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By Elizabeth
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Inside the farmhouse, Cassie yells out to Dinah, annoyed that she’s not been following doctor’s orders. Suddenly, Edmund knocks on the door and Cassie doesn’t seem surprised at all to see him. He mentions that she called him over and she makes it clear by her no nonsense attitude that she wants to have a serious talk with him. He seems agreeable to whatever she wants, until Cassie informs him that she wants his help in telling Will & RJ about their separation. Edmund looks devastated.

On the patio at Elizabeth & Company, Ross brings Vanessa a cup of coffee and the two sit down to talk about their daughter. She is in disbelief over the fact that Cassie had the audacity to take out a restraining order against them. She looks to Ross for support and he doesn’t look like he’s going to be of much help. “There are times I want to wash my hands of the situation.” He admits to her looking exhausted. She can’t believe what he is hearing as he goes on to admit to her that they can’t protect their daughter from everything. Vanessa interrupts with him, agreeing with him to some degree but still maintaining that they should support Dinah until she begins to make the right choices. As the two are talking, Ross looks down and notices a newspaper. He jumps up, grabs the paper, shows it to Vanessa and the two take off with one another. On the table the headline on the Springfield Mirror reads ‘Mayor Attempts to Kidnap Daughter, Fails.’

On the porch at the farmhouse, Dinah is looking at her copy of the paper while on the phone. She is talking to a man named Brody and thanks him for all his help in getting her story out. With a smile on her face she hangs up.

Marina awakes to find Danny waiting nearby for her outside at Laurel Falls. They talk together about how great it was for the two of them to watch the sun rise with one another. They look happy and Marina asks him if he is truly over Michelle. She wonders why he would bring her to a place that was so special to him and his former wife.

Michelle is on the phone inside Elizabeth & Company and leaves a message for Danny when a hurt Tony arrives. He listens as she begins to leave a message for Danny urging him to call her back. Before she has a chance to finish the message Tony grabs the cell from her hands and hangs it up. He is quick to let her know that he doesn’t want her to make another mistake and tries to get her to hear him out. He goes on to explain that if she truly loves him that she will give him a chance to say what he has to. Sighing, she lets him know that she knows the whole situation is hard on him and wonders if he really heard what she told him in Las Vegas. He continues on, not really wanting to face the fact that she’s still in love with Danny. He makes excuses for her claiming that she might be confused about Danny because he pushed her so hard to get the divorce as well as remarried so quickly. He apologizes, letting her know that he is willing to back off; if that’s what she needs. Michelle looks exasperated and reminds him that she knows what she feels and that no amount of time will change it. “I love him.” She admits to Tony as gently as possible. He continues to fight what she is telling him, and pulls her out of the restaurant, wanting to talk elsewhere.

Danny lets Marina know that the main reason he brought her to Laurel Falls was to help show her that he’s moving on with his life. She reassures him that he doesn’t have to prove anything to her, and Danny reminds her that he doesn’t want her having any doubts about her place in his life. She forces a smile and admits to him that although she would love to tell him that she doesn’t have any that she can’t. With a hug, Marina does inform him that she’s glad to have him around and he says to her that he will be there for her. She lets him know that although she wants to believe in their relationship that she’s faced the fact that ‘they’ will take some time. She goes on letting him know that she doesn’t expect him to simply shove his feelings aside for his wife, simply because he got around to signing the divorce papers. He looks at her and seems glad that she’s trying to understand. The two flirt with one another until Marina becomes serious once more. She implores him to admit that being at the place of one of his weddings to Michelle with her must seem a bit odd. He avoids answering the question at first and after some prodding admits that she is right.

Holly is waiting for Sebastian inside of Olivia’s Bar and lets him know right away that she isn’t pleased to see him. She concedes that the only reason she even showed up was because it was business. He hands her a paper and lets her know that it is the deal that Spaulding’s legal team came up with regarding her selling part of the paper. She lets him know right away that it wasn’t was she was expecting and tells him that she won’t sign it unless they completely rework everything in it. He laughs, lets her know that the deal isn’t going to get much better and then urges her to walk away if she doesn’t like the terms.

Alan shows up and immediately comments on his sales pitch. Sebastian looks surprised and explains that he was hoping Holly would take the time to consider their offer before refusing altogether. Alan nods and lets Sebastian know he can handle the rest of the meeting. They say their goodbyes just as Blake walks in. Alan and Holly attempt to get down to hammering out a deal while Sebastian sits down with his sister. She notices him watching Holly & Alan with interest and accuses him of being jealous. He denies it and initially passes it off as her imagination. Not one to believe only what she’s told Blake demands to know what is going on between her mother and brother.

