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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At the farmhouse, Cassie walks around looks lost & lonely when Jeffery interrupts her. He lets her know that he came by to see her so that he could go over some papers with her regarding Will’s adoption. He notices a suitcase and wonders what is going on. Cassie lies to him and he doesn’t believe her.

He grabs her shoulders, demanding to know the truth. She has tears in her eyes, not knowing if she should tell him that she’s leaving or not.

On the patio at Elizabeth & Company, Ross looks worried by his daughter’s cryptic words. He wonders where she would be going. She begins to assure her father that she won’t be gone long when Edmund appears. “Dinah, don’t say another word.” He bellows out at her.

Lizzie is looking sad as she devours a piece of cake while sitting on the couch in the Spaulding study. Beth is in the room and mentions that they’re going to dinner with family members. She seems a bit shocked when her daughter makes it clear that she doesn’t want to spend any extra time with her grandfather. She becomes angry as she lets her mother know that she’s sick of Alan’s excuses for being over the top. Beth tries to defend him until Lizzie explains that her father is behind Harley’s move from Valesburg. Beth looks worried and warns her daughter to stay out of Alan’s business. Lizzie looks confused until Coop comes waltzing into the room which seems to shock both women.

Marina is packing some things up inside the restaurant when Danny comes in. He thanks her for helping him out and she looks confused. He mentions the fact that she took care of packing Tony’s belongings up for him and she shrugs it. “I knew you were dreading it and I wanted to do something to help.” She explains shrugging off the compliment. He thanks her and reminds her of how much he wants to be with her. Marina wonders if he truly is willing to give her all of himself.

Bill tries calling Olivia from his cell phone hoping she will answer.

In a living room somewhere, Olivia plays with Emma and debates whether or not she should answer the phone.

Bill leaves Olivia a message that she needs to call him back and assures her that he will be there for her, regardless of what happened. He cuts his call short when he sees Gus approaching. “Where is she, Bill?” Demands Gus, assuming that Bill knows the truth. He’s angry and begins raising his voice. He even throws Bill up against the building reminding him that Harley’s life is on the line. Bill shakes his head letting Gus know that there has to be a way to save Harley without sacrificing his wife. He makes it clear that he won’t be selling his wife out.

Inside, Danny assures Marina that he cares about her with all of himself. She smiles, informing him that she thinks he wants to fell that way but that she still has doubts. Again he reminds her that he wants to be with her while she tells him that she’s worried about what will happen for them in the future. It seems he’s gotten an idea and heads off, telling her that he will be back shortly. She looks confused as he leaves.

Coop walks around the study placing photos of Harley’s family around while ranting about how Lizzie hurt all of them. Beth looks baffled about everything and Lizzie asks her to leave. She claims that she can handle everything.

With her mother gone, Lizzie and Coop begin to talk. He mentions how he thought she was different from the rest of her family and she realizes how much he cares for her. She smiles and as he’s ready to leave she calls out to him, informing him that the only reason she lied was to protect him.

Now inside Elizabeth & Company, Ross minimizes Edmund’s presence. He tries to finish his conversation with Dinah, but Edmund won’t have it. He reminds Ross that Dinah can’t have stressful conversations because of the pregnancy. Ross looks confused while Dinah assures him that everything is fine. She explains to him that he misunderstood her and that she’s not planning on leaving anytime soon. He obviously doesn’t believe her, but Dinah walks off to order something at the counter leaving the two men to talk. Ross quickly makes it clear that he thinks Edmund is using her feelings for him to manipulate her. Edmund swears that he’s doing nothing of the sort and Ross doesn’t believe him. He walks out in a huff, telling his daughter that he will talk to her soon. Edmund approaches Dinah, wondering why she would tell her father about their plan.

Jeffery realizes that Cassie & Edmund are planning on running away and tries to reason with her. He reminds her that it is against the law and that she could go to jail. She continues to pack while he’s talking, remaining adamant in her decision to leave town. Jeffery continues to lecture her and finally grabs her shoulder, promising to help her legally. Cassie doesn’t want to hear it and reminds him that there is no way that she can legally keep Will. It’s clear that she doesn’t think she has any other options. He turns the conversation into one about her not trusting Edmund and then asks her how she feels about him.

Dinah reminds Edmund that he’s asking a lot of her. “You are asking me to leave behind everyone who loves me.” She tells him, clearly uneasy about the whole situation. He begins to sweet talk her, telling her how she’s precious. He moves closer, obviously trying to manipulate her into agreeing to keep their travel plans a secret. She looks smitten and even moves so that she’s sitting on his lap. They hug one another as she agrees that she will help him out.

Coop looks baffled as Lizzie explains that her grandfather threatened him. He assures her that he can take care of himself and begins to walk off. Lizzie yells after him letting him know that she was afraid of losing him. He stops in his tracks and lets her know that he doesn’t want to lose her either. They turn to one another and smile.

Gus wonders if Bill will be able to live with himself if Harley dies in the prison. Bill ignores his comment and once again makes it clear that he would find it harder to give up his wife. Gus promises to find Olivia as he leaves.

Danny comes back into the restaurant and orders Marina to close her eyes. She obliges and he pulls out a life sized cardboard cut out. He lets her know that it’s ok for her to turn around and she laughs, wondering what it is. He explains that Robbie wanted one for Africa and he got another for her.

“Think of it as a reminder that the real guy is just a phone call away desperately wanting to be with you.” He explains. She continues to smile and laugh, clearly touched by his gift.

Bill calls Olivia once more and this time she answers her cell phone. He immediately begins to pester her, wanting to know where she is. She refuses to tell him at first.

