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In the parking garage, Reva looks at herself in the mirror and repeats the words of Stephanie. This makes her mad, and she reaches into her van, a symbol of her age and smashes the driver’s side mirror off.

Josh comes out to the car and upon seeing the broken glass becomes concerned. He makes sure that his wife is fine and wonders what happened. She looks at him as though she’s in a daze, desperately trying to come up with an excuse for the broken mirror. Suddenly she blurts out that it was an accident where the driver hit the van and then left without stopping. Josh looks at her as if he doesn’t know what to make of it and she walks up to him and embraces him. He lets her know that he’s glad she’s ok.

On the farmhouse porch Cassie puts some of the children’s toys away when Jeffery he shows up. She refuses to look him in the eye and lets him know that she doesn’t need his help. He listens to what he has to say and smiles as he explains that he wants to be there for her. Jeffery then informs her that he has some news about Alonzo and she looks hopeful.

Inside the house, Edmund is still on the phone while Dinah listens in from the extension in the kitchen. Once he gets off the phone she comments on how interesting the call was and makes it know that she knows he’s misleading Cassie. He doesn’t seem too concerned as she reminds him that she’s now a part of their lives. Instead, he warns her to stay out of Cassie’s business.

At Olivia’s Bar, Olivia sits with her leg up icing a wound on her calf. She thinks back to when she was in the hallway outside of Gus’s cell and he grabbed her. She is snapped out of her daydream when Bill arrives wondering what happened to her leg. She assures him it’s nothing and then changes the conversation the last night. Bill smiles as they talk about how it was a start to a new beginning for the two of them. She looks at him in the eyes and goes on to tell him how much she wants to correct her mistakes.

Gus remains in his cell and yells out to his captor. Knocking on the door, he warns his kidnapper that he knows they killed Phillip. “I’m going to spend the rest of my life hunting you down.” He warns.

Josh pulls away from his wife’s embrace, wondering if she’s been drinking. She thinks back to Stephanie’s words and doesn’t answer the question directly. Instead, she lies to him and tells him that she quit her job. Josh is happy with the news, excited that he and his wife can finally spend some more time together. He accidentally makes a joke about the two of them being old and it sends Reva reeling. She lets him know that she’s not old, and makes an excuse that she wants to make sure things are ok at the station. He looks at her baffled by what has just happened. Reva makes an excuse that she’s wired and leave, letting him know that she’ll see him later.

Sebastian walks into the bar and sees Bill & Olivia being cute with one another. He comments on it and then wonders if either of them has seen Gus. “Junior seems to have gone missing.” He explains.

Bill seems worried, while Olivia becomes defensive, wondering if Sebastian checked with Harley. He nods at Olivia, and thanks her for the advice before leaving. Once Sebastian is gone, she turns to Bill and makes it known that she doesn’t trust Sebastian. Bill agrees with her and she begins to look worried. When Bill asks if she is ok, she explains that she just wants to correct some past transgression. Bill smiles and lets her know that he thinks she has a good heart. This seems to set her off and she decides to leave for a little while. She tells him that she’s headed to Spaulding and that she will meet up with him later. He looks reluctant, but agrees to appease his wife.

Edmund reminds Dinah that he doesn’t have to explain his actions to her regarding Cassie. She acts nonchalant and goes about her business as Edmund follows her around the kitchen. She mentions how it is obvious that he’s doing everything to get Cassie back. Again, he repeats that he’s only trying to help Cassie. Dinah doesn’t believe him, and claims that his helping Cassie is only because it will help him in the long run. He looks annoyed with her.

Cassie assures Jeffery she can handle her own problems and he reminds her that he still wants to help. He goes on to tell her how his contacts in Washington have let him know that Alonzo is willing to do whatever it takes to get his son back. She looks shocked and he reminds her that it is good they are privy to such information. She hugs him, thankful that he’s being nice to her as Edmund watches from the kitchen window. They break apart from one another and head inside the house. Edmund is quick to wonder what would bring a visit from Jeffery and he explains about the information he has found out. Edmund agrees with Jeffery that now, they too can play hard ball with Alonzo. Edmund looks like he might be getting a bit jealous and Cassie is swift in informing her husband that Jeffery only wants to help. Edmund realizes he can’t fight her on this and agrees that they need all the help they can get. Dinah butts into the conversation to remind the three that Edmund has contacts as well that are high reaching. She also mentions hearing his latest conversation with Alonzo and urges him to share it with Cassie & Jeffery. He looks at her with a worried look upon his face as she presses him to give Cassie the full report.

Reva sits back down in Olivia’s Bar with a sigh. Bill comes up behind her, wondering why she wouldn’t be with Josh and she makes it clear to him that she wants to be alone. She also informs him that she quit her job, and as she tells him she sounds like she’s trying to convince herself. After some persuasion her nephew heads back to his own table.

Josh looks down at the mess on the parking garage floor in disbelief when Sebastian approaches him. He wonders if Josh has thought about helping him and Blake with the Alan situation.

