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By Ashley
Pictures by Boo

Reva walks into Lewis looking for Josh. She runs into Jonathan. He is decked out in a suit, working and appearing very professional. He asks if she and Josh are having problems “in the sack.” She is a little taken aback. Josh walks in and wonders if she is there. Jonathan leaves and says he’s going to go “make copies of his butt.” He still lingers around to hear Reva apologize to Josh for making his life “crazy” lately. Josh accepts, but says he has a business meeting to get to, and Reva is disappointed. Reva then tries to recruit Jonathan to go to lunch with her, but he declines. He doesn’t want to screw up his job at Lewis. Reva gets a little angry and leaves.

Sandy and Tammy are at Company. They engage in a long, passionate kiss. Tammy tells him she was worried that he would not want to see her, after what happened the day before. Sandy tells her that when the time is right for them to be together, it will be perfect. He needs to go do some work and kisses her goodbye. She remarks that she is going to “go make some money.”

Jeffrey, Cassie, Edmund and Dinah finally make it to a hotel room in Washington D.C. In private, Dinah warns Edmund not to get caught “playing both sides.” The suite has two bedrooms, and Edmund tells everyone they should turn in for the night. Edmund and Cassie are sharing one room while Jeffrey and Dinah share the other. This makes Cassie nervous and Jeffrey very unhappy. Cassie gets on the bed as Edmund tries to move closer. She is very uncomfortable. After a few minutes, Cassie jumps up and proclaims that she can’t sleep.

She is too worried about Will’s situation. Edmund continues trying to console her and tell her that he will fix this. He pulls her into an embrace. Cassie pulls away and says they need to stay focused. She leaves the room and knocks on the door of the other room. She is now sharing one with Dinah and Edmund with Jeffrey.

Once Dinah and Cassie are inside together, Dinah remarks about how crazy it is that Cassie is rejecting the advances of both of these men. They are both willing to do anything for her. Cassie ignores her and goes to shower. While Cassie is in the shower, Dinah sits and talks to the child inside her. She tells him or her that things will work out for them.

While in their room, Jeffrey tries to find Alonzo again by phone. Edmund watches while it is unsuccessful. They begin to bicker about their sleeping arrangements and finally decide on which sides of the bed to sleep on. However, neither of them will shut their eyes. Edmund finally falls asleep and rolls over nearly on top of Jeffrey. Jeffrey can’t stand it any longer and leaves. He encounters Dinah out in the hallway. She tells him that “Cassie has some questions” and that he should go in. He immediately does and arrives just in time to see Cassie get out of the shower. She drops her towel and falls on him, startled. Cassie refuses to get up and get her towel for fear that Jeffrey will see her naked. He promises the close his eyes as she gets up. She gets up, and he peeks at her, not letting her know. Once she is covered, he says that he has heard there is no such thing as an accident and asks if she agrees. She doesn’t answer.

Tammy arrives at Lewis and sees Jonathan. She is surprised at his appearance and the fact that he looks so professional. Sandy walks in and is surprised to see Tammy. She tells him that her summer job is actually at Lewis. Sandy gets a call from Josh while Tammy and Jonathan talk for awhile. Jonathan seems a little nervous in watching the two of them together. Sandy leaves. After he is gone, Tammy tells Jonathan that the manager of Clayton Arms was looking for him earlier. He is late on rent. She asks him if he still has all the money in his trust fund. He says no. It is gone. Tammy is shocked and asks how. Jonathan names off a list of all the big purchases he’s made. She realizes that he actually needs this job. They begin to argue about Jonathan’s mean personality. Tammy tells him that if they are going to have a real friendship then they need to get past this conflict. She tells him that she thinks part of him wants nice, normal, and good. She said it would kill him to just be a nice person. “Want to make a bet?” he asks.

Josh arrives at Company for a meeting with Sebastian and Blake about bringing down Alan. They want to make sure he is in 100 percent. He tells them he is. He has a personal vendetta to get through. Sandy arrives and sits in on their lunch. They start to talk about their plan. Sebastian realizes that this is personal. Josh wants to get back at Alan for having Reva fired. Sebastian asks if this is all he wants. Josh replies no; he wants to “kick Alan where it hurts.” Josh shows Sebastian the deal, and he remarks that it is “dead on.” He wants to buy the station. They are set. Blake tells Josh that she is glad he is on board. Josh and Sandy leave. Josh tells Sandy that this is going to be a secret from Reva.

Reva shows up at Nate’s bar and orders a green apple martini. Nate taps her on the shoulder and sits down for a chat. He makes Reva another appletini, and they begin to flirt. Nate tells her that he has a crazy idea for her to think about. He wants her to work for him as a bartender. He needs someone “special,” and that special person is her. Reva laughs and says she doesn’t know if it’s for her. He tells her that he thinks she needs a challenge.

He holds up an apron and asks if he has a new bartender now. Reva grabs the apron and accepts. Reva starts working and has the time of her life.

Dinah walks into Edmund’s room and overhears another phone call to Alonzo. She warns him that he doesn’t need to push Alonzo too far that Cassie actually does lose her son. Edmund discloses that Alonzo is in the hotel. He asks where Jeffrey is, and Dinah tells him that he is in Cassie’s room.

Edmund bursts into Cassie’s room to see if Jeffrey is there. Cassie tells him that Jeffrey is downstairs trying to find Alonzo. Edmund tells her that Alonzo is in the hotel and wants to meet with him, not her. Cassie can’t believe that Alonzo doesn’t want to see her. The phone rings, and Alonzo wants to speak to her. Edmund is nervous.

Outside, Dinah confides in one of Alonzo’s guards that Cassie and Edmund are planning to shame Alonzo and take his son. Jeffrey walks past them and wonders who that was and what she was doing.

Cassie prepares to go and see him. The guard whom Dinah spoke with knocks on their door and tells Cassie that Alonzo will not see her. He apparently knows of her real reason for a visit. She is trying to keep his son away from him. The guard tells Cassie Will is to be in San Cristobel next week.

Tammy gets mad and throws water on Jonathan. Sandy arrives just as he is walking away. He tells her that maybe she should rethink this job, but Tammy refuses.

Jonathan goes into the bathroom to clean off. He sees a message written in lipstick on the mirror. It says “you can’t ignore me.”

Reva continues cleaning up, and Josh walks in. He is surprised to see her there.

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