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Cassie questions Edmund as to why Alonzo would want to do this now. Edmund tries to tell her that he doesnít know. Dinah is busy trying to find her vitamins and suggests a movie and some popcorn. Edmund takes off to help Dinah find her vitamins while Cassis answers the door. Jeffrey comes in to tell Cassie that his contacts have told him that Alonzo is in D.C. as they speak. His plane has been delayed until tomorrow. They can be in D.C. in 5 hours if they leave right now. Edmund comes in, overhearing the conversation and tries to talk them out of going. Cassie is determined to go and talk to Alonzo herself and thinks that Edmund should go with them. It is finally agreed that all four of them will go since they donít want to leave Dinah alone in case Ross and Vanessa come after her again.

Jeffreyís car:

Dinah has been having to stop every few miles to use the restroom, and is eating everything in site. They bought her a meal, plus she munches on Pringles and pretzels all the way too. She assures Cassie that she has been keeping up with her milk also. When she tries to turn on the radio, Cassie objects and tells her she just wants some peace and quiet. Suddenly, Jeffreyís car breaks down and they are stuck in the middle of nowhere. When Edmund informs Dinah that it will be him and Cassie that go for help, Dinah reminds him that she is hormonal right now and canít be held responsible for what comes out of her mouth. Edmund reluctantly agrees that Jeffrey is too suspicious of Edmund to be left alone with Dinah. The four finally agree that it should be Cassie and Jeffrey that go for help. Cassie remembers passing a small town a few miles back. Edmund and a delighted Dinah watch as Cassie and Jeffrey take off to find help.

Elizabeth & Company:

Gus stumbles into the diner. Buzz notices something is wrong and rushes to help Gus to the bar. Lizzie over hears Gus telling Buzz that Alan locked him in a room in the basement of Spaulding Enterprises and held him there for day with no food or water. When Gus tells Buzz that he returned the favor and now Alan is locked in the same room, Lizzie grabs her purse and rushes out. She runs into Coop outside and grabs him to come with her. They have something that they have to do. Gus continues to fill Buzz in and tells him that he is really worried about Harley now. Buzz tells him that he saw Harley yesterday and seemed fine, just worried about Gus. Gus tells him that he has to get inside the prison some how to make sure that Harley is okay. Just then, a drunken Brisco comes in, still in his uniform and orders a beer. Gus and Buzz see their chance and take action. Buzz quickly goes to chat it up with Brisco while Gus apologizes to all the guests and asks them to leave. Brisco tells Buzz how awful the new warden is and that he is stupid if he really believes that he is going to clean up the prison. Buzz plays along and continues to serve him beer.

Just as Gus is ready to bash his head in with a napkin holder, Buzz spills beer all over Brisco. Buzz offers to wash his shirt for him, but Brisco tells him that he will never need to wear the uniform again and he can just throw it away. Buzz hands the shirt to Gus, who has put down the napkin holder. The two of them are able to convince Brisco that he has been there for hours. When Brisco sees that all the other customers are gone, he believes that he has just blacked out a bit and decides it best if Buzz calls him a cab. Once he is gone, Gus quickly leaves for the prison, with the guard uniform in hand.

Spaulding Enterprises:

Lizzie and Coop arrive in the basement in search of Alan. Lizzie explains what she overheard and tells Coop that she knows her grandfather is claustrophobic. Coop isnít so sure that Lizzie knows what she is talking about but agrees to help her search.

They find the door to the room that Alan is locked in and ask Lizzie tries to figure out how to open the door, she finds the intercom button. She hears Alanís voice and lets him know that they are there to help him. Coop is horrified when Lizzie wonít give him her card key to open the door. He canít believe that she would be that cruel to her own grandfather. Lizzie asks Alan if he was the one that locked Gus up for days. Alan tells her that he didnít do it, but Lizzie doesnít quite believe him. After arguing with Coop a bit more, Lizzie gives in and gives him her card key.

Coop is able to get the door open but as soon as it opens and Alan sees Coop, he rushes him and pushes him against the wall thinking that it was all Coopís fault that Lizzie wouldnít let him out as soon as they found him. Lizzie blows up at him. She canít believe that the first thing he wants to do after getting out is to hurt someone else. Lizzie and Alan argue more when Alan wonít back down from blaming Coop. Lizzie informs a stunned Alan that she canít stand the thought of being in a family that includes her father and him. She storms off with Coop in tow. Once Alan gains his composure back again, he finds a phone and calls someone telling them that Ďit is time, Harley Cooper needs to disappear.í

Outside Elizabeth & Company:

Coop finds Lizzie and asks her why she didnít wait on him. Lizzie is upset and has been thinking how horrible her family is. She is afraid that the meanness is in her genes and she will end up just like her father and her grandfather. Coop tries to comfort her He holds her and tells her that she doesnít have to be like them.


In Mallets office, he tries to keep Harley awake while he waits for the nurse to call back from the infirmary. Harley is a bit out of it and wanting to sleep really badly. Mallet is touched when she tells him that she has really missed him, until it becomes clear that she thinks she is talking to Gus. Mallet gets a call from the nurse telling him that there are no beds available in the infirmary because many of the inmates have come down with a case of food poisoning. He announces to Harley that he guesses she will be spending the night here with him. He knows that she has a concussion and must stay awake. Harley just wants to sleep. Mallet takes her out on his balcony to get some fresh air in an attempt to keep her awake. He remembers another time that he had to try to keep Harley awake when they were working on a case together. Back inside Harley again tries to lay on the couch and go to sleep. Mallet gets her up and tries to walk her around. Harley gets mad at him and demands to go back to her cell. She thinks Lena would be much better company than he is.

She demands to know why he is always so hard on her. He was even much harder on her in the academy than he was anyone else. Mallet tells her that he was really hard on her at the academy because he loved her. He asks her if she ever thinks about the times that they had together. He is disappointed when she tells him that she doesnít ever think about it, getting a bit defensive about it. Mallet thinks that the defensiveness proves that she does still think about it and that there is still a lot of anger there. Harley turns the conversation back to Mallet when she asks him why he is being so hard in here on her. Mallet isnít sure what to say. When he doesnít answer, Harley asks him why he is here now. He tells her that he just wants to make sure she is safe. That is all heís ever wanted.

Elsewhere, Gus enters the prison in Brisoís uniform and almost makes in without notice. Lena sees him and recognizes him. She quickly makes up a story about remembering that he is the guard that told her about her sister coming to visit when they realize that another guard is watching them. Gus follows her lead and tells her that he is there to take her for a special visit with her sister. The Guard isnít sure about that because it is way passed visiting hours. Gus tells him that he has strict orders from the warden and that it is a special visit. The guard shrugs it off and leaves the two of them alone.

Lena explains that she knows who Gus is because of the picture that Harley has of him. Gus is please to hear that Harley has a picture of him in her cell. He asks if Lena knows where Harley is because she wasnít in her cell. Lena agrees to take him to Harley, but she isnít sure he is going to like it.

Mallet sits on the desk with Harley next to him. She tells him that she really needs to sleep. He tells her that she canít. She asks if she can just close her eyes if she promises not to go to sleep. She lays her head over in his lap and closes her eyes, promising that she isnít going to sleep.

Just then the door to the office slams shut and Gus enters the room.

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