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Jeffrey arrives at the farm to see Cassie. She opens the door and tells him that something has happened. She needs him now more than ever. Alonzo has called Will down to San Cristobel to begin his royal training. To make matters worse, this is not a request, it is a royal decree – and order. Apparently, this was part of her original adoption agreement, but she thought it would happen when he was older.

Jeffrey tells her that she needs to get in touch with someone who is an expert on royal law, and he will help her do that. He reminds her that he will always be there to help her, but she needs to realize that there is something romantic between them as well. She is not doing her part, and if she’s not going to acknowledge it, then she should let it go. Jeffrey leaves.

Edmund’s flight to San Cristobel begins to board. Dinah lurks behind him and talks to the baby she’s carrying. She tells it that Cassie pushed “Daddy” away and now she’s going to fix things. She’s going to sneak onto the plane. Meanwhile, Ross overhears the call for Edmund’s flight. He walks up to Edmund and tells him that he better get on that plane. Dinah sneaks on the plane and takes a seat while Ross gives Edmund a piece of his mind again. He took advantage of Dinah and used her in the worst possible way, and that is why he needs to leave Springfield.

At Company, Buzz tries to call Gus again. He is beginning to worry.

Across town, Gus is suffering and begging for water from his captor. He sits down and tells himself that he won’t give up on Harley. A hole in the door opens, and Gus punches his hand through it. The voice comes back and tells him that he will be okay, if only he just calls off the investigation. Gus refuses. The person gives Gus a bottle of water, but he won’t drink it. He tells them that they have to give him something that’s sealed. The person threatens Harley. Gus yells that if they harm Harley, he will kill them.

Mallet asks Harley if she had any luck with the perfume samples. Unfortunately, smelling them only gave her a headache. She didn’t find the jasmine scent. She tells him that now she’s even more confused about what happened that night. She realizes that this may have been his plan all along. Perhaps he wants her to stay in prison with him. Mallet grows angry. Lena eavesdrops from across the room. Mallet assures her that he is just trying to help her. Harley yells at him that she doesn’t want his help. To her surprise, she finds out that Mallet actually did call Gus, twice. But he can’t get a hold of him, and this worries Harley. She tells him one more time that he needs to stop trying to help her. Mallet storms off while Buzz arrives to see Harley.

Outside Company, Michelle and Danny realize that they need to talk about Tony’s funeral arrangements. Marina watches them from the window. Michelle is still in shock that a few days ago she was planning her wedding and now she’s planning Tony’s funeral. Danny asks Michelle if she thinks that Tony sacrificed himself for them. He is confused. He thought they were getting married. He wants to know if she called it off because she wants to be with him. Michelle can’t answer.

Frank consoles Marina inside Company. He doesn’t want her to date Danny, but keeps his comments to himself for the time being. Marina is hurt. Jeffrey arrives at Company at Frank’s request. Frank wants to question Danny and Michelle about the accident. Marina gets angry. She can’t believe that Frank and Jeffrey want to question them, not even hours after the accident happened.

Jeffrey walks outside Company and breaks up the tension between Danny and Michelle. He needs to questions Danny, and Frank needs to talk with Michelle. Jeffrey begins to ask questions, but Marina storms outside and tells Jeffrey to back off. Jeffrey agrees to let Danny give his statement the next day and leaves. Danny seems a little annoyed with Marina, but tells her that he is really sorry about getting her into all this. Inside, Michelle explains to Frank that Danny and Tony got into a fight. They slipped and fell off the edge. Frank wants to know why Tony was so upset. Was he afraid that Danny and Michelle would get back together? Michelle asks him if he is asking as a police chief or as Marina’s dad. Frank replies “both.” She tells him to mind his own business.

Harley introduces Buzz to Lena. Afterward, she immediately runs to the guard and demands to use his cell phone. He gives it to her, and she runs away to call Alan. She tells him about Harley’s memory of the perfume, but in return, he needs to give her daughter more money and bring her to Springfield. Meanwhile, Buzz tells Harley of his worries about Gus. He can’t find him anywhere. Harley theorizes that Phillip’s killer got to him. Buzz tells her about the messages to Gus on his phone and that one came from the Spaulding house. Harley begins to worry uncontrollably. Buzz apologizes for not telling him before, but he didn’t want her to be upset. She tells him that something has happened to him, and she needs to help him. She needs to get out of there. Harley tries to convince Buzz to fake a heart condition so she could petition the judge to get out of prison to see him. She paces the floor, saying that there has to be a way for her to get out of there. Mallet walks in, and she has found her answer. Harley realizes that she can’t get out of prison. She needs to work from the inside.

After Buzz leaves, Harley walks up to Mallet and apologizes. She knows that he is the only person who can help her. Mallet assures her that he can help her if she would let him. They agree to talk in his office. They walk in, and Harley closes the door. She walks toward him and prepares to kiss him.

Cassie arrives at the airport to see Edmund before he goes. She discovers Ross harassing him and reminds him that by law, he and Vanessa need to stay away from them. Ross is confused. He thought Cassie wanted Edmund to go. However, now, because of Alonzo, she needs Edmund to stay. She warns him that this is not what he thinks.

Edmund tells her that he will help her no matter what. At the same time, Dinah tries to get up to get off the plane, but a flight attendant stops her. They are preparing to take off.

Cassie and Edmund arrive back at the farm, and Edmund reassures her that they are not going to lose Will. They share a tender moment. She trusts him with this because she knows he loves the boys. They hug, but Cassie pulls away and begins to think this was a mistake. She is not ready to be with him. She tells him that Jeffrey is working on things there so maybe he would do more good in San Cristobel. Edmund is infuriated. He brushes this off and reminds her that he will take care of this. A glass breaks upstairs, and Cassie goes to check it out. Edmund calls Alonzo while she is gone. He seems friendly with the man. He says that he understands why he needs Will and asks him to do it his way.

When Cassie arrives back downstairs, Edmund fakes a fight over the phone. Cassie believes him and becomes upset. They hug.

Michelle leaves, and Marina arrives back to see Frank. He tells her that he’s very proud of her in the way she’s handling Danny. She knows there’s a chance he won’t come back.

Outside, Danny asks Michelle to answer his question. He tells her that if she had come back from Vegas and said that she wants to be with him, part of him would have said yes, but part of him would say no. He has worked so hard to move on. There is a part of him that truly cares about Marina. Michelle wants to know which part is stronger. She realizes that Danny loves Marina.

Danny goes inside to see Marina and tells her that they need to talk. She thinks he is trying to break up with her so she begins rambling. Danny tells her that he is so grateful to have her in his life; he doesn’t know what he did to deserve it. He tells her that if she’s crazy enough to want to be with her, he’s hers. Marina is so happy, she is in tears. Michelle watches from outside and runs off crying. She passes Ross on the way out. Jeffrey walks out and learns from Ross that Edmund did not leave town. Cassie begged him to stay.

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