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By Ashley
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Cassie and Dinah are at the farm. Cassie is fixing her some food. She stops to wonder aloud if Ross is right about Dinah – is she really in love with Edmund? Dinah walks into the kitchen and asks Cassie what’s wrong.

They get into a conversation about their night at the hospital. She refers to the child she is carrying as “Edmund’s baby,” and Cassie corrects her by saying that it’s hers too. Dinah resolves that Cassie is jealous and tells her that she knew she would be sooner or later. Cassie assures Dinah that she is not jealous of her. Dinah tells her that she knows why she has been hovering over her. She wants to be as big a part of the pregnancy as Dinah is. Cassie reminds her that she is a big part of it; she is the baby’s mother. Dinah begins to push the fact that she will be feeling the baby inside of her into Cassie’s face. Cassie finally breaks and tells her she hates having to take care of her. Cassie prepares to leave. Dinah continues to tell her that she needs to let go of her jealousy. It never occurred to her that she would have something Cassie wanted. Cassie continually denies that she is jealous.

Jeffrey sits down, spent, at Olivia’s bar and encounters Vanessa. They don’t know one another. Vanessa turns to him and asks what’s wrong. He wants to know the same about her and why she’s sitting in a bar drinking. She lets him know that she’s here to rescue her daughter; her life could depend on it. While at his table, Jeffrey takes a peek at Cassie and Edmund’s separation papers. He has a flashback to them beginning to make love the days before.

Over at Company, Josh meets up with Tammy and Sandy. He decided to come back from Aspen early, but Reva decided to stay. Sandy tells him that he came home to some almost good news. Jonathan almost left town. They all sit down at a table to talk about Jonathan. None of them know why he was planning to leave. They sit and speculate. Josh realizes that as much as he wants Jonathan to leave town, he can’t let him, for Reva’s sake. He needs Sandy and Tammy to help him.

Outside, a woman walks up to Jonathan and tells him that he shouldn’t have ignored her call. She isn’t very happy with him. Jonathan tells the woman that the deal is off, but she refuses to let him off the hook. Apparently he’s done this job before. She tells him there is no way out of this. Jonathan is a drug dealer. The woman continues to hassle him and tell him that they have work to do. Josh comes outside and asks if he has a minute. The woman pretends to be someone simply asking for directions and leaves. Josh tells him that he’s going to offer him a job. He has thought about it, and he wants to give it to him. Jonathan, however, says he changed his mind. Jonathan reasons that the “nine to five” job isn’t for him. The woman listens from inside Company. He walks in while Sandy and Tammy think about whether he is staying or going. The woman sees Tammy and asks if she’s ever modeled before since she’s so pretty. She says that her friends could do wonders for her. Jonathan overhears this and tells the woman to get the hell out of there in a protective tone.

Jonathan bullies the woman to leave and tells Tammy and Sandy that she is a madam. He orders Sandy to take Tammy home to a safe place. They wonder why he is acting so weird. Josh comes back inside and asks him again why he won’t take the job. Jonathan resolves to just take it.

Harley has a memory of the night of Phillip’s murder when she’s out on Mallet’s office balcony. She immediately runs inside and picks up the phone to call Gus, but this time, Mallet refuses to let her. Harley begs him to make one last phone call and then no more favors. She reasons that this memory could prove that she is innocent. Mallet wants to be the one to help her. He doesn’t want her to run to Gus. Harley tells him that he could help her by letting her call Gus, her lawyer. He wants her to trust him, however. He asks her to tell him what she remembered, but she refuses. She trusts Gus and not him. Mallet tells her that Gus is the reason she is in there, and she does not need to rely on him. Mallet begs her to let him help her. He wants to make up for the past, but Harley doesn’t care. Mallet finally gets angry and orders the guard to take Harley back to her cell.

Meanwhile, Gus lays unconscious somewhere in Springfield. He finally gathers enough strength to get up and wonders where he is. He is locked in a room, and he begins banging on the door. He searches for his cell phone, but it is gone. Gus tries to break out of the room, but he hears a muffled voice telling him that he isn’t going anywhere.

He is going to be there for a long time. Gus screams aloud what it’s going to take to get out of there. He asks if it’s about money. The person says it’s not. This is a matter of life and death, and as soon as he understands that, the better. Gus realizes that its Phillip’s life and death they are talking about. He lies and tells the person that his investigation is over. The person calls him a liar and tells him to leave it alone. He realizes that this person is probably the real killer. The voice demands that Gus call off the investigation, but he refuses.

There is a knock at Cassie’s door. It is Vanessa. Both Dinah and Cassie are surprised. Vanessa knows about the baby. Dinah assures her that she is doing great; she is being very well taken care of. Vanessa says she had to come see for herself. Cassie leaves in the midst of their conversation. Dinah tells Vanessa that Cassie has been amazing about this whole thing. Vanessa is surprised and tells her that she can’t lie to her. She calls this “absolute madness” and she is here to help her.

Vanessa reviews that Dinah is now living in the house that was meant for her, with a woman she hates, and is now carrying her child. Vanessa doesn’t understand. Dinah tells her that she saw a chance to make up for all the wrong she caused people, and she took it. She says she is doing the right thing. She has changed. Vanessa tells her that she would really love to believe that. Dinah begins to cry and says that she is “becoming a mother” and she needs her. Vanessa reminds her that she is her only concern. She has an idea. She wants Dinah to pack her bags and leave with her tonight. Dinah becomes angry, but Vanessa is only worried about what carrying this child will do to her. How can she carry this child and hand it to the woman she hates? Vanessa wants her to come back with her and see a counselor. Cassie and Jeffrey barge in and wonder what is going on. Cassie immediately runs to Dinah’s side and asks if she is okay. She is not. Cassie tells Vanessa that she is taking out a restraining order against her and Ross. She kicks her out of the house.

Cassie meets Jeffrey at Olivia’s bar. He realizes that Vanessa was actually Dinah’s mother and remarks that he should have realized it. Both of them are excited to see each other, and Jeffrey offers to buy her a drink. Jeffrey wants to know why Cassie is there. She wants advice about Dinah. He tells her that it’s pretty obvious why Dinah is carrying her child; she wants to get at him. Cassie tells him that she’s glad Vanessa is there. Maybe she can whip her into shape.

Harley arrives back in her cell, angry. Lena wants to know the gossip, but Harley refuses to let her know. She continues to hound her, but Harley just wants to go to sleep. She rolls over and imagines Gus lying next to her. He tells her that she can trust him, and he won’t let her down this time. Harley goes to sleep soundly. Lena stays awake and begs Harley to talk to her. Harley tells her that she remembers something about the night that Phillip died. She doesn’t want to tell Mallet, and she’s having second thoughts about telling Gus. Lena desperately wants to know what she remembers. Harley tells her that the scent she smelled reminded her of a woman’s perfume. She remembers being outside Company and hearing footsteps – heels—the night that Phillip was killed. She only knows the woman by her scent, and she knows she is the killer. Lena promises her that she will keep her secret and advises her not to tell anyone. She needs to be wise. Harley resolves to keep quiet, for now.

She turns to look at Gus' picture before she sleeps for the night.

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