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By Ashley
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Outside Company, Marina and Danny meet up with Ray. A quiet memorial for Tony l is scheduled for that day at Laurel Falls. Danny leaves with Ray to go pay his respects. Marina stays behind. She thinks he should be alone with his family.

At Laurel Falls, Michelle sits with flowers thinking about the recent events. Rick and Bill show up, thinking that she needs company. Michelle tells them that she has hurt so many people whom she loved. She thinks itís time to stop causing so much pain. Bill reminds Michelle that Tonyís death was an accident; she did not push him. Michelle replies that she might as well have pushed him. She would have done anything not to hurt him. Danny and Ray show up.

Ray tells them that heís really not up to this right now. He asks Danny to talk to Tony; he is out there somewhere. Danny begins to talk, saying that he doesnít understand why he felt like he was never good enough. He knows when Tony first came to town; he was very hard on him. He gave up his life for him. Michelle tells Tony that during the worst time in her life, he came to her and made her feel safe. She turns to Ray and Danny and says that she really loved him. Ray says that he loved his brother. He tried to guide him for his whole life, and he just wanted him to be happy. Ray tells Michelle that it was her love that made Tony the man he wanted to be. Together, they all drop flowers down the cliff where Tony fell. Ray leaves Michelle and Danny alone to talk.

They begin to reminisce about their wedding day at Laurel Falls. Michelle begins to talk about losing her memory. The life she had is like putting on an old favorite cold, and it doesnít fit anymore. Danny asks her what she means. Michelle begins to talk about leaving for awhile to go see her dad in Africa, and she wants to take Robbie with her.

Danny has no objection. She apologizes for everything that they lost. They only want each other to be happy. Michelle leaves and Marina shows up to see Danny. She heard everything and encourages him to go see Michelle at the airport and say whatever he needs to say. She realizes that the truth is, she will never have him until he leaves Michelle behind. She wants him to go and do whatever he needs to do. Danny is grateful for her words and leaves.

Alexandra sits with Alan at Company and tells Alan about her worries of Gus. She canít understand why Alan isnít more concerned. Alan says he thinks itís because of Harleyís new memory of the jasmine perfume. Alexandra wonders if the real killer is right under their own roof. Olivia walks in, and they look at her suspiciously. Alex walks up to Olivia and begins sniffing her closely. Olivia turns around, startled, as Alex covers her actions up by congratulating her on her deal with Lewis. They come to the subject of Gus, and Alex tells her that heís missing. Alan walks up and says that Gus is where he needs to be. Alex demands to know what this means. Alan lies and says that Gus had another attack of his ulcer. He left town to go see a doctor. Bill walks in while Alex continues to hound Alan about Gusís whereabouts.

Olivia walks over to Bill and hands him her briefcase. She says itís a gift. While Alex and Alan continue to argue, Bill realizes that Olivia has given him Alanís briefcase. She wants to show him that she did not trick him to give up the deal by getting him into bed. She tells him that she wants another chance with him. Alan gets a phone call from Sebastian. Meanwhile, Bill tells Olivia that they are going to have to see how things work out. Olivia leaves and passes Alan while he commends Sebastian on the ďlatest little problemĒ they had.

A very emaciated and unhealthy Gus crouches down and struggles to light his cigarette. He screams for someone to let him out of there. He tries to find a way out, but grows very frustrated. He begins to have flashbacks of Harley. He sees Harley in front of him, and they begin to talk about the case. She tells him that she knows he will piece together all the clues of Phillip’s murder. Harley assures him that they will find their way back to each other. The voice comes back and tells Gus that they are going to play a game. If he gets the right answers, he gets out.

Mallet leads Harley back to his office where she promptly and seductively takes down her hair. She apologizes for the tenseness between them. She says that she has been harsh, but she has unresolved issues. Apparently, she was wrong and he was right – about their relationship. Harley says that she knows that he still loves her after all these years. Mallet is completely confused. He asks what has changed as Harley comes closer. She tells him that nothing has changed in eight years. She begins to rub his shoulders and tells him that she’s so lucky to have him in prison with her. A siren goes off, and Mallet says he must send her back. Harley pleads with him to let her stay. He says he has to do her job, but she tells him they are not finished. He “knows” her more than anyone, and he should know that she holds a grudge. Harley tells him that they had something special and being with him is hard for her now. She is stuck on the memories of them. She kisses him. They share a long kiss, and Mallet is pleasantly surprised. However, he stops when he realizes that it was a “real” kiss. He knows what a real kiss from her is like. She is trying to con him, and he knows the difference. She finally tells him that she just wants out for a couple of days. She needs to find Gus. Mallet looks her in the eye and tells her not to worry about Gus. He is apparently taken care of.

Harley begins to worry and wonders if Mallet knows something she doesn’t. He replies that Gus is a Spaulding. He’s taken care of. He warns her that the next time she tries to seduce him, he just might let her. Harley pleads with him to just do one thing for her. Give Alan a note describing what’s happening with Gus. He agrees. Harley gets back to her cell and prays for Mallet to do what she asked.

At the airport, Rick is there to see off Robbie and Michelle. Danny runs over to the gate to say goodbye.

Danny asks to speak with Michelle alone. He tells her that they walked away from each other like it was nothing, and they need to say more. They assure one another that they always loved each other, and they always will. They hug. Robbie and Michelle get on the plane.

Alan goes to meet Mallet. Mallet prepares to get out Harley’s note, but decides to rip it up.

Alex asks Bill when the last time he bought perfume for Olivia was. What kind was it? He says it was jasmine. Alex is shocked.

Gus gets in a fight with the voice, and the hole opens for a minute. He immediately punches his hand through the door and grabs the person. They scratch him. Olivia is the person on the other side.

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