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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Lizzie walks into her restaurant and is greeted by Buzz. He lets her know that it’s game night and she looks surprised. She seems to have no idea what he’s talking about when he informs her that she was on the guest list. Coop who is sitting at the bar waves to her and they smile at one another.

Outside on the patio, Marina is sitting alone obviously thinking about Danny. Her father comes up to her when he sees her crying. He wonders what Danny has done to his daughter ‘this time.’ She tells him that she is the one who decided they needed some time apart and confesses that she already misses him. Buss who is in the doorway overhears this and heads back inside. Frank looks concerned for his daughter.

Back inside, Buzz is on the phone inviting Danny to game night. He makes it clear that he’d better show up, regardless of what Marina has told him. Zach is watching this, sitting atop the counter. Buzz looks over at Coop and Lizzie who are in another section of the restaurant and hopes it all works out.

Bill stares into the empty room that was once Gus’s cell as if in a trance. Gus returns from searching and reports back that he can’t find Olivia anywhere in the building. Bill continues to stick up for his wife, claiming that she’s most likely at home with Emma. He gets ready to leave and Gus stops him.

He pushes Bill into the room and informs him that he won’t be going anywhere.

A guard is showing Mallet papers regarding Harley’s move. He doesn’t want to hear it and claims that she’s already been out of his prison for days, regardless of what any papers say. Harley stands in a corner out of sight listening to the two argue. The guard leaves and again Harley wonders why he is risking so much for her. Once more Mallet glosses over the subject without really answering her questions. He reminds her that they have to work on reversing the transfer papers. “How long do you think I’d last there once they found out I was a cop?” She asks. He doesn’t answer and she realizes that she already knows it. He reassures her that she won’t be going anywhere.

Lena is still on the phone with Alan questioning when she will see her child. He’s in his study at the mansion and makes it clear that he wants details of Harley’s whereabouts before anymore is done for her. She confesses what she knows about the transfer and realizes that Alan is the one who set it all up. She goes on to inform him that the warden is lying to everyone when he claims that he doesn’t know where Harley is and that she’s in his office with him. Alan thanks his informant and lets her know that he will take care of the rest.

Harley looks at Mallet thinking about how long she hated him for. She mentions her trust issues with men and how hard it is for her to put her life in his hands.

Coop and Lizzie talk over the games. She realizes that she’s stepped into more of a family night than a party and comments on it. She’s worried that no one will want her there and the two of them begin to bicker. Buzz pulls his son aside, wondering why he was intent on inviting Lizzie in the first place. He tries to explain to his father that she’s in a hard place at the moment and that he was trying to be nice. Lizzie overhears their conversations and takes her invite as a sign of charity. She demands to know if the only reason Coop invited her was out of pity.

Frank lets his daughter know that as much as he hates to see her hurting that he hopes it is the end of her relationship with Danny. She informs him that she hopes that when all is said and done that she will still be with Danny. However, she looks unsure of it. His phone rings and he picks it up, telling the person on the other end that he will be there in a jiff. Frank reminds his daughter of how special she is and urges her to spend more time with her family and less time lamenting about Danny. She looks like she’s about to break down as her father leaves. Marina is just about to head inside when she sees Danny.

Mallet doesn’t understand what’s going on. He mentions that he’s put in call all over the state and that he can’t figure out where or why the transfer order came about. Harley remains positive, assuring Mallet that Gus only needs a few more days to find the real killer. He comments about her belief in Gus and she lets him know that for her trusting men wasn’t an easy task. She asks if she can head out into the hall to get some air and he reluctantly agrees. He looks around the hallway checking for people first and lets her out.

Lena is on the phone reminding Alan that she did everything that was asked of her. Harley is in the hallway and sees Lena. They smile at one another as Lena quickly ends her phone call with the enemy. They head over to see one another through the bars. Harley obviously hasn’t heard Lena’s end of the phone conversation. Lena mentions how much the warden is willing to put on the line for her and Harley shrugs it off. She claims that her ex husband owed her. She goes on to talk about how Gus is the real one who put everything on the line for her. Harley smiles and mentions her hope that one day she will get out and be able to go him. Lena looks at her, clearly bothered by what she has told Alan.

Bill bangs on the door while Gus talks to him through the intercom. Frank comes down the stairs, wondering what is going on. Gus explains that he was held in the room by Olivia. Their conversation is ended when Frank hears Bill banging on the door to be let out. Frank opens the door and Bill rushes towards Gus attacking him. He pushes him up against the wall and informs Frank that Gus has made the whole thing up. He claims that it’s because he spent the night before her sentencing hearing with Harley. Frank is shocked by everything he’s hearing. Bill leaves while Frank warns Gus that grasping at straws will only end up hurting Harley.

