other end wants. He looks happy and announces that they’re making progress. He opens the door to the office and Frank walks in.

The slap obviously hurt Edmund and he looks confused. She wonders why he would apologize for the kiss and lets him know that unlike him she didn’t find it too terribly bad. She’s mad that he used her to make a point. He tries to defend himself, reminding her that he needed Cassie to see what was going on. She looks like she’s close to tears and clearly feels used. He looks baffled at the outpouring of emotion and lets her know that he never meant to hurt her. She confesses that for her the kiss was anything but a mistake and accuses him of purposefully pushing her buttons to get what he wants. She begins to yell at him very made for not ‘giving a damn’ for her. He continues to look confused and attempts to tell her that he thinks of her as a close friend. She doesn’t want to hear any of it. “Shut up Edmund. You cannot stop me from being in love with you.” She yells.

Cassie runs into her daughter working at Elizabeth & Company. She comments on how busy and happy her daughter seems since starting to work for Josh. Tammy agrees and begins to turn her attention to her mother. As she is shuffling some papers around she sees something and smiles. As she opens something she confesses to her mother that it’s a note from Sandy. “He’s always doing cute little things like that. It’s one of the reasons I…” She tells her mother not completing the sentence. Cassie looks happy for her child, wondering if it truly is love between the two. Tammy continues to explain her feelings for Sandy and realizes that she does love him. She’s becomes giddy and Cassie doesn’t share in her excitement. Tammy wonders if everything is ok. Cassie nods telling her daughter “I envy you.”

Bill & Gus are now in the plane and Marina wonders what they should do next. The two men begin to argue once more about Olivia. Marina breaks them up, reminding them that both Harley and Emma are being punished because of Olivia’s poor decisions. They both agree with her and contemplate their next move. It is clear that they don’t trust Alan and so Gus suggests that Bill pay him a visit. They both agree that if Gus did it that he would be suspicious.

Alan is on the phone in his study talking to the governor. He reminds the governor how important it is that Harley be moved from Valesburg to Hellis and hangs up the phone with a smile on his face.

Harley and Frank hug one another, glad to see each other. He tells both her and Mallet that he’s there to remind them not to make any stupid decisions.

He warns them that the next person the authorities send in might not be so friendly. Mallet assures Frank that he can save her and asks him to buy them some more time. He promises to do what he can and hugs his sister goodbye. He leaves and Mallet promises to do anything & everything to protect Harley.

Dinah is crying and confesses that she’s tired of having to hide her feelings for Edmund. She mentions how little Cassie appreciates his efforts and continues packing. She doesn’t seem to want to hear Edmund’s excuses. He grabs her as he begins to list of the good qualities she has and she pulls away. She obviously doesn’t want to hear it. Again, he apologizes for hurting her and this time she shrugs it off, claiming that she’s used to rejection. He looks confused as she attempts to continue packing and lets him know that she’s going to get over it. “I’m fine.” She tells him through tears.

Cassie tries to explain to her daughter that she’s happy that she’s found someone so great like Sandy. She goes on to mention the past and Tammy as a child. “It’s hard to believe that you’re so grown up.” She tells her daughter. Tammy smiles and tells her mother how much her mother taught her growing up. She even mentions an old adage about staying to fight your battles as opposed to running away. Cassie looks at her strangely and it looks like she has just realized something.

Marina walks into the restaurant and jokes about her flying lesson. They see the cardboard cut out of Danny nearby and laugh at it. Marina checks the mail and gets a weird look on her face. She hands Danny a postcard letting him know that it’s from Michelle.

Frank is on the phone outside the restaurant pleading with someone when Gus comes up. He tries to interrupt the conversation, but Frank won’t allow. Once off the phone he tells Gus that things with Harley are getting worse.

Alan slams down some paper, yelling over the phone that he doesn’t want any news organization to portray Harley as anything but a murderer. He sees Bill and hangs up. Bill lets Alan know that he’s still looking for his wife and wonders if Alan thinks Olivia would be capable of murder. He looks smug and confesses that he thinks Olivia is capable of many things, murder included if pushed against a wall. Bill stares coldly at Alan as he fakes concern for both Olivia and Harley.

Mallet gets off the phone upset and Harley is upset. She doesn’t see how he is willing to throw so much away for her. They reminisce about the past, and he lets her know that he wants to prove to her that he’s the same man she married. She pleads with him, reminding him that it is too late and he doesn’t want to believe it. “I don’t want to go back. But what’s stopping us from moving forward?” He asks her. She doesn’t address his question and instead remains negative about her prospect of getting out of jail alive. She sounds angry while he tells her that that they have nothing to lose. She wonders if part of his wished something like this would happen.

Gus wants to see Harley and Frank lets him know it’s not possible. Instead he asks him to ask Alan for help with the governor. Gus reminds Frank that to truly get anywhere that they need to find Olivia. Frank sighs and agrees to put out an APB for Olivia on the kidnapping charge. Before heading off the mansion Gus informs Frank that he would do anything to save Harley. “So will I. And so will Mallet” Frank replies.

Danny reads the postcard while Marian keeps her distance. It’s apparent that she doesn’t want to intrude and that she feels left out. HE confesses to her that it was from Robbie. “He rode an elephant.” He tells her Marina looks relieved and wonders how he is doing. Danny lets her know that he’s fine and she wonders if he still misses his former wife.

Edmund is working on the computer when Cassie comes home. He tells her their new names and seems excited that he’s found an area with good schools & doctors. She looks at him with a serious look upon her face and announces that she’s calling the trip off. He looks confused and tries to convince her that it is the only way they can protect the children. She informs him that they will protect her kids by fighting to keep them. She wanders over to the table and notices the mail. She gets excited when she opens an invitation from Alonzo to the annual masked ball. She wants to go and thinks it would help while Edmund disagrees. He reasons that it could make Alonzo even madder. Dinah, who happens to be in the kitchen, agrees with Cassie. Telling them both that Cassie needs to try it, otherwise she will always wonder if there was something more she could have done. She thanks Dinah and then orders Edmund to make the necessary arrangements.

Danny tells Marina that he’s not thinking about Michelle and she doesn’t believe him. She gets up while he assures her that she is the only woman he’s thinking about. She smiles, and walks out letting him know that a bit more space never hurt anyone.

Alan offers to help Bill. He hands Alan his card asking for a phone call if anyone hears from Olivia. He agrees to help Bill out and then as soon as he’s gone, scoff that the only place he will help Olivia is into prison.

In the hallway Bill receives a phone call while Gus secretly watches on. Bill assures the person on the other end that he will be at Cross Creek in the afternoon.

Alan approaches Gus and informs his son that he doesn’t trust Bill to bring Olivia & Emma home safely. Gus assures his father that he can handle Bill and Alan offers to help him.

Harley reminds Mallet that for the first time in their lives they are the bad guys. He doesn’t want to believe it and reminds her of the past. He claims that when she looks at him all the same feelings come back. They continue to get closer and closer and look as though they may kiss one another.

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