Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/3/05



By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

While in Olivia’s Bar, Josh throws down a bunch of travel brochures for Hawaii in front of his wife. She looks up at him surprised and wonders why he wants to go away again so quickly after they got back from Aspen. He smiles and mentions that he only wants to extent their vacation temporarily. She takes his attitude as a sign that he wants to slow down there life and lets him know that she’s not ready for that yet. She gets back to her work which is sitting in front of her and reminds him that she’s busy getting ready for her next TV show. He sits next to her, as she goes on about her new young producer at the show. She gets up, moving away from him and mentions how she has a lot of work to do to please her new boss. He follows her as she pays her bill and gets ready to leave. The two flirt with one another, but Josh makes it known that he wishes she would worry less about work.

Jonathan walks into Elizabeth & Company with a swagger and immediately pops one of the many balloons that are all about. Lizzie is running around getting things prepared and it is apparent that her party is happening. She sees him, wondering if he’s there for the party and then casually mentions that some guy was looking for him not to long ago.

He seems interested in what the stranger looked like and questions Lizzie about the guy intensely. She doesn’t have much to offer him which angers him. Coop walks in just in time to see Jonathan grab her, and wonders what is going on. She tells him that she’s having a party for her friends and he laughs, commenting on the lack of people.

Tammy is sitting amidst a picnic basket at Laurel Falls and has a video recorder in her hand. She’s fiddling with stuff when Sandy walks up, letting her know he got her message. As he hands her a flower she lets him know that she simply thought he was working too hard and wanted to spend some time with him. She motions to the blanket and dishes laid out on the ground and he smiles, clearly happy with her plan. She feeds him a strawberry and then the two begin to kiss one another. She pulls away, and informs him that she has to tell him the truth. “I set you up.” She confesses to a baffled Sandy.

Edmund heads out onto the porch of the farmhouse, on the phone with Alonzo. He’s beginning to raise his voice and informs his brother that he can’t call Cassie. He goes on to ask his brother for more time to persuade Cassie to give Will up and then thanks him before hanging the phone up.

Inside, Cassie looks at a photo of her children as Edmund walks in. She is clearly upset at thinking about losing her son. He asks how everything is and on the verge of tears she lets him know that she contacted the Embassy as well as some recommended lawyers. Looking miserable she reports that each one of the three lawyers she called gave her a different version of what could happen. He assures her that Alonzo won’t take her child away and urges her to trust him. She mentions that Will being schooled in San Cristobel was something that she and Richard had discussed, but that she didn’t think it would happen so soon. Again, he lets her know that he will take care of things. With tears in her eyes she hugs him and thanks him for being there for her.

Reva sits down to meet her new boss at the bar chock full of ideas for a new show. She has all of her work in hand and her new boss lets her know how great everything looks. She then goes on to tell Reva that she has some bad news. “I don’t really know how to tell you this, but we’re letting you go. We’re taking your show in a new direction.” She tells a surprised looking Reva.

Edmund continues to tell Cassie how he will take care of the situation completely. Cassie shakes her head, wondering if she could help things by calling Alonzo personally. She gets up and picks up the phone until Edmund stops her. He is quick to tell her that it wouldn’t be a good idea and once again reminds her that he is better suited to deal with the situation. Suddenly a phone rings, and Cassie runs into the other room to get it, thinking that it might be the consulate for her. While she’s getting her cell phone there is a knock at the door and Edmund opens it. Dinah is there and Edmund inquires as to how her one day in San Cristobel went. He is smiling as she mentions how surprised she was that he didn’t get on the plane. She then goes on to thank him for staying in town and wonders what changed his mind. He has an odd look on his face when Cassie comes back out into the kitchen. She asks how Dinah’s day at the spa was and it is evident that Edmund lied to Cassie about her whereabouts. Dinah goes along with the story pretends that she was somewhere relaxing instead of San Cristobel. Cassie then puts down her cell phone, and mentions that she missed her call. Dinah looks inquisitive as Edmund reassures Cassie once more that everything with Will is going to be ok. Dinah looks concerned and wonders what is wrong. Cassie is quick to blow her off and Edmund backs her up. Cassie’s cell phone rings again and she picks it up. Dinah whispers to Edmund how handy this situation is for him and he shushes her. On the phone, Cassie argues with someone telling them that it isn’t possible. Edmund walks closer to Cassie as the person on the other end of the line hangs up on her. She turns to him and reports that Alonzo wants Will on the island in 2 weeks.

Tammy turns on the charm and begins flirting with Sandy before she confesses that she needs help with a psychology paper. She runs over and picks up the video recorder she left out earlier and shows it to him. Tammy admits that she needs someone to answer some questions for her and that she will then have to analyze the data.

He doesn’t look to sure of it and she begins taping their conversation. He refuses to answer anything about his past such as where he grew up or how many siblings he has; instead he jokes around and gives stupid answers. He then turns the tables on her and points the camera at her. He refuses to give it back to her and then kisses her while slipping the tape out of the video recorder.

