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By Ashley
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Back at the farm, Edmund screams on the phone that he needs to speak to Alonzo. Alonzo has now become serious about taking Will away from Cassie. Dinah tries to calm him after he hangs up, but he knows that he could have cost Cassie her son. Ross shows up with news for Cassie. Apparently, Alonzo has sent a group of people from San Cristobel to Springfield with the sole purpose of taking Will away from Cassie. Cassie starts to freak out. Then she gets mad at Ross, claiming that this is just his payback for the situation with Dinah. She stops yelling and realizes that she is just worried and tired.

She apologizes to Ross, who tells her he is only warning her as a friend. She asks Ross to help her and tell her how she can stop this. He tells her he can’t. She has an uphill battle to overcome. Ross begins to compare this situation with his situation with Dinah. He prepares to leave, and Dinah seems hurt that Ross didn’t pay more attention to her. After Ross leaves, Edmund tells Cassie that they need a new plan. The only way to save the children is to pack up and go to San Cristobel, leaving Springfield for good.

The guard throws Harley into the transfer van while Lena watches, telling Alan that it’s done. Harley continues to protest this, saying it has been a mistake. Lena continues to watch with tears in her eyes. The woman sitting next to Harley in the van recognizes her as the ex-cop from Springfield. She warns Harley that she better start praying. The other inmates will eat her alive.

Harley begins to pray and hallucinates that Gus is sitting next to her. She immediately has the strength she needs. The door closes and she gets a shock back to reality. It begins to leave.

Coop tries to get Lizzie to help him, but she has a flashback of the pain she felt when Phillip died. She starts to tell him that she does want to help him, but before she does that, she must tell him something. Alan interrupts her. He takes her back into the den and says that he knows she was going to share the information about Gus with Coop. He tells her that if she does, it would be a serious mistake. Lizzie thinks he is threatening her. Alan tells her if she gives information to Coop that is none of his business; she is effectively taking his safety net away from him. Alan will hurt Coop.

Mallet and Gus engage in a fight. Gus is jealous and tells him that he saw his letters. He knows he is still in love with Harley. Gus becomes angry and punches Mallet to the ground. He finally gets up and tells Gus that Harley may be on her way to the new prison as they speak.

Gus doesn’t believe him until his phone rings. It is Lena calling Gus to get to Mallet. Mallet takes the phone and immediately goes back to the prison. Gus realizes that Alan was the one who set this up.

Mallet makes it to the van just in time to open the door and demand that they let Harley off. He unlocks Harley’s handcuffs and carries her sweetly out of the van. The driver tells him he has just lost his job. They make it to the jail, and Mallet calls Gus quickly to let him know that he diverted the transfer. Harley sees Lena, who is genuinely happy to see her safe. Mallet leads Harley into his office, and she is concerned that she cost him his job. Harley is more than grateful, but she wants to know why he stuck his neck out there for her. He tells her that she knows why.

Gus bursts in and tells him that he realizes what he has done. Coop catches wind of what happened. Alan tries to play dumb and deny any involvement. The room erupts in chaos as Lizzie has a flashback of Alan threatening Coop’s life.

Lizzie yells at them to stop and defends Alan. She fabricates a story about how Alan actually did set up a trip to San Cristobel for Gus. Gus calls her a “professional story teller” and refuses to believe her. Alan seems pleased that she is lying to protect him. Gus gets the call from Mallet, and Coop rejoices. But he is mad at Lizzie and storms out.

Cassie looks solemnly at a picture of her kids, thinking about what Edmund has just said. He wants them to run away and hide from Alonzo. Edmund tells Dinah that she would be involved too; she would need to run with them. Dinah agrees, telling Edmund that she would do anything for him and for the baby. She goes upstairs to pack. After she is gone, Edmund tries to comfort Cassie and talk her into leaving. Edmund tells her that he is simply asking her to remain a mother to her child, no matter what the cost.

Dinah arrives outside of Company to see an ailing Ross. His back is hurting him, and she is worried. He says that he has a few herniated discs that he needs to have operated on. Dinah becomes worried about him. Ross reminds her that it’s back surgery, not the end of the world.

Dinah tells him that she’s so upset because she thinks that nothing in the world is ever supposed to be wrong with him. He is her rock. She can always count on him. She tells him that she’s worried that if she leaves, there will be a complication with him. Ross backs her up. Why is she leaving he wants to know.

Cassie and Edmund stand on the porch. Cassie says that if they do this, they’re going to have to say goodbye to everyone. Edmund reminds her that this is completely illegal. But they will have contacts all over the world, and they would live very comfortably. However, she can’t tell anyone where they are going. Not Reva and definitely not Jeffrey. Cassie has a strange flashback and says that this reminds her of when Edmund locked her in the tower. He says that he may be the only in the world who knows how to let her keep Will. Cassie tries to weigh her options again, and Will comes in. Cassie gives him a long hug and realizes that she has to do this. She could never give up Will. She wants to know when they leave. Edmund races to make the preparations.

Coop yells at Lizzie that he knows she was lying. He wants to know why and storms off. After he leaves, Lizzie whispers that she lied to save him.

Alan assures Gus that Olivia really did go to San Cristobel and that he doesn’t need to worry about Harley. She is with someone who is 100 percent on her side – Warden Mallet. Gus is worried.

Harley realizes that Mallet did this because he loves her. She wants to know if this is true.

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