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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

In her house, Reva is working out when time flashes forward. She finds herself in a swanky bar and sits down, ready to order a drink. She looks shocked when she realizes that Nate is the bartender. He smiles when he recognizes her. The two banter back and forth, obviously pleased to see one another.

Jonathan sits by himself in the corner booth at Elizabeth & Company while Tammy is engrossed in her work at a nearby table. He has plans and papers all around him when he begins shrieking. “I can’t understand any of it.” He yells. Without looking up Tammy shushes him, letting him know that she too has work that needs to be done. He gathers his papers together and saunters over to her, giving the impression of leaving the restaurant. He stops in front of her and informs her that he needs her help. She smiles knowingly at him, enjoying the fact that he had to come to her for help.

On the patio outside the restaurant, Bill & Sandy are getting some work done. Bill reminds his employee that the cease fire with Spaulding is over. He goes on to mention that it will mean more work for everyone. Sandy looks at the papers Bill of Spaulding’s newest interest and wonders where he got them. Bill tells him that his wife is helping Lewis out by playing spy. He takes off, leaving Sandy alone to get some work done.

Gus uses the intercom to speak to Alan in the Spaulding basement. He’s clearly unaware that Alan was let out and threatens his father if he isn’t told everything immediately. He realizes the door is open and looks inside, stunned to see that his father is no longer trapped inside. Gus hears footsteps coming down the hallway. He plays with the lock before stepping back inside the cell and closing the door. He puts his ear to the door while Olivia stands outside.

Harley is baffled as to why she would be singled out to transfer prisons. Both she and Mallet agree that Hellis Correctional Facility would be a death sentence for her.

Lena is on the phone with Alan wondering where her daughter is. She demands his help and informs him that she will no longer be his spy if he can’t deliver her daughter. He says something to her that she likes and she confesses to him that Harley has gone missing. She ends the call by promising to find out as much as she can.

Harley looks over the paperwork, confused as to when her transfer is supposed to go through. He lets her know that she won’t be leaving Valesburg and that his plan is to ‘lose’ her in the system. “We’re going to bury you in here, completely isolated from everyone until I can bury the paperwork.” He explains to her when she doesn’t seem to understand. He reminds her that he will be the only person that will be able to know where she is, and she looks miserable when she realizes that she won’t be able to see her family or Gus.

Tammy lets Jonathan know that she’s willing to help him since he saved her life in the fire. Sitting down he explains that he needs help reading the small words on the blueprints. “The b’s looks like d’s and p’s.” He confesses to her. She looks up surprised and it is apparent that she thinks he has a learning disability. She begins to let him know that it’s ok and nothing to be ashamed of, but he doesn’t want to hear it. He’s ready to get up and leave when she informs him that she is planning on helping him whether he likes it or not.

Nate flirts with Reva telling her how good she looks and she smiles. They continue to talk with another and she finds out that not only is he the bartender, but that he actually owns the bar. She smiles at him and mentions how she’s always wanted to own her own bar. He flips some bottles around and offers to give her a bartending lesson. She swallows back a quick shot and Nate begins to show her some ‘fancy’ bartending moves.

She’s not very good, but the two of them seem to have a great time with each other.

Harley looks defeated as he explains that he wants to help her. She doesn’t seem too jazzed about the idea as he begins to convince her that it’s the only way. Someone buzzes Mallet’s office and lets him know that Mr. Key from the Department of Corrections is headed up to his office. Mallet begins to freak as Harley is calm. She begins to change her clothes, reminding Mallet that sometimes the thing you can’t find is right in front of your face. He warns her that she can’t go off with a half thought out plan when there’s a knock at his door. Mr. Key walks in and Harley introduces herself as ‘Gail, a reporter from the Times – Gazette.’ She then begins to list off the many ways in which her story of the prison will talk about the harsh conditions that the prisoners have to deal with.

Olivia hits the intercom button urging Gus to give up his investigation. She’s obviously unaware that he was let out. She reminds him of their prior conversation just as he bust the door open and sees her.

“I think it’s a whole new world now – don’t you.” He says as he backs a scared Olivia into a corner.