Cassie is firm in her decision to tell the boys what is going on with her and Edmund. She doesn’t want them to hold out for hope, but wants his help in letting them know that although she and Edmund aren’t living with one another anymore that they both love them. He doesn’t seem eager to discuss the separation with her or the boys and wonders how they’re going to explain the situation with Dinah. They both realize how tough it will be to explain and Dinah, who is in the kitchen, offers to try and talk to RJ for them. Cassie is quick to refuse Dinah’s suggestion while Edmund wonders if perhaps they should wait a bit before telling them anything. The two are still discussing the situation with the boys when Ross and Vanessa storm in the house. Dinah pretends to be surprised to see them and Ross is livid. Vanessa introduces herself to Edmund, while Cassie lets them both know that they should leave. Edmund tries to be polite to Vanessa who doesn’t want to hear any of it and they are interrupted when Ross accuse Edmund of fabricating the story that appeared in the paper. Edmund looks confused, and tells them that he had nothing to do with the story and neither Ross nor Vanessa believes him. Dinah is the only one who defends Edmund and then the restraining order is brought up. Edmund looks even more baffled as he apparently knows nothing about it. Vanessa ends up accusing both Cassie and Edmund of being responsible for the article in the paper and refuses to believe them when they both deny it once more. Dinah yells out to stop all the arguing and her father continues talking. He tells his daughter that Edmund doesn’t care about her and that she needs to wake up.

Holly opens up the negotiations with the big request of wanting a seat on the Spaulding Board as well as retaining editorial control of the paper. Alan doesn’t seem sure at first, but agrees to it when she drops the selling price and he realizes it is the only way for him to get what he wants. The two shake on the deal as Holly asks him why he hired Sebastian to work for him.

Sebastian sits down with Blake and explains that Alan is trying to but Holly’s paper and that he was trying to kill the deal. Blake looks confused as he explains that he doesn’t want to see Holly get tangled up in Spaulding, especially if he’s going to “wipe out Alan Spaulding like the plague he is.”

Marina reminds Danny of all the memories he’s shared with Michelle at Laurel Falls and he lets her know that he doesn’t need a reminder. He tells her that he’s moving on and that although it is a big change for him that he’s looking forward to it. He then asks her to go on a hike with him and she has a different idea. Marina suggests that he takes a hike by himself and clears out his head a bit and that they can get together later. He protests at first, but she doesn’t want to take no for an answer and leaves, reminding him to call her when he’s done.

Michelle lets Tony know that she loves him and he pulls her outside of the restaurant, telling her that he needs to show her something.

Danny is alone in the woods and wonders how he is supposed to say goodbye to Michelle.

Blake looks surprised that her brother is planning on taking down Alan and he reminds her that he wants to help get revenge for his father. He even admits that it was one of the reasons he came back to Springfield. She thinks about what he has said for a moment and he then swears her to secrecy, wondering what she thinks of his plan. She lets him know that she’s unsure and he comments that it wasn’t his expected reaction from her.

Alan admits to Holly that he wanted someone who was smart and ambitious. He adds in that Sebastian is also the type of person who will do anything to get ahead in business, but Holly doesn’t buy it.

Sebastian lets Blake know that he merely wants to finish what his father started by taking over Spaulding Enterprises. She looks back over to her mother and Alan and admits that seeing the two of them together makes her sick. He smiles and lets her know that pretending to like working for Alan is worse, he then mentions that she should stay out of it all until he has accomplished his goal. She is quick to let him know that he won’t be getting revenge for their father alone.

Tony has brought Michelle to Laurel Falls and she seems uncomfortable. He doesn’t want to hear it as she tells him that she thinks it was a bad idea and that she won’t be changing her mind. “I’m not trying to get you to change your mind, only trying to get you to see clearly.” Tony tells her. She doesn’t seem to be budging in her decision and he still doesn’t want to hear it. He begins to raise his voice, telling her that he thinks that her regaining her memory simply threw her for a loop she wasn’t prepared to take. He lets her know that he will be there for her, and she tells him that her feelings for Danny are stronger than she thought they were. He pleads with her, reminding her of how destructive her relationship with Danny was and she doesn’t want to hear it and instead asks him to take her home. He refuses to take her back, and proclaims that her getting her memory back has been the worst thing that ever happened to the two of them.

