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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

AT Laurel Falls, Tony and Michelle are interrupted by Danny who happens to be walking by. He sees Tony grabbing a crying Michelle and orders him to stop. Tony looks up surprised to see Danny and lets Michelle go at the same time.

He laughs as he comments on how Danny is always there to rescue Michelle. Both Danny & Michelle urge Tony to head back to town and he refuses, wondering what has happened. In a moment of anger, Tony pushes Michelle towards Danny urging her to go with him, reminding her that she had been looking for him all morning. Danny continues to look puzzled by the whole situation until Tony blurts out that Michelle is still in love with him and that he knows about the two of them sleeping together.

Olivia and Bill are lying together in bed, after obviously having made love. Bill has his eyes closed and wakes up when he hears Olivia talk to him about how safe she feels when she’s with him. They both mention how surprised they were to end up in bed together and Bill blurts out that he never cheated on her with Harley. Olivia looks baffled and wonders what he’s talking about. He admits that he lied to help Harley push Gus away before she went to prison. Olivia looks half relieved and half mad when she hears this and wonders why he would do such a thing. He asks her to understand and she reaches over the side of the bed and grabs an ice bucket which she throws on him. He yells, startled by the cold.

Alexandra walks inside Elizabeth & Company and sees her brother sitting at a table. She immediately walks over to him, wondering if he’s seen Gus as of late. She has a concerned look on her face and Alan doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal. She worries that perhaps he found something out about the murder and Alan is quick to let her know that it isn’t possible as the killer is at Valesburg. Lizzie peeks around the corners, eavesdropping on her grandfather just in time to hear Alex tell Alan that they both know that Harley most likely did not kill Phillip.

Gus is inside his cell, yelling out to his captor. He warns them not to hurt Harley as he bangs on the wall. He looks weak and falls to the floor.

In her cell, Harley is on top of her bed when Mallet comes to visit her. He’s in plain clothes and lets her know that he was planning on making her an offer. She jumps out of bed and wonders what he is talking about. He mentions that he knows she remembered something outside his office the other night and lets her know that he wants to help her get out of prison. She looks at him and it is apparent that she is studying him, wondering if he has an ulterior motive.

Bill stands up and brushes the ice off of himself, not understanding why his wife would do such a thing. She yells at him, asking why he would once again put Harley ahead of their marriage. He yells back at her, reminding her that he did try and tell her the truth when Gus originally came to their place but that she left before he had a chance to come clean completely. They begin to walk into the living room, covered only in sheets while still talking. He goes on to tell her that he even went to find her so that he could tell her the truth and that’s when he found her living at the Spaulding Mansion. They both realize how hurt they were as she explains that she moved in with Alan only to get back at him, because she knew how much he’d hate it. They both realize how ridiculous the situation is just as a phone rings. Bill goes to answer it and is mad when he gets off. He turns to her, wondering why she couldn’t keep her word about forgetting business for one night. She looks puzzled and wonders what he’s talking about. Angry, he lets her know that while they were together than another Spaulding employee made a bid that Pierce accepted. She looks ecstatic that Spaulding won the bidding war, while Bill looks anything but. Mad at her, her wonders why she just doesn’t leave so that she can celebrate with Alan.

Alan dismisses Alex’s claims and lets her know that Gus is capable of taking care of himself. Lizzie continues to listen in on the conversation as Alan confesses to his sister that he asked Harley to forget about Gus. He tells her that he thinks she might be ready to forget about him for once and for all. Lizzie walks up to them, having heard enough and wonders when they will finally give up. Alex looks worried that her niece heard the whole conversation and Lizzie ignores her.

She makes it clear that she doesn’t want to hear anything else about her father’s death in her restaurant from either of them. A sympathetic Alex tries to understand but mentions that things aren’t always so clear cut. Lizzie lets them both know that she wants it to be. She mentions how life for her is anything but normal, and Alan looks worried he wonders what he would be able to do to help her. She suggests a party, and is half joking, but Alan doesn’t take it that way. He immediately agrees to the idea and lets her know that he will pay for it. She thanks him and smiles before walking off. Alan looks happy with himself and comments on how easy it was to handle that situation. Alex still looks worried and reminds him that they’re going to need to watch Lizzie better now more than ever. She goes on and changes the subject back to Gus. She seems to think that he wants to pin the murder on Olivia and wonders if he’s ready to deal with her. She realizes that Alan doesn’t want to help her at all and stands up to leave. Before going Alex proclaims that she has a bad feeling about Gus.