Reva begins throwing drinks around like she’s an old pro when she notices her old boss, Stephanie is at the bar. Nate comments that he knows she’s going to do something devious and Reva just smiles.

Tammy reads aloud part of the information for the Lewis project and Jonathan does some long math in his head. She looks shocked that he came out with the answer so quickly and he reminds her that he’s fine if he can hear the words. The two laugh as they joke about how Jonathan is really smart and only acts stupid. She broaches the subject of his learning disability once more and he looks like he might leave.

Tammy reminds him that he’s got to stay and do some more work for the family business. This leads them to more joking around, where he takes on a southern accent to make fun of the Lewis men. They’re both laughing hysterically when Sandy walks in. She looks up and when she sees him her laughter diminishes a bit.

Harley lists off her many complaints about the prison to Mr. Key. He tries to shrug “Gail” off and mentions the prison transfer to Mallet. He reminds Mr. Key that the prisoner was transferred earlier and blames the mistake on a clerical error. “Gail” jumps at the chance, wondering if they’ve lost a prisoner and mentions how it could be front page material. Mr. Key leaves as Mallet assures him that he will look into the problem. As soon as the man from the Department of Corrections is gone, Mallet congratulates Harley on a job well done. He looks like he can’t believe what she has just pulled off. She turns to him, demanding to know why he’s putting everything on the line for her. He changes the subject refusing to answer the question and reminding her that there is a lot of work to be done.

Outside Mallet’s office, Lena listens in at the door looking confused.

An upset Olivia reminds Gus that she could deny everything, but that she won’t. She faces him and admits that it was she who locked him in the cell. She goes on to tell him that she did it because she was afraid that Alan would frame her for Phillip’s murder. “Then you came into the house and started grilling me, and I panicked.” She explains to him beginning to break down. Gus wonders if she kidnapped him only so that he wouldn’t fine more evidence to link her to the murder. She doesn’t confirm or deny his allegations, she only goes on and on about how he will do anything to get Harley out of jail. He’s not sympathetic as she explains that she only wanted him out of the way until she made things right with her husband. “I couldn’t bear the thought of going up against you and Alan alone.” She explains. Gus gets an odd look on his face, and tells her that he understands. It’s apparent that he’s tricking her and then comments on something he can smell. He likens it to a garden and wonders if she too can smell it. She confesses that it is most likely her perfume and that it is the scent of jasmine.

Mallet continues to explain how he will keep Harley safe and stresses that they can trust no one. She smiles and they begin to reminisce some when they hear a noise in the outer office. Mallet goes to check it out and finds Lena. He is angry and threatens to throw her in solitary confinement. Harley interrupts him though and asks to talk to Lena alone for a bit. He doesn’t seem keen on the idea but agrees to it anyway, leaving the two women alone. Harley lets her know that she would understand if Lena wants to use her knowledge of Harley’s whereabouts to lessen her sentence and goes on about how she wouldn’t last a day at Hellis prison.

Lena seems to agree, and assures Harley that she can keep a secret. She smiles as Harley compare her to her own mother. When they hug Lena has tears in her eyes.

Olivia finds it interesting that more than one person have noticed her perfume lately. Gus changes the subject and wonders how she could think that Alan could frame her for murder. He claims to not understand what his father would gain. She goes on to remind him that Alan has friends in high places and that he would go to any length to get what he wants. Gus begins yelling at her, questioning whether or not she was really the one who murdered Phillip. As he reminds her that she had plenty of time to get to the restaurant and shoot him she begins to cry. She yells at him to stop badgering her and he doesn’t. He yells at her louder and louder all the while backing her into a corner. Suddenly Bill comes out from no where and pushes Gus away. He insists on knowing what is going on.

Tammy and Sandy hug one another as she explains that she was helping Jonathan. He doesn’t look happy to see the two of them together and lets Jonathan know that the next time he needs help with Lewis business that he should come to him. Jonathan thanks Tammy for her help and unhappily moves back into the corner booth. Sandy and Tammy kiss one another.