Coop makes a smart aleck comment to Lizzie once more about not many people showing up to her party and she becomes defensive, telling him that her friends are simply arriving ‘fashionably late.’ She then asks him point blank why he’s even in the restaurant and he reminds her that he had to pick up his letter of recommendation. She urges him to leave, informing him that her friends will soon be there.

Outside of Elizabeth & Company, Sebastian runs into his sister. He hugs her while she mentions that she’s been trying to get a hold of him. She is quick to bring up the face slapping incident and questions how it all played out with Alan. He smiles and lets her know that it all worked out well. He confesses that he’s now Alan’s right hand man, with his most important job being trying to find Gus who has gone missing. She is shocked to hear that Gus is missing while Sebastian lets her know that it is probably nothing. “He’s probably taking a break from the old man, which is something I’m probably going to need soon.” He tells his sister. Blake offers to help find the missing Spaulding and reminds her brother what a great detective she is. She mentions their father and how happy he would be to know that his children are working together. Blake walks over, closer to the restaurant and looks in the window. She sees Josh standing inside, and looks intrigued. Sebastian laughs as Blake informs him that she already has thought of a way to help him.

Inside the restaurant, Jonathan approaches Josh wondering why he wasn’t at the office today. He goes on to inform his step father how busy work was and Josh smiles. He goes on to reassure him that he brought work home and that the project assigned to him will get done. Josh laughs as he realizes Jonathan is actually taking his job seriously.

Reva demands to know whose idea it was to fire her. She is stunned to hear that the orders came from the top and is mad that Alan couldn’t be brave enough to fire her face to face. Stephanie, the new producer tries to reassure Reva letting her know that her ratings were down and that they needed to target the younger demographic. She seems to be having a hard time being let go and blames it all on her age even thought Stephanie assures her that the show only needed a ‘new’ face and not a ‘younger’ one. She becomes enraged and the two women stand up facing one another. Reva backs down and wonders when the show wants her out. She is handed her severance check. She smiles and rips the check out of her hand. As soon as Stephanie is gone Reva picks up her phone and calls Jonathan. She tells her son that they need to ‘raise some hell.’

Edmund pours Dinah something to drink when Will wakes up. Cassie frowns when she hears how he has had a nightmare. Edmund swoops right in though and tries to make things better. Together he and Cassie help Will feel better and resemble something of a family. Dinah watches on, obviously not happy by what she sees. While Edmund, Cassie and Will draw pictures together Dinah makes a sound as though she is sick. She clutches her stomach. Meanwhile Cassie moves away from her husband and son, still perturbed by everything going on. Edmund approaches her and reminds her that if need be that they can all move away. She looks at him with an odd look on her face and it’s hard to tell what she’s thinking.

Sandy and Tammy continues to kiss one another, until she puts a stop to it. She stands up and makes it clear that she wants to get back to work on her project again. He jokes around some more and when Tammy presses him for answers about his past he becomes annoyed and urges her to find someone else to do the interview on. She looks as though she doesn’t quite know what to make of his resistance as he begins packing up his belongings to leave.

Coop watches Lizzie alone in the restaurant through the window outside when Josh walks onto the patio. Just as he and Coop are about to talk with one another Blake and Sebastian show up and want to talk to Josh as well.

Coop butts in and tells the three of them that he needs their help. “Lizzie’s trying to throw a party and I need to round up some guests.” He announces. Blake looks baffled while Josh laughs at the thought. He goes on to explain that she’s been trying to get back to normal since her father died and that it’s been difficult for her. He urges them to help him find people to go to her party. Sebastian whispers in his sister’s ear reminding her that Lizzie is a Spaulding.

It seems to be enough incentive for Blake, who is soon on board to help Coop. To Josh it seems like the situation is under control and he begins to leave, but Blake stops him. She tells him that she has something she wants to run by him.

Jonathan meets up with his mother at Olivia’s Bar and she is quick to offer him a drink. She’s acting as though she’s already had a few drinks and is slurring her words. He initially refuses to have a drink with her, telling her that he’s working. She continues to pester him until he gives in and the two begin to talk and drink with one another. She makes a couple of comments about being old and you can tell that Jonathan is slightly worried about her. While he goes to get a drink at the bar she looks at herself in a mirror, hearing the words of her former boss. She hears herself being fired all over again and takes another shot of alcohol.

She and Jonathan are dancing with one another and having a great time when Tammy and Sandy walk in. The two look surprised to see Reva & Jonathan drinking in the middle of the day. Tammy even checks to make sure everything is ok with her aunt, who assures her it is. Jonathan and Reva continue to joke around and when he heads into her purse for money he finds the severance check from the TV station. He looks shocked and then looks back toward his mother.