Lena tells Harley how much she hopes that Gus will be able to prove her innocence. Harley is touched by her friends’ unusual sentimentality. She thanks her for being such a good friend. As Harley leaves, Lena thinks about what she has done. Back in Mallet’s office Harley looks as though she might not fully trust her old cell mate.

Bill walks into the Spaulding Mansion study, clearing his throat to get Alan’s attention. He turns around, dismayed at seeing Bill before him and wondering how he even got into the house. Without explaining himself Bill wonders if he’s seen Alan. Before either of them gets a real chance to talk Hilda, the housekeeper comes in. She asks Alan if they will still need the services of the nanny now that Olivia has left town. Both Bill and Alan have looks of shock and worry on their faces.

Marina storms inside the restaurant, clearly not happy to see Danny. He confesses to her that he got a phone call requesting that he show up. She looks annoyed and upset as he lets her know that spending time apart doesn’t seem to be the answer. She remains firm in her decision despite Danny’s best try at being cute and trying to get in her good graces.

On the other side of the restaurant, Lizzie storms in followed by Coop. They too seem to be having an argument. She claims that he’s offensive all the time while he maintains that she’s overly sensitive. Lizzie is about ready to leave when Marina sticks up for her telling Coop that he should back off. Coop lays into his niece, wondering where she got the authority to give him advice. This causes Lizzie to stick up for Marina, claiming that Danny has stomped on her heart so Coop should give her a break. Danny hears this and jumps in on the conversation. The men quickly realize that the women are inexplicably teaming up against them. Marina smiles at her new ally. Flustered Coop tries to say the right thing and lets Lizzie know that he only wanted to spend some time with her. Danny lets his girl know that he too wanted the same thing. The girls look at one another, trying to decide what to do.

A shocked Alan can’t believe what he is hearing while Bill tries to get answers from the help. Hilda doesn’t know anything other than the fact that Olivia left. Bill heads out to find his wife and runs into Gus as he’s leaving. They don’t say anything to one another. Gus apologizes to his father for putting him in the cell and Alan doesn’t want to hear it. “I don’t have time to discuss anything with you right now because Olivia has taken Emma and left.” He tells his son. Gus announces that he knows why Olivia has left. Alan looks at his son, wondering what would prompt her to leave. “She doesn’t want to go to jail.” He informs his father. Alan gives Gus a blank look. “Olivia killed Phillip.” He notifies his father.

In his outer office, Mallet gives one of his guards’ directions on how to deal with a problem on one of the cell block. He makes it clear that he doesn’t want to be disturbed any more. He walks into his inner office where Harley realizes how hard it’s going to be to keep her safe. She thanks him, unable to believe what he’s going through for her. He laughs letting her know that Harley causing trouble is as normal to him as breathing. She becomes defensive and brings up the fact that he’s the one that cheated on her. He looks sad and reminds her that he apologized. He goes on to remind her that she’s the one that left the marriage without looking back. “Maybe what I wanted was for you to come after me.” She yells at him. “In the end that’s what killed me. Your silence.” She confesses. He looks confused and tells her that all he did for a long while was write to her, pouring his heart out onto the paper. She looks confused; clearly she doesn’t know anything about any letters and never got them. Mallet realizes that she is being serious and that she never heard all the things he said to her in them.

Danny and Coop are sitting eating with one another while the women are in the corner booth. Buzz enlists Danny’s help and sends him over to watch Zach for a while, which he has no problem with. Danny is unaware of what’s going on. Marina turns to Lizzie explaining that her grandfather knows that one of the things she loves about Danny is how great he is with kids. “My own grandfather is working against me.” She proclaims.

Outside on the patio Vanessa and Bill run into one another. She’s wondering if he’s seen Dinah, while he wonders if she’s seen Olivia. Vanessa suddenly looks worried and wonders if everything is alright with her son’s marriage. He lets her know that things are anything but, and that Olivia may have skipped town. She looks baffled as to why her daughter in law would do such a thing, until Bill mentions Gus’s allegations. Worried Vanessa asks her son if he thinks she killed Phillip.

Alan looks confused and wonders if his son really believes that Olivia killed Phillip. Before answering he gives his father a heartfelt apology for locking him into the basement room at Spaulding. Alan seems annoyed wondering if Gus wants to pin the murder on Olivia because she’s guilty or because it will free Harley. He confesses that he wants Harley out of jail but that he also wants justice for his brother.