Reva writes something on a napkin folds it up and orders Nate to deliver it to her former boss. He does as he’s told and delivers the note to her. Stephanie reads the note, gets mad and throws her drink at him. At the bar, Reva erupts into laughter. He comes back and the two laugh about the note. Nate changes the subject and the two begin to discus Reva’s wild streak. She seems shocked that he could tell that about her and he lets her know that it isn’t hard to pick up. He mentions how hard it is for people to stop breaking the rules and compares it to quitting smoking. She looks at him and tells him with a serious look on her face that she’s ready to grow up and stop being a troublemaker. Nate doesn’t seem to believe her, but she has a determined look upon her face.

Sandy hands Tammy a red jewelry box and she looks surprised. He informs her that it’s been six months for them and that he wanted to give her a gift. She opens the box and finds a ladder charm. Sandy tells her that it’s because she’s been climbing rung by rung getting herself back on track. “This is so you can keep going up.” He tells her.

She loves the gift and they kiss one another. He seems eager to leave the restaurant and she blows him off. They decide to meet up later and kiss one another. Tammy leaves while Jonathan looks on.

Gus doesn’t think that Bill wants to know the truth. Bill becomes protective of his wife and lets them both know that he wants to know what is going on. He lashes into Gus for harassing everyone in trying to free Harley. Olivia whispers how much she loves her husband and is interrupted by Gus. He asks that he & Bill step aside for a moment to talk about something. Bill isn’t too happy with the idea, but agrees to it anyway. They step into the cell where Gus informs him that Olivia was keeping him as a prisoner inside. Bill doesn’t seem to believe it as Gus tries to convince him that his wife is Phillip’s killer.

Lena tells Harley how much she cares for her. They both tell each other how much neither or them deserve to be in prison and hug goodbye. Lena walks out and Mallet wonders if they can trust her. She begins crying as she tells Mallet that Lena reminds her of her mother. She most definitely thinks they can trust her. Harley lies down on the couch and mentions wanting to know why he’s helping her. At his desk, Mallet looks at a wedding photo of him & Harley. “Everybody has to have a hobby.” He responds to Harley.

Bill doesn’t seem convinced that his wife could be capable of murder so Gus tells her of Harley’s newest memory – the smell of jasmine. Olivia stands by not saying a word as Gus continues to grill Bill. He reminds Bill that although many people might wear the same perfume only one wore the specified perfume and locked him up in a room. Olivia looks like she’s getting more and more angry.

Reva pours a champagne fountain, clearly getting comfortable behind the bar. She does a double take when she sees a blonde woman in the bar and has and odd look on her face. Nate sees it and questions what is wrong. Reva shrugs it off and takes a drink.

In the corridor, Tammy is dressed to kill. She puts lipstick on and places a gold band on her left ring finger before walking away.

Jonathan has a box full of papers in his hand when he apologizes to Sandy for taking up Tammy’s time. He’s being sarcastic and begins to try and antagonize Sandy. He doesn’t play into his hands and makes it clear that he and Tammy are doing well. Jonathan walks away, giving Sandy plenty to think about.

Bill continues to defend his wife, while Gus still questions why she would be so set on keeping him away from Springfield. As he’s talking to Bill he notices that Olivia has vanished. The two rush from the room calling out her name, clearly wondering where she went.

On the patio at Elizabeth & Company, Olivia talks to Emma. They have suitcases ready to go and she mentions how much she’ll miss Bill. “We have to say goodbye to Springfield. So let’s do that right now.” She tells Emma as she leads her away.

Harley wonders how she can trust an ex-husband who has hurt her in the past. He reminds her that she doesn’t have much of a choice. He tells her that there is no way he can let her go to Hellis, because she may never see the people she loves again.

Lena is on the phone again in her cell talking to Alan. She demands that he bring her daughter to see her and likes what she hears. He promises her that he will bring her child to see her in prison if she tells him where Harley is. “Harley’s with the warden. He’s hiding her so she doesn’t get transferred.” She confesses while sobbing. Lena hangs up, hitting the bars in anger at herself for what she has just done.

Mallet and Harley hug one another as he assures her that she will be safe with him.

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