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By Ashley
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Josh encounters Reva at Nate’s bar, which is located far outside of town. Once Reva sees him, she immediately tries to mask the fact that she is now a bartender. She offers to buy Josh a drink, placing the money on the bar. Nate comes out of the back and tells her that her money is no good here. She should take advantage of her employee discount. Josh seems confused. He realizes that Nate is very well-acquainted with Reva. Reva explains to Josh that Nate was the person who sent her his hotel key. Josh is surprised that the story is actually true. Nate explains he hired Reva after she showed up in his bar, taking him up on an offer for free drinks. Reva and Josh sit down, and Reva tells him that nothing happened with Nate. He seems a little jealous. Josh gets angry and tells her that he doesn’t understand what is going on with her. He wants to know how to make it stop. Reva tries to explain her ways of thinking and says that it’s sometimes easier to be with people she doesn’t know. She feels like everyone wants to “handle” her. Strangers don’t do that. Josh begins to understand, but has to leave for a meeting. After he leaves, Nate comes back to the bar and remarks that it’s funny that Reva has no problem telling her husband that he almost saw her naked, but she doesn’t have a problem telling him she works at his bar.

Frank sits in Company reading old letters of Harley’s while Coop cleans up the restaurant. Coop can sense that Frank is undergoing some kind of stress. Frank tells him that the letters were written to Harley long ago and that he kept them from her. Perhaps if he didn’t, she would not be in the situation she is today. Coop assures Frank that they will get her out of there. He could even use his connections with Lizzie. Frank hesitates, but tells him to do it.

Alan is in the Spaulding mansion laying out plans for Harley’s transfer over the phone. He tells the person driving the transfer van to whisk Harley away as fast as they can. He wants her to live very unhappily at the new correctional facility. Gus walks in just in time to catch the end of his conversation. Gus, who apparently did not hear a word of the previous conversation, is informed by Alan that Olivia has taken Emma and fled to San Cristobel. His job is to find her and interrogate her, and then maybe Harley will get out of prison safely. After Gus leaves, Alan makes a call to Lena, telling her that their plan is continuing on. Lena is annoyed and secretly wishes she could help Harley. Lizzie walks in and realizes Alan’s plan. He is sending Gus on a wild goose chase while Harley gets shipped off to the other prison. Lizzie threatens to find Gus and tell him right now. Alan grabs her by the arm and tells her that this won’t be a good idea.

Mallet and Harley continue to brainstorm about stopping her transfer to the new prison. She sits down on the couch and asks if they can talk about his letters. He wrote them in order to try and fix their marriage. She says that she has to believe that he was true. For Harley, that changes everything. Mallet gets angry and tells her that Frank has no right to keep those letters from her. He helped her put Mallet in the past. Harley says she had no choice. She wants to know when he stopped writing her letters. He tells her that he kept writing and hoping, even writing her when their dog Piper died two years after she left. That is when he wrote her the last letter. Harley is shocked. She says that this makes a big difference. She can look at him now, and she doesn’t have to feel so angry anymore. She wishes she had read the letters. Mallet pulls out the last letter from his wallet and gives it to Harley. She is surprised that he carries it around with him. Mallet explains that he carries it around to remind himself what his life was like when he could feel something and had what every man could ask for.

Lizzie talks with Alan about making the nightmare of their life stop. She wants to know when it will be enough. Alan tells her that he is helping Gus in order to make it all stop. But she knows that his plan has nothing to do with Harley’s well-being. Alan claims that Gus is obsessed with Harley, and Gus needs to steer clear of her. Lizzie is extremely disappointed. Alan tries to convince her that he is simply trying to maintain everyone’s happiness. She responds that this isn’t caring at all. She says that she wishes they were more like the Coopers, and this sets Alan off. Alan says that sending Harley away is the best thing they can do for their family. Coop walks in and asks Lizzie to go with him. Lizzie tells him to wait outside. Alan demands that she keep this new information a secret. Alan gets a call from Lena telling him that Harley is now alone. Outside in the hall, Lizzie hugs Coop. Lizzie realizes that Coop needs her help and agrees.

Coop tells her about Harley being transferred to the new prison. He asks her to make all the calls she can make. Lizzie turns around and assures him that she wants to help her.

Mallet leaves the office for a moment, letting Harley read his letter. It is remorseful and sad, and Harley is truly touched. She can barely finish reading it through her tears. She wishes she had known. Mallet asks her what she would have done if she did. Harley tells him that she truly does not know. She has worked so hard to bury this, and she doesn’t know. Mallet says that if she had come back, he would have worked every single day to make her love and trust him again. She tells him he is too late. Mallet gets a phone call asking if he can talk about Harley’s transfer. Before he goes, he asks again if they would have worked out had she gotten the letters. She cannot answer.

Gus has arrived at Company and is reading Mallet’s letters to Harley. He asks Frank if he thinks Mallet is still in love with her. Frank doesn’t want to talk about it. He needs to let Gus know that Harley is slated to be transferred to Hellis Correctional. Gus is upset, but is more disturbed to know that Mallet is hiding her in his office.

Reva tells Nate that she simply needs something right now, something that is hers alone. He remarks about when a job is not just a job. He wants to know what she is really doing there. Is she really just working? Reva tells him that she is having good old fun. She says it is nice to be somewhere where she is not someone’s mother or sister or aunt. With this, Reva sees Tammy across the room, and is worried about her. When Reva turns back around, Tammy is gone. Reva is even more worried considering that Tammy doesn’t usually hang around in bars this Nate’s. She and Nate begin to flirt.

Lena sneaks into Mallet’s office and scares a sleeping Harley. She tells her that she really thinks Mallet is in love with her. Harley doesn’t want to hear it, but remarks that maybe she will have a happy ending this time.

Mallet arrives at Company and finds it empty. He doesn’t know what is going on or where the people are who he’s supposed to meet with. Meanwhile, a guard walks into Mallet’s office and says that Mallet demanded they move her now. Harley, trusting Mallet, decides to go with the guard. Once they leave, Lena walks out front, regretting what she has done. Mallet realizes that no one is coming. He runs out of Company and into Gus, who tries to engage in a fight.

Alone in his office, Alan rejoices over his plan, which seems to be working out.

Harley is led to the transfer van. She is going to Hellis Correctional Facility.

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