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By Ashley
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Buzz and Marina struggle to get Zack into bed. They chase him around the restaurant, but he says he won’t go until they do the “secret thing” that he does with Harley before bed time.

Michelle calls Tony and tells him that she is in Vegas with Danny. Tony is upset. He immediately walks into Company and grabs Marina, proclaiming “We’re going to Vegas.” Tony and Marina walk back into Company, and Marina tells him there is no way she’s going to Vegas. She trusts Danny, and he should trust Michelle. Tony tells her that he wishes he could trust the fact that Michelle wants to marry him, but he can’t.

Gus finds himself face-to-face with Mallet, but he has no idea who he is. He tells him he’s there to make an appeal for Harley. Mallet acts as if he doesn’t know her. Gus tries to tell Mallet about Harley. He isn’t going to rest until he gets Harley out of there. Gus asks him if he understands. Mallet says he does more than he knows. Gus tells Mallet that Harley needs special protection. He warns him that if anything happens to her, he’ll sue him.

Lena calls Alan and demands him to get over there now. Apparently Alan is trying to find her daughter in return. Harley walks out just as Lena is hanging up and asks if she has something to tell her. She asks where on earth she got a cell phone and who she was talking to. Lena doesn’t want to tell her, and she says that she can handle it. Harley wants to know how Lena copes with jail. Lena reminds her to dream. Harley tells her that she’s really grateful that she has her. Lena thanks her and agrees, but walks away almost seeming guilty. Inside her cell, Harley begins to dream about Zack and Gus. She dreams that they have come to prison to pick her up. She gets engaged to Gus and leaves happily with him and Zack. Before she knows it, it’s time to go to work. She realizes that dreaming worked, and time flew by.

Michelle and Danny find a bottle of wine and agree to share it. They want to drink away their past. They make a toast to what they had together. Both of them seem sad. They finally get into bed in the honeymoon suite. They are both a little drunk. Michelle assures him that they are adults, and they can sleep in the same bed.

Michelle turns to Danny and tells him that she canít believe that there ever was a time when she didnít feel comfortable in his arms. She pulls him forward and they begin to kiss. Michelle tries to convince him that their kiss felt good, and it felt right. Danny is the one isnít sure about it all. He agrees that it felt right, however. Tony barges in and leads Michelle out of the room. He says he has found a judge to give them a divorce and to marry them tonight. Michelle tells him that she is grateful to him for finding a judge, but she doesnít want to do this. She wants to marry him back home. Tony begins to beg her.

Alex walks into the Spaulding dining room and greets Alan. She tells him about Olivia’s warning about Gus. Alexandra thinks that the wrong ex-wife is behind bars. Alan tells Alex that nothing would make him happier than to see Olivia behind bars with Harley. Alex reminds him that they have gone from being an honorable family to being a clan who wants to hang everyone from a tree. Alan tells her that Harley hasn’t even begun to pay for her crime.

Buzz suggests to Marina that she go to Vegas. Love is about being carried away, so maybe she should take a leap of faith and find Danny. Marina books a flight to Vegas,

The guard brings Harley to Malletís office just as Gus leaves. They do not see each other. Mallet doesnít let her know that Gus stopped by.

Mallet gives Harley a list of things to do and says he is going to leave. Before he goes, he pulls out his private phone and gestures that it would be okay for Harley to use it while he is gone, since he is going to lock the door.

Alan goes to meet Lena at the prison. She tells him she wants out. Alan reiterates their deal. He sends her daughter money in return for Lena keeping an eye on him for Harley. Lena says she didn’t realize Harley was living in a soap opera. She doesn’t know how she can keep up with this. Lena admits that she likes Harley, so it’s hard for her to deceive Harley. Alan threatens her. They had a deal. He says he wouldn’t want “accidents” to happen.

Gus arrives at Company to tell Alan about his meeting with the Warden. Just as he is talking, the phone rings Zack answers it. It is Harley. Zack is very excited to talk to Harley. The phone gets passed along between Buzz, Zack, and Gus. However, Harley doesn’t think she can handle talking with Gus. Mallet lurks around outside Company, watching them. The other guard hears Harley on the phone so she tries to wrap up the conversation. She tells Buzz Zack’s bedtime secret and almost begins to tell him who the warden is. But before she can, the guard hangs up the phone. Back at Company, Gus walks outside and is disappointed that Harley didn’t want to talk to him. He sees Mallet and wonders why he is there.

The judge shows up, and Danny and Michelle sign their divorce papers. Danny prepares to go back to Springfield, but Tony asks Danny to stay and be his best man. Danny says that he can never watch Michelle marry someone else. They say goodbye.

Marina arrives back at Company and tells Buzz that she couldn’t get on the plane. While they talk, Danny calls Marina and says that when he gets home, he wants to talk to her in person.

The guard leads Harley forcefully back to her cell, but she realizes that they aren’t going back there.

Gus offers to buy Mallet a meal. He tries to refuse, but he is dragged inside. Once Buzz sees him, he tells him to get out. He knows who he is. Buzz informs Gus that the warden is A.C. Mallet, Harley’s ex-husband.

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