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The Beacon:

Reva still lays on Nate’s bed while he sits on the floor sharing a drink with her. She teases him that she could be a serial killer. He tells her that he can read people pretty good and can see that she is a woman that moves full speed ahead, sometimes without thinking about the consequences. Reva flirts a bit with him, admitting that its true. She finds herself in trouble like that many times. When Nate gets a bit bold in his flirting back with her, Reva makes it clear that she is going home to her husband as a loyal wife. She thinks it is time for her to get dressed and do just that. A disappointed Nate finally agrees to be a gentleman and turns his back while Reva gets dressed. He tries to get her to take his phone number, but she refuses. She had a horrible day, and she thanks him for making it better for her. She admits that this is the strangest way she has ever met anyone before. She tells Nate that this has been fun, but she thinks they should leave it at just this. She heads out with a much happier mood.

Spaulding Enterprises Basement:

Olivia continues to beg Gus to back off and let Harley do her time. Bill walks up behind her and wants to know what is going on. She is still crying and visibly upset, but she makes up an excuse that she was arguing with a disgruntled maintenance man. Bill thinks she is over reacting and decides to ‘talk to the man’ himself. Olivia tries to stop him, but Bill pushes forward and holds the button down to talk to Gus. Inside, Gus is confused by the new voice and gets even more angry. He starts pounding on the door. When Bill starts to introduce himself, Olivia stops him. When Gus continues to yell and pound on the door, Bill tells Olivia that she should fire this lunatic. Bill thinks that the man has locked himself in the closet and can let himself out any time. Bill offers to fire the man for Olivia, but she convinces him to let HR do that.

She then turns on the sex and tells him that seeing him be so ‘forceful’ with the maintenance man has really turned her on. Bill falls for the ploy and the two of them take off for their room.

Olivia’s Bar:

Alan and Sebastian discuss the lack of progress that Sebastian has made in finding Gus. Alan is really worried about his son. Sebastian tells him that Olivia acted weird when he tried to question her. Just then Josh comes in and blasts Alan for firing Reva. Alan can’t be bothered with this right now, he is worried about his son. He does tell Josh that it wasn’t him personally that had Reva fired anyway. He pulls Sebastian away from the bar and asks him what he meant that Olivia was acting strangely. Sebastian tells him about his discussion with Olivia and how defensive she got when Gus’ name was brought up. Alan tells him that Olivia is weird and defensive all the time, but tells him to follow up on it anyway.

Once Alan leaves, Sebastian offers condolences to Josh for Reva losing her job. Josh asks him if the offer to join him and Blake in taking Alan down is still open. Sebastian confirms that it is. Josh tells him that he is in.

After Sebastian takes off, Josh is nursing a drink when a rejuvenated Reva joins him. She jokingly tells him that he might be able to take her home if he buys her a drink. A frustrated Josh tells her that he can’t keep up with her and asks what has changed her mood so drastically. She tells him that something happened that helped her put things in perspective. Josh inquires as to what that something was. She proudly tells him what happened, which Josh doesn’t believe and kind of makes fun of her telling her that a young girl came onto him also. Immediately, Reva’s mood changes and she goes on the defense thinking that Josh thinks it impossible that another man could still look at her and want to sleep with her immediately. Josh tells her that he feels that way every time he looks at her. She softens to that a little bit. Josh tells her that he knows she was fired from her job and asks why she didn’t tell him. Again, Reva’s mood changes and she goes off talking about the new, younger person that was hired to take her place. Josh wisely lets her carry on and get all her feelings out. As she winds down from the tirade, Josh approaches her from behind and starts to kiss her neck. She softens again and turns to him thanking him. She loves him so much. Josh tells her that her losing her job is good for him because now she can come and work with him at Lewis Construction. Reva becomes enraged immediately and shoves Josh so hard that he almost falls down. Confused, Josh wants to know what that is all about. Reva yells at him that he is patronizing her and ‘making up a job for her’ doesn’t make her feel needed. Josh has had it with the mood swings and the two get into a yelling match. Josh begging Reva to tell him exactly what she wants. Reva thinks that he is willing to do whatever she wants just to shut her up. She tells him that she has two words for him. ‘Good-by’. She storms out of the bar with Josh yelling after her, ‘That is one word!’