Harley maintains that she doesn’t want any help from her ex husband and he goes on and on about how much she trusted Gus, and how he blew her case. She doesn’t want to hear it and defends him, telling Mallet that he did everything in his power to save her from going to prison. AC doesn’t agree and lets her know that if she wants his help that she needs to trust him. He gives her one chance to tell him what she remembered and makes it clear that when he leaves so will his offer to help her. She looks in the mirror at herself and realizes that it might be her last chance at getting free. She confesses everything that she remembered to him. Harley tells him about the smell of jasmine and the sound of a woman’s heels. He looks pleased and walks out without explaining how he’s going to help her. She looks confused as she calls out to him, wondering where he’s headed.

Danny tries to reason with Tony, letting him know that he only slept with Michelle once. He doesn’t take the news well, nor does he try see the other side and Danny becomes angry. He reminds Tony that when he and Michelle made love that they were still married. Tony gets even more irate and wonders if perhaps this is Danny’s way of punishing him. Michelle is almost crying and begs him not to blame Danny for what happened. She asks him to blame her and he can’t. He refuses and lets her know that he thinks it is 100% Danny’s fault. He looks devastated and begins to cry as Michelle tells them that she loves the both of them. Tony doesn’t want to hear it and wonders who she loves more. She looks back and forth between the two of the, unable to make a decision while sobbing.

Gus is still inside his cell; he is sweating and looking worse than ever. He tries to stay strong and warns the person who abducted him that he’s not afraid.

In the holding room at prison, Harley looks surprised, but happy to see Alex. They hug one another but are forced to step away from one another when the guard yells at them. They sit down and make small talk. Harley wonders how her father is doing and mentions how much she misses the rest of her family. She also mentions that Alan came by to see her and mentions his threat and her reaction. Alex makes it clear that she knows Harley can protect herself and listens as she’s told how her brother informed Harley that she has to stay away from Gus. Alex stands up, exasperated at her brother’s actions. Harley looks at her and lets her know that she needs a favor, before mentioning what it is she needs done she sniffs the air. “Are you wearing perfume?” She asks Alex looking at her intently. Alex confirms that she is and Harley asks what the name of it is.

On the patio of Elizabeth & Company, Mallet looks inside the window while on the phone. He lets someone know that he will pay them extra to get a package to them as soon as possible.

Inside, Lizzie and Alan discuss her upcoming party and the costs until they are interrupted by Mallet. He begins the conversation by insulting Alan and introduces himself when Lizzie wonders who could be so rude to her grandfather. Alan smiles and extends his hand to shake hands with Mallet, who refuses. Lizzie wonders what is going on and Alan asks her to leave for a little while. She walks off leaving the two men alone to talk. Mallet makes it clear that he watched the tape of Alan’s visit with Harley and warns him not to come inside his prison again. Alan smiles and let AC know that he’s happy with his reaction. This puzzles Mallet.

Olivia yells out to Bill that she can’t find her clothes to get dresses. They continue to argue about whether or not Olivia set Bill up to win the bid from Pierce. She promises him that she didn’t and tells him how much she needs him. She’s near tears when he finally agrees that they should sit down and talk if they want to figure things out. She smiles at him and heads back into the bedroom to get dressed. There’s a knock on the door and Bill notices Olivia’s underwear strewn across a chair in the living room. He picks them up and answers the door. He’s shocked to see his mother there, and tries to hide Olivia’s panties behind his back as he hugs his mother hello. She is quick to let him know that she has heard that he and Olivia have split just in time to hear Olivia yell from the bedroom. “Bill, have you seen my panties anywhere?” She calls out and walks out half naked just in time to see her mother in law with her husband.

Danny offers to take Michelle home and Tony refuses, thinking that all Danny wants to do is hurt him. Both Michelle and Danny try to reason with him, but he doesn’t want to hear it. He yells at Michelle claiming that Danny doesn’t care about him whatsoever and that this is payback. They continue to yell at one another arguing over Michelle until he rushes towards Danny. They begin fighting and approach a ledge. Without realizing it both of them tumble over the side. Michelle rushes toward them and grabs them both just in the nick of time.

Danny urges her to get away from the ledge, claiming that she too will fall over if she continues to try and hold onto them. Tony begins losing hope, and despite Danny & Michelle’s best efforts to get him to hold on he doesn’t. He lets her know that he loves her and asks Danny to take care of Michelle & Robbie before letting go of Michelle’s hand and dropping off the cliff.

The guard yells at Harley once more for smelling Alex’s wrist and she is told that the smell is that of lilacs. Alex also mentions that it is one of Spaulding’s new fragrances, and wonders why Harley has a sudden interest in smells. She passes it off as it being a prison thing that everyone smells the same, and Alex seems to buy the story. With a sad look on her face, Harley realizes that Alex’s perfume isn’t the one she smelled outside of Company and she almost looks disappointed. She whispers to Alex, letting her know that she still needs her help. Alex looks shocked when she finds out that Harley wants help in finding Gus.

