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Jonathan talks to someone on the phone while he waits for Reva to return from Aspen. He tells them that he canít help it that Reva has decided to move to Aspen and that Josh was just kidding about the job. He canít play that angle either.

He tells them he has to go and hangs up just in time to pick up a sign with MOM written on it. As he sees Reva come around the corner he pretends to be paging Reva Lewis and asks her to pick up her son at gate 17. Reva gets a kick out of that and is happy to see him. She is surprised to see him in a suit and asks how long she has been away. She thinks that he cleans up very good and asks whoís funeral heís going to. He explains that Josh gave him a job at Lewis construction and he wants to make a good impression. Reva is suspicious of why Josh gave him a job and asks him what he has on Josh. Jonathon tells her that he turned Josh down with his first offer, but Josh was determined and approached him again with an offer he couldnít refuse. He then asks how prompt Josh will expect him to be, because he has just realized that he is about 15 minutes late already. The two of them take off to meet with Josh.

Elizabeth & Company:

Marina paces worrying about Danny. She hears on the police scanner that there has been an accident at Laurel falls and hears the name Santos mentioned. She freaks out, grabbing her purse and running out.

Outside, Cassie literally runs into Jeffrey. He tells her that he talked to the judge about the restraining order against Ross and Vanessa. Cassie thanks him for taking care of that for her. She then tells him that Edmund is moving out and going back so San Crisobel tonight. Jeffrey is very happy to hear this. Edmund will be back for the birth of the baby. Jeffrey comments that the kid is very unlucky. Cassie comments on how insensitive Jeffrey is. He knows that he is, but that is what she likes about him. The two flirt a little bit and then

Jeffrey seriously tells her that he is happy that Edmund is moving out and that she will be alone for a while. He kisses Cassie. Cassie pulls away and tells him that she canít do this right now. This is fair to Jeffrey because her life is so complicated. They kiss again and Jeffrey tells her that he has been running away from Ďcomplicatedí for too long. Cassie becomes uncomfortable and quickly announces that she is leaving. Jeffrey watches her walk away, then takes off in the opposite direction.

Josh meets up with Bill and asks why Bill is looking so down. Bill tells him that Olivia kept him preoccupied while Alan closed the Pierce deal for Spaulding. Bill asks why Josh wanted to meet with him. Josh explains that he has given Jonathan a job with Lewis Construction. Bill is a bit leary of this and asks what Jonathan has on him. Josh explains that he is just trying to keep Reva happy. He admits that he hasnít talked to Billy about this yet. He just felt that he needed to make an executive decision, and he made it. Bill is the boss now though, so it is up to him. Bill agrees to give Jonathon a shot as a favor to Josh. Josh is a bit upset because Jonathan is already a hour late for his first day. Just then, Jonathan and Reva come into the restaurant. Josh is surprised to see Reva. Jonathan explains that he is late because he was picking Reva up at the airport. Josh tells them both that he is going to let Bill fill Jonathan in on what his duties will be because he wants to talk to catch up with Reva. Bill and Jonathan go outside to talk as Reva and Josh sit down to discuss what is going on in their marriage. Josh is confused as to what Reva wants. Reva admits that she doesnít know the answer to that question either. She knows that she loves Josh and their life, but Ďhomeí isnít the same anymore. The kids are grown now and living their own lives. She explains that she needs a new start. Josh tells her that going to Aspen was just supposed to be a Ďvacationí for them. Their home will always be in Springfield. Reva gets upset and starts to leave. Josh asks her where she is going. Reva admits that she doesnít know and frustratedly sits at the bar. Josh turns on the charm and flirts a bit with her. He introduces himself to her. She plays along and says that she noticed the wedding ring on his finger and wonders what his wife will think. Josh asks for her help in making his wife take off her blinders and realize what a great person she is and how much he loves her. Reva softens a bit and the two dance and kiss.

Outside, Bill tells Jonathan that he is giving him this job as a favor to Josh, and also for his wife. Bill tells him that he is thinking of using Jonathan as a spy against the Spauldings. Jonathan thinks that is funny, since he is finally trying to make an honest living and now Bill wants him to go undercover. Bill tells him to take it or leave it. Jonathan agrees and is a bit taken aback when Bill tells him to be at the office at 8:00 in the morning. After Bill leaves, a delivery man shows up with some flowers for Jonathan. Jonathan canít figure out who has sent him flowers. The card reads ďA welcome home present for Reva, and a congratulations on your new job. Donít lie to us again.Ē Jonathan watches Reva and Josh dance through the window. He gets angry thinking that no matter what he does, Reva gets hurt. He destroys the flowers before taking off.

