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Dr. Sedwick tells Dinah, Edmund, and Cassie that Dinah has a severe calcium deficiency and high blood pressure. She needs to start taking care of these problems. Dinah, Cassie, and Edmund are relieved. Cassie becomes upset over the fact the she was scared and runs out of the room. Edmund starts to go after her, but Dinah stops him.

Edmund confronts Dinah about telling Cassie that the hospital visit was planned. She stops and says that she truly felt something was wrong with her a minute ago. Edmund hugs her and tries to comfort her. Outside in the hall, Ross arrives, and Cassie tells him that there is a minor problem with Dinah. Ross goes into the room and sees Dinah and Edmund hugging.

Michelle and Danny are on their plane heading to Vegas for a quickie divorce. A woman walks up and asks to sit between them because she feels safer with a person on either side of her. She wonders aloud if they are heading to Vegas to get married, and Danny replies “No, divorced.” “Blanche” reveals that she is a divorce attorney and says that they need to think about their true feelings for each other because those will never go away. A piece of paper won’t end all that.

At the Spaulding mansion, the Spauldings are having a dinner to officially welcome Gus back into the family. Before he arrives, Beth tells Alan, Alex, Lizzie, and Olivia that they can never forgive Gus for throwing each of them to the wolves when he was trying to get Harley off. The Spauldings sit down to dinner and Gus wonders aloud if one of them is the real killer. Lizzie has an outburst about not wanting to sit there and put on a happy face with Gus and Olivia. After hearing this, Gus offers himself up on the table. He tells them to go ahead and take a stab at him.

Beth and Lizzie criticize him for making them both seem like killers in the courtroom. After this, Gus goes into a monologue about how he was simply trying to help the one he loved. Now he is asking them to trust him. Alan replies to the family that they should all trust him and welcome Gus back into the family. Lizzie gets up and welcomes Olivia and Gus home before running out, angry. Gus thanks the rest of them and gets up to leave. Olivia follows him out and tells him that he scored major points tonight. Gus says that he’s just trying to close one chapter of his life, nothing else.

Harley walks into Mallet’s office and confronts him about his application. It is dated one day after she was convicted. Mallet denies that this was planned. Harley wonders aloud why Mallet is there. Is he here for her? Mallet reminds her that good behavior will rule her eligible for parole in 15 years. Harley starts to walk out the door. Mallet tells her that he will be staying for as long as it takes to finish what he started – for his job. Mallet starts to unpack his things. Harley starts giving him suggestions about where things should go. Mallet humorously remarks “some things never change.”

It is clear that he’s flirting with her. He tells her that he is there to help her and she better get used to it. He is her present and her future. Mallet takes Harley back to her cell. Lena asks what was going on between them, and Harley lets her know that he is her ex. Lena wants to know what the “sparks” between her and the Warden are all about. Harley tells her it’s 100 percent over.

Edmund walks outside and talks with Cassie. He wants to know what happened that night that she couldn’t spend the night with him. He wants to know what happened with Jeffrey. She tells him that she just went for a ride with Jeffrey and nothing happened. He replies that she only ran away because she realized she still had feelings for him. Cassie says that she never stopped loving him, but she can’t take his lies. Edmund asks for one more chance.

Danny and Michelle arrive at a wedding chapel in Vegas. They begin to play with all the cheesy decorations. The manager comes out and prepares to “get them split in a jiffy.” Both Danny and Michelle seem unsure.

The manager tells them to pick a song for their “themed divorce.” He tells them he’s going to finish their paper work while they pick a theme. Michelle finds a CD with the song “Breaking up is hard to do” and proclaims that she has found their song. They continue trying to find their theme. Danny tells her that he knows what they should be. Michelle and Danny reminisce about their life. The manager comes back out, but falls to the floor. He has food poisoning. Michelle thinks he will be sick until morning.

Inside the exam room, Ross asks Dinah what she thinks will happen in eight months. He doesn’t believe she will just give up the baby and leave. Dinah tries to explain to him that Cassie is taking care of her and Edmund is devoted to her and “their” baby. Ross and Dinah get into a screaming match. He yells that she is just trying to take Cassie’s entire life like she did with Hart. Edmund and Cassie burst in the room and tell Ross to back off. Dinah can’t have any stress. Ross swears that Dinah is in this for all the wrong reasons. Cassie tells everyone to be quiet and leaves. Ross follows her out, and Cassie pleads with him to not cause any more trouble. She is watching Dinah like a hawk. Ross asks her if she was watching when Dinah fell in love with her husband. Cassie denies that this is true and can’t believe that Ross would say that. She is sure that Edmund loves on her. Ross tells her that Dinah is very disturbed, and he is going to take measures to help his daughter get well. Cassie says she has had enough, and Edmund, her, and Dinah leave.

Ross gets on the phone with Vanessa and tells her to come to Springfield now.

Outside in the prison lobby, Gus tries to fight his way into visiting Harley. The guard refuses to let him see Harley. Lena and Harley spy him from outside, but Harley does not want to see him. Gus is led off. Gus is brought to the Warden’s office. He doesn’t know who Mallet is.

Beth tries to comfort Lizzie, who has returned to the table. They begin to make jokes, and one of them is about Olivia, who is outside. Olivia walks back in while they are laughing and informs them that the joke is really on them, and it’s not so funny, if they value their freedom. Olivia tells them that the only reason Gus is back at Spaulding is to pin the murder on one of them. She suggests they keep a very close eye on him.

Harley tells Lena that it’s better she didn’t see Gus. Lena walks out of her cell and makes a call from a cell phone. She wants to make sure the person is living up to their end of the bargain. It turns out to be Alan on the other line. Lena prepares to give him some news about Harley.

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