Ross continues to read from the paper until Dinah interrupts him, reminding him that it is a tabloid that no one thinks is credible. Vanessa looks at her daughter and wonders if anyone has thought of what the press might do to Ross’s career. Cassie interrupts them and tells them once again to leave. Dinah looks back at Cassie and wonders why she’s not sticking up for Edmund. Everyone looks at her as she tells them that she is surprised Cassie isn’t defending her husband while he’s being accused of something he didn’t do. Vanessa wonders why her daughter is defending Edmund and looks as though she realizes how much her daughter cares for him. Everyone continues to argue over the paper and whether or not Ross & Vanessa should leave. Dinah feigns being upset by everything and walks out. Once on the porch she looks back at everyone fighting and smiles deviously. Once Dinah has left, Vanessa wonders if Cassie truly thinks the living arrangement will work as is. She informs them that she will make it work as it has to and Ross and Vanessa don’t agree. They make it clear that they want to be a part of their daughter’s life, while Cassie reminds them that she wants to be a part of her child’s life too. Again, Cassie requests that Dinah’s parents leave and this time they do but not before Vanessa warns Edmund to stay away from Dinah. Once Ross & Vanessa are gone, Cassie turns to Edmund and lets him know that she’s had enough. She asks him to leave as well. He nods and wonders if perhaps he should leave town altogether.

Sebastian lets his sister know that he appreciates her offer to help him out, but that he can’t do that to her. She doesn’t want to take no for an answer and lets him know that she can be a great partner. He doesn’t think it will work and claims that Alan knows he can’t trust her. She challenges him to watch her just as they turn to see Holly & Alan stand up to leave. Blake & Sebastian walk over to Alan and Holly only to find out that a deal has been made. Sebastian pretends to be excited and welcomes Holly to the ‘Spaulding Family’ while Blake calls her brother a traitor.

Marina stares off into space inside the restaurant and is interrupted by Sandy. He correctly guesses that she’s thinking about Danny and goes on to tell her how lucky he is. When he asks about Danny she tells him that she likes her uncomplicated relationship with him and that she gave him some time to figure some stuff out on his own. Sandy smiles and tells Marina that Danny would be nuts not to want to be with her. Sandy heads off leaving Marina alone in the eatery.

In the woods, Danny stops and thinks about times he spent with Michelle. He realizes that he wants her to be happy and is ready to let her go. He pulls out his palm pilot and deletes her from it.

Tony wonders if Michelle was ever truly happy with him and she seems to be annoyed by all the questions. He is devastated and obviously doesn’t want to let her go without a fight. She admits that she’s unsure what she wants and he seems more confused than ever. Tony tells her that he saw the two of them kiss and that he thinks Danny is at fault for her new found feelings. She looks confused at first and then he explains that he saw them kissing outside the Bauer house. She lets him know that it was more than a kiss and he looks puzzled.

Holly wonders what her daughter is doing. Blake claims to finally be speaking the truth and mentions that her father is rolled over in his grave when he found out that his son was working for his nemesis. Alan tries to remind Blake that times have changed and it only seems to enrage her. Sebastian pretends to stick up for Alan and tells Blake that she can’t yell at his superior. She then turns to her mother and pleads with her not to sign the Spaulding Contract. Sebastian pulls her aside and the two comment on how good her acting is. She lets him know that it isn’t over and slaps him across the face and storms out. Alan looks surprised by what he has just witnessed, but thanks Sebastian for sticking up for him nonetheless.

On her way out Blake runs into Dinah entering the bar and seems surprised to see her. Dinah makes a snide comment and the two go their separate ways.

Back outside the restaurant, Vanessa comments to Ross that Edmund reminds her of Roger. She mentions the trouble that Dinah had with him, and expresses concern that once again their daughter might be in over her head. Ross seems to agree and lets her know that their daughter will not be hurt by Cassie or Edmund.

Edmund admits to Cassie that everyone seems to think he’s the problem, and therefore it might be better if he leaves. He reasons that it might help remove some of the stress surrounding the pregnancy. Cassie looks at him, not knowing what to believe and lets him know that it would be a huge sacrifice. She even claims that it would be unfair to him to miss the 9 months leading up to the birth of his child. He reminds her that he would be willing to do anything for her or the baby. Cassie nods and then lets him know that perhaps he is right. She urges him to take off and he looks like he can’t believe she has taken him up on his offer.

Tony lets Michelle know that even if the kiss meant something that he can get past it. “It was more than that moment.” She admits to him. She continues on, confessing that she and Danny made love and that she hid it from him. He doesn’t want to believe it and grabs her as she tells him that it was a dumb mistake. She goes on about how much she loves Danny and he shakes her, telling her that she can’t. “You’re hurting me. Stop.” She pleads with him and he doesn’t.

Just then Danny arrives and Tony looks at him enraged.

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