Cassie warns Jeffery not to bring up their feelings for one another and begins to get upset. He challenges her to qualify her feelings for him and she refuses at first. All she will tell him is that she’s leaving town, refusing to address the real question at hand. After some prodding she grabs him and kisses him. They begin to make out just as Edmund & Dinah walk in. They see everything and Edmund looks extremely angry. Dinah looks pleased as Cassie tears herself away from Jeffery.

Coop and Lizzie are standing close to one another telling each other how they enjoy spending time with one another. She pulls him closer and kisses him. They are interrupted by Beth who looks shocked that the two of them are now lip locked. They pull away from one another, embarrassed. Beth notices the mess that Coop has made with the photos and demands that someone take care of it. Lizzie remembers that she has to head back to the restaurant and the two promise to meet up later. Beth is watching the two teens and their awkwardness with interest. Lizzie leaves, giddy while Coop begins to pick up the mess he’s made. “Sit down, Coop. We need to talk.” She tells him sternly.

After some persistent nagging by Bill, Olivia gives in. She admits that she’s on the Spaulding private island and that she & Emma will be leaving the country as soon as an ear infection clears up. He smiles when she finally comes cleans and lets her know that he will be there soon. She warns him to be careful and it looks like she’s wondering if she’s done the right thing. After hanging up the phone Bill sees Danny walking out of Elizabeth & Company. He stops him, and tells Danny that he needs help getting to Olivia. Danny doesn’t want to help out at first, not wanting to be involved in anything criminal. Unbeknownst the men, Marina is listening in from the stoop as Bill reminds Danny that taking him to Olivia could help Harley. That seems to be enough for Danny and he agrees to help Bill. The two take off.

Inside the restaurant, Gus is on the phone still searching for Olivia when Marina comes in. She interrupts his phone call, telling him that she has some important information for him.

Cassie quickly tries to defend herself to Edmund who doesn’t seem to want to hear any of it. She finally asks for a few more minutes with Jeffery and he reluctantly agrees. He and Dinah head out onto the porch. Jeffery joke about Edmund’s anger and she doesn’t want to hear it. She goes on to tell him how special she thinks he is and wishes him the best for the future. He tells her goodbye and as he walks out onto the porch he and Edmund glare at one another. Edmund walks inside to confront his wife.

Danny and Bill are sitting inside the cockpit of the plan when they hear someone knocking on the door. Bill answers it and sees its Marina. He tries shrugging her off and she lets him know that she wants to go on the trip if it will help her family. Bill still doesn’t want her to go on the plane with them and only relents when she threatens to call the police and tell them where Olivia is. As she’s getting onto the plane she realizes she has to run back to the car one last time. She hops out of the plane and Bill is eager to leave without her. However, Danny refuses.

Coop thinks he knows what Beth is going to say and tries to build himself up to her. He lets her know that he likes Lizzie and that he’s a good person. She doesn’t seem thrilled with what he’s said and interrupts him before he’s gotten a chance to apologize.

She tells him that she thinks he’s a decent person. He seems shocked by this and she continues talking. “I think very highly of you, Coop, which is why I have to say this. If you get involved with Lizzie, she’ll ruin your life.” She tells him.

Ross smiles as Lizzie runs around the restaurant getting some work done. He laments on how he didn’t think she would want to stay working there for very long. She smiles and lets him know that she wanted to quit for a while too.

Ross then comments that he thinks that her father knew what he was doing when he left the place to her. She smiles and the two of them continue to talk about Phillip.

Marina talks to Danny, wondering what he thinks about the whole situation. They are up in the air now and Bill reminds them both that his wife is innocent until proven otherwise. Suddenly Gus appears telling Bill that he may have to deal with the fact that his wife is a criminal. They’re all shocked to see him, except Marina. Bill goes ballistic ordering Danny to take the plane down. He refuses telling Bill that he has to follow the flight plan. Gus reminds Bill that it no longer matter, because he knows where she is. They begin to argue, Bill claiming that his wife is innocent. Gus ends the conversation remind him that if Olivia is innocent that she will have nothing to fear.

Dinah comments to Jeffery how close he was to being with Cassie. She admits that he and Cassie becoming an item only makes things better for her. “I want Edmund. We belong together.” She admits to him. Jeffery doesn’t seem thrilled and warns her not to mess with Cassie or the baby.

Cassie claims that it was only a goodbye kiss between them. Edmund is still mad and now wonders why she would tell a government official that they’re about to break the law. He’s annoyed by everything she says and wonders if she’s having an affair with Jeffery. Vindictively, she tells him that she is and Edmund looks crushed.

Beth maintains that her daughter isn’t normal and doesn’t know how to be in a relationship. Coop still looks confused and assures Beth they’re not dating. She doesn’t seem too convinced and lets him know that it’s obvious that the way things are headed between the two of them.

Lizzie continues to talk to Ross, confessing that she has feelings for Coop.

Beth continues to plead with Coop, telling him that although she would love to see her daughter with a nice boy that it wouldn’t be good for either of them in the long run.

Lizzie admits that she’s done some bad things in the past and wonders who she truly is. Ross comments on how her father went through the same thing while he was trying to find himself. He lets her know that she can be anything she wants to be and that it will be good enough. She smiles at the thought of being able to finally be herself.

Edmund automatically assumes that an affair means that Cassie and Jeffery have slept together. She lets him know that it was more of an ‘emotional’ affair and that she leaned on Jeffery when she couldn’t trust her husband. He still looks hurt and reminds her that he was always there for her. Again he apologizes to her as she tells him that Jeffery understood her when she needed a new start. Suddenly Edmund walks out to the porch where Dinah is and kisses her as Cassie watches on unimpressed.

Inside the plane, Marina & Danny wonder what will happen with Bill, Gus and Olivia.

Outside the Spaulding cottage, Bill lets Gus know that he needs to talk to his wife first. As he knocks on the door he prays that Olivia will prove him wrong.

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