Mallet assures Harley that he wrote her – every day in fact. She seems surprised at how much and often he tells her that he wrote to her. He goes on to let her know that he had hoped she would respond with at least something after a while, but that her silence killed him. She seems stunned by the news and informs him that she would have written him back had she gotten the letter. Neither one of them can understand what happened when they hear Frank in the outer office yelling at a guard. Mallet heads into the office to take care of the situation and ushers him into the second office where Harley is waiting. She turns to her ex husband and requests a moment alone with her brother. He agrees and the two are laughing and joking with one another. The tension seems to have eased between the two of them and rank can see it. He demands to know what is going on. She begins to tell him about the fact that she found out about the letters and he looks away looking less than shocked. It only takes her one glance at him to know that he was the one who kept Mallet’s letters from her.

Danny plays with Zach while Buzz tries to give his son advice in dealing with women. He points to Lizzie and instructs his son – “Use whatever tools you have to fix that.” He reminds his son that a man’s main job is to be humble to women no matter who is or isn’t at fault. Coop gathers his courage, grabs some food and approaches Lizzie. He tells her how he wants things to be ok between them and that he made her some food, just the way she likes it. She melts, and the two are seemingly finished with their argument. Marina looks at Lizzie annoyed.

Meanwhile Danny pretends to ‘talk’ with both Zach and Buzz about how much he cares for Marina and wants to be with her. She sits nearby listening in.

Bill lets his mother know that he doesn’t want to believe anything bad about his wife, but that she’s not leaving him much choice. He wonders if perhaps Phillip got what was coming to him. Vanessa wonders what her son will do if it comes out that his wife is the real killer. He doesn’t look like he knows what he would do either. She lets him know that if he truly loves her that he has to find Olivia and let her know that she’s not alone.

Alan reminds Gus that Mallet might stand in their way. “You know he loves Harley very much.” He tells his son. Gus doesn’t want to hear it and lets him know that he has faith in their relationship. Again he asks his father is he’s willing to help him go after Olivia, if it means freeing Harley.

Frank confesses to his sister, claiming that he was only looking out for her well being by intercepting the letters. She is mad, reminding him that he didn’t end up protecting her from anything. The two begin to argue and she reminds him that she never moved on and that now she and Mallet have ‘unfinished business.’ He demands to know what is going on between the two of them and she doesn’t really tell him anything. He reminds her of how long he protected her and she lets him know that the only person protecting her in prison has been Mallet. After the words come out of her mouth, it seems like she realizes what she has just said.

On the patio outside the restaurant, Lizzie apologizes to Coop for being mean earlier. She confesses that it is hard for her to be around a family that actually gets along. They smiles at one another and she admits that he’s her one true friend. Buzz watches them from inside through the window and then turns to watch Marina and Danny.

Danny moves his chair closer to Marina and lets her know that he wants to be close to her. She remains resilient, claiming that he has to take some time to think before they can be together. He walks over to her and kisses her. “I’m gonna do whatever I have to do to win you over.” He tells her with a smile on his face. He leaves as Buzz turns to Zach and reminds him that there is always hope.

Mallet comes in and interrupts Harley’s conversation with her brother. He doesn’t want anyone to see Frank hanging around. Harley and Frank are still mad at one another, but she calls out to tell him that she loves him before he goes. She asks him to give her love to the family and then she and Mallet share a ‘look.’

Alan glances at an email regarding Harley’s prison transfer just as he agrees to help his son find the real killer. He smiles as they agree to work with one another.

Bill leaves a message for his wife, urging her to come home. He makes it clear that although he doesn’t know what she did or didn’t do that he loves her and wants her with him.

Gus is glad that he and his father are working together and truly looks happy. He leaves, telling his father that he will be in touch. Once his son is gone, Alan comments to himself that there is more than one way to get Harley out of prison. He picks up the phone and calls someone while looking at a photo of Olivia. “You’re next.” He mutters to the photo frame.

Harley confesses to Mallet that she now believes him about the letters and he looks relieved. They look uncomfortable and he changes the subject. He tells her that she needs to rest and shuts the lights off; informing her that she needs rest. She lies down and he covers her with a blanket. In the dark, he is near the couch on the floor looking at her. She thanks him for saving her and he lets her know that he wished things hadn’t turned out this way. In the dark they both are obviously thinking about how life might have been different if she’d received his letters.

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