Josh, Blake and Sebastian are all inside the restaurant and mention to each other that they didn’t have much luck in finding people to attend the party. Sebastian excuses himself to go talk to Lizzie who is standing by herself crying. Meanwhile, Blake begins to tell Josh about her brother’s plan to pull Alan down a peg or two. He seems interested and urges her to explain more. Sebastian tries to be understanding and talk to Lizzie about feeling left out. He lets her know that he’s used to being treated the same way. She seems receptive to what he tells her and then looks up to see people walking into the party. She smiles and Coop walks in behind a group of people. He tells her that he left her keys there and she seems happy once more. Lizzie is quick to point out all the people who have shown up at her party.

Will continues to color while Dinah remains in the kitchen. Edmund goes on about moving to an island far away and Cassie doesn’t seem too sure of it. She walks away when Edmund’s cell phone rings. He picks up the phone and leaves the room. Cassie heads back into the kitchen where she and Dinah have a heart to heart over motherhood. It seems like they are actually getting along. In the other room they can hear Edmund yelling at Alonzo. Dinah makes a sound as though she’s going to be sick and clutches her stomach. She doubles over and lands on the ground. Edmund and Cassie rush over to her, clearly concerned. She looks towards the door with a smile on her face. She is obviously faking. After some time she seems to ‘wake up’ and Cassie lets her know that she fainted. Dinah pretends to not know anything that happened which worries Cassie. She urges Edmund to call a doctor, but he whispers to Dinah that he knows what is really going on. Dinah assures Cassie she is fine just as the phone rings. Edmund gets it and the women hear that it is Alonzo. Dinah watches as Edmund pushes the ‘hold’ button on the phone. She heads into the kitchen where she picks up the extension.

Reva continues to laugh and dance around the bar having a good time with the three kids. Sandy eventually pulls Tammy aside and she mentions the interview once more. Again he’s evasive and doesn’t answer any of her questions. He tries to be romantic assuring her that she knows everything there is to know about him and leans in to kiss her. She stops him and lets him know that it isn’t the end of their conversation.

Sitting on a counter Lizzie comments on how busy this party is. She seems to be exhausted from hosted, but pleased and Coop seems glad she’s in a good mood. He mentions his recommendation letter just as one of the guests comes up to him. The guest thanks Coop for inviting him to the party. Coop looks uneasy as Lizzie figures out that everyone there is a stranger. They begin to argue and she ushers everyone out of the restaurant despite Coop advising her to let them stay. He is just about to leave with the other guests when she stops him. “You get back here. I am so not through with you.” She informs him.

Outside of the restaurant, Josh looks to Sebastian and Blake to explain their proposition to him more thoroughly. They tell Josh that they believe Alan is ‘abusing his power’ and that they want to takeover Spaulding Enterprises. Sebastian even mentions that Olivia is on board, which doesn’t make want Josh join them. Blake pleads with him, reminding him that he can choose how involved he wants to be. “Help us give Alan what he deserves.” She pleads with him and he seems to be thinking about it.

Reva thanks her son as he hands her another drink. He then shows her the severance check and wonders why she didn’t tell him about it. She fakes a laugh and lies to him telling him that it will force her to take some much needed time off. He doesn’t seem to buy it and she dismisses his concerns. When he becomes protective of her and offers to help she decides that it is time for her to take a walk and leaves. She walks out looking annoyed while Jonathan is left looking worried.

Lizzie thinks that Coop must be happy that her party failed. He doesn’t buy into her game and reminds her that she doesn’t need a party to feel normal. They argue as usual about her family until she walks behind the counter to get him his letter of recommendation. She is just about to hand it to him when she pulls back. Lizzie tells a surprised Coop that she doesn’t want him to stop working for her. She confesses that she will miss him.

Cassie tries to let Edmund talk to Alonzo but he won’t hear of it. He continues to rant and rave on the phone, letting her believe he is talking to his brother. In the kitchen Dinah shakes her head smiling. Will walks into the room and Cassie leaves with him, not wanting him to hear Edmund yell. Once she’s out of the room he hits the hold button once more and assures Alonzo that Cassie is on board with their plan. He asks Alonzo that he keep up the pressure.

Sandy reminds Tammy that he doesn’t have any secrets or hidden agendas and lets her know that what is important is the present. She seems to understand and lets him know once more that she only wanted to know more about him. He assures her that the longer they’re together the more they will learn about one another. The two kiss and get ready to leave. While Sandy is paying the bill Tammy heads over to Jonathan and asks where her aunt is. He tells her that she needed some air.

Tammy comments on the two of them getting along and Jonathan laments that although bad things have stopped happening with him around that it may be too late to stop some of them from happening.

Reva walks out into the garage and sees her car. She comments on how old and reliable it is. It obviously reminds her of her age and she becomes mad. She sees herself in the side mirror and pulls a crow bar out of the car. She smashes the mirror just in time for Josh to come along, wondering what is going on.

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