Trying to convince Josh to help him he lets him know that he’s already started to bring Alan down and mentions Olivia. Josh is not impressed with his influencing techniques and makes it known. Before Sebastian leaves, he lets Josh know that he’s welcome to give him or Blake a call if he changes his mind.

Outside the door of Gus’s cell Olivia walks by. She turns on the speaker to hear what Gus is saying while she thinks back to earlier when Bill told her she had a good heart. She begins speaking, her voice distorted by some sort of device. “You’ve been in there long enough.” She tells him. “This has got to end.”

Cassie presses Edmund to tell her what happened, looking worried. He reiterates that he doesn’t want to get into it all, and after Jeffery sides with Cassie he gives in. He lies and tells them that he got pressure from Alonzo and that he returned it ten fold. Dinah doesn’t let it go, she continues to suggest that there is more to the story. When Edmund doesn’t reveal anything else, she tells them that Alonzo threatened Edmund. Cassie becomes worried and looks only slightly relieved when Edmund assures her that he let it be known that he didn’t give in. Dinah looks almost proud of Edmund, as Cassie thanks him. She suddenly looks sick and grabs her stomach. She announces that she’s having a craving and that she’s going out. Before going she makes a comment on how lucky Cassie is to have two heroes in her life. The three of them look at one another while in the kitchen, not sure what to say or do.

Dinah walks into Olivia’s Bar and sees her brother. She sits down next to him and jokes about ordering some alcohol. He evidently knows about the baby and looks annoyed that he had to hear about his sister’s pregnancy from Blake.

He admits that he was surprised and doesn’t pass judgment after Dinah requests him not to. He lets her know that he’s there for her, and she confesses that things are going ok for her. The two then begin to discuss Bill’s love life and he acknowledges, with a smile on his face that he and Olivia are on the road to recovery.

Gus continues to egg on Olivia, wondering what she is waiting for. She tells him that he needs to get on with his life, if he wants to be free. He lets her know that forgetting about Harley is something he won’t be able to do. She begins to cry as she reminds him that Harley wants to be left alone.

Reva walks into a darkened hotel room, with lit candles all around. She calls out for Josh and begins to strip. Once naked, she climbs into bed and turns some romantic music on. Suddenly a strange man walks in and she screams. She yells that he’s in the wrong room and he corrects her, letting her know that it is his room. She looks puzzled and explains that her husband was the one who sent her the key to the room. He smiles and repeats what the note said, realizing the misunderstanding.

He introduces himself as Nate and seems nice. He begins to pick up her clothes as he mentions how it was a case of mixed messages. He offers her back her clothes by draping them on the edge of the bed. She seems intrigued by his no nonsense attitude and asks him some questions about why he would invite a strange woman to his hotel room. With each answer she seems to become more and more curious about him. While they are talking he walks over to her and sits on the edge of the bed. They continue talking and Reva mentions that she is happily married. He mentions how sorry he is to hear that and she smiles at his gutsy attitude.

Cassie turns to Edmund & Jeffery, commenting that for once she agrees with Dinah. She reminds them that they are all trying to band together to help Will. It is clear that she wants a truce and Jeffery is the first to agree. He notes that he thinks they can work together as they’re all adults. Edmund agrees, and notes that he will work on things from the San Cristobel end while Jeffery deals with the issues from the US side. The two shake hands, which seems to please Cassie. Jeffery notices how tired Cassie is and offers to leave, letting them know that he’ll be in touch. She walks him out, thanking him for all his help.

After Josh fixes the mirror on Reva's van, he goes to put the tools back in the van and finds the memo that came with Reva's severance check. This might explain why she is acting the way she is.

Gus continues to egg Olivia on, pushing all the right buttons. She begins to cry, telling herself that she’s not a bad person. She yells at Gus, comparing him to Phillip. She becomes angry and begins to punch the wall, while tears stream down her face.

Reva and Nate continue talking, him on the floor next to her bed. She goes on to confess to him that she got fired from her job and he can’t believe it. He even makes a comment about how women are so much better and more beautiful than young girls. This impresses her and she urges him to continue complimenting her. He mentions her husband and she takes another shot. “Who said anything about going home?” She asks. “The night is still young.”

Jeffery walks into Olivia’s Bar and sees Dinah drinking some milk by herself. He’s definitely not pleased to see her and even less happy when she sits on the stool next to him. She goes on to let him know that when it comes to Edmund that he will stop at nothing to win Cassie back, even if it means using this situation to his advantage. He looks irritated, and lets her know that all he wants to do is help Cassie. She urges him to get on the ball and help Cassie before Edmund can. Dinah walks away, leaving him with something to think about.

Edmund tries to get through to Alonzo via the phone and is interrupted by Will who seems to have had a bad dream. He sits down with the child and tells him a story to lessen his fears.

Cassie watches on looking happy, and when the two begin to fall asleep and curl up with one another, she covers them with a blanket.

Olivia tells Gus that he has one last chance to forget about his brother’s murder. He thinks about it, still in pain while she remains upset. Down the hall, Bill is walking around, wondering where she is, only steps away from her.

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