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By Ashley
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Olivia is having a business meeting at her bar. She is about to make a deal with her partner when Bill walks up and sit down, telling the man that not only will Spaulding take your property, but it will take your soul. Olivia is annoyed.

Bill continues to trash Spaulding and try to get the man to make a deal with Lewis. Olivia and he start to fight over the client, but it turns into a fight about their relationship. The fight ends with the two of them throwing water on each other. Their fight successfully scares away the client. They sit down and realize how unprofessional they just were. Bill tells her that he misses Emma. He doesnít want her thinking he deserted him. Olivia assures him that she doesnít. Bill asks when she can see her, but Olivia isnít sure itís a good idea.

Tony and Michelle are still at the chapel. He gushes to her about how happy he is that she will become his wife in a matter of hours. Michelle seems very unsure. She begins to have flashbacks of making love to Danny. Tony realizes something is wrong. Michelle stalls by pretending to put on her makeup. Tony tries to kiss her and, and when she refuses, by claiming she is superstitious, he realizes she is stalling. Michelle tells him that she is having second thoughts, not about marrying him, but about the way they are getting married. She wants to know why he is pushing her so hard. He assures her he’s not worried. Michelle finally just snaps and says let’s do it. Tony finds her some “plastic” flowers and places one in her hair. He tells her that when he looks at her, he falls in love with her more and more. Michelle remarks that they are really good together, aren’t they? She seems like she’s trying to convince herself to do this.

Danny sits on the plane, looking at pictures of Robbie and Michelle. A woman asks if she is his wife, but he replies no, they just got divorced. He seems sad.

Outside Company, Marina tells Frank that Danny flew off to Vegas to get a divorce. He thinks she should be happy about that, but she is worried since he called to say he needed to talk to her. Marina confides that she is worried that Danny is having second thoughts about their relationship. Frank suggests that she talk to someone about this. He isn’t exactly happy about their relationship. Frank goes inside Company while Marina sits outside and sulks. Danny walks up behind her. He shows her their divorce papers. This is what he wanted to tell her. Marina thinks there will be more. She starts to tell him that she was hurt when he went off to Vegas with Michelle. She was hurt because she is in love with him. Danny hears this and is confused. He suggests that they go somewhere and talk, but Marina needs to go check on Zack. She tells him she will call him later and seems embarrassed.

Gus is now face-to-face with Mallet “the ex” at Company. He wonders aloud why he pretended to be someone else in his office. Gus asks him why he chose to work at the prison Harley is. Frank walks in, shocked to see Mallet. Mallet tries to extend his hand for a handshake, but Frank pushes him away. Gus warns him not to do anything violent because Mallet is the new Warden. He says that he took the job so he can keep an eye on Harley. He owes all of them and that is why he is doing it. Frank walks away, and Gus tells Mallet to keep an eye on Harley inside and he will do his best to get her out. Gus and Mallet seem to be comrades.

Harley is dragged out into a large room. There, she sees Alan waiting for her. He tells her to try harder to discourage Gus from seeing her. He doesnít want Gusís life to turn into Phillipís. He demands that she ďstop hurtingĒ his son or he will make her life in prison unbearable. Harley begins yelling at Alan that he is just like Phillip. There was no reason for Alan to come there.

Harley gets so upset that she kicks Alan in the groin and attempts to strangle him. She says that he has taken everything from her, and she is going to take something from him. She threatens him, saying that he is going to die a very bitter, old man and with one word to Gus, he will be taken down. The guard finally walks in and Harley throws Alan to the ground. She is taken away.

Back at the bar, Olivia stares at her phone. The text message stating that the Spaulding house is where to find all the answers about Phillipís murder is displayed.

Gus walks up and asks if she needs help, since Bill is with her. Bill leaves, and Gus makes small talk with Olivia about their living arrangements. He tells her that he had to go through her office for some business files earlier and asks if thatís okay. She hesitates and says yes, but only if it was for business.

Mallet returns to his office, where Harley is working. He tells her that he went to Company and saw Buzz, Frank, and Zack. She immediately becomes defensive, throws a paper at him, and demands that she stay away from all of them. Mallet tries to tell her that it’s no big deal; he was going to run into them sooner or later. Harley yells that she doesn’t want him to be a part of her life. He lets her know that it will be hard, since he has met Gus. He tells her that the hard truth is that she doesn’t have a life anymore. He begins to tell her that she probably isn’t going to get off and Gus seems to only be encouraging her, which is wrong. Harley gets mad and walks away. She starts to think aloud how on earth she will do this. Mallet feels guilty and opens a window for her to sit outside on. They both sit outside together, and Harley is grateful. She begins to smell something familiar, and she thinks it is jasmine. The smell brings her back to the night of Phillip’s murder, and she has a memory of it. She didn’t kill Phillip.

Over at Spaulding, Alan walks in and sees Gus. He’s working on something for Spaulding, and Alan seems pleased. They begin to talk about their lives, and Gus wants to know if anything interesting has happened lately. Alan lies and says no. Gus says he has to leave and walks outside. As he is leaving, he starts to make a call to Buzz and tells him about another text message. Someone comes up in front of him and places a tissue over his mouth, rendering him unconscious.

Bill returns and sits down with Olivia. They start to flirt, but Olivia pulls away. Bill kisses her. They make it back to their apartment and begin to make love.

Michelle walks into the chapel and prepares to walk down the aisle.

Danny walks into his apartment and sees Marina there. She tells him that she made a fool of herself telling him that she loves him “five minutes after he got divorced.” She begins to ramble and tells him that he doesn’t have to say he loves her too. He begins to tell her that he hasn’t been totally honest with her. Marina says she knows that he still loves Michelle. At the same time, Tony and Michelle are getting married. He says his vows. Meanwhile, Danny tells Marina that he wants to be with her. Michelle can’t go through with the marriage. She tells him that she loves him, but she loves Danny too. Michelle cries and says she is sorry. Meanwhile, Danny and Marina kiss.

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