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By Ashley
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Edmund and Dinah are waiting in the broken-down van for Cassie and Jeffrey to return. Dinah tries to tell him that everything is going to be fine, but he is adamant on trying to get a signal on his cell phone to get help. It starts to thunder and lightning. Dinah says aloud that she hopes nothing happens to Jeffrey and Cassie. Edmund begins to curse himself for not being out there with Cassie. Dinah reminds him that he’s trying to play both sides, and it won’t work. He won’t get Cassie back. Moreover, Cassie has feelings for Jeffrey, and he should realize this. Dinah is clearly trying to make him see her.

She jumps out and tries to fix the truck. Edmund sits inside trying to start it while she “fixes” it, but she is just pretending. She is trying to stall. Suddenly, on a whim, it starts, and Edmund runs outside to hug Dinah. He immediately gets back into the truck to go and find Cassie.

Cassie and Jeffrey continue hiking up the road, and Cassie trips and falls. She begins cursing Alonzo for even thinking about taking Will away from her. Jeffrey assures her that he won’t let him take away her child. It begins to thunder and lightning, and Cassie trips again out of fright. She and Jeffrey fall down a hill and land on top one another. They scramble up to their feet. The storm seems to be coming on quickly, and Cassie begins to worry. She starts walking briskly down the road with Jeffrey following close behind. Jeffrey leads Cassie to a deserted shack where they will be safe from the storm. She protests, however. This is her chance to save her son, and she doesn’t want to be stuck in there. There is a loud crash outside the door. Two trees fall down and block the door. They are now trapped. They begin to try and push the door open, but it’s unsuccessful. Cassie begins to panic. Everything is hopeless. She starts to freak out over losing Will and about Dinah carrying her child. Jeffrey tries to console her and tells her that he won’t let her down. They share a hug. Edmund and Dinah burst in together. Edmund catches them in their embrace.

Danny meets Marina at Towers for an elegant dinner. They are ecstatic to see one another. The two sneak out into the hall, and Danny tells her he wants to go away with her tonight. They never had a chance to go to Chicago, and he wants to do it now. Marina thinks this is strange. She doesn’t understand why he wants to go now, after everything that has happened. Marina declines, assuring him that she does want to be with him, but they need more of a plan. She tells him not to rush things; she’s not going anywhere. The two begin to kiss passionately, but Danny stops. He wants to tell her something. If he is going to begin his life over, he needs to start with a clean slate. Before he does that, there is something she needs to know about him.

The two sit at a table, and Danny takes a deep breath. He begins talking about how he should have done things differently. He starts talking about the night Michelle got her memory back. Marina tells him she knows. He told her everything that happened that night. “Not everything,” Danny says. He tells her that he slept with Michelle that night. Marina doesn’t understand why he lied to her, but he tells her that he only wants to be with her. What happened with Michelle was only about the past. And before things went any further with them, he wanted her to know. Marina grows upset and says she needs to go. She tells him that she even offered to take a step back and let him be with Michelle. She asked him to be honest, but he wasn’t. She runs off, telling him not to call her and not to come after her. She wants to be left alone.

Gus breaks into Mallet’s office and catches Harley in Mallet’s arms. Harley immediately runs to him and throws her arms around him, exclaiming “You’re okay!” Mallet wants to know how he got in there and what he thinks he is doing. They begin to argue over Harley’s well-being, both acting protective. Mallet informs him that there was an “incident” with Harley, but he has it all under control. Gus won’t hear of this. He wants to speak with Harley alone, but Mallet refuses.

He finally allows them five minutes together, but warns Gus not to make any more stunts. While Gus and Harley are left alone, Mallet receives some papers outside in his office. They disappoint him. He leaves and tells the guard not to let anyone in until he gets back.

Gus tells Harley that Alan had him locked up. She is completely shocked. He tells her that they need to have a plan in order to protect her. She reminds him that they do – Mallet is protecting her. This worries Gus. They begin to argue about Mallet. Gus doesn’t want him protecting her, and furthermore, he is disturbed that he walked in to find Harley in his arms. They start to yell and finally just acknowledge that they were worried about one another. Then, they jump into each other’s arms and begin kissing uncontrollably. They move over to the couch, making a lot of noise, and another guard bangs on the door to see if everything is all right. Gus lies and tells him he’s simply fixing Mallet’s computer; he’ll take care of the noise. They’re both in the clear. Harley remembers to tell him of her memory of the night of the murder. Gus is happy to hear this. He reminds her again that he is going to get her out of there and away from the danger. They kiss again, and Mallet walks in. He tells them their visit is over. Mallet writes Gus a pass so he can leave safely. He lets them say goodbye in the outer office. While they are gone, Mallet calls someone about the prison papers. He lies and says that Harley has already transferred out.

Tammy and Sandy plan to go on a date, but Sandy’s car has broken down. They need help, but no one is around, and they are in an unknown bar. Tammy suggests they call Jonathan, but Sandy wants to think about it before he does that. Sandy asks Tammy how she feels about Alonzo trying to take Will away. She admits that she misses living at home and that maybe it would be a good idea for her to move back so she can give Cassie moral support. Tammy asks him if he misses living with his family. He struggles to change the subject by saying he likes to live in the present. He seems to be hiding something. Their roadside assistance arrives, and Sandy is off the hook. They leave the bar.

Mallet finds Frank outside Company and shows him the papers. Apparently, officials want to send Harley to another prison outside of Springfield. This one is a maximum security prison that is known for its danger. Mallet is very upset about this happening, and he knows she won’t be safe. He tells Frank that he wants to do everything he can to protect her. Frank realizes that he might still be in love with her. Mallet laughs and says this is impossible. His relationship with Harley was years ago. Frank tells him that there’s really no way to avoid sending Harley away. He says that a truck is going to pull up to the prison, and he will have to put Harley on it. Mallet gets an idea and smiles. He runs away after telling Frank that he has just saved Harley.

Cassie is flustered. She acts like she has just done something wrong. Edmund tells her that they need to get going. Dinah and Jeffrey walk out to the van, but Edmund hangs back. He wants to speak with Cassie alone. Cassie tries to explain that they were just trying to get shelter from the storm. She begins to cry again about losing Will. Edmund comes closer and promises her that it won’t happen. They begin to hug and end up kissing.

Dinah and Jeffrey make it back to the truck, and Dinah comments about his feelings for Cassie.

Danny drinks a couple of shots in the bar and gets upset at himself for what just happened.

Marina goes back to Company and sulks outside. Frank sees her and asks if she wants to talk about it. She says no, but she’d like it if he would sit next to her.

Back in Mallet's office, he makes a call to someone and tells them that there must be a mistake. Harley has already been transferred out of his prison. He doesn't know how it happened. All he knows is that he no longer has a Harley Cooper in his prison. Gus tells Harley that the next time he will see her will be at the release gate, and they say goodbye. Harley walks back into Mallet’s office, and he tells her about the order he received about her. She is concerned about how he’s going to stop that from happening. Mallet assures he will keep her safe with him.

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