Laurel Falls:

Michelle continues to try CPR on Tony. Danny tries to calm her and tells her to stop. Tony hasnít had a heart beat since Danny brought him back up. Michelle is frantic, she doesnít want to give up on Tony. When the paramedics arrive, Danny and Michelle wrap in blankets and sit to the side as they put Tony in the body bag and cart him away. They are both in shock and canít believe what happened here tonight. A detective approaches and tries to get a statement out of them. Michelle tells him that it was an accident. That Tony just slipped and fell over the cliff. She notices that Danny is shivering badly and calls the paramedics over to check him out. Danny refuses medical help though, claiming that he is fine. Marina arrives as they are taking Tonyís body away. Still thinking that it was Danny that was hurt and freaks out a bit trying to get to the body. The detectives manage to keep her away until she notices Danny and Michelle sitting off to the side. She runs to Danny, so happy that he is alive. Danny explains that it was Tony that died. Marina is shocked and gives Michelle a hug. Michelle and Danny fill her in on what happened before Danny collapses to the ground. Michelle and Marina realize he is unconscious and yell for the paramedics.


Dinah comes in to find Edmund packing. He explains that this is what Cassie wants. Dinah is upset and tries to convince him not to go. Edmund is adamant though. He believes that Cassie will eventually see that she needs him here and ask him to come back. Dinah tells him that she feels safe when she is with him and canít imagine going through the pregnancy without him there. She announces that she is going with him. The two argue about it for a bit before Cassie enters with the boys. Edmund rushes to hug them both and then sits them on the couch to explain that he is going on a trip now. He tells them that they are in charge now, and it is their duty to take care of Cassie and Dinah. The boys go along with it for a bit, until they realize that Edmund will be gone for a long time. As Edmund grabs his bags and heads for the door, the boys rush to him and beg him not to go. Dinah tells Cassie not to make him go, but Cassie tells her to stay out of it. Edmund is able to calm the boys down, and Dinah takes them back to the front room to give Edmund and Cassie time alone to say goodbye. Cassie follows Edmund outside and apologizes for having to do this right when the boys got home. Edmund tells her that he is willing to do whatever it is that Cassie wants him to do. He tells her that he loves her and is disappointed when she doesnít reply.

After he leaves, Cassie goes back to the boys and sits on the couch with them. Dinah takes off after Edmund as Cassie and the boys assure each other that they can do this alone. Cassie suggests that they should call Tammy and have her come and spend a couple of days with them. There is a knock on the door. Cassie thinks that maybe that is Tammy now. She is surprised to find a manila envelope outside the door. She steps outside to open it. She is horrified when she opens it and comments that they canít take her child away from her now.


Paramedics wheel Danny in with Michelle and Marina in tow. Michelle tells them that she thinks he is suffering from hypothermia since he was in the water for so long. The doctor tells them that only one of them can stay with Danny. Michelle reluctantly offers to leave so that Marina can stay with Danny. Marina is very worried about Danny and tries to comfort him, telling him that everything is going to be okay.

Michelle sees them wheel Tonyís body in and asks if she can have a few minutes alone with him. She tells him that she never meant to hurt him. She knows that he gave her life back to her, and she wasnít able to save his. She lightly kisses him as she cries.

Danny wakes and thinks that it is Michelle standing next to him instead of Marina. He calls out her name. Marina misunderstands, thinking that he is asking to see Michelle and she runs off to find her. Danny was actually trying to tell Michelle that he wanted to talk to Marina, but Marina didnít hear this. Ray comes rushing into the room, happy to see that Danny is okay. He was told that he was needed to give last rights to a family member, but now is happy to see that Danny is okay. Ray is crushed when Danny tells him that it is Tony that he was called for. Marina watches from the window as Danny tells Ray all that happened and explains that Michelle couldnít hold onto both of them. Tony let go, which is why Danny is here now. Danny doesnít understand why Tony did this. Michelle approaches Marina. Marina, thinking that it was Michelle that Danny asked for, tells her that she knows that Michelle didnít marry Tony because she still loves Danny. Through her tears, she tells Michelle that she loves Danny enough to walk away. Michelle is what he needs right now to get better, and that is all that Marina wants. Ray comes out of the room, telling Michelle that Danny needs her now. Marina sadly watches as Michelle, not her, goes to Dannyís side.

Ray goes to the cubicle where Tonyís body is. Michelle joins him to give Tony his last rights. She canít stay in the room for long though, it is just too much for her deal with. She leaves and watches through the window as Ray continues praying for Tonyís soul.


Edmund arrives with Dinah following closely behind. She still tries to talk him into not going, or letting her go with him. Edmund gets angry with her and tells her that he is going. Alone! He takes off to check his luggage. Dinah approaches the ticket counter and orders a one way ticket to San Cristobel. While the clerk gets her ticket ready, Dinah rubs her belly and tells the baby not to worry. Daddy isnít going anywhere without them.

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