Spaulding Enterprises’ Basement:

Inside the room, Gus finds a cigarette butt and a match. He decides to have his last cigarette and lights the butt. As the match burns, Gus sees something that would burn easily and thinks that if he starts a fire, it will sound the fire alarm. He starts the fire and starts trying to fan the smoke up to the fire alarm. Just his luck, it doesn’t work. The fire starts to burn heavily now, producing all kinds of smoke. Gus beats on the door and starts really yelling for help now. The smoke is overtaking him and he is coughing badly. Alan comes by and sees the smoke under the door. Quickly opening the door and dragging Gus out of the room. Alan is extremely happy to find Gus, but Gus doesn’t believe him. He thinks it was Alan that knocked him over the head and locked him in there all this time. Alan tries to reason with Gus, but Gus is furious. He thinks Alan did it so that he could do something to Harley.

He slams Alan up against the wall and demands to know what he did to Harley. Now Alan starts to get a bit upset and tells Gus that Harley ruined Phillip’s life and now she is going to ruin his. This fuels Gus’ temper even more. Alan tries to stop him from going to see Harley, so Gus throws Alan back into the room and locks the door before taking off. Inside, Alan begs Gus to let him out, reminding him that he is claustrophobic.

Bill & Olivia’s room:

The two enter the room and waste no time in jumping into bed. After making love, Bill is still concerned about his wife’s mood lately and reminds her that she can tell him anything. If she is in over her head on anything, he assures her that he will be there for her and will help all that he can. Olivia wants to tell Bill what she has done, but still holds back.

She tells him that she has made so many mistakes in her life. She knows that she rushes in and does things sometimes without thinking about the outcome and gets herself in trouble way too much. Bill asks if she is talking about something specific. She tells him maybe. He assures her that she can tell him anything and he will not judge her. She tells him that she is worried about Sebastian and Alan, just waiting for her to screw up. Bill senses that it is more than that and again tells her that she can tell him anything. Olivia looks about ready to crack.

The Prison:

Harley is escorted into Mallet’s office and immediately she asks if he gave the message to Alan. She is very upset with Mallet when he tells her that he didn’t. Mallet doesn’t trust Alan at all and asks her what if Alan is the one that made Gus disappear. Mallet reminds her that Alan has a lot of pull in the prison. He knows that Alan paid one of the guards to threaten her. Harley won’t verify anything, but Mallet knows that one of the guards was Brisco. He just wants to know if any other guards were involved. Harley tells him that she will give him that information if he promises to call Alan. Mallet will not make that promise, making Harley more angry at him. Just then Brisco knocks on the door. Mallet orders Harley to get back to work and tells Brisco to come in and shut the door. Harley goes back to the front office and daydreams about finding Gus. When the daydream is over, she goes back to the typewriter and continues her work. Brisco comes out of Mallets office with daggers to kill Harley. She becomes very uncomfortable under his glaring stare. Mallet comes out and tells him to get along and empty his locker immediately.

Harley realizes that Mallet fired him and becomes even more angry. She knows that Brisco isn’t the only bad guard in the place and now they will all think she is a snitch. Mallet reminds her that it is his job to clean the prison up. Firing crooked guards is part of ‘cleaning up’. They argue again until Mallet has had enough and calls for a guard to take Harley back to her cell. A female guard shows up and Mallet is relieved, thinking that this guard is a good one. He pushes Harley out the door and tells the guard to take her back to her cell. Once the door is shut, the new guard grabs Harley and throws her into a holding cell where Brisco joins her. He is going to teach her a lesson about snitching. Harley begs him to believe that she didn’t snitch on him, but Brisco is upset about losing his job and isn’t listening. Harley screams for Mallet as Brisco throws her against a wall. She hits her head pretty hard and slides to the floor. Brisco takes out his billy club and beats her badly before Mallet shows up. Mallet pulls Brisco off, but realizing his mistake, he jumps on Harley for being a trouble maker. He makes a real show of telling Harley that he knows she is a trouble maker and he will be watching her like a hawk. Harley is badly hurt, but realizes that she should never have trusted Mallet. Mallet excuses Brisco and the other guard telling them that he can take it from here.

Once they are gone, Mallet rushes to Harley’s side and tries to assure her that he only said all that to try to protect her. Harley passes out from her injuries. Mallet picks her up and carries her to his office. Laying her on the couch, he calls the infirmary and demands that they send a nurse to his office immediately. He returns to Harley’s side as she comes too. She is happy to see that it is Mallet by her side and reaches for his face telling him how happy she is to see him.

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