Alan lets Mallet know that he’s glad to see that he still has feelings for Harley. He reasons that it might mean that they want the same thing – Harley to remain in prison. He looks annoyed and claims that he doesn’t want Alan harassing anymore of his prisoners again. He goes on to admit that he doesn’t want Harley to be in prison and Alan lets Mallet know that he does. He walks off just as Lizzie joins her grandfather. She wonders who it was and he explains that it was Harley’s ex. She rolls her eyes as her grandfather mentions that he might help him out with something in the future.

Vanessa is nice to Olivia and pretends to be glad to meet her. She makes a snide remark and then comments that all the Lewis men talk. Olivia is nice as Bill hands her underwear over and excuses herself. Once Bill and his mother are alone again, Vanessa realizes that some of the information she got about her son’s failing marriage wasn’t exactly accurate. Olivia joins the conversation from the other room, and she and Vanessa bond a bit. She even helps Olivia finish getting dressed and the Olivia comments on how she’s like Bill’s mother a bit. Vanessa smiles at the comparison and offers to take them out for a drink, in order to get to know her daughter in law better. Bill doesn’t look excited, but Olivia jumps at the idea. The two leave together, Bill flanked by the two women in his life. He looks like he’s not going to enjoy his time with them.

Danny pulls himself up over the ledge and yells down to where Tony is. He orders Michelle to call an ambulance while he heads to the bottom in order to look for Tony.

Alex agrees to help Harley and offers to find Gus as soon as she gets back to town. Harley seems a bit worried that he’s not at the house, but Alex downplays it, claiming that he’s fine. She promises that she will help Harley and looks sad as she heads back to her cell.

Bill, Vanessa and Olivia are inside Elizabeth & Company and he looks like he isn’t enjoying himself when Alan walks up to the table. He sees Vanessa and the two hug, she seems excited to see him and they mention how they want to get together with one another soon. He then turns to Olivia and asks her to join him for a conversation elsewhere. She looks annoyed but agrees to it anyway as Vanessa seems understanding. Once Olivia is gone, Vanessa assures her son that he has nothing to worry about when it comes to his wife. “I like her, and she’s right. We are a great deal alike and that is why you should dump her.” She declares to a shocked Bill.

Olivia and Alan are near the bar and he lets her know that he wasn’t thrilled to find her at the restaurant with Bill. She ignores his comment and brings up the deal with Pierce. He confesses that placed the winning bid, and won the contract from Lewis Construction & Bill. She smiles, and he goes on to tell her that he no longer thinks her job is her priority. He asks her point blank if she and Bill have reconciled and after not getting an answer he lets her know that it is his business as it concerns Emma.

Gus continues to talk to himself in his cell, promising that he will help Harley get out of jail.

Inside her cell, Harley stares at a photo of Gus. She daydreams that she is talking to him and asking him for help. In her dream he doesn’t want to help her because she pushed him away. She is interrupted by Mallet who mentions her visit with Alex. She thanks him for letting her see Alex and then is surprised as he hands her a bag. “Perfume samples. Knock yourself out.” He tells her before leaving. He smiles and walks out as Harley watches him.

Gus is in his cell and lies on the floor trembling. He is obviously getting worse.

Outside of the restaurant, Alex runs into Lizzie and she wonders if Lizzie has seen Gus. She tells her aunt that she hasn’t and continues to look upset. She begins to cry as she confesses how much she misses her father and how she wants everyone to move on with their lives. She reasons that Phillip wouldn’t have wanted his family to suffer. Alex agrees, and reminds her that Phillip’s death affected the whole town in many different ways. She urges her to be patient and give it some time. They hug and tell each other how much they love one another.

Olivia begins to get mad and wonders why Alan would bring her daughter into the conversation. He claims that as long as she keeps changing her mind about Bill that she’s inadvertently hurting Emma. He lets her know that he’s getting a car and that he will be waiting outside to take her back to the mansion.

Bill looks confused as to why his mother would want his marriage to end. She lets him know that she like Olivia had a hard time deciding between children, a career and a husband. When he commends her on how well she’s doing she reminds him that it took her many years to get where she is now. “I’m willing to wait.” He tells her and she makes it known that she thinks him waiting would be a mistake. When he tells her how much he cares for his wife she looks, worried, claiming that she didn’t realize how much he truly loved Olivia.

Near the bar, Olivia glances back and forth between Bill and Alan who is waiting near the door.

Danny pulls his cousin to safety tells Michelle that he doesn’t think Tony is breathing. The two begin CPR on him and yell at Tony